The newly formed H.E.R.O. (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organisation) bloc today announced their first major deployment as a coalition to Sendaya in the Derelik region since their inception on the 2nd of March.

Brave Collective CEO and coalition executor Lychton Kondur announced the deployment today at 18:00 GMT. The combined move marks Brave Collective’s 3rd ever strategic deployment and first foray into lowsec directly bordering on a major conflict zone, working alongside their fellow newbie-friendly alliances Nexus Fleet, Spaceship Samurai and Test Alliance Please Ignore.

The objectives of the joint deployment are not yet immediately clear beyond H.E.R.O. creating content for its membership. However, an announcement on more clearly defined goals from the coalition executor is expected in the next few days.

Despite considerable challenges for Brave Collective’s logistics team, which is faced with the formidable task of moving assets for over 6000 members, the return to the Derelik region appears far more orderly than the chaotic scenes which characterised BNI’s first move to Vestouve in Placid. Early reports indicate that a steady stream of convoys, in addition the Brave Collective logistics fleet, consisting a few dozen jump freighters and carriers is currently running on overdrive between Sendaya and Brave’s former staging system of Barleguet, which runs a stark contrast to the small blockade runner fleet utilised during the Vestouve deployment.

This deployment to the strategic Derelik region, in addition to confirmed reports that Brave Collective has begun the sale of fixed assets such as POSes in the Placid and Syndicate region has raised fevered speculation that the 14,000 member coalition may be looking to create mass PvP content or challenge sovereignty in a campaign in the surrounding CurseCatchProvidence and Scalding Pass regions

There is currently also considerable contention among nullsec pundits over the allegiance of the H.E.R.O. coalition due to Test, Nexus Fleet and Spaceship Samurai’s previous status as members of N3. However according to Markonius Porkbutte, Director of Communications for the Brave Collective, whilst there is significant pressure on the H.E.R.O. bloc to choose between the CFC and N3, H.E.R.O. is currently preoccupied with content creation and concretely developing the objectives of the deployment over political maneuvering.

  • Loki

    DIdnt everyone in EVE leave that area a month ago. Well good luck fighting the rats I guess

    • heh

      It’s probably why they are deploying there. they want to upgrade to a nicer spot to do their stuff. They can always move a region over to do pvp. Not that hard to figure out.

      • cfc bitch

        I hope they don’t blue anyone they are good fun to have around. There only problem is Test I hope they have changed they shit on there friends then tuck tail and run at first hardship. Brave balls deep: uuhh where is test? at station hiding. Been with Test they never do there part they are just hiding behind a noob alliance.

    • Random scrub

      No you ignorant space cadet.

  • troll?

    These brave Heroes shall serve their N3PL overlords!

  • Kullen

    As a N3 i hope they stay neutral and choose to make their own block, more fun to be had for everyone that way.

    • lmao

      I hope you are true but your dear leaders will try everything to convinve HERO that the CFC is the evil guy in EVE and N2 needs a meatshield to fight CFC.

      • Chris

        Except the CFC isn’t even in the area.

        If they absolutely had to pick a side I’m pretty sure they would pick N3. Not because of any kind of politics, but because N3 has fewer numbers than the CFC. (more targets)

        • Le Petite More

          We aren’t joining any of the sides. We are making a new one.

          • Chris

            Never said you were. Read what I said again.

          • truestorybro

            and he never said that you said that they wouldnt stay independent…
            he just sais they aren’t joining a side !

            read what he said again. 😉

          • Chris

            Then why did he reply to me, instead of who I was replying to.

      • anonymous

        Not that I want them to join us but are you saying that us trying diplomatically to find numbers to equal your massive meatshield list would somehow be worse because it would make the numbers too close. That we are somehow the bad guys for trying to find more people to fight the coalition that declares that there is “no fun allowed” in wars?

