Darkness of Despair, a well known Russian Southern alliance, part of the Stainwagon was just disbanded. The reason why or how is still unknown at this time.

However Manfred Sideous tweeted the following:

Live Updates from twitter:

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We will keep you informed!

  • In Soviet Russia…

    Putin: The ultimate metagamer

    • Casualnullplayer

      I just laughed out loud at work and snot almost come out of my nose plus 1 to you sir.

      • asshole


  • Deltaguy

    Ahahaha get fucked russian scum.

  • Tut Tut

    N3 backs Ukrain, viva la revolution.

  • -RDN-

    Good Bye -DD- you were a good opponent during the Stain Campaign With the HBC.. i speak for all EX -RDN- members during that time and hope you guys land on your feet. i hear HERO is recruiting btw,…

  • asshole

    Confirming the Transfer of a large some of isk rumored to be in the trillions to Putin’s eve online account in -DD-

    • asshole


  • Yatesy189

    Really there bringing world conflicts into a spaceship game? That’s extreme even for Russian MMO players

    • you’re dumb

      ok so if some alliance u worked closely or corps in your alliance were apart of Group A in real life and your part of Group B in real life and Group A invaded your Real life home country your saying that u would not care and continue to work with them?

      • Crimea Riveeeer!

        None of them doing that was my buddy Sergei.

        • Muul Udonii

          Love the name.

      • Yatesy189

        Mate I’m sure I will never have the chance experiencing this as I’m lucky to be living in a very stable country sharing no borders with country’s that have there own agenda. But even I would realise that’s Russians players who play an MMO are not the same as Russian politicians who want to invade another country

        • you’re dumb

          it does not matter… what country do you live in?

          • Yatesy189

            The UK

          • you’re dumb

            right so say that France (i know its just to make a point) invaded ur part of the UK and occupied it. you would not have any issue with French players in your alliance/ coalition (regardless if u have any or not)?

          • Yatesy189

            That’s different really because France wouldn’t do such a thing unless it had the backing of there people to go an do it, while Putin just seems to do whatever the fuck he wants regardless of what his people think and say
            However for arguments sake if France did do that it would mean that the French people must have backed it and therefore I would be pretty pissed at it I guess

          • Bla

            The russian parliment gave approval to send russian troops to Ukraine the 1 of mars. According to different surveys Putin is quite popular in Russia.

        • Jevous Encule

          I bet TS must have been very interesting between the russian and Ukrainien players!

    • War Sucks

      No offense, but if the U.S. invaded Canada, I’m pretty sure things would get a little awkward between us regardless of the means of interaction. “I’m taking your territory and killing your people” tends to cause ill feelings.

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        Ukraine never burned down the Kremlin though.

      • C.F.

        Though, if the US invaded Quebec, the rest of Canada would be like, “We’re okay with that, eh.”

  • Verenikin

    INB4 retards who watch Fox News commenting on the political situation in there.

    • lol

      yeah i guess we should be watching “Russia Today” for unbiased shit instead? You fucking inbred rustard.

      • murica

        RT more Murican then FOX news any day!! Murica

        • Chief gumbo speaker

          Pop quiz.

          Which news networks white washed an invasion of a sovereign country for a Smarmy authoritarian figure, by repeating his lies?

      • Verenikin

        Go swallow Fox News some more.

      • Chief gumbo speaker

        You may have picked the only news source MORE biased than Fox to make your point….
        Which destroys your point.

  • Trad

    So it wasn’t just to do with Rus absolutely getting pawned by N3 today on the I-hub timer in y-f.

    As predicted Russians would stab each other in the back sooner or later.

  • Cool Guy


    • asshole

      umm PL/NC never told anyone not to get involved that was mittani… get your facts straight.. its time for a headshot to finish this…

      • Dude?

        no mad just think this post is WAY OUT OF FUCKING LINE, as DD Did not Disband GF EVENEWS24 +1 for SW

        • anonymous

          The stations we just flipped would say otherwise.

  • anonymous
  • Aeraeni

    Crimea river.

  • Pilious

    DD staging system has been captured 1 down 19 more to go it looks like we will flip a station every 20 mins or so. Such is the life of elite PvP

  • heh

    You know, I always thought stainwaggon was going to collapse because of stupid russian shit… but man, that happened quickly.

    • GG Russia

      You just didn’t think it would be real life Russian shit

      • heh

        I know, right?

      • asshole


  • ross

    that escalated quickly..

    • auslander

      Guess HERO was too much…

      • in need of a hero


  • GSection

    Unfortunately every country in Eastern Europe has hated its neighbor at some point but at least a younger generation tried to push the old hate aside. It’s a shame that the same shitheads in power still have control.

