New Eden was filled with chatter as not long ago the birth of EVE’s fifth coalition was announced. Joining N3, Stainwagon, CFC, and Provibloc is the newly formed H.E.R.O (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization) coalition. Lychton Kondur, CEO of the Brave Collective, announced HERO in the following SOTA:

BRAVE Collective,

A little over a year ago, we began a journey into New Eden with the idea that as newbies, we could band together and learn how to kill internet spaceships. From the onset, we always put ourselves into positions that no sane group of people would endeavor, and as a result, evolved into one of the largest alliances to play this game. From Hek, to Rahadalon, to Barleguet, we have eagerly searched for and found content against friend and foe alike.

We dipped our toes into the dangerous unknown that is nullsec, by deploying to 9GYL-O to learn about the mechanics and to find new and exotic frenemies to kill. We then sharpened our combat skills by taking on the Usurper menace, in retaliation for their harassment of our minerbros, and to secure valuable moons to begin to fund alliance level operations.

But now, we’ve come to an unexpected issue. We have few people left to really fight, at least in regards to meaningful content. Our orange donut has been slowly shifting to blue, while the regional economy has shown to be anemic in supporting our surging amount of active members. This is in part due to the recent surge involving newest generation of pilots who joined after the most recent war in the South was publicized. This saturation has the potential to stymie our growth, as we are trying to fit into space that is two sizes too small against enemies that are relegated to honor fights and roams of habit.

The Status quo must be changed.

It is my pleasure to announce our next BRAVE Collective deployment within the near future. We are planning this deployment in collaboration with a few other newbie friendly entities. As it stands, Brave Collective is immediately and effectively +1 with Test Alliance Please Ignore, Nexus Alliance, and Spaceship Samurai. As a Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization, the H.E.R.O. Coalition will enable us to fully tap into the raw power of the newbie, in order to raise hell across the next area of space.

Although specific timetables and targets are still OPSEC, I expect all BRAVE Collective members to immediately prepare for war. Get your salvage and loot trash over to a trade hub and boost your ISK stockpiles. All sister corps in your respective campuses, prepare at least one ship for the initial deployment fleet on standby in your hangars. Alliances Leaders and Logistical Commanders will prepare their members to move at a moment’s notice. Jump Clone Service Fleets will begin immediately, so that we may return to Barleguet in event we need to muster a defense of our home. Alliance FCs, Dis, and Bittervets with mechanic knowledge need to be teaching classes and taking out fun roams around the clock. Additional information will be released to Industry, Miners, Market Seeders, and Jackrabbits in the very near future. All Alliance leaders have been issued Points of Contact for Alliance functions, so we can conduct further planning as needed. For every pilot who is currently “in the dark”, please allow trust in leadership over the next few days, while we untangle the issues currently facing the largest mobile undertaking we have performed thusfar. I will be issuing more information to everyone within the next few days.

It’s time for war.


Lychton Kondur


Sperglord, HERO Coalition

The coalition plans to be apolitical but shall generate timers and sieze sov space as the opportunity presents itself, but the 14,151 man coalition plans its first deployment to begin in the next few days.

A soundbite of the announcement

  • Guest

    This may be the start of something beautiful.

    • As long as they don’t go for the SHITY Sov warfare
      BNI are really good guys for bringing fun and fights LOW sec style

      • cmon now

        lets be real here, Low sec sucks

        Its the cartoon version of eve

        • really , you think it sucks because you have to use more than the F1 to do things there ?

  • Pirate

    Death too goons yaaaarrrr

  • Yarrr

    Good this is what Whip my slaves back and forth should have done, forge their own identity instead of be sucked in by CFCs greed and side with cfc, as you can see BNI are now what whip my leaves use to be, infact whip my Slavs are less than a shadow of being relevant since becoming cfc pet as happens with almost all alliances within cfc, they are defanged of any teeth and competence as well as identity.

    • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

      j4lp were never competant

  • Yarrr

    This should be a fun coalition to be in, hope the leadership can keep up with it all, wether their Targets are Russians or cfc in south west 🙂

  • abc123

    OMG – Really. Well if history has any roll and SOV with timers is in the game they want to play – Providence is always the easiest place to start to make a name for oneself.
    – cough – cough – NCDot – cough – cough.
    It’s a shit hole and none of the other Big Blocks will come to save CVA and pets. So they should have no problem steam rolling Jerry’s Kids with their yellow bus of brave twits and have a new place to learn about managing SOV. But who knows, maybe Brave Twits will have some BB’s and hit the CFC or N3. Only time will tell.

  • eh

    Like BNI, real shame they are hurting their brand with subhumans.

  • Red Teufel

    brave newbies taking -a- space here we go

  • 0.0 is just a blue donut

    will this break the blue donut? Absolutly not! But at least the blue donut has some form of entertainment…

  • enjoy your stay
  • :)

    Options for the new coalition.

    1. Go to provi to work out the kinks of sov warfare on their own, bearing in mind provi only put up a fight if they outnumber you, if you are equal or more they are unlikely to show up.
    2. From NPC nullsec or a possible gifted station in friendly null sec assist N3 who they as a whole have been largely friendly with. With that sov can easily be taken from Rus to more worthy owners, whilst keeping close ties with N3.
    3. Could head up north to help BL/Tri/Mordus and stage from NPC sov and make an absolute nuisance of them selves whilst getting likely blobbed by cfc, however it is fights never the less if you pick and choose which fights to contend in, since they not cfc will have that choice.
    4. Could hit the under belly of cfc and go for some of their more out of the way weak cfc pets like FA LI3 and cfc rental space in south west, this being closer to HERO current home as well.

    It does not seem likely that they would aggress or become hostile to N3, in fact I think it’s mutually beneficial if HERO stays friendly to N3 since while in N3, alliances such as Honour and Nexus have been encouraged to flourish and had their own identity, and that’s what is best for any alliance, the ability to grow in skill and experience, so they have learnt a lot already going into this new coalition, and to know that parting your old coalition on good terms must mean a good relationship for the 2 in the future.

    What ever path HERO forge it will be interesting.

    • Michael Carson

      All I see with NEXUS fleet in H.E.R.O is that if they go the “Assist” N3 route with russians is that it’s Simply Nexus Fleet coming home with Friends. HERO loses its identity fighting the russians and are just refolded as n3/PL fighting Rusrus until the CFC comes to the Aid of the Mail Order Alliance.

      I would more love to see HERO Go play with Provi block or some other kitchen sink alliance for now. Instead of choosing the path that people have gone for years “Assist” n2/PL ( n2 since Nexus left) or join the CFC. This is a new coalition, Lets keep them Being there own Coalition and not just following the A-typical EVE route. For the longest time BNI has been nicknamed Goons 2.0, Can’t blame the nickname either. But I would HOPE that H.E.R.O does something different in EVE, Like they have been so far.

      But I guess with TEST, NEXUS, and HONOR, it would make sense for H.E.R.O to roll itself casually into n2 and lose it’s Identity just that quickly. But I pray they follow a different path.

      • Chris

        From what I understand, they are losing standings with N3. So they may focus on russians, but not pass up on fights with N3. They may end up being true third parties.

        • Michael Carson

          Now THAT I can see them having hell of alot of fun. Three way Brawl for an iHub 😛

          • Duh

            Even if they do have GFs w/ N3, on a strategic level theres not a chance in hell they will fight against N3. They will work together and attach RUS.

    • go go go

      Now is a good time to attack N3. Kick em when they’re down and they’ll probably end up with some good sov out of it.

      • Lol

        N3 will roll Russians and you think HERO would be able to take them on lol. Ok, but why would they when HERO have been friendly in past?

      • mr nobody

        considering 2 of the corps are former N3 cant see that happening. I think immediately going for sov would be a bad move. But if they were then I think delve / querious or take a small bit from the russians

    • i_have

      i would suggest go and play with providence.