      • Bah

        Cfc are the abomination of eve, that’s factual.
        The corpse that will not die, evolution that will not die to allow the game to evolve etc etc.
        If needed every free alliance in null should work together to be rid of their monopoly and manipulation. Free eve up, allow regular and unpredictable content to happen.

      • Kullen

        Cfc are evil, but it doesnt mean eve will be better for them completly destroyed, halted and puched backa a bit yes but not completly

  • Cynope

    H.E.R.O. redeploys to Sendaya.
    Meanwhile, all major trade hubs ran out of Large Smartbombs.

    • Lol

      Hahahaaaa see what you did there 🙂

  • Provi Guy

    This just in, Provi block gives HERO a warm welcome with a tier 3 alpha fleet. Welcome to the south!l and awesome fight

    • Pipo

      Hero guy : Nice just got my thorax in Sendaya.
      15 min later : Well i need a new thorax in Sendaya.
      Gf HERO and stay independent o7

    • ProviGrrrrrrunt

      I think we lost the ISK war but was fun for both I’m sure 😀

  • Billbo

    Guess its time for the _A_ annual move op to “Fortress Stain”

  • nana

    Time to kick CFC in the teeth. Attack from the North, South and in the bollocks.

    • Methylated Spirit

      Yeah your mums bollocks

      • nana

        Will be fun trying?

  • hi

    Good luck fella’s o7 Cya on the battlefields 🙂

  • Fred

    Seeing spaceship samurai are PGLs personal pet toy play thing the content will be interesting.

  • Mail Lite

    “H.E.R.O. (Hopefully Effective Rookie Empire)” I thought the last letter was .O. for Organisation?

    • mrcrazy_monkey

      EVEnews24 at its finest.
      Though I hope they don’t blue N3 I would love to have a few good fights with them.

      • YOLO

        Won’t be blue unless it’s on mural fleet ops, aka against cfc/Rus or if one or they other asks for assistance would be my guess.
        But not blue so there’s more gfs around 🙂 less that’s blue the better, something cfc don’t understand lawl

  • KingCobra

    I thought we were our own side

  • Maciej Simm

    PHEW / PL / TRI L5’ers from faspera can certainly provide content *cloaks, popcorn*

  • Ha

    Ha under pressure to choose between cfc and N3. Well that’s a no brainer, 3 quarters of HERO were N3 and left on good terms to develop them selves further in a culture main stream for newbies. So if HERO chose to side with cfc the coalition would pretty much collapse with people leaving. I.e there would only be cfc alts/ spias left in HERO if that happened.
    And why would they consider siding with cfc when cfc are the creates of the blue doughnut, which of course is a stark contrast to what HERO have already said they stand for.
    HERO have spine they won’t let them selves be manipulated into a convenient position for cfc.

    • Methylated Spirit

      but half the coalition were CFC before they were in N3, so, yeah, it means shit.

      • Playos

        TEST broke off from CFC long ago and was kicked out of sov by them… N3 might not have been the greatest of allies, but I think it’s hard to say they screwed them harder than CFC.

        • Sigh Another Dummy

          Lol N3 did more than their fair share to help Test. Anybody who believes the narrative given by Martini is no more than stupid.
          N3 not only had to deal with the biggest sov drop (multiple regions), which they had to retake again in the midst of the fountain war, they came back as soon as they could to find a overwhelmed Test, whom with the lack of leadership were rarely able to form a useful fleet, ended up rarely turning up to their own timers, all while N3 FCs led Test fleets as well as their own fleets to defend Tests space.
          If you stupidly believe that due to N3 being unable to fend off cfc on their own, while Test curled up and went back to ratting, then In life you have another thing coming. That is not N3 treating Test bad, that is simply Test not fighting their war, not pulling their weight.
          So let that be a reminder to the more ignorant of TMC spewing propaganda.

          • Fartolio

            This is true. But still fail to see N3 wanting Testicles in their yard. 😉

          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            They are still cute little buggers.