  • Pain

    I dont think it is that funny if real life stuff like that spils in to a game like that

    • asshole

      this just in… no one cares what u think…

    • Empire dude

      wake up and smell the coffee m8t, it’s sad but it’s true. people don’t realise what this type of shit affects.

      • Simon pieman

        Indeed, if only putin thought about poor old -DD- when he ordered the invasion of the Crimea, clearly this guy should be ousted for the tyrant he is.

  • Billbo


  • Russians are gay

    Did not want that alliance anyway

  • Alison King

    So , AAA stain is that way>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • hmm

      hahahaha +1

    • RIP Stain

      “fortress stain” here we come! Is it me or does the Russians these days look more and more like gypsies, relocating every year to stain?

    • Barkaway

      Noo i think its the other way^^

  • Death To Mittens

    well it’s time the urakains joined the fight against the fuck tard russians – headshot the fuckers

  • Grrooon

    Mittani sends his condolences cause he cant smug about sending his regards.

  • Carlos

    I just want to ask one thing. Can I have your stuff?

    • Chief gumbo speaker

      Is your last name Danger?

  • Alouf

    What a fucking idiots. Americans paying some nationalist turds to come with baseball bats and takE over parliament. All of suddent world should recognize “legit government” and game over?! Not so say the orthodox people who will never fight each other. Catholics hell yeah. Can be a blood bath. But all this shit to spill in game. Hilarious. Who will contain the fire if spreads? USA [CFC] will sit back and laugh. Not so says the tsar! N3/PL will kick ass and take over. Guess the empire strikes back. No matter how may BLACK OPS backwater and CIA sends in, N3 will be ready with rapid lights. At the end Crimea will be secured and southern flank will cover the Black Sea.

    • Head Peck

      Ruskie.. please stop sperging all over the interwebs. Russia is stealing the autonomous region of Ukraine yes we know that. No need to bring this shit into a game world.

      • Alouf

        No one is stealing anything. When you have pets and bullies in government, regions brake apart. This EVE event is unfortunately related to RL. USA stole Kosovo away from Serbia. It happened 100s times through history and will happen 100 times in the future again. Difference is many us have other news channels then FOX or CNN.

        • Barkaway

          No i really do believe that Kosovo wanted their freedom, they werent stolen by the US..

      • Sigh

        Go learn history before sperging crap, it makes you look out to be a tad dumb.
        The crimea is russian.

        • Barkaway

          It is now.

        • TYYRATHOS

          Ukraine wants to get into bed with the west. Russia Wants it’s engagement ring back! Crimea was anexed/given to Ukraine while everyone was still in the USSR. I think…… Not a huge history buff on the east but I read it somewhere i think :P.
          This is a tough situation. It is too bad that Russia and the east cannot work things out with Europe USA Ect.
          Big money, strategic territories etc etc. All on the line. I wish we all would work things out to be fair to all. But of course, that is a perfect world and is a myth. Maybe we can come close.

    • Barbra

      It’s just n2 now

      • Barkaway

        Its still N3.. N3 = No Name Needed…

    • lol

      Youre fairly retarded arent you…

    • Deltaguy

      No one cares russian scum your all commie bastards.

    • Errr no

      Cfc arn’t USA, they are more like a combination of stalins USSR & Hitlers Nazi party in tactics and value.

      • Chris

        More like China with less democracy. The USSR wasn’t exactly stable.

        • Chief Gumbo Speaker

          You guys are dumb.

          CFC is clearly NATO, one big partner, with lots of junior partners.
          FA is like Belgium or something.

          • Chris

            Except NATO would imply some kind of independency until wartime arises. None of the alliances are anywhere near independent (except maybe razor). They’re more like 3rd world countries sucking aid off Goonswarm.

          • Chief gumbo speaker

            No one in NATO really expects Belgium to fight a war by themselves now do they?

  • -A- is shit

    -A- is shit.

    • sadleric

      ^ Most revenant comment in this thread.

      • Chris

        They are also in Despair for their fallen comrades.


    JEFFRAIDER sends his regards!

  • Pilious

    While we’re not entirely sure what’s happening internally, it looks like Ukranian vs Rus drama just tore Darkness of Despair apart, with a very unironic and abrupt disband rumored to be over Crimea.Eve is Real, or something! *** This was a broadcast by The Mittani

  • Yatesy189

    Oh dear looks like PL has got in on the Station bashing as well now Mitanni wont be pleased, this must be scary for stainwagon they know how fast systems fall when the whole of the PL and N3 super fleet is out an about

    • Koomji

      Your mom is out an about.

