When an employee of the enormous Sukuuvestaa Corporation goes rogue, her masters enlist the mercenary crew of the Gemini to get her under control. Snatch, grab; putting her in the bag and bringing her home would put the Gemini on the road to riches. They soon find though that in New Eden, there’s no such thing as easy money.

The Gemini Artifice is filmed in Tacoma, Washington by cast and crew from the Northwest and is produced by Loyalty Entertainment Productions, a Tacoma based film company.

You can check out TGA’s facebook page here if you wish to give them a shout.

  • nobody

    Finally a serie after Eve Online

    • riverini

      HAHA I am quite happy to see stuff like this!

      • Pat Lavigne

        I haven’t had the opportunity to thank you for posting this story riverini. You have my email address, please give me a shout.


  • qweqweqwe

    Looks low budget, but still better then most of the other sci-fi series out there, diffidently going to give it a chance.

    • me again

      Yeah there is lots of material to build movies. I think there could be a trilogy or something about first contact between Amarr and Minmatar, since Minmatarian technology at that time was closest to Earth’s tech nowadays. If there is a breakthrough in the audience or a fanbase i think we could look at better days for Eve, like doubling it’s population numbers and the creation of movies or series worth the name Eve online.

      • neon

        You can’t really say “Minmatarian tech is closest to…” since in direct comparison no race’s tech is superior, just different. Or are Minmatar stargates and jump drives closest to those we currently have? And what difference does it make if projectiles are fired by use of energy (railguns) or chemical propulsion? When classic (Minmatar) system have the benefit of not needing energy to fire?

    • Pat Lavigne

      VERY low budget, shot completely on greenscreen and given the magic wand by some seriously talented VFX artists and 3D modelers.

  • qwer

    So I guess this isn’t the series that CCP has talked about doing, just some other group doing sci-fi in Eve Online universe?

    • riverini

      From what I see, this is not related to CCP Games in any way.

      • Pat Lavigne

        We are not working for or affiliated with CCP Games but we have received their permission to release this teaser and are currently working with them to obtain permission to play in the New Eden Universe. Being avid players we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let loose the amazing stories laying dormant.

        • PhReaKin Stoner

          MOAR PLS!

          • Pat Lavigne

            We agree…the MOAR you share with your friends, the MOAR chance there is that we can move forward.

            How does 20 to 30 minute episodes full of intrigue, betrayal, explosions, mystery, twists and turns, and overall mayhem sound?

  • neon

    so what exactly DID she say?

    • Kamar Raimo

      Matsu doesn’t seem to have any idea either 😀

  • The Raging Turtle

    30au, thats a short bloody galaxy.

    • Dumbledore

      Did they say that? Damn, how do you fit a hundred billion stars within what’s pretty exactly the size of our solar system?

      EDIT: But man, am I still happy that someone does stuff like this. I gotta watch it later.

      • Crazy On You

        30au of space I believe is what she said. But I agree, as low budget as it is, EVE would make for some great TV.

        • Dumbledore

          I envision something similar to Babylon 5. Please take my money already.

  • heh

    I was also hoping they’d make another clear skies episode.

    • Bo Jangles

      Everyone wants this but it does not seem likely :'(

  • aralieus

    That was amazing…pretty excited to see the full episode!

  • Pat Lavigne

    Pat here with Loyalty Entertainment Productions. Thanks all for the comments! Keep em coming.

    On a side note to those who have issue with the 30AU distance. I apologize we were not more clear. The intent was to say that there was 30AU of open space between the ship they were in and the next celestial body (essentially 30AU of open space for her to drift through…an demonstration that she was in some serious trouble).

    • Kamar Raimo

      She certainly wouldn’t be a frozen corpse within 30 meters though. It takes quite a bit longer for a body to radiate away all heat and freeze in open space 😉

      • Pat Lavigne

        Movie magic 😉

  • bye bye 2:43mins of my life

    What a load of shit….

    • Bryce

      Can you please give us specifics?

  • Alison King

    Oh my god , the b movie actors , crappy trailer

  • # 1 JEFFRAIDER fan

    This is awesome.

    If you manage some decent presentation I’d advise you to try crowd funding like that one show about the kid from Mars (Pioneer 1?)

    • Pat Lavigne

      Thanks! We do appreciate the advice though we have our own nefarious plans. This is Eve after all and Eve is real! 🙂

  • Just Some Provi Guy

    Was an entertaining trailer i’d watch more just beacuse it’s EVE related.

    • Bryce

      How can we make it something you want to watch because it’s actually good and entertaining? I love how you will watch it just because it is Eve related but we would like for you to enjoy it because it is actually good.

  • Mako34

    Awesome. Finally somebody is delving into this crazy amazing universe and giving us fans/players something feed on. Keep it coming, guys. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Bryce

    Hey everyone my name is Bryce Armeni and I am the owner of Loyalty Entertainment Productions LLC. I would like to thank everyone for their comments, good or bad. I would also like to ask that if you don’t like this teaser please say why. We can not make a good product without the criticism. This project is for the current Pilots of New Eden as well as the individual who just likes a good Sci-Fi and hopefully it will encourage them to join Eve Online and the New Eden Universe. I implore you to give us specifics as well as share your thoughts and ideas. As much as we would like to think we are just awesome the fact is we are human, and thus might miss something. We have thick skin and our feelings wont get hurt. If you like the teaser and the thought of it that is great but if you have a concern PLEASE voice it. You can do it here or you can email us directly.

    • Pat Lavigne

      Or on the facebook page, or on the youtube page…or…or…

  • Kullen

    This can turn out intrestingly

  • GG


    • Pat Lavigne

      Did you drop your drink because you are excited and your comment was an exclamation of frustration at the fact that you now have to clean up the mess and go get another drink?

  • Kamar Raimo

    One thing I was wondering: So those people are supposed to be from Sukuuvestaa, but they are flying around in a Megathron. Is there a reason in your story for that or did you just choose that ship because it coolks cool? The interiour does look very Caldari though.

    • NoirWolf

      Probably to maintain their allegiance somewhat hidden? I mean they did kinda give out a cleanup crew vibe.

    • Pat Lavigne

      A very astute observation. All will be revealed in due time 😉

      Knowing the characters I would say that the Megathron increases someone’s level of badasseriness.

  • The internet ate my comment :/ Anyway, as i said, Im interested and enjoy EvE inspired content in all forms. However I don’t think the LEP crew could have chosen a harder bunch of people to please. EvE players are notoriously hard on new ideas, and seem to always expect the worse, LEP have their work cut out for them. I for one say damn the negative people and go for it.

    • Pat Lavigne

      We agree but we choose to bless the negative people with great content, fantastic characters and plots that will astound even the smartest of people! 🙂

  • lonelyvoyage

    where is clear skies when you need it?

    • Pat Lavigne

      Benny looked out the Airlock window and all she saw was open space. I’m sure she was asking the same question at some point…or maybe she wasn’t.

  • ai

    I am a big fan of EVE and I woudl welcome the series any day, but these… I have really hard time swallowing the acting… can you work on the acting skills just a tad and stop look like you are going to burst out laughing?

  • tbird90sc

    her ?