This is the super that was posted on this subreddit a day or so ago with hardly any armour left warping away. 

The following BR is written by: Efraya

Battle Report on EL8-4Q and subsequent events in L-C3O7:
We formed up Triangels (Ishtars and Scims) in our staging system on our titan while Tri formed up on theirs.

We bridged into EL8-4Q onto a MOA POS that had been reinforced and danced the tango with a mega and harpy fleet.

With the noses of our enemies considerably bloddied, we chased them out of EL8-4Q when reports of a dread fleet were called out. We raced to catch them and the nearest titan was in our staging system which we quickly formed up on. Sadly we weren’t quick enough to drop the dreads so it was decided to hastle the monkeys (SMA) which had a rag tag Harpy fleet out in L-C3O7.

Once we arrived in L-C3O7 we pinged about the system a little until there was no longer any resistance. Once everything had been cleared out, we punished the monkeys by shooting their “Fitting Services” on their station. With 60% of the shields to go, suddenly 5 Nyx’s and an Aeon appeared on the station to help us with the DPS.

With the threats neutralized, comms became more relaxed and witty banter was exchanged.

Suddenly, dictors everywhere! With the friendly supers bubbled, free fire on the dictors was called. While the dictors were being cleared from the field,a cyno went up and CFC titans jumped in and focused their [Doomsday weapons] on the Nyx of Roberrto.

As you can see, it was a little on the close side….

With the Nyx safe, the tide had turned significantly, we had enemy caps on field, no bubbles to hold them and no enemy subcaps of any consequence to back them up.

All DPS was focused onto a Moros which started to dip into hull before it coasted out of siege to catch reps from the carriers. The hunt was then on to find another dread that was still sieged, sadly they were all out of siege so we switched to a Chimera. This chimmy was in low armour when it managed to warp to planet 8 where it was hero tackled by a friendly ceptor. We focused another on the station until the enemy cap fleet warped to safety.

Quickly we went after the lone and stranded chimmy and dispatched him. This is when someone yelled that they had a lone Thanatos left on the station.

There is always one….

Kill Overview

We warped back and made quick work of him. The field was then looted and a friendly jump freighter was brought in to pick up the enemy fighters and bombers that had been panic left on the field.

Logi video perspective of the fight in EL8-4Q

  • Deltaguy

    All this says to me is cfc needs some 60+ dreads and 250 fags to deal with 80 man hostile fleets. ANd they still loses 2 dreads and fail to kill supers in thier own space.

    • N3 WarHQ

      CFC are bad at EVE

      • Saint

        This is true. However they are still better than everyone else.

        • eve player

          no they are not, just have more numbers

        • Lawful-Insanity

          You are a moron. In any even remotely even engagement the cfc gets raped.

      • A highsec miner

        True. What does that say about N3, TEST, PL, BoB and all the other alliances that got dunked in every war they tried to fight against the CFC.

        • eve player

          it’s simple: 4 > 1 or for dummies: bigger blob always wins, especially after slows got nerfed

          • eve player

            so SP don’t matter anymore 🙁

          • A highsec miner

            Slowcats got nerfed after the CFC slaughtered PL+Pets in B-R, showing the forces of ~~elite-pvp~~ that having friends is better than being an unlikable shitlord.

          • anonymous

            All that battle showed is that one sov screw up can lose you an entire war that you were winning.

          • eve player

            bro the war isn’t over yet 🙂

          • Karma_Will_Get_You

            Great reply!

          • Karma_Will_Get_You

            You guys don’t seem to cry about it when you blob Solar and others huh?
            It’s simple with what I’ve noticed with N3/PL, blob someone and laugh but when it’s done to them, cry cry cry on why they lost.

    • Bla

      I see around 80-90 people on both sides on the fixed BR….

      • Theronth

        Guess who fixed it.

    • bob

      You have to fight them tactically, as they are doing up north. If you try to brawl them you will just get massively blobbed. The CFC won’t die by the sword, they will die by a 1000 pin pricks.

      • Union

        Sounds familiar actually, and now we are at full circle…

  • Sir Molle

    no problem……russians defeated!!!
    CFC is next in early summer!!! Razor=Failzor is first invasion target

    • stain2004

      you won battle not war

      stain is welcoming for us,neighboring regions will not be welcoming for you

      • NC. Bro

        actually you won the battle of B-R.. we won the war.. *You collapsed, we didnt*

    • Britanicus

      Yeah, you are the real Sir Molle.