    • hmmm

      I think you missed what the agreement actually says PL are allowed under the agreement..the sov was dropped so they aren’t actually taking the systems from any alliance since the alliance that owned the systems does not exist anymore.

  • Makalu

    what can I say…what goes around come around…

    my regards

  • barracuda drexciya

    One can only expect this kind of metagame from an ex-KGB agent like Putin.

  • Carlos

    Putin sends his regards

  • bob

    “Tell them to stop using ishtars shit is op” -progodlegend
    Watching the new eden open, every match ishtars/domi’s either banned or used. Every pirate group and null sec entity is using them heavily. How the fuck can fozzy sit their and think that they are balanced.

  • Chris

    Holy shit. Stop embedding things. Just post a link.

  • So where are the tin foil hat people blaming the Mittani for this.

    • anonymous

      Mittani does not get blamed for good things.

      • Chris

        Mittani does no good things.

        • Barkaway

          Erhm no and thats why he doesnt get blamed for them 🙂


      no ones gonna blame The Mittani, this was another successful JEFFRAIDER disbanding op

  • Humm

    Well that’s selfish of -A- they naturally should have disbanded before DD.

  • heh

    All this news is putin me off. Real life events surely got to show their marx in the game world. Now HEROs, quite stalin and get to work in catch.

    • RBW

      I see what you did there

  • Chris

    As bad as -DD- are, its always disappointing when a group dies because of some butthurt director hitting the big red button. I’d rather force them to die by driving their morale as a whole down.

    Hell, even as much as I hate goons I’d be disappointed if this shit happened to them.

    • the voice of reason

      no u would not…

      • dichzor

        shush, hes already destroyed 100500 of enemy supercaps, alone. Fierce pvp’er, that Chris. Destroyer of coalitions, the master of politics. And always solo, in his trusty rifter.Oh boy, what a guy…

        • Chris

          What the fuck are you smoking.

      • Chris

        Contrary to what you think, I would.

        Its anti-climactic and ruins the fun of crushing your enemy, when one random dude gets mad about something and shuts it down.

        Its not as bad when -DD- did it because they weren’t putting up much of a fight, but if Goons were to do it right now? Yeah, I’d be disappointed. Unlike -DD-, Goons actually bring the fight.

  • Jevous Encule

    My dear Russian and Ukrainian friends! Now you should understand why Vodka is bad for you. From now on, you guys should be on Jack Daniels.

  • Karma

    Got to admit after the Titan welp for N3/PL to be as resilient as they are it’s quite something, karma is real?
    They get there space back now.

  • regards are given

    JEFFRAIDER sends his regards

  • N3 WarHQ

    You can always count on Russians stabbing someone in the back.. v0v

  • Khorum

    It’s bad for the game to have less PVP alliances. RIP

    • Chris

      Whether or not -DD- was a PvP alliance is up for debate.

    • Jason

      A PvP alliance dies, and all it members die also?

      It’s pretty much irrelevant, if they don’t reform, they will simply move to another PvP alliance. Alliances come, and go, and the corps, and members keep playing.

  • ThatGuy

    HERO just captured their first station.

    • Sigh

      HERO lol what kind of idiots call them selves heros
      And good because now hero has taken a station they can be hell camped in it.
      Its only a matter of time before the CFC deployes and kicks hero/n3 in the balls AGAIN.
      I wanna kill hero just for the name they chose, and the fact they work foe n3.

      • Bieber´s alliance

        Bieber´s alliance or Homo would be more appropriate.

      • Stark

        Yes, the CFC is so insecure they feel the need to flex and beat their chest to show their dominance when someone does not bow and kiss the Mitanni’s ring. If you want to be taken serious you might want to “try” to learn how to post at least a civil comment instead of your useless garble. Also big words coming from a person obviously in the CFC. I mean really, Cluster Fuck Coalition, nice name if your a group a prepubescent teens. Sure I myself am not to keen on H.E.R.O as our anagram either but it is still leagues ahead of others, up to and included CFC.

        • Dum

          Are you new here? That name came from this site, before that they were the Deklein Coalition but they had TEST with them thus the CFC became popular. Oh and now TEST is with HERO.

          • anonymous

            Are you new here? Riverini still referred to them as the Deklein coalition for a long time after they started calling themselves the CFC.

        • Chief Gumbo Speaker

          Starks die like flys, just sayin.

          What you misinterpret as chest beating and bullying was sincere concern for BNI and all the other newbies. We honestly love them, and seeing them get into what will be an abusive relationship with N2/PL makes us sad.