  • Ooh noooes

    HERO help Stainwagon against the Russian oppressors.

    • Rcmst

      Stainwagon are RUS.

  • The Observer

    I, for one, welcome our newbro overlords.

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    for those looking for a little more than copy pasta:

  • Casualnullsecplayer

    Yes go to themittani and look at the comments section. Goons must feel threatened by this new coalition already. As the comments section there is full of lame attempts to drive the coalition apart. Also mittens now bans you for saying “blue donut” in the comments section, a new low even for themittani.fag. That’s why I’ll take the copy and past of eve 24 over the bull shit in themittani.smalldickfagget any day of the week. At least here people can speak their mind as eve 24 believes in freedom of speech and expression. If you want to read a bunch of censored bull shit and get banned for expressing a controversial view point go the themittani.imafegget and keep the horse blinders on.

    • Neutral observer

      They are incapable of independent thought and Dear Leader must have had a nervous spasm because this has disrupted his narrative of “game preserve” BlueSec.

      When you gain much, you stand to lose much…

    • ooh

      Show me where Mittens touched you.

      • In your Backyard

        Shittens is actually scared of getting touched. Just saying. He still has to pay for his car installments. Can’t afford to lose that isk making empire.

        • Hendrick Tallardar

          Much like anything posted on EN24, the fact checking is just flat out missing. Though this is getting a few people to laugh at your incoherent babbling, so kudos.

    • Gumption

      I actually just went over there to have a read to see what this comment was talking about and you’re actually talking out of your ass. The majority of Comments I’m reading are excited, or intrigued as to where this will lead.

      There’s an excellent mini Q&A between a commenter and a member of BNI

      One thing I did find though was a commenter called “casualnullsecplayer” screaming and bitching about goons trying to drive a wedge between BNI, and the only replies being “what the fuck are you talking about?”. I think you’ve brought your own blinders.

      Brave Newbies are awesome laid back players and I think the best thing to come out of this is BNI get some sov and new toys to play with, and they remind Test what it’s like to have fun. Everybody benefits.

    • Hendrick Tallardar

      The sperg is great with this one.

    • Tegiminis

      you were probably banned for your constant homophobia, not because of any controversy.

    • NOBODY

      But you’re still giving him hits, AND you’re recommending others to also go to the website. For all I know you maybe work over there and you’re trying to stir up some publicity. But if you hate it/him/them/whatever so much, then stay off the website!

    • lol

      generally if you dont have a goon viewpoint you get banned from TMC. keep t he propaganda wheels turning goons.

      • Lazlow

        That’s funny, I had to post via a proxy here because Riverini banned me for pro-goon comments. Go figure.

        • lol

          lol, nice. it is a shame really since most of the time the comments are 10x better than the OP.

  • Thor Skylar

    Good Luck with new coalition.

  • Anon001

    to catch young noobies burn all the things

  • Still Winning EvE

    Not bad for a bunch of “TEST alts/Spies/Bots/Russians”
    Be Brave, Stay Brave.

  • punicwars

    yeah!!!!!!!!! go!! noobs!! be brave!

  • dichzor

    more people in nullsec, yayness. They might not be most expirienced, but when it comes to madly rushing into the combat with no backup plan, forget it. Looking forward to shoot you guys. Best of luck!

