After a week of hell camping O-W778, CFC succeeded in capturing O-W from N3. N3 alliances still have assets stuck in that station and what will happen to it is still unknown.

This opens room for coalitions to move, continue or take a break from the current sov grinds. CFC has not yet announced what their next steps will be but alliances like RAZOR have announced an update today.

We will keep you updated in this article with possible upcoming developments.




  • Johnno

    Test will recapture it and give it back to the rightfull owners, N3

    • Javafanatic

      Bwahhahahha.. damn I just spilled my coffee.

      • CFC Bitch

        HAHAHA Even the brave newbys stayed longer than Test did they are twice the players Test has ever been. Atleast they have balls

  • Homophobic John

    I hear FW is nice this time of year.

    • riverini

      Say what you want about FW, but I recall everyone blasting S2N (if am not mistaken) when they decided to do that and they resurged as a strong alliance after that…

  • Bla

    It’s is not only captured but also deadzoned 🙂

    • evequery

      Deadzoned just means that N3 can’t smuggle their assets out of the station. They can still just take it back from the Russians once the CFC leaves the region.

      • Bla

        That is true. But then they would have to take the station first. So it takes them a bit longer then normal. The assets won’t be locked in there forever. We all know that.

        • evequery

          I think the smart play would be for the Russians to cut a deal and trade the stuff in 0-W for Solar Fleet’s stuff in R3P. If possible, N3 should also cut a deal to cede the rest of Wicked Creek, Tenerefis, and Scalding Pass in exchange for the Russians staying out of Insmother and Detroid. They’re going to lose those regions anyway, and it would save the Russians the sov grind. Both groups need to start looking at the long term strategic plan. If they don’t want to be permanently in the shadow of the CFC, they need to stop fighting each other and start looking at a partnership as more equal allies.

          • Chris

            Because we all know russians make great allies.

            Also, at this point I think they hate N3 more than they hate the CFC.

          • evequery

            The loyalties are always shifting around in EVE. It was the Russians who killed the old NoCo a few years back, but RAZOR was one of the first CFC alliances fighting N3 alongside Stainwagon. Besides, if you’re going to fight the CFC, who else is there? As for the hate, that’s true, but the relative power of the CFC just grows and grows. Eventually other groups will get tired of being always 2nd or 3rd best. And if anybody’s going to challenge the CFC, it’s got to be literally everybody in the rest of 0.0.

          • sadleric

            It’s positively remarkable that “Because they’re Goons” isn’t a very strong reason to take a position against the CFC anymore. Times change — the CFC has come out waaaaay ahead in this game diplomatically. It seems to be paying off in spades.

          • Bla

            As far as I know the corp owning the station isn’t from the RUssian so they would have to go through the CFC for that. CFC hates N3 and the Russians hate N3 as well.

          • Yup

            Gotta give Mittani credit he’s played this rather well. Divide and conquer, simple yet effective.

          • sadleric

            Conquer and divide in this case 😀

  • evequery

    If CFC actually departs from the East, N3 will likely recapture it from the Russians. Most of Detroid is still in N3’s hands, after all. I find myself wondering if the CFC is actually trying to trick N3 into deploying supercaps to retake the station, then trying to take another chunk out of their fleet. That would be in line with all the smoke and mirrors around planning the hellcamp in the first place.

    • riverini

      The thing is no-one knows for sure the amount of assets actually contained in the station, I think to some extend that N3 is getting a well needed break out of this.

      • evequery

        I’m inclined to take PGL at his word that the assets are “a lot, but not as much as they could be”. But honestly, I think the whole thing might be the Mittani’s attempt to set up another B-R5 level engagement, should N3 use supers to try and retake the station.

        • Null Grunt

          Honestly, while PGL was accurate in saying we had a lot of assets in station, what he left out was that it doesn’t matter. This would be a huge setback to CFC if roles were reversed, but N3 is a carrier heavy group. I handle logistics for my Corp and so far the only assests we have being left behind is a lone noctis. Everyone packed their space suitcases and overflowed to others who had room. The few people that have more caps than jump clones have a corpie flying their caps out. I really don’t see the deadzoning as worthwhile unless it’s a super trap. We won’t have assets left once we all leave.

        • Dirk MacGirk

          well obviously “not as much as they could be.” Because that would be every last module, ship and plex owned by every last member of those alliances. And don’t count on it being a trap for another B-R fight. PL ain’t coming for that on behalf of N3 so it would never escalate to that level. Evn if there is nothing of value in that station, it still stands as testament to something that won’t be retaken any time soon. A lone dead station drifting in space with nothing but the bogeyman standing watch.

