Hello everyone,

First I would like to welcome several new corporations to -A-. These are corporations that have been promoted to -A- from SCDOT due to their PvP activity. I am hoping this fresh blood will aid in boosting our fleet numbers and start getting this ball rolling again.

As many of you know, a lot has happened over the past two weeks. Multiple staging systems, DD disbanding, DARK. flipping sides and sov falling everywhere. At the same time we have a horde of pilots from HERO, Spaceship Samurai, Nexus Fleet and other misc entities hitting space mostly in Northern Catch. By the looks of it, we should all be dead by now. And yet, we are still here.

We successfully baited and killed two NC. Nyx’s that were hunting in our system GE-. We have successfully retaken some lost sov in Catch such as 9-8, WLAR. With help from certain CFC wings and even CVA, A-V still stands. While our coalition allies struggle to find a grip, a purpose, anything to hold onto, we continue to survive.

DD has not yet fully reformed, but from what I can tell there will be two separate alliances. They will be staging nearby and maybe they will come help us from time to time. Time will tell. I do not have much news as to what SOLAR is going to do, but they have been around in Catch putting up fleets. They even helped us finish off a TCU in 9-8 shortly after their Avatar was hot dropped.

We have several Jr FCs stepping up to try their hand and leading fleets. These FCs need more support from -a- pilots so they can gain more experience and we can all generate more content.

Our markets in F4R2 and GE- are a bit light. I am hoping to see more Logistics and Market Seeder pilots step up and fill the void left behind by falling allies and departed corps.

Systems are falling in other regions such as Immensea. There isn’t much we can do about that. All we can do is fight and defend Catch. This is where we make our stand, this is where we try to rediscover the fun in PvP.

We will remain blue to the friends that have been there for -A- and come to our aid when we needed it. We will continue to cooperate with these blues and support them when we can. However, it is time for -A- to stand on it’s own. We need to define what it is we are made of. This is our chance to bounce back and rekindle warrior spirit -A- once had. Not against a losing cause or an impossible blob. Not against ourselves in petty arguments and bickering. We fight because we can, because we have the will to do so and the understanding that we are not fighting to save Catch or to defend some friends space.

It is time for you, the pilots of -A-, who are the heart and soul of this alliance, to return to the battlefield and find that fun factor again. Not mindless sov grinds, not endless blob fleets and TiDi, but fun, engaging fleets against a variety of enemies looking for good fights. The alliance needs you. This is the time to rejoin, to fight, to have fun in fleets.

Within the next couple of days I will be having a meeting with the current Directors and CEOs of -A-. We will discuss future plans, goals and objectives for us to follow. We will define our purpose and set our course toward whatever future awaits us. These are not the death tolls of a failing alliance. This is but movement in the ashes from where we rise once more. Be a part of that, because without you none of this will be possible.

Hari Out

Feel free to discuss in the comment section below!

  • -A- member

    honestly -A- seems to be in no mans land and i wish to know what our glorious Leaders Plan is cause rite now it seems everything is in limbo

    • Your lack of knowledge to the plan is due to your own inactivity and not through the lack of planning and coordination. Spend more time in fleet, less time trolling news sites.

      • intyfucktard

        you better stop overloading that Dmc of your´s it´s almost burnt out

      • Dark

        Tbh the only fleets that was even remotely fun in the new -A- was Alhana´s fleets.
        When he left it all went straight to hell.

  • 0.0

    First….but does anyone actually care….

  • Google Translate Told Me

    Translation = Our allies have all fallen and we have no coms with any that remain. We are unable to defend anything or put a fleet together. All the good players left, so we are promoting the bad ones. We want to be make a legendary comeback and be like Nulli, So please make sure you all do that. We have no market or supplies. We will prevail….

    • abc123

      Nice troll – But -A- is still here and a thorn in your side. Get use to it. Our Alliance’s name in the upper left hand corner of your screen does not make -A-. The will stay together even when it looks like the end make -A-. That is something most of you little minions do not understand or are willing to be part of. You all have no will to stay the coarse to the actual end.
      You jump ship to the newest Band Wagon – Instant Win – A-line & F1 pilots in a blob is your equation to being on a wining side. That’s why you are not -A- material and will never amount to nothing.

      • Barkaway

        wow sounds like you really believe that, all i have to say is CFC.. nuff said ^^

      • sadleric

        Hey, believe what you want to, I guess.