          • Playos

            Oh, I totally agree… N3 did as much as could be done with TEST’s leadership vacuum and keeping the east. Had TEST been a bit stronger or if N3/PL had abandoned the DR… maybe history would be a bit different today… but neither was a reasonable possibility.

          • CFCnsfw


          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            Uh, PGL did not make N3. He is simply the top FC… Not one of the alliance leaders that DID make N3. Just saying. And before you stick your other foot in your mouth, I am in N3. A proud MAA in The Kadeshi.

          • N3 Grunt

            lol that u think PGL is the “top FC” for N3… granted he runs fleets for N3 but only for nulli and other alliances who cant run their own fleets or do not have a fleet large enough to run their own fleet.

          • Ha

            Would say canaris is better than PGL.

          • CFCnsfw

            Mittani said otherwise, and he never lies, so before you stick YOUR foot in your mouth you should read what Mittani said wrote on the subject.

      • Easy Street.

        Every one had alts in cfc, their scrub alliances are good for manufacturing, market trading and ratting.
        As for the Pvp aspect well you logg into your N3 character to kill some goon faggs. Life made easy 🙂

        • Methylated Spirit

          When they let you undock, of course

          • Bahahaa

            Hey Mordus Angels camp cfc into vfk, you have no right to speak about hell camping a coalition once in a blue moon, when cfc are camped by some scrub alliance every other day lol.

          • Methylated Spirit

            I hate to break it to you, but CFC have just won Eve, and your coalition of beaten players are desperately trying to align themselves to the one ray of hope in nullsec right now (while accusing CFC of winning by blue balling!) Yet again you are trying to fight the war on the forums, after being whipped ingame. So keep posting your nonesense, we are all laughing down our sleeves at you.

          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            You know, Methylated, you are a real tard.
            Even Mitten’s own website has admitted (though I imagine that Mittens would have rathered piss out razorblades than admit it) That N3, though severely bloodied, is by no means dead and has a lot of fight still.

          • the voice of reason

            well by the looks of this does not look like the war is over… but i know mittani does not use facts when making the new narrative

            Top Sov Changes (7 days)


            Nulli Secunda


            SOLAR FLEET


            Northern Asso…


            WHYS0 Expendable


            Northern Coal…


            The Hub Life


            The Initiative.


            Get Off My Lawn


  • Lol….

    “I’M SIGNIFICANT!” screamed the dust spec.

    • Methylated Spirit

      You cant even post with your ingame name, and you’re trolling people for trying to create content?

    • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

      Funny, you call them insignificant. BNI has had one of the most meteoric rises ever seen in Eve Online. In one year, they have gone from nothing to one of the largest Alliances in Eve.

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    hooray for brave! ive got nothing against any one in provi currently but id much rather see it become brave’s home than stay in the hands of amarr rp’ers. thats alot of grinding for bni though if they want it.

    • RBW

      I think providence it’s the best sov bet for them if they don’t want help from any of the big coalition blocs. I am rooting for them add well.

      • mr nobody

        Its the worst for 2 reason, firstly the sov in providence is pretty bad. Secondly so so many timers that will have to be ground through, but wil -a- sov in catch there is way less timer. -a- space in catch is the logical choice to me with provi later if they want it, better off leaving provi as your roaming destination

        • RBW

          Hitting -A- will only bring all of the DTF on them to which they cannot stand against alone. Stop saying retarded things just because they are best for you personally. The only target they can hit by themselves at this point is Providence.

          • unknown

            You obviously know nothing of providence. You do realize there are about 75 stations in provi, and its the worst hell grind you can imagine for shitty space like that…….and considering the CFC just left the south the russians are as vulnerable as ever.

          • dichzor

            yea, id say they stand a far better chance taking/asking for some space from DD & co in regions around Catch. Provi would be a bad idea, lmao. Not cos of residents, but more cos of neighbours. Curse seems a logical place to start… ahem.. BLOB FOR THE BLOB GOD!11 =)

          • Budge

            There is no point in taking any Providence systems unless you need sov. to build supers. Why in gods name would someone put their alliance though that grind for only a handful of R64’s? It makes no sense. They would be better off just calling a lowsec region, and not grinding a region, and not paying for worthless space.