          • Barkaway

            Well i guess they would rather be abused than suck mittens and btw FYI its still N3, it stands for No Name Needed…

          • Chief gumbo speaker

            No, it’s N2 now. Please try to keep up. I know things change fast, and change is scary and all…

          • Barkaway

            Are you retarded? ohh sorry you are from RA, stupid question.. N3 = No Name Needed, thats 3 N’s

          • Chief Gumbo Speaker

            RA = Russians?
            No, I don’t speak any Slavic languages. Keep guessing.
            N3/PL became n2/pl

          • Barkaway

            If N3 was because Nexus, nulli and Nc. formed the alliance then yes, but im pretty sure it stands for No Name Needed = N3 so yes they are still called N3/PL

          • Chief gumbo speaker

            Yet they are less than they used to be.

            name needed = n2

          • Chris

            Honestly, I can’t recall Nexus having any meaningful contribution to to the war effort in the first place.

          • Barkaway

            now you are just being stupid…

      • JoveBishop

        Butthurt much that some newbies are raping your awesomesauce alliance?

      • Britanicus99

        Your name expresses everyone’s response when they read your posts.

  • Billbo

    ” in soviet russia, alliance disbands you”

    • Nobody

      That one never gets old. Every article about any Russians should, at a minimum, contain at least one comment like that.

  • Sigh

    Let pl/n3 and now their lap dogs hero take advantage and turn more space into a serf renter v master space.
    They now are the biggest blue block in eve but unlike the CFC witch the line members own and live in, n3/pl rent most of their space and treat their renters with distain .
    N3/PL are worse then the CFC by a country mile in every way.
    Let them thump their chests, let them be smug in their leetness.
    When the Rus get over their rl issues, the CFC will deploy, and ram n3/pl and hero smug up their arse, just like we have over and over again. because we know that they like being fucked.

    • Stark

      Owww big daddy CFC coming to save the Ruskies….once again. Can I ask why you help them time and time again when they “prove” time and time again they cant get and keep their act straight? They get bailed out of a situation only to end up in a similar situation, usually by their own fault?

      Here is the same post I made on the Mittani:

      The Mittani should be advised to give his victory speeches “after” he as crushed and won the war out right. It “might” be true that he had N3’s throat under the heel of his boot at one point in time but that time is no longer present. One week in nothing in eve, when players have multiple accounts and pilots to play on. The CFC had a major part of N3 camped in with a large amount of assets to throw in, if CFC wanted to deal the killing blow to N3 they should have kept up the hunt for another straight month. What is another month of “fighting” in an already 3-5 month war. The Mittani and possible his ultimate victory was within the palm of his hand, but he failed to be patient and acted recklessly and blew it. All he had to do was wait and bleed them dry but he rushed it and the victory that had laid nicely in the palm of his hand slipped through his fingers like smoke.

      Due to his carelessness and impatient attitude he let his greatest chance to may be truly crush N3 pass him by. It seems like his whole “driving the dagger in their heart over and over until they are dead” failed and the recourse was that of beheading a hydra, cut off one head and two more take its place. Instead of having to deal with just with N3/PL you now have 14k+ horde of pilots, newbie pilots but pilots none the less coming at you not caring if they live or die.

      I would also like to point out that due to not keeping the boot on N3’s throat and giving it that last final twist that would of ended it he has effectively extended the campaign in-definitively. So when all his followers could have been nice and warm in the comfort of their own space making the isk and enjoying all the free time, pvping on their terms they are now back into the fray. You can proclaim all you want about having a blast in 1% tidi you, I, and everyone else who has ever had to experience it knows that to be false.

      Praise your Lord and Savior The Mittani for creating content for all of you, his faithful followers.

      End of post.

      Also about your line members all “living” in there space instead of renting it, please. All those outlining alliances, and or corps are just over-sized meat shields to protect the home space of the Goonies. You can talk all you want about treating everyone as equal members but everyone knows that to be false. They would giving an ultimatum if their numbers or whatever were not met. If these condition are not met they would be thrown out into the cold and be replaced with new soldiers to man the front lines.

    • JoveBishop

      Caling for papa Gewn. lol. Yes you do suck big time hahahahah

    • Goo

      Space up for grabs, N3/PL will of course capitalise, however they are not blue to HERO and unlike cfc do not wish to blue every thing within nullsec.
      N3/pl rent to build huge war chests to fund continuous wars they wage, continuous content. So if you want to cry do so in a pillow scrub, since Russians rmt’d and rented years before N3, and cfc are simply contradictory in everything they say. Pot meets keetle.