        Edit: Instant Win — you’re talking about bluing the CFC, no?

      • Rand0m

        True, we will not amount to nothing. We will all keep winning, as you said, we arent -A- material.

        Notice the double negative you used, clearly backing up the point of fail cascade that is -A- at the moment.

      • Chris

        -A- is a thorn in our side?

        Nah. Why can’t ya’ll just drop sov so we don’t have to go through all the reinforcement timers? It will save both of us a lot of time.

        • untilweundock

          have fun grinding space until CFC comes back and stomps your shit in again and again and again until you get bored to even bother with grinding any sov youre not supposed to own. n2 shitlords to the dumpster.

          • Chris

            If we’re not supposed to own it.

            Why didn’t you defend it?

      • anonymous

        Nice troll but -A- is not even close to what it used to be. All of your best corporations moved on after the last time you were removed from space and now you are infested with the likes of Black Aces. You are nothing of note and at this rate never will be.

        • Garandras

          You know whats funny about that comment.. Black Aces is a part of old -A-, hell Black Aces was in -A- before the likes of Makalu were =P

          Just because you are a bad from ANZAC (becuase really basically all of the BA are a caner on -A- hate comes from there) whoes director got told he was a bad by Black Aces leadership =D so left -A- to join CFC

          • anonymous

            I was never part of -A- but I have fought them on and off for years in NC. so I can say with certainty that the -A- we fight today is a joke compared to what it used to be when Maverick Navy, Busa, etc were a part of your alliance. Last I checked Black Aces were kicked from -A- and then went on to found one of the worst alliances I have ever fought in this game. You showed a little life when ASP led fleets but Lord Rhavin managed to drive him away as well.

          • Garandras

            You are wrong once again good sir Black Aces wasnt kicked, They left off their own accord mainly becuase of a mutual dislike of Makalu.
            I myself am not a fan of Lord Rhavin, I dont like his way of palying the game and his atitude is if its not his way you must be wrong.
            But in the end with LR he is pretty much the only guy stepping up in his TZ to do shit.. If others are able to stop up and help get shit done during that TZ by all means they should be

          • anonymous

            Well my point still stands that the names that made -A- good are no longer there.

  • -a- is shit

    -a- is shit

  • The Dot

    “However, it is time for -A- to stand on it’s own” lmfao gtfo.. Reset CFC and maybe i’ll start to believe your utter bs.

  • The Dot

    -A- is shit, Dispand

    • Tyrant Scorn

      Learn to spell it first, then we’ll talk…

  • Lol

    Lol, whenever CVA farts in someones direction they get accused of picking a side.

  • lol

    -A- join Hero, then MAYBE you live?

  • Nulli Grunt

    The group that came to -A- help when they needed it because so stressed they hit the disband button. Just sayin…

  • Some guy from -A-

    We appreciate the attention and all, but whats up with en24’s -A- obsession ?

    • Kirk Otsito

      Your alliance is like a trainwreck are a car crash on the freeway everyone has to stop and look, its not any form of appreciation.

    • Garandras

      Lahari has a hardon for this site.. and think giving them his Forum post (note this isnt the only forum announcement, just the one he gave evenews24) will bring publicity to -A- and show it is relevant

  • Barkaway

    I found 1 sentence really funny: Not against a losing cause or an impossible blob.

    Says the people that joined Eves biggest blob ever and the only reason why they get blobbed now is because they cant get their own pilots to fleet up and fight, it makes N3 look like evil mass blobbers:)

    • tim melzer

      where is the difference to N3 ? show me a single war they won without a blob.

      • Barkaway

        their numbers, when they fight a war most of the time they are more or less even numbers, then their enemies start losing and the numbers drop drastically and since N3 isnt really losing the numbers it looks like a blob, what do you want N3 to do about that, say no to people that wants to fight?

        Same thing happend last time they fought solar, at first it was even numbers, then solar simply stopped fighting back, its the same thing thats happend this time..

      • anonymous

        The war you just lost.

  • Nc.

    You huys are not -A-. you are some shit wannabe’s that got let in because all the people that made -A- somehing special left. When you see an -a- fleet out nowadays you never ask yourself, “how do e beat that” you ask, “well how do you want to kill them this time guys”. It’s sad

  • Sec

    “stand on our own”

    except for CFC, of course

  • hmm

    -A- = En Garde – nuff said

  • -A- is shit

    The only reason -A- is still alive is because the CFC defend catch for -A- and because n3 isn’t even pushing into catch real heavily at all

  • Solar is Rus

    We will just go north and sort the CFC out. CFC are our Ukrain, we will get them to rejoin our block and put them to work the we will see.