          • dogs breath

            There is no point HERO trying to take Providence because they won’t be able to. Provibloc would beat HERO in any sovwar.
            Unless of course the bored blue donut dogpile in with their not at all broken instant teleportation to anywhere in Eve ability.

          • Budge

            Considering the problems provi had kicking sound, I find that claim laughable.

          • Puchoco_Voluspa

            Yeah we had a big trouble kicking Sound out with CFC, PL and their hired pets from Noir “third partying” in their favor.

            Just saying vOv

          • anonymous

            Providence has 72 stations it would be terrible for anyone to invade. On the other hand _A_ and the rest of that coalition are a bad joke that is already losing space that the CFC gifted them.

          • Barkaway

            The russians are going to be hard at work with N3 so -A- space is easier + less stations..

          • CVA Grunt

            we shoot bni all the time and I don know why but every time there is some kind of null sec displacement or a coalition that goes on deployment ( its always go fight in provi take there space), likewe provi nerds just go around causing space havoc.
            the reasons why provi isn’t fought over have been covered quite well. I was thinking geminate same type of space bigger less stations to grind not up on xdeath`s ability to fight ,but hey its just for good fights and training . but the big bonus is targets in the vale .

          • Will Birchall

            First of all you presume that they HERO are deploying for Sov, which at no point have they said is the case. Why would a newbie friendly coalition, looking to provide quality content, tell its members to grind through the 70 odd stations Providence has? If they are after sov, Catch is the clear target, but i strongly doubt that sov is the main goal of this deployment.

            Far more likely is that they are after gudfites and learning about how they work as a coalition. In this case, Provi is a probably the target. Brave have deployed nearby before, they know they’ll get fights and they know the liklihood of escallation is low…

            As a member of the Provibloc, I’m looking forward to having these guys around!

          • Eric loto

            Because that’s how eve works.
            Please read your history book, specifically chapters pertaining to the origins of BoB, Goonswarm, and TEST.

            You think they take noobs and teach them F1 out of the goodness of their hearts? Bwahahaha! They don’t even teach basic fitting principals, they are simply warm bodies.

            You know what you need warm bodies for? Sov grinds.

            No, but seriously there is only one reason historically that you amass unskilled pilots.

          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            Bear in mind that N3 is still at war with the Russians (that includes-A-). We just took 14 systems from them the day before yesterday, including -A-‘s staging station. So if BNI goes after -A-, they would not stand alone.
            The enemy of my enemy…etc. You get the picture.
            So now, who is the one saying retarded things?

          • the voice of reason

            thats a joke right? do u think that those of us in N3 will let your bros in HERO fight the forces of russia alone? LONG LIVE UKRAINE !!!!!

        • Heimdall Midgard

          Ohhhh please deploy to Provi…. its so boring here in the last months.

    • Will Birchall

      ‘stay in the hands of Amarr rp’ers’…… Lol ok then.

      • Ciaphas Cyne

        its just some friendly trolling, take it easy buddy.

  • fe

    2 out of 3 coalitions combined to beat N3, HERO needs to join N3 to even it out and make it 2 vs. 2

  • garandras

    Well this shall be some fun.. will make doing the angel cartel storyli8ne missions a tad harder (unless done in a ceptor)

  • where hereos dare to tread…

    Gang-rapings until prolapse by endless parades of null-trolls, space crucifixions and star scaphism, emptied coalition bank accounts and FC infiltration by spies, and finally the ignominious retreat to FW. All these things and more (mostly blob whelping) await the H.E.R.O coalition.