    • aaaa

      me with corp desided to go have some fun in BNI staging system. i never saw such madness. its like damn beehive! you show up kill once and theres shit starting to come from all ways. you kill them and they just keep comming out in everything they got. they dont gave a damn about lossing ships. thats the best thing about BNI they enjoy the game. that was one the most fun fights. this thing about BNI is the best. they are having fun. but going into nullsec……… i think its the death of it. nulsec is madness. blobs, TIDI, fleets cost (they will quickly find out that fighting to the last one nubship isnt efficient), diplomacy crap, meta games not to mention sov mechanics if they will try going that way. and everyone knows BNI and TEST are full of alts from all eve and LOTS of CFC alts. i wish them good luck but the downfall will be quick and painfull of such an amazing alliance

  • BS

    Yet another bloob aliance. Brave were awesome group of ppl, i expect them to become much less fun in coming weeks/months

  • bigbonedbobby

    Brave isnt like other groups except maybe RVB.
    We focus on fun per hour,we are immune to losses we actually spam them in local if someone spots a killmail,there is no recruiting security really we ware wall to wall full of alts and spais and we dont care….there is no waterboarding no bloodsamples or liedetectors to join BNI,we dotn rage when we die,we just bring a rookie ship,alot of Noobs cant fit t2 stuff,they go form hand to mouth in isk litteraly breakign even on upgrading teh clone and buying one more frig to reship… cant really spam usuall crap about blue blobs,if you do you really dont understand Brave Newbies at all, 7o

    • Yahoo

      Rvb are a culmination of cfc alts whom have an agreement with cfc to secure lowsec moons between cfc and rvb. So rvb are no more than a tool of CFCs anyway, better places to go than rvb for sure if your newbie.

      • Zanix

        RvB = carebear BNI

  • Head Peck

    My my, all the ggrrr goons tards are out in force again. Brave Test alt coalition will just get curbstomped like the rest.

    • bigbonedbobby

      your curbstomp is called content for brave,you used to know what content was once upon a time.

      • AVK

        Back in my day we had proper content with a tune and lyrics that you could dance to, not like all these kids now with their dubtep and twerking and their Nae Nae. Grumble grumble grumble.

      • Head Peck

        lol fair point dude. Must admit, it will be interesting to see where you deploy and who you engage and exactly how many of the 14k members get involved. Personally I reckon it will be a small percentage but anyways…. All eyes are on you guys now.

    • Dreamer

      I just hope they set up shop near me. I Always enjoy a good Roam with content

    • Axlotl d’Newt


  • o.O This should be good

    It will be interesting to see them plow straight into Null simply because “Why the hell not?” Not to take it mind you, but 14,000 screaming lunatics in atron’s bum rushing the place would be great LOLs!

    Right up until RnK gets word and pipe bombs the hell out of them. But from what I know of Brave, they would think that’s cool too.

    • Triptee

      This is the reason I enjoyed flying with my HONOR Bros… have fun, blow stuff up, get blown up. Great attitude and loads of fun!

  • dafaq


  • Shvak

    Got to admire them.

  • nc.

    Sov warfare will change these guys. taking regions isnt about fun,it is about commitment on every level of an alliance. Not believing very hard that their grunts are up to the grind, tho i very much hope im wrong andthese guys turn into some kind of super power.

    • Kamar Raimo

      Actually, my hope is they mess things up good until the renter empires collapse and big powers with them. Then, when the HERO coalition would be poised to take their own sov and establish themselves, they should failcascade as well.

      Nobody needs yet another nullsec superpower.

      • Nog

        Quite wrong, more blocs that are in eve the more content, more unpredictable null sec is. Which is obviously better than CFCs whole blue doughnut monopoly.

        • Kamar Raimo

          What I meant was that I don;t want them to become a replacement for the CFC.

          I love this movie quote “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

          That is what happened to Goons. Back when they had brought down BoB things were perfect for them to die the hero’s death. Karttoon saw that and decided to end it at the right time. Then Darius Johnson and The Mittani raised the corpse of the old Goonswarm and turned it into an abomination.

          I hope BNI never gets to see that day.

          • Yarrrr

            True, but BNI are far from the abomination cfc is.
            They have room to see how it goes.

          • Kamar Raimo

            I have the best hopes for them. I was against BoB and for the Goons back then and for the same reasons I am now against Goons and for BNI.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    First mission: go to Ikea and buy a couch for Test to sleep on.