  • NR

    I remember during the last weeks of Tribe. that we also tried to “stand on our own”, with no ally’s or friends to call on for help. How did that work out? – we crashed and burn’t to the hands of -A- and chums after YHN.

    If recent history of Eve tells us that any alliance attempting to fight independently against coalitions, they will fall. -A- your ally’s have jumped ship, and with only Solar to count on, you stand little chance of surviving.

    By all means -A-, fight to the last man, but your days in Null-sec are once again numbered.

    • Our days in null-sec are never numbered. It’s not once again, -A- has never left. It’s not a fight to the last man. It’s not about standing alone. It’s about taking measure of what is here, what can be done and to try and have some sense of fleet fun while the inevitable approaches. I was there for the last weeks of Tribe. You guys got suckered into space as it was falling.

      As for the other comments like “lie to themselves” Nope we know were we stand, what you fellas’ fail to realize is that it doesn’t really matter. Some understand the nature of an alliance not defined by it’s sov and most do not. Not my problem if you don’t. The classic “-A- is shit” comments are always so refreshing as it shows just how many mindless idiots play the game with us.

      To ‘stand on our own’ means we pick the space we make our stand, and we see whats left in the tank. If others come to help, great, no one is obligated to come die beside us, but they are welcome to come have fun. You guys are so busy playing Comment-Fu you forget what this game is all about.

      The measure of an alliance and its pilot’s it not truly measured by how they perform when times are good. It is defined on how they perform when the sky is falling. How that is judged won’t be measured in this comment section, but by what we choose to do next.

      • NR

        I’m sorry but they are numbered, with the way the war is right now, you have no serious ally’s to call upon to help you defend catch, sure the CFC will throw in a fleet or two but can you honestly trust CFC to stand by you when your world is thrown upside down? Yep agreed, the space we we’re given to take was a deceit, but, we had no other option to stay in null, we took the risk we lost. Gave it our all in YHN though.

        Yes you will have comments like that, your always going to get people that look down upon -A- like a piece of shit. Hard to believe, i’m fairly neutral on -A- and i’m not going to comment like those idiots. I’m not a fan of any power-block right now, my allegiance in Null died when Tribe. did.

        to “stand on our own” basically means “we’re independent” which is good, but in current null, independence is sacrificed to survive. I’m not playing Comment-Fu, i barely even comment on articles, i’m merely stating a fairly neutral opinion on the current state of -A-.

        • Garandras

          NR I think you are missing the point here..
          -A- will fight to defend Catch, but we all know in the end it will be a losing battle. We will do what we have always done and go to Stain reform and then come back to retarke Catch.. It is what -A- has always done, and it is what we will do again.. its a cycle, Like with CVA will always hold Provi, -A- will always take Catch then it too big for it boots and try to take someone elses space.. fail and lose Catch.. just to do it all agian.

          • Puchoco_Voluspa

            Here’s my question though … why? Why play the same song again and again and again? Aren’t you guys excited about trying other stuff? You guys and CVA are the only alliances I know off, whose existence revolves around a specific region. And CVA’s reasons can be found in their roleplaying roots and their alliance’s mission.

            So please, help me understand, why so obsessed with Catch?

          • anomnom

            CVA and -A- are like Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders… and I am sure neither of them would want to move elsewhere

      • Billbo

        Ever since Makalu left it’s “_A_” get it straight!

    • lol

      Uhh, NC. fought against DCF and CFC/HBC with help from only a couple people, which was not coalition. That is, 3k people versus 200k. DFC and CFC got dunked constantly in every fleet except sov grind.

      • Chief Gumbo Speaker

        We won the battles, but lost the war.

        You still lost, didn’t you?

  • Green Medics

    The problem I have with -A- is this the fact they are willing to lie to themselves and say they defend their own space instead of giving all the props to their allies whom do most of the work.

    • Spoken like a true outsider with absolutely zero understanding of the internal dynamic of our coalition and associations, nor the importance of telling an alliance it need to find its balls because fun is coming.

      • Woschdbrot

        Everybody in your coalition is laughing about -a-

      • Chris

        Will you drop the HAMMER?

      • Green Medics

        ok explain to me the dynamics of your coalition and associates : D. 2nd sentence didnt make much sense either.