  • Jaime Gomes

    Tsssk tssk someone needs to train doomsday past level 1

  • Guess
  • Thanks for crediting me for writing the BR and for meow tiger for the image and LeelooKillik for the video, and people wonder why Evenew24 isn’t liked….

    • Theronth

      You MOA guys are too much of attention whores and chest beaters already.
      At least you’re bringing real ships to our fleets now, which is progress.

      • More often than not we have been asked to assist in bombers instead of coming in “Real” ships.

        Couple of weeks ago it was 50 tri ishtars and 20 moa bombers that 300 domi’s refused to go into as we had them in a dead end system. They brought in a titan to extract with.

        • Theronth

          I could start counting failed bomb runs missing targets or bombing your own bombs. Not to mention you never have a dictor to warp on top of targets and bubble them so you know, they don’t warp out.

          • Why bring a dictor when they inevitably bubble themselves although I concede your point, you can always improve. See you in space 0/

      • Mass

        You do understand that YOUR FC’s have requested that we be in bombers…right. We can field any ships that are required, however 4-5 squads of bombers on grid always have the possibility to welp a whole CFC fleet. That effect cannot be underestimated.As we have shown multiple times 🙂

        and since we specialize in BLOPS it makes more sense for fleet comp.

  • Wonder

    Although I didn’t watch the video where does it say in the article who these guys are?

  • nobody

    I got a headache while watching the video. Logi you can do better!

    • Theronth

      MOA newbro in a Scythe, gotta be forgiving.

      • Ming Tso

        I’m afraid that’s no Scythe; Scythes don’t have four reps.

  • Grip this part of the “taking out the trash” campaign that MITTENS endorsed? It seems like the “trash” (Mordus Angels and TRI) are not being taken out so easily? how is this possible? CFC is getting dunked up north?

    • SMA Friendly

      This attack on L-c has just been started, and have just been on for a bit over a week. I might be a bit early out here, but i dont think any warmongering have really started to take shape yet.

      • PrehistoricDictator

        I’m not really sure what you are trying to say, but what i THINK you are getting at is that we are trying to take L-C? If so, you are very much misguided. We simply shot it up to wait out a fight from someone, kind of the same concept as why we RF a lot of your moons. As far as i know, there is absolutely no interest on our end in taking any sort of sov…or perhaps i just read your comment wrong… :/

    • The “trash” collection was weeks ago, Moa and Tri have like a tungsten moon left between them.

      • orbit

        and you think they care about owning moons….why? other than denying the CFC them

        • Fletch67

          They obviously cared enough to put their own ones up after destroying the hostile ones.

  • BS

    Nerf of shield ishtars, one of the last fun fleetcomp incoming 🙂

  • SMA Freindly

    Excellent report with lots of detail to back up a credible battle report (some sarcasm might have been used here), there are a few items i’d like to ask. At what time did this happen, or time zone?, how many ships were blodied in the first fight? Were you in space ships or space pixels, or can you be more specifc. How many titans jumped in, a detail that might be relevant to the report. You write ‘coasted out of siege’ as in it moved in space or timed out?

  • Derp

    That’s what happens when you let scrubs in cfc with lv4 Titan skills attempt to DD anything.

    • The very same scrubs who dunked the mighty N3/PL super cap fleet

      • Herp

        Those very same scrubs were carried by RUS, not the other way around moron.

        • you just went full retard

          LOL that was truly hilarious, thanks for that, but before you go trying to rewrite history some more go read all the articles whyre the Russians involved were interviewed, they seem to disagree with you on some of the details in that fight.

      • Ohh noes

        Those scrubs that managed to logg supers/titans in only when 3 quarters of nullsec sat blue Rus/cfc and enabled you clear 4:1 odds. Yea big balls right there…not lol

        • Yeah NC/PL super cap ganks are generally fair fights, I mean much more fair than B-R was….

  • Devils Advocate

    Im going to say that the Kill report is inaccurate. As you can see in the video, just a few more Tri can be seen dying and are not showing on the kill report.
    L33t pvp strikes again and loses don’t get posted giving inaccurate shit BR’s than are far far far too biased towards any entity than is not CFC.

    • Kadeshi Grunt

      Link a different battle report with the additional kills then prove what your saying is accurate

    • TheFitz

      That’s because the br has nothing to do with the vid. They were different fights, in different systems, retard.

  • you suck

    shit cattle coms , you all deserve to die

  • Gavin Goodrich

    Sorry it took a while to get this done, but here you go.