Titan purchases often happen through forums. Smart buyers and sellers often use alts to distract people that want to cause harm to these new titan owners.
Carinia, a member of Against ALL Authorities didn’t consider this and posted a buy order on a Leviathan on the EVE-Online Forums. Outbreak and Mafia noticed this particular post, and started keeping a close watch on the brand new titan owner.

Sure enough, they found the Leviathan in a midpoint on its way to .-A-.’s staging system of GE-8JV, and tackle was quickly rushed down. The titan’s cyno went up in a belt, and tackle was quickly warped to it. The brand new Leviathan, knowing in his head he was done for, panicked and decided that his cloak was his only chance of surviving. Outbreak & Mafia members began to zoom around the belt, and eventually the Leviathan became decloaked. The titan was quickly pinned down by tackle, and the rest of the Outbreak and Mafia fleet jumped in and began putting the hammer down on the tackled Leviathan. The incredible tank of the Leviathan did not break under the Outbreak & Mafia onslaught, so a call went out to Black Legion which quickly formed a Talos fleet, and within minutes put the Leviathan out of its misery.



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  • god of fuck you

    no. this post is totally inaccurate. Please ask the people involved before you just make it up from ppl who arrived halfway

    • JoveBishop

      How about you correct it instead of talking useless shit?

      • god of fuck you


        1. 0utbreak and mafia are not officially involved. if you think they are – explain the provi members on the KM with high dmg. – This is a mixed group operation – no individual alliance can claim responsibility

        2. It was breaking, but due to worries about PL / backup – BL was called in, to make sure it got finished. – You can see when BL arrive it’s in 50% shield already.

        3. Initial tackle was made by freesoul5150 backed up by Bil Tuesday honeypot glaze, assmullet and rudy tpsa

        4. no one looked at sales except in hindsight – and that was mullet who found it.

        5. the titan got bumped at inital cyno, got spooked at first warp out, got decloaked and neuted, but not tackled at third, and finally got tackled on the forth

        tell you what, why don’t I write the article for him?

        • Quakker

          That explains the belt then. I was beginning to think he fail bridged a mining fleet 🙂

          • god of fuck you

            lol – the best part is honeypot glaze’s corp name

        • qwer

          2. Because PL usually likes to save enemy titans?

          Between PL and BL I would actually trust PL more in finishing -A- titan than their former allies, BL.

          • god of fuck you

            then you tackle a leviathan and call them

          • qwer

            Well, I have been actually in fleet which tackled goon titan and between coming to help BL was paid to save it instead.

          • god of fuck you

            but not a -A- levi

        • kraz

          i dont really care about the details on how or what happened… all i care about is its a _A_ titan so yea OP success. GJ to all involved. lol_A_

        • dude

          1. Don’t you know that BL. takes responsibility on ALL kills they are a part of even if they are only batphoned ?

      • Koomji

        your mom talks some pretty useless shit when her mouth isn’t full

  • bahahahahahah

    -A- really is shit

  • Quakker

    @ a belt? At least it died before he could put anybody else at risk with stupidity.

  • Figgernaggot69

    -A- is shit 2014

    Also ccp needs to work on the explosion effect.
    Looks shit with the new wreck.

  • -A- are shit

    Whats the song called? lol

  • Lol

    Can -A- disband now?

  • LOL

    -A- is shit yo …

  • Dumbledore

    Came to see a Titan kill; left disappointed after having seen a leviathan kill.

    • you sir, are wrong

      Meight, clearly levis are the best titan since none died in b-r

      • Billbo

        Get it straight, No one was primaring them thats why

        • over the head


          • Koomji

            your mom makes me *fwoosh*

        • Pee Gee

          there is no bait so bad someone wouldnt take it

        • chzy

          nobody primaried them because there were rags and erebus on field to kill.

    • sadleric

      ^ Another opinion that’ll change when we see the first 250-man Wyvern/Shieldbus/Rag/Levi fleet.

      FYI both superpowers can field a nearly-full shield super fleet already.

      • oh

        one super power can fill 2 fleets all ready…

        • Pee Vee

          yeah because they had no idea at the beginning

    • Yawn

      Dumblebore, when are you going to come up with something original?

    • andi

      he wanted a ragnarok anyway

  • A

    You guys need to get the story straight. He was pro and stopped to do some belt ratting like a man. You should follow his example.

  • Motivational Mining Music
  • Talon

    They only killed one Titan?


    • sameyaa

      sounds like a “not killing us fast enough” comment.