      • Huh?

        Hold up, I thought that they had bought HERO? Wasn’t that revealed on this very site?

        • BNI4LYFE

          It was never confirmed who bought out HERO. It was speculation but it’s being kept a secret

    • Vote Them All Out

      Is this a serious post?
      Is that Mittani dribble on your chin?

      • Skooma Steve

        not dribble, to white and sticky

    • anonymous

      Biggest blue block in Eve you say? We were only slightly larger than the Halloween Coalition up until yesterday and the CFC (HC’s allies) are 37 thousand people. The giant blue block in Eve is you hands down by upwards of 30 thousand people. Also we love our renters since they allow us to enjoy the pvp that we love while letting them do what they love to do.
      Now let us talk about the CFC. You have proclaimed that there should be no fun in Eve pvp and that anyone that is looking for good fights is dumb. Your vision of nullsec would have it entirely blue with any dissidents being struck down before they could change the status quo. You have your own renters even though you claimed for years that renters are the scum of Eve and that you would never have them (until you lost your tech throne).
      We may not be perfect but at least we are not you.

    • Britanicus99

      treat their renters with distain? Wtf are you on about? Renters are tresated like renters. Pay bills and do wtf ever you want in your apt as long as it doesnt interfere with someone elses enjoyment of their apt.

    • Chris

      Goons: We must fight BoB and their evil renting empire!

      *A few years later*

      Goons: We are going to rent out systems. Look how profitable it is!

    • goon tears best tears

      lols. CFC cry that things need to be nerfed, because their pilots can’t fly anything other than domis, celestus’ or harpies.

    • HAHAHAHAH!!!!

      Poor little CFC scrub sounds mad, you need a diaper change?

  • Soldarius

    Didn’t want that sov anyway.

  • RA dude

    Grind sov for months with hundreds of players, lose it all in a one dude’s push of a button. Volvo, fix pls.

    • Chris

      *Grind undeserved sov.

      We were going to take their space anyway. This just saved us a month or two of time (Thank god)

      -DD- were so considerate to just let us have it.

      • Chief Gumbo Speaker

        So are you just as undeserving, when you cant keep Sov without PL holding your hand?
        Or when the CFC comes and grinds it all back for RUS?
        Or do you deserve it more, for some reason?

        • Chris

          Since when is pl holding our hand? We were still doing shit after pl retreated to the drone regions. I’ve never seen any kind of evidence from those saying we owe it all to pl, while plenty has been given in regards to the incompetence of RUS.

          • Chief Gumbo Speaker

            if “doing shit” means hiding in stations till the CFC redeployed West, then yes, you were definitely doing shit.

          • Chris



   (Just before CFC left)

            These are just three examples of things that hit the news sites during O-W. That doesn’t count any other ops that went down, we did do super grinds. We were still dropping fleets where we could.

          • Kadeshi Grunt

            we choose not to fight superior numbers to conserve resources. Its called strategy. As for pl holding our hands they augment our forces , but unlike rus rus we can still pew without crying to pl for help. Took you all of a week for you to BEG CFC to send down forces to immensia

          • HAHAHAH!!!

            You sound mad bro…..

        • Michael

          Must be drinking shittens cfc flavored koolaid again.

    • Britanicus99

      Funny how it is all lolz when it happens to other people. But MOMMY when it happens to you.

  • Gree

    What a most stupid selfish act by DD. Well done in losing this fight for the rest of Stain Wagon regardless of the state of your alliance. Look at how bad AAA can be. Yet down many times would it have been for them to throw in the towel and fuck over their coalition. Lol unbelievable, thought Russians were better at eve than this.

    • Chris

      Pretty sure the war was already lost.

    • dk

      Chair-side commentators. Gotta love’em

  • Washi_Meisei

    -DD-, Loved flying with the ones from Gypsy Band. Had tons of fun with them on deployments and the 1st Solar war. Then they disbanded shortly after that war started and created -DD- with ones that left -A- when they lost their space.
    Spasiba for the great times. Cheers.

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    EU and US meddled in Ukraine politics supported a NeoNazi coup overthrown the pro Russian President. They sniped and killed their blues. They pissed off Putin, just like EVE politics. Putin next move secured the gas (R64 moons) assets and the Russian Black Sea fleet military base inside Crimea (what we called here the staging system). EVE is real.

    • Kadeshi Grunt

      not that simple. there is a population divide in ukrain which complicates matters. As ukrainian ethnics want to be pro western and russian ethnicity wants to be pro-russian. As for meddling, russia put a bought and paid for man in office to sell of ukrains resources.