    • Santa


  • GLHF

    There’s negative comments about HERO imploding by going into nullsec.
    Now factually speaking Honour and Nexus have owned nullsec within N3.
    They have Ben able to stay newbie friendly but have been encouraged to learn and gain experience whilst keeping their own identity.
    Unlike say going to cfc where anything of worth is stripped by goons and the rest of the alliance may as well be called 1 2 3 etc for all the identity they have. They are not quite factually encouraged to improve past a certain low point.

    Now let’s say that HERO wish to partake in null sec.
    Well N3 are natural allies wether blue or not, likely to stay friendly and have gfs, but work mutually if either or is threatened, this would be a good mutual relationship.
    However I think it’s very important to take small steps at a time.
    Remember whom you are, where you come from. Don’t let sov get in the way of fun, if it does, get up and go.
    I think that HERO will grow up and learn a lot from fledging a path Into null, and as long as your remember those important points above they should not go too much wrong.
    Should not be scared to take risk, since fun and risks to hand in hand 🙂
    Their own identity is what’s most important to a group of newbies.

    Good luck, and tally ho o/

  • Please don’t go in 0.0 !!

  • lolz

    “14,151 man coalition ” Yeah ok then

    • Unknown

      so? How is 15000 ppl not a coalition? Just because its not “CFC” numbers doesn’t mean its not classified as a coalition.

  • Woschdbrot

    Interesting move – but the fun/hour will hit the floor after the first weeks of sov grinds – especially with little cap/supercap support. But I welcome any new independent coalition in 0.0, let’s have fun 🙂

    • Ohh right.

      Who say they won’t have cap/ super coverage if needed?

      • Woschdbrot

        I said little support, not without any. We’ll see about that, tho – it depends on how much they want to participate in 0.0 for real and what they intend to field. The other entities currently in 0.0 should have a decent advantage concerning supercapitals and capitals – and pl is still around to drop on shit – the subcap numbers can be important tho.

        It’s all a matter of commitment – if you’re only interested in fun down here, you’ll probably see dwindling numbers for BNI.

  • jeanluc

    I’m expecting awoxing on a scale never before seen.

  • ThatGuy

    I hoping they decalare war on providence..
    I actually would be tempted to leave my bloc to join in on that as it would be a shite load more fun then having a 100+ arcons on field and nothing actually happening

    • TotallyBored

      Ya if you consider grinding an entire region of stations as fun

  • core

    kick triple out of catch, shoudlnt be too hard, test used to live there anyway. then brawl eternally non lag, non sbu, cap free with the provi neighbours and enjoy eve at its best.

  • PL Grunt

    Its obvious where they are going to go. West, either Delve or Fountain.

  • Kadeshi Grunt

    dont know the state of these allinaces. Whether they fail will depend on how well , they analyse their strengths, weaknesses , opportunities, threats and plan around that . Sov in short run probably not gunna happen. The moste effective method they could employ is harrasment against cfc renters. Hotdrop them and reinforce moons would be the way to go

    • swamp donkey

      They’re moving to Stain.
      I know this for a fact. this means theyre either going to be attacking Goon renters in the southwest or the Russians in the South

  • CFC SOV grinder

    Fountain, aka Syria, will burn them to dust just like BRUCE alliance. Thousands of pitch forks will mean nothing against veterans.

    • Union

      That’s what BoB said against you years ago, and where are they now?

      • Figgernaggot69

        in n3

    • Kamar Raimo

      I’m waiting for the first “There is no H.E.R.O.” declaration from Mittens now.

  • Cognitive Dysentery

    As long as you take into account that you’re riddled with spies/alts and plan accordingly.

  • Figgernaggot69

    I honestly think that this would be a awesome coalition without Nexus and Honor.

    • You are garbage

      Have you ever flown with nexus or honor, my guess is no or you wouldn’t be saying what you are

      • Figgernaggot69

        they are horrible.

  • Krazy Legz

    Please come to Fountain, please come to Fountain…I miss BNI, I loved fighting them.