  • i dont hate -A-

    wow why does every 1 hate -A- so much like you have no lives and want to comment on shit you aint even apart of, gg how about you spend some time working on your own lives instead on being followers in the shit fest blob they PL/NC. N3, or do you guys not have brains give it up you F1 monkeys

    • Garandras

      Goons made it kewl to hate -A- back in the BoB days.. It has stuck, as has the anual
      Kick -A- out of Catch (This years effort has been pretty bad so far)
      But yeah cant wait till we lose our space and lose the carebears from the allaince.. go back to small gang PvP.. till we reform and take Catch once again

      • bp92009

        Current Members of PL who were in -A-, and caused much of the hate towards -A- are desperately trying to shed their image, and push it back onto -A-

      • hoodaticus

        I look forward to that. You guys will be fun to fight then 🙂

      • Tony Abbott

        Hey, I thought the -A- kicking season started in July?

        If anything we’re doing it early this year

    • anonymous

      Yea we are the blobbers bringing the CFC down here to fight you…. oh wait that was you guys.

  • Who Gives A Shit

    If the goal is only to “survive” than why would you not just go back to high sec and become a ganking alliance and save everyone the horrible speaches?

    • Another idiot saying go back to high sec. -A- does not go to highsec, We are not a ganking alliance. Read the other trolls if your going to become one. We ‘run to stain’ which is null space NPC. Learn your history.

      Also if you don’t give a shit. don’t comment. Nuff said.

  • Red Orchestra

    This guy is brilliant. This is actually first -A- leader that doesn’t scream “RUN TO LGK!!!!”. Old -A- would be doing lvl 4 missions in stain by now and not trying to encourage pilots to fight.

    • Tony Abbot

      And old, Old, OLD -A- would be making this speech on Comms before a titan bridge straight into the enemies.

      God how the poor bastards have changed, they aren’t even -A- anymore really.

  • Shibdib

    Swiggity swooty, HERO is coming for that booty

  • lardarz

    I’m one of the “good ones that left” -A-. but then I did quit eve over 5 years ago. The fact they’re still alive and kicking over, what, 10 years (?) since they formed shows you how decent they are. Evil Thug’s “get the bananas out of your ears” pre-titan bridge speeches are some of my favourite gaming moments. Love the crazy russians.

    • Chris

      Refusing to die does not show how decent you are.

      • DD-Grunt

        Actually, it does.

        • asdf

          I know, it worked wonders for Red Alliance, right?

      • milenka

        it really shows a lot of positive good things. But well I think is more easy to trashtalk and say ‘-A- is shit’ like monkeys instead of being realistic and honest.

        • Chris

          You can say it shows resilience, but that is really about it. -A- is nowhere near competent, both now and when the most recent war started. The only difference is the numbers they could pull.

          Honestly, they are nothing like the -A- of the past. They should really just hit the disband button and reform under a new banner. It would remove some of the stigma of being -A-.

    • Truth

      People who have no where else to go, will not be accepted into even shitty cfc alliances, yea -A- are awesome o.O I’m being brutally honest, -A- died and should have stayed dead, the new group have simply picked up the name but none of the -A- attitude or ability. Last time -A- were good was back in Evil Thugs time, I was there. Makalu tried to make something of -A-. What they are now is a joke, resembling more of a incompetent semblance of a cfc alliance.

      • Garandras

        I agree with most of this.. except the Makalu part.. He was paid to be there, when the funds ran out he Jumped to PL
        Also I like the name -A-

    • anonymous

      7 years and unfortunately I feel obliged to let you know that the -A- of today is not what it used to be. Today’s -A- is Against All Anomalies reborn and they were one of the worst alliances in the game. Most of the corps you probably know or remember have moved on from -A- long before this time

  • Mike

    “We need to define what it is we are made of.”

    I can answer that for you (easily). The answer is “shit”. Piles of it.

    • Gandre

      Its funny because it is true..

  • N3 WarHQ

    Someone please push the disband button

  • Red Teufel

    Waiting for this: -A- we have lost catch time to move into our new home GW. GG everyone.

  • HERObrine

    The fact that HERO isn’t even trying on a remote level to take the Catch region makes this even more hilarious. HERO has shown no signs of actually wanting to take and hold sov, and instead would like to just use the SBU’s and TCU’s as pinatas for content. They seem happy with just shooting BL in Sendaya and welping BS’s to goon bombers.