  • RBW

    That video is well done, props to the editor of the video

  • gevlin goblon

    Well…that regions are pretty empty…have fun killing cva/provi/aaa few ratters…

    The only fun thing is that N3 pilots blame about blueing everyone but now they are trying to do the same. HURRRR DURRRR HODORRRRR!!

    Patetics spastic noblets spermwaste. Go cry to mama!

    • Chris

      Since when are we bluing everyone?

      • o-we need more blues

        TEST please help us we trapped in 0-w. BNi please help too we trapped. HalpHAlp BL halp us. we trapped! we give you supers if you halp.
        you guys are hilarious shitlords

        • asshole

          what are you talking about? i mean fail trolls are fail. but wow nice grasp on the english language friend #eve2014

        • Lol

          3 quarters of nullsec blue, we are cfc/Rus we need everybody blue to fight a 4/5:1 outnumbered coalition. Fun comments about N3 asking for help from Test once and falsely blueing people.
          I mean the hypocrite as well as the retard is strong in this lemming.

    • Lol

      Pot meets kettle. N3 are not trying to blue any one you fuck tard, we aren’t cfc ya know.

      • blahblah

        Dont forget its N2 now !

  • Mittens is a cunt

    HERO can have catch once N3 are finished with burning the Russians space to the ground. Provi or catch for them. True story.

    • 0-W the tears are still flowin

      The Butthurt is strong in this N3 scrub.

      • Lawl

        The irrelevant flows through you with much force young scrubling.

    • Heimdall Midgard

      Yeah Provi.. Sure 😀

  • Shvak

    Good luck HERO – Any way you go it will be a “target rich environment.”

  • asshole

    in before N3PL give Hero Coalition Catch

  • Figgernaggot69

    where the fuck is sendeya and how is that relevant ?

    • dichzor

      sendaya is in Curse region, the graveyard of alliances. Its relevant cos, well, y’know… internet spaceships.. nullsec.. 15k-ish accounts?

      • Kimpaz

        Derelik, low sec, 15k-ish toons

        • dichzor

          It is in Derelik! for some reason, i always think sendaya is in Curse, my mistake.

  • Slaytan X

    Good luck Heroes.

  • Slightly biased observer

    If HERO side with the CFC it will fall apart within minutes

    • Ming Tso

      Or they’ll become a used gimmick, like Fweddit.

  • oldgrandma

    Going to be hilarious when it turns out HERO isn’t actually interested in sov and just deployed for gfs.

  • erhm ..;

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present … Man not caring

    • dewd

      ….and yet cared enough to write he doesn’t care

      • erratic1212

        Stupid is, must be cfc.

        • Figgernaggot69

          butthurt, must be n3

          • erratic1212

            My point exactly.

          • Figgernaggot69

            My point exactly.

          • Yawn

            When you decide to pull cock from your arse, get to work on lv1 trolling skill.
            That is all.

          • Figgernaggot69

            why did you make a 2nd account erratic1212 ?

          • Cypherus

            Sorry to have to say this but so far things have been akin to ‘Clubbing seals’ in fleets around Curse, sickening to watch really, and as for BL, did Huntbuzz infect your Mojo or something before he moved on.

    • Cusualnullsecplayer

      You cared enough to comment….just pointing that out.

      • lol

        And what I have to point out … is this …
        Fuck you. Yea I said it.

  • WTFcares

    Test, ex test, and noobs to stupid to know about test with nexus for lolz, ripe with spys should do well.

    • cfc bitch

      I hope they don’t blue anyone they are good fun to have around. There only problem is Test I hope they have changed they shit on there friends then tuck tail and run at first hardship. Brave balls deep: uuhh where is test? at station hiding. Been with Test they never do there part they are just hiding behind a noob alliance.

    • That was a good comment that you obviously put a lot of effort into.

  • .

