The sudden disbanding of Russian alliance Darkness of Despair, an integral member of the StainWagon coalition sent massive shockwaves throughout the EVE community today as many sought to come to terms with the lightning dissolution of a core member of the Russian-speaking EVE community and bulwark of the StainWagon/RUSRUS bloc. The disband, which occured at 20:44 GMT on the 10th of March was followed immediately by speculation from various commentators that there was a definitive correlation between the Crimean crisis and the decision to disband Darkness of Despair.

However, Whitmore, a director of Far East Inc, a Darkness of Despair corporation revealed today that the decision to disband had little to do with tensions between the Russians and Ukrainian contingents within the alliance. Instead, the disband was triggered by Ghost Storm/James Dimmick from Russian Thunder Squad, a co-leader in the alliance and holding corp director, who had previously been on hiatus and who appeared to have been frustrated with alliance participation numbers.

The context behind this decision lies in Darkness of Despair’s leadership structure following the decision of former alliance CEO Unionn to leave EVE Online 3 weeks ago, citing problems in real life. The leadership baton was then shared between Ghost Storm and Zumzat, also from Russian Thunder Squad. However allegedly both alliance leaders disappeared from the scene due to real life issues, and a quartet of leadership figures from various corporations stepped up to fill the leadership vacuum. Consequently, this devolved into infighting and a power struggle as there was no single figure or clear direction in which to drive the alliance. Upon returning, Ghost Storm sent the call out for a CTA fleet. Upon discovering that barely a quarter of active alliance members (around 60 individuals) were ready to go, the following message was sent out in the -DD- command channel:

[09.03.2014 22:13:05] Ghost Storm: DD in a weekend day and prime time
[09.03.2014 22:13:08] Ghost Storm: got 60 people in fleet
[09.03.2014 22:13:25] Ghost Storm: perhaps its time to press a button in order to avoid 
further stagnation

The aforementioned message was not taken seriously by the Darkness of Despair leadership as Ghost Storm had threatened on many occasions to disband the alliance whenever CTA fleet numbers were significantly lower than the number of players in alliance chat. It is not immediately clear what prompted Ghost Storm to proceed with his threat on this occasion, but the results became clear 20 minutes following his message in the command channel. He logged on his character in the holding corporation, proceeded to eject all Darkness of Despair corporations, and then shut down Darkness of Despair as a functioning entity. 77 systems in six regions – Impass, Immensea, Catch, Feythabolis, Esoteria and Tenerifis immediately became vulnerable.

In the aftermath of this incident, an order was given by xEvilHunterx, the interim Darkness of Despair leader to transfer all sovereignty and corporations to Darkness of Despair’s alliance Hand of Despair, supported by this following forum post by TreantProtector:

  1. I can name various reasons for disbanding, but none of them included the unexpected sovereignty drop and leaving all of alliance members’ assets. We won’t know the reasoning behind the person who did this before he tells us.
  2. The shadow of the -DD- of the past has finally dissipated.
  3. The button was pressed by someone who is most likely Ghost Storm, but this is not 100%.
  4. The details of this aren’t important.
  5. Tomorrow (more accurately, today), most likely there will be a directors’ meeting, where questions about joining the new alliance during the crisis will be resolved (most likely it will be Hand of Despair). This will simplify the question of standings and the asset recovery process. At the time of writing, all former corporations are getting standings from DARKNESS. and .-A-. (SOLAR FLEET is still neutral now). What I suggest is setting these at individual and corporation level. Cyno alts should be moved to preferred systems. DARKNESS systems in the south (for example, DZ6-I5) or Feythabolis (DB1R-4 and nearby) are viable carrier destinations; old Gypsy members can use Curse and Y-DW5K and station systems nearby should be in dread range.
  6. N3 TCUs will be up by 10:20 am Moscow time. In your best interests, make instawarp and tactical spots around the station. Pack all your assets in your carrier and jump out, and go into TS and talk with alliance members, at least on a corporation level. Packs of dictors and a cyno on the undock fuels paranoia.
  7. If our allies are able to kill TCUs, we will have precious time and you will better be able to organise your retreat; if they don’t kill them, we will patiently carry out a series of CTAs to retake our assets.
  8. TLDR; tomorrow will decide the fate of your assets. Take your cynos to NPC space, .-A-. space, HD or DARKNESS. space, make bookmarks in DR-. If there is a possibility to jump out CAREFULLY with your carriers – do it. JFs should stay docked – your corpmates will need the cargo space. Maybe we will be able to save the station, but don’t hope too much. Evaluate the risk and make the right decisions: the CFC is far away and NC. won’t miss this chance, as we didn’t miss it in B-R5RB. It will be hard. Keep in touch, do not do it all alone.
(The above post was translated by Whitmore and edited by Deviance Incarnate)


As of the time of writing, according to Northern Coalition. FC Yaman, N3/PL is in the process of taking possession of the majority of station systems in the six regions that became available upon the sovereignty drop created by the disbanding of Darkness of Despair, including the -DD- staging system of DR-427. Yaman announced that Northern Coalition. currently does not have plans to hellcamp the station as their military planning is based upon the assumption that the situation in Darkness of Despair was created by the conflict in the Crimea region of Ukraine. There are also confirmed reports that  -DD-‘s sister alliance, Against ALL Authorities is withdrawing from their new staging system of  Y-FZ5N to GE-8JV in Catch due to their currently untenable position in Immensea and in order to assist their Russian comrades with damage control.