    • Koomji

      your mom makes me Yawn.

      • Koomji’s Sad

        Your mom yawns at both ends.

  • eternally disappointed

    What kills me is that they started out with a great song “quoth the raven” by eluvietie and then when to some 5 year old talking about putting dildos in cat food whoever did the soundtrack to the vid should just climb in a coldwater bath, slit their wrists and say goodbye to a celebrating world . Afterwords their grave can be used as a public outhouse.

    • lol

      You’re suppose to use warm water dumbass get your suicidal threats right.

      • Quakker

        Unless ‘organ donor’ is checked on their license.

      • Lol idiot

        Noooo! You dumb fuck!
        It’s cold water so the warm blood flows to the cold water, basic thermal dynamics.

        • Xmob

          No, you use warm water first to bring the veins to the then Rippy the Razor says: down, not across, then cold water to numb the forearm so it hurts less!

          Nothing to do with thermodynamics. Dipstick.

          Blood is under pressure and is forced out.

  • wtf

    “The incredible tank of the Leviathan” wat?

    • Chris

      Dude. The levi has a massive tank. Its the avatar of shield titans.

      • wtf

        did you eve look at the kill mail? it was travel fit.

        • Chris

          Nope. Ignore me then

  • Kiatae

    What the f*** is this article about?
    Atleast “try” to find out what happend with this titan.
    The last 2 people i know that would track bought titans are Free and Rudy…

    • Koomji

      what the f*** is your mom about??

  • Fartolio


  • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

    i am dissapointed greatly. i was led to believe this was an epic titan with mining lasers.

  • AAA beastmode

    Meh, we still killed 43 of theirs. No one can stand up against us when it comes to a real fight. u mad u lost 43 titans? yeah u mad

    • Chris

      Maybe you should undock more and show us a real fight.

      You can start by using this hammer you’ve spoken about.

      • Koomji

        i hammered your mom

        • Max herp

          I hammered your vagina with a fire extinguisher, which is why now when you piss, it goes all around the loo, not in the loo.

          • Koomji

            what if a fire needed extinguishing. what was your plan for that

          • Max herp

            To use your caven minge to squirt the fire out ofc.

          • Koomji

            confirming my caven minge, whatever that is, is capable of squirting out a fire

            except for the fire between your mom’s loins

    • Alidean

      Meh, we still killed 43 of theirs. No one can stand up against all of Eve when we call them down to hold our hands when it comes to a real fight. u mad u lost 43 titans? yeah u mad


  • Predicted

    In recent and pleasant news, it’s confirmed details shortly to arrive that with many disgruntled -A- corps. The impending disbanding of -A- is about to happen. And yes I’m serious, keep an eye out for coming news…

    • Koomji

      your mom coming is news

      • Erm

        Apart from the butt hurt wizards sleeve we have here.

        I’d say n3/pl will retake Immensea/Omist/fyth.
        Let Russians go back to stain and surrounding areas, and HERO to take catch.
        I’d advise HERO to only take a region or so to see how they get along with sov.
        Also with the ability to get fights vs N3 to the east and south/Provi to the north/reminents of Rus and cfc to the west, as well as usual cfc squads like euro goons and razor who like to follow goons everywhere unable to fight their way out of a paper bag on their own. Cock sucking at level 5 has been trained.
        Outlook for near future. And all in all and good amount of content to come once sov has been secured. CFCs victory was short lived, N3/PL have shown to be most resilient albeit weakened.
        But war is something n3/pl thrive on, so war is inevitable 🙂

        • Koomji

          your mom has Advanced Cock Sucking trained to 5 mr. EVE predictions guy

          • Nancy

            This guy has symptoms of small penis syndrome o.O Aaaaaaaw how cute 🙂

          • Koomji

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            Do mommy and daddy still change your diapers?

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            now it’s bedtime for you, Michael.

          • LOL

            You sir are a fucktard, lols. Sweet sweet delicious tears.

  • -A- is shit

    -A- is shit.

  • god of fuck you

    better fucking article. written



  • god of fuck you

    another. better written article.

    seriously EN24 – getting the “scoop” by just making up the story is pretty terrible

  • FYI

    not enough tackle in the article

  • Herp Derp The Great

    Not even Grath Telkin has balls so big or so little brains to cyno to a belt!

    • Kiatae

      He did not cyno in a f belt..

  • nuff said

    Look (at comments), military experts are calling this a intellectual eve online player base.

  • Trufax

    Bobmon Nyx down!