    InB4 provi gets invaded by 1000 man rifter fleets

  • Guess

    hopefuly they should stear clear of both CFC and N3 and just find their own path 🙂

    • Gsy

      Agreed. This fresh attempt for independance should be applauded, hopefully some of the CFC memebers will take this idea however I doubt due to the opinion of who needs game content when you have ISK.
      Would help also when (i say when in hope of a tidi-free future) sov mechanics are dependant on ‘earning’ a system by all aspects of eve rather than just dropping a TZU and leaving empty to rot. Would create more space for such new coalitions and even alliances to prevent there ever being a blue doughnut, but a glorious hundreds and thousands doughtnut with fights all round.

    • erratic1212

      I would likely join that. I won’t have anything to do with either of the 2 blocks or anyone affiliated with them.

    • Thats the plan for now.

  • N3 WarHQ

    The Russian powerbloc in EVE is dead and died with -A- being stomped and drained off all it’s useful people and SOLAR becoming less and less useful until they finally got stomped by N3PL. CFC did their best to wheelchair RUS around in the war but as soon as CFC isn’t around to push the wheelchair around anymore they are back in the same spot as before and that will repeat it self as soon as CFC leaves again if they even bother to help at all.

    It was awesome as long as it lasted but the people that made the Russian bloc powerful is just not around anymore and the people that replaced them are to retarded to make it last. They are to selfish and greedy and to much concerned with filling their own wallets instead off building something that will last. Alliances is only as good as the people in them and if enough off those are shit then what ever you try to do will become shit no matter if your alliance is called -A- or PL.

    In the end it’s going to be a new face down between N3PL but it wont happen now and it might not even happen during this year. The Russians will be sent back to Stain again and paying the price off stabbing the people that gave them a chance in the back. SOLAR will go back to their space in the west and all the hard work that CFC put into this war will be for nothing as the people they installed are to retarded to take care of it and no matter what they do it’s not likely that they will magically get better at it in the near future.

    • Javier Wilcox

      shaking little fist from drone region?

      • lol

        herderr didnt check the sov solar has taken recently have you

        • Allah

          Solar taken BLs sov in queries to stop initiative from taking it on CFCs behalf.
          Initiative used to have promise until they joined cfc, now they are just a cock stain on the wall.

    • Simon

      Russians are all busy in Crimea lol

    • Figgernaggot69

      u fag lel

  • Citizen 3

    First off they’ll align with n3 if they have to align at all, so much of the CFC is still anti test there would not be any cohesion there, also politically taking provi would work out better for the hero’s since the anti test sentiment would bring many members of the CFC back down to fight them. So it’s better of n3 to avoid aligning with them also. The thing to remember is the CFC is looking for a resin to deploy again and we hate test….

  • cfc bitch

    I hope they don’t blue anyone they are good fun to have around. There only problem is Test I hope they have changed they shit on there friends then tuck tail and run at first hardship. Brave balls deep: uuhh where is test? at station hiding. Been with Test they never do there part they are just hiding behind a noob alliance.

    • With a name like “cfc bitch” it calls your objectivity in your comment into question.

  • spurty






    Considering you can’t fit in the same system and TiDi can kick in around 500 if the node is shared, you need 28 systems guys. Sendaya / CURSE (50 systems) REGION is going to be very crowded!!

    • Spurty

      GG Formatting fail lol

    • martin trencavel

      lol , like they havent 95% of inactive/alt/spy chararctere

      • Test -1334?

        please view dotlan statistics before making such uninformed remarks.

      • The current B0RT membership indicates activity in the last 3-4 months if I recall correctly. Our current B0RT CEO Herp, wants to cut us down to 1 month of activity.

  • Hmm

    Looks like there was mass murder in Sasta and Jark on their way through. If they’re unable to organize and defend themselves in hisec, what chance in lowsec and null? I expect an amusing bloodbath.

    • BNI Genii

      Um, we’ve been in lowsec for 9 months and was all over Placid/Syndicate right up until we left for Sendaya there, champ.

      Dying because we couldn’t help but shoot at high-sec war targets != we can’t defend ourselves. It just means we got bored halfway through a 35 jump trip. Nice try.

