Sniggwaffe also known as WAFFLES is a well known PVP corp in the EVE community.

Sniggwaffe does a lot of different type of warfare like: Lowsec piracy & ransoming, sniper gangs, black ops, bombing, hisec ganking, T1 cruisers and logi, and anything else They can dream up. in WAFFLES Expect regular roams of all varieties, including Nano, brawler BCs and BSs, frigate and T1 derproams, blockading strategic objectives, and pushing new fleet concepts to their limits.

A pilot decided to make a very nice video, Showing you what his day-to-day fun looks like, Sniggwaffe style!

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  • Dumbledore

    I like waffles for breakfast.

    • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

      I think those waffles would have YOU for breakfast.

      • Theronth

        Only is Soviet Russia. Dumbledore posting is just too strong.

  • Some dude

    Here i thought they were a Test starter corp, learn something every day i guess.

  • lol

    Oh look the house of sperg it self. Can i haz a vouch plox?

    • Ming Tso

      You don’t need a vouch to join WAFFLES. However, you do need an active killboard as well as some good thick skin, and understanding that WAFFLES. is not simply a stepping-stone into PL proper. Waffles graduate when it is determined they are “useful,” and this is a process can take up to a year or longer. “Useful” usually means that the Waffle can lead the entire corp in battle, while having enough skill to haze the shit out of a comparable PL fleet.

      Join in-game channel “Join Sniggwaffe” to learn more!

      • Catch me if you can

        Sounds like a lot of effort for very little reward…

      • lol

        Who on earth would wanna wait a year or longer to get into PL? Good fucking lord you’re a retard.

        • Ming Tso

          WAFFLES. is not a corp for people who simply want to rat or mine in peace. WAFFLES. is a corp for people who want to learn how to strike fear into the hearts of others, and learn how to -greatly- profit by killing them and taking their prized possessions- a pursuit more profitable than any sort of ratting. When we must jew, we do it only the correct way, at the rate of 2B isk/hr so we can get back to killing.

  • Cerneus

    Isn’t this PL altcorp?

    • Jaime Gomes

      no. training corp. you can join if you want. today. “Join Sniggwaffe” channel in-game.

  • erik

    looks like any other eve vid… what was supposed to be speciul here ? :p

  • Puchoco_Voluspa





  • Shadoo

    Mistakes Were Made x 99 during that vid

  • Ming Tso

    Join Sniggwaffe today!

  • Tricksy Pete

    Waffles on a massive recruitment drive atm or something? Popping up on Podcasts and all over the place this month.

    • Puchoco_Voluspa

      EVE kill them mate. They seem to be having one hell of a fun time over there. If I wasn’t so in love with a few faggots in my corp/alliance/region I’d have joined them already.





  • droljica

    Instead of spamming allover, better go back to Amamake idiots….

    • Hendrick Tallardar

      Waffles live in Kinakka. FTFY

  • SMA grunt

    too bad this didn’t make it in the video:

    • ook ook

      SMA getting a kill is very rare and does indeed deserve a video of its own.

    • SMA LOL

      I agree. SMA actually killing something is totally news worthy.

      • I laugh but honestly it is news worth because it never happens.

      • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

        WTF? Did he fly into one of their mining fleets and get mistaken for a rat?

  • Afk commenter

    What’s their corp like outside the game, are they those 4chan types calling each other f***** and n***** all the time?

    • Mattux Guriano

      Yes they are and it is glorious

      • Chief Gumbo Speaker

        I don’t think that word means what you think it means….

    • Chris

      If you can handle the Waffle culture you can handle anything.

  • Baby Waffle

    Been playing this game for 2 years now and done lots of sov/NPC null etc. Joined Waffles recently and its by far the most fun ive had in this game. You’ll need a thick skin or at least not be a retard, but if you possess those qualities, its nonstop funtimes.

  • Join Waffles

    “Join Sniggwaffe” in game channel.

  • Noisrevbus

    Gotta love a guy who knows how to work the camera and keeps giving different perspectives between overview and piloting his own ship. I’d say this movie was surprisingly good.

  • herfdeblerf

    Would be better to be named ‘A day under AlphaStarPilot fleet command’
    Alpha is a good FC under every banner he has flown.
    Was a nice bit of video reference of what he can do to get himself promoted into PL.

  • Herp Derp The Great

    I knew this would end up in a foray into hom0-eroticism that even Digital Communist would blush at.

  • mrcrazy_monkey

    The article fails to mention WAFFLES most note able attributes like their Tourney adds. :p

  • btngu

    Thanks for the comments guys glad some of you liked it. I’ll be posting videos similar to this weekly 🙂

  • [CCINK] Ravend

    thanks for the good fights snigg