    • hoodaticus

      I know that Securitas in his heart of hearts wants his sov back.

  • Alison King

    Stains , that way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • yamamoto suhara

      stain is full…hi-sec this way>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • hoodaticus

      Best comment ever on EN24. Nice.

  • it could happen…or not

    that is actually inspirational. who knows, -a- could stop being sh!t and start working again.

  • Garandras
    • Bp92009

      Quite entertaining to realize that all of the old leadership of -A- that caused people to hate it moved over to PL… Wonder if PL’s got a vested interest in pushing their member’s stigma (that they created) onto their old groups

      • hoodaticus

        The remaining active pvp members of -A- are all deep cover PL spies trying to figure out how to rob each other blind and destroy -A- without getting the other’s attention, and the moves and counter moves are just taking forever.

  • Deltaguy

    I love how -a- recruited the very corp that betrayed AZN sov to PL in the war between soco and HBC. Grats -a- quality recruitment

  • Unknown

    Translation: “our allys are falling apart around us, but we succesfully defended ourselvs from a hoard of noobs by hiding behind a wall of CFC! Operation success!

  • Homophobic John

    That sound of “promoted to -A- from SCDOT”. How ironic when SCDOT was formed by rogue -A- corps and used to be better.

    • asdf

      “Used to be better?” They had ShadowandLight and Lord Rahvin for FCs back then. Can I have some of what you’re smoking?

      • asdf

        Now they’re just as terrible as they were when they formed 😉

      • Homophobic John

        The dog shit on my shoe is better than -A-.

        • asdf

          And SCDOT was just a chunk of the dog shit that had broken off.

  • Provi Miner

    Wow, a whole lot of words to say “here is our alamo” however time will tell.

    • NewKid

      Bit shocking that he’s claiming CVA helped them. I was always under the impression that CVA were mortal enemies of -A-. I was kinda hoping Provi block would stick the knife in now that everyone knows -A- is a dying beast.

      • ProviGrunt

        What “CVA help” referred to (I think) was when we tackled HERO dreads bashing station, which we only really did because.. well, who wouldn’t try to kill a bunch of caps if the opportunity presented itself? 😛 -A- took part in taking ERVK from us and has repeatedly threatened to take space from us so I don’t think there’s any love for -A- in provi-bloc

      • Provi Miner

        CVA needs to be changed to Provi, as time marches on Provi is more and more a group of equals. But yes provigrunt is correct. I have faught -A- in one system and few hours later fought HERO in another. Mortal enemies no, actually there is a lot of connection twixt the two. The reality is that who ever ends up with catch as long as they are active and moving they are welcome to it. When -A- went off to war for the cfc it was a very dry time in provi. We love neighbors but they need to be active. Who is it…. I think Severance who’s kill board has line called “Hero’s welcome” Just to keep track of shooting them lol (I thought it was/is funny).

  • lol

    Bads stopped being helped by the 150k blob, now can’t do shit.

  • lol

    -A- is shit yo …

    • hoodaticus

      You know, that’s so pithy and original?! You may have started a meme here! Congratulations!

  • BS

    -A- is the Gevlon Goblin of sov warfare, but they are nice allies to have on side. They always do something unepected and dumb, so we as their allies have lots of game content 🙂

  • IBIS

    Problem of -A-: cant even ASSEMBLY 100+ fleet even during important timer, and if u complain this they even will troll u, -A- is a nice alliance if u manage properly, but first u need to purge all those trolls and bears out of the alliance.

  • -A- is shit

    -A- is shit.

  • So they merged an even shittier alliance into them for try to get all meat possible from the bottom of the barrel and call it a “choice” interesting to see if any -A- member can believe this shit at all

  • someone

    -A- are not what they once were, but hell at least there trying to become something. at least there prepared to fight, even if there fleets consist of a few pilots.

  • Foolfool

    You guys hate -A- but get a boner every time any news about them farts out.

  • Washi_Meisei

    This is not the -A- you are looking for.

  • Vote Them All Out

    I’m confused, he says they want to stand on their own, and stick with their blues, why are they trying to get blue standings with N3?

    • Washi_Meisei

      Maybe they are tired of the war and want to evac their stuff without being attacked.

  • GeorgeMarsh

    Why do we keep getting these “-A-” updates. We dont really care, -A- died a long time ago a few months after the DRF war. That was the best -A-, it will never be the same.