      • Hmm

        I’m well aware of that, just witnessed the murder train as I was sat in Sasta. Way to make yourself look like an ass, champ.

  • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

    I do hope they do blue up with N3. That would change the dynamic of the Halloween War dramatically. CFC was only able to keep Provi out of the war by using threats. If BNI allied with N3, then that would bring another 15k pilots into the war to go with the 35k which would go a long way towards evening up the numbers.
    With that change, I don’t think that Mittens would be able to threaten Provi into staying out of it. And if luck really held out then PL would disregard the BOTLORD Accords. If all of this comes to be… And that is a moderate to large “if”, then CFC/Rus would certainly have a tough if not impossible fight ahead of them as they no longer have BL since BL has switched from shooting with them to shooting at them. The only problem would be keeping the two legions from shooting each other.

    • the voice of reason

      “And if luck really held out then PL would disregard the BOTLORD Accords”

      your an idiot if u think PL will do this without some major changes in 0.0 sov warfare and major changes in CFC. right now under the accord PL’s renter income is secure from CFC… the russians cannot threaten BOT Space. and CFC can not steal their renters. so tell me why the hell would PL throw all of that in jeopardy because 15k noobs blued N3… i am in N3 myself. and remember these are noob pilots in HERO… your already expecting them to fly like they have 100m SP toons with years of combat experience under their belts… dont be dumb…

    • Citizen 3

      “CFC was only able to keep provi out of the war using threats” should be “CFC was able to keep provi out of the war simply by using threats” PL will never scrap BOTLORD, there’s too much proffit in keeping it, the same way they never violated OTEC. And once PL learned they didn’t have super capital supeiority they retreated. And as far as BL is conscerned, they don’t like CFC but they REALLY don’t like n3 so BL ever switching sides is a pipe dream. On top of all this the leadership of n3 would be better off staying neutral to HERO because it keeps the CFC from being interested in their war again… And we all saw how that worked out…

  • in need of a hero

    Will you be my hero baby?

  • Wonder

    All this talk about HERO joining with N3, I’m asking why would they, what’s in it for them? If they wanted to grind through sov, they could of joined existing null alliances but they didn’t, they went their own way which is why they are so popular. If they try and become just like all the rest why would their members stay? They can get that experience from already established null groups.

    • Duh

      Nobody’s saying that are right now, out of all the coalitions HERO would likely mutually work with N3 if it was needed though, that is all that’s being said.

    • Ke$ha Fan

      Eve is presently divided between the CFC and people who think there should not be a single mega power block in Eve. While I suspect HERO is on the same side as N3 in that fight, they do not have to join N3 or even have a standing agreement with N3 to kill CFC + pets and take space.

  • Yep

    Reverberation Project & Moist. have vowed to run HERO out of Derelik and are currently engaging in smart bombing using an Apocalypse and Explosive Damage on the Amphar gate in Abha.

    • Who is that and why should anyone care?

      • Soulxlight

        Reverberation Project couldn’t run water downhill

  • KriddCrudd

    Complete bs and one sided. nice to see that hero has en 24 in their pockets already promoting lies and propaganda which cost good people their stuff. funny how -a- bros are spammed about black aces betraying the alliance and that kenshin is leaving causing dissent and distraction. Low blow guys, low blow to pull those tactics just as you invade catch.

    • errreq

      -A- is shit anyway, and the doesn’t do that do they, ha

  • TAPI

    Shitdick Federation

  • Chris
  • random dude
  • Santa

    Come come little habibs join N3 we has 42 virgins and 1 goat + cookies

  • Figgernaggot69

    wonder what they expected when they threw Test , FW Grunts, Brave and scrubs like Spaceshit Station Samurai together.

    Its like experimenting with monkeys.

    Fun to watch them try to achieve the most simple goals
    and then they rage and throw shit if they cannot handle the situation.