  • Ossey

    Fuck Goons!

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      Doubt it.
      Im sure it will be n3 gets fucked again

      • lol

        by RUSRUS? keep dreaming lmao

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        ah ha haha ha really? by the “elitism AAA” where during the alliance meeting all our members could ask was “when are Goons coming to help”

        boo hoo, all these alliances still cant see what being allied with CFC gets you!

      • Barkaway

        well with Rus falling apart, why would CFC even consider going down to help them out? Soo i i dont think thats gonna happen..

        • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

          StainRus are goon pets, so odds are like 90% that they will be sending domi fleets south again.

          Dont be shocked when you see goons blueing up StainRus again and telling BL to blue them and come south too.

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    Winter is coming

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      Winter is coming, and the Russian bloc is all out of potatos and vodka.

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      Winter is done, Summer is coming.

      It’s gonna be a hot one.

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    Goon deployment in 3….2….

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      Another Grind Tour ahead!

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      4 month of CFC deployment and one month after they leave everything will be the same 🙂

      • Chief Gumbo Speaker

        Except for all those dead Titans…

        • Chris

          Already replaced.

          • Chief Gumbo Speaker

            Heard that since the day of the loss.

            It’s only slightly more believable now.

          • Chris

            We always had the money. Hulls were a problem.

            Now we have almost all replaced.

          • Kirk Otsito

            PL titans are replaced i cant speak for N3 though

  • Enochia

    Its called N2 now champ

    • JoveBishop

      N3 = (N)o (N)ame (N)eeded

      Educate goon pet.

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        thats like saying:can you hear me? to a deaf man, or look at me when im talking to you!! to a blind man, not gonna happen bro ^^

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        Nope, it’s defiantly N2 now. Don’t fuck with the narrative.

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    BNI got a station… what has eve come too

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    Shame that you can’t let go of real life when you play a game…

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      Im sure jewswould have loved to roam against SS fleets in 1935’s EvE, giving gfs and high fives to Hitlers chosen, had it existed at the time.

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        jews would be isk-heavy, ss fleets would be good at hellcamping, eve is real

  • Whitmore

    Hope -A- will be next.

    • dichzor

      lol. like herc would ever press the button. Suffer with dignity. eheheh

      • Whitmore

        Thats the sad part, same with RED.

    • asdf

      NO. Between becoming a frankenstein of the worst of ex-HBC and related shitlords, getting ShadowandLight as a military director, recruiting Lord Rahvin, and bending over for Goons, I am amused as fuck at how they’ve been pissing all over their own name, and I want to see it continue.
      Also, -A- is shit.

  • appreciation

    Thanking you in advance “A-IS-SHIT” for the nice new station that we will enjoy. Thank you for dropping it under our noses

  • Lokitoki81

    60 in fleet with 2700 members? Holy shit, press the button already, even Sniggwaffe has bigger fleets with 250 members. Interested in knowing more? Go to “join sniggwaffe” ingame and we will tell you. Join today!

    • BS

      What do you expect with all thats going on in Ukraine ? I wonder how many PL would be in fleet if murica gets attacked…

      • Josef Bauer

        ukraine and russia has stila FUCKTON of players in public dota games. so i doubt war is a reason to stop ppl beeing in front of box!

        • BS

          It does not affect the whole population you know. Plus you dont have 2,5k player mixed ukrainian&russian alances on dota I assume ?

          • DD-Grunt

            Chill, bro. Whatever has happened, it is not related to real live events in Crimea.

      • Farted Oops

        All of them since they are to fat to leave there computers anyway lol

  • Diskutant

    Has anyone, including Mr Ghoststorm, ever thought of that having low numbers in fleets might actually be due to the real world conflict? At times like these, players might have greater worries than to answer an internet Call to Arms.
    So while the disbanding might not be directly due to the crimean conflict, it might be indirectly, and not really very far removed causality-wise.

    • eve player

      I seriosly doubt that 3/4 of DD members live in Crimea. Most of them are russians and their country is not the one being invaded. So it’s just the usual eve drama. GG Rus.

    • The Obvious

      Only 1/4 of ONLINE accounts. Meaning people were already online so…

      • just think

        Not sure why people seem to forget most people in eve have 3 or more accounts. If 1/4 of people in alliance chat were in fleet than it may have been most of the mains logged in at the time.

        • anonymous

          I can not think of any reason that 60 people in a fleet would need all of their various other accounts online at the same time. Perhaps a few do but there is no way all of them were like that.

  • Dumbledore

    I haven’t been following the politics very closely… So, what happened? Did they QQ because CFC didn’t hold their hand anymore and they started to lose? Was that because CFC had more pressing stuff happening at North, where they were being nipple pinched by the nasty Triumvirate and friends?

    • sadleric

      You mostly have it right. The CFC is seriously downplaying how much progress Fountain Core and Tri made in the northeast. Fountain was going down in a baaaaaaaaaad way.

      EvE RUS never had decent participation through the last two years. They’re royally fucked against BNI alone, and a few critical timers contested by PL and NC. alone *in RUTZ* have been lost in the last few weeks.

      RUS is quite literally unable to defend itself right now. I cannot stress to you enough how differently -A-, SOLAR, and to a lesser extent -DD- operate as entities that exist on the premise of building large, complex, relatively-safe RMT empires where sales are accessible not only to the leadership but the common line member as well. Forget everything in your experience about how morale and leadership works in CFC or N3 alliances with accountability and auditability.

      These specific RUS alliances *need to die,* and there’s an onus on the CFC right now to just let that happen.

      • Chief Gumbo Speaker

        Fountain was going down in a bad way?
        What eve server do you play on?

        • Mother of Pearl

          Do you even FA?

        • asdf

          Are you really trying to tell us all is well in FA? I knew you were secretly Dave from FA.

  • Muul Udonii


    Inactive leadership returns, un-ironically rants about inactivity meaning the alliance is bad

    Disbands alliance and loses all it’s space to the people he had been asking folks to form to fight

    Will probably join PL, no other fucker would take him after this.

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    Goons be butthurt today

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      all those hard months of fighting over turned in 1 night 😀 + alittle extra for n3’s trouble

      • Britanicus99

        Months of hard fighting, lol, after B-R N3PL walked away and you grinded sov un- opposed. Before BR 15k stood strong against 45k.

        • Chief Gumbo Speaker

          And you act like N3/PL walking away wasn’t because they got their asses handed to them. Nope it was just an arbitrary decision made under no duress whatsoever.
          They tried to fight back, they were just ineffective.

          • lmao

            it only took you 60,000 people to beat around 20,000 good job pat yourself on the back

          • Chief gumbo speaker

            Winners win.

            Whiners make excuses, you seem to have 60k of them.

          • Holy shit balls and vinegar

            Man you are bad at this.

          • Kadeshi Grunt

            With current sov mechanics. You can’t fight superior blob numbers unless you can get a. Differential advantage such as super/capital cover. We lost that after b-r Ineffective was CFC till then as 1/3rd of the null sec player base held of 2/3rds of it for months .

          • Ihsedak Tnurg

            I will find you. And then I will give you cake.

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        • Union

          In what mind the the goons honestly think that they were immune to history repeating itself?

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    “if they don’t kill them, we will patiently carry out a series of CTAs to retake our assets.”

    Riiight…What makes them think they’ll be able to do anything. If they couldn’t even form up a respectable fleet before, how can they do it now after such a morale hit.

  • Thanks for the sov

    -A- formed a 30 man into gang to disrupt the son grind…

  • Brian C McKinley

    ” frustrated with alliance participation numbers.” right. Who cares at least they are gone.

  • True story

    Now DD corps can directly join Goonswagon alliance! so they will not be anymore goon pets 😉

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    DD: Can I haz your stuff?

  • :-P

    So basically everyone who was outside station and ratting while the fleet was getting whipped by N3 can no longer dock and all assets are trapped in station. Nice one, got what they deserved.

    • Random scrub

      They could dock until the stations were flipped

  • heh
  • Kadeshi Grunt

    CFC now have to make a choice. Come down here and bail out the pet alliances they put in place or defend there renter empire. Can’t do both as they are incapable of fighting on multiple fronts, being pure f1 monkey blob.

    Should they’d return, We will simply do the smart thing and conserve resources till they leave then Hit the ineffectual RUS RUS Stainwagon yet again

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  • Bob V.

    Once again, thanks to the efforts of a bunch of retarded worthless Russians, our hard work is for not. Why does the CFC command put up with these assholes? Russians were shit years ago, they are shit today, and they will always be shit in the future.

    • Chris

      We told you so.

    • droljica

      Goontard is mad ?


      Aw poor little goonie is cranky, you need a diaper change kiddo?

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      Because the retarded worthless Goons noticed how retarded and worthless the Russians were and decided to have a family reunion.

  • droljica

    Seems like RL situation in Ukraina, unrest and near2civil war, will/did reflect into game.

    Goontards and their intoxicated fuerer can do shit about it. It’s not in their hands anymoar.