          • Quakker

            Think about it. What aren’t you doing while hell camping a station? It could have every alliances most prized assets, or it could have nothing. Either way, you’re not attacking anything else. It’s a lazy way of keeping the masses entertained for a few weeks while Mittens gets to smug.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            We were sitting outside a station is drone assisted Dominixes. One monitor in the background. On other monitors or in the foreground, we were doing other things, or sleeping, or going to the store, or watching a movie with wife/kid/mom. Drone assist was the perfect tool for this because 80% of us didn’t have to really be there to do it.

          • Quakker

            Ummm…. Exactly my point?
            All this talk about putting the boot on the neck of your enemies and it’s quite possibly the laziest thing that could be done. R&R is great (I’m sure most of the line members were out doing other things btw) but you allowed the enemy to rest and prepare also. I’m not saying it isn’t a victory or taking anything away from it, just that time will tell if an opportunity has been missed.

          • Arrendis

            Ummm…. Exactly my point?

            Really? Because you said: What aren’t you doing while hell camping a station?

            And the answer is: something like 90% were literally doing everything we would normally be doing, while simultaneously hellcamping that station.

          • Quakker

            For a writer you don’t comprehend much do you. What you aren’t doing is swamping their space, making them undock to defend it, losing their clones and their ability to actually get their shit out of O-W. With the numbers you have, it wouldn’t have been a stretch to do this.

            Instead, as I stated, what you are doing is lazy and parading your might in an ineffective way at the moment.

          • Arrendis

            Nope, we wouldn’t have been doing that, even without the hellcamp. The hellcamp was literally something tacked on at the end, or we’d have just fucked off and been home a week ago. So actually, we’re being less lazy than we might otherwise have been.

            Now, I could make some snarky comment about comprehension, but I figure that you probably didn’t have that info, so that’s totally not on you.

            Though, since you bring up the writing and laziness, and all…

            “For a writer you don’t comprehend much do you.”

            See, that’s lazy writing. There’s at least one appositive phrase, and the entire sentence is interrogatory. It should be:

            “For a writer, you don’t comprehend much, do you?”

          • Quakker

            Well then stop portraying this as the end of Nulli/N3 “The baddie Vets”. If all it is, is a “Tack on” (Which seems to be a very different viewpoint when this first started) stop beating your chest about it.

            You thought it would break them, it obviously didn’t. Which is why it is lazy and ineffective.

            As for the writing, well that’s your cup of tea. Maybe if you put some intelligence into that structured brilliance, you wouldn’t have people calling you out on your reading comprehension.

          • Arrendis

            Right, because even though your assertion’s incorrect, I’m not ‘comprehending’. You said something. You were wrong. Do you also call people out when they correct you for saying 1+1=3, and tell them they have no math comprehension?

            You start off by saying it’s lazy because it kept us from doing more productive things. When it’s pointed out that in fact, we’re doing all our normal activities, you move the goalposts under the auspices of clarifying, to say that the things you were referring to were more effective (and effort-intensive) ways of continuing an offensive. When it’s pointed out that we had no interest in continuing an offensive we’d openly (and publicly) declared over and done a week earlier, you again move the goalposts to say now that it was ‘lazy’ because it wasn’t a deathblow to N3.

            Shall we next go for ‘it was lazy because you were wasting your time playing a spaceship game, instead of using that time advancing your career and family goals offline’?

          • Quakker

            My point hasn’t changed regardless of how you want to confuse things. Dirk and yourself took my original comment as “We were business as usual while hell camping B-R”. Which missed the mark on what I was saying – Whether I was “Wrong” or not (Even though I am not) in saying it was a lazy thing to do and you could have spent your forces in a more deadly way, has nothing to do with you not understanding the original question “What weren’t you doing”.

      • lycaniz

        Personally I only had/have to leave 2 battlecruisers and a t1 triage module behind, it could be a lot worse… Drake and naga are not concept ships anymore so its a bit of a relief, through I will miss my cyno drake.

  • Chris

    If the CFC fucks off nothing will really affect nulli. We take the system back in a week and the CFC just wasted all of their time.

    If they don’t fuck off, things will get more interesting for N3. More interesting as in N3 loses more space and has to blueball every time.

    • Edmark1

      The Mittani answered this quite well on another forum but essentially- N3 has not been able to take anything from the RUS by force of arms and only through AAA sov drops and derps did they pick up anything- so for people to assume that N3 is gonna roll DD/Stainwagon is ludicrous and I would very much like to see them try. With or without PL. And the CFC will be leaving all of their thousands of Dominix in 1V as we will not be flying that doctrine post nerf, so forming for any 0-W timer would be no problemo CFC side.

      • Chris

        They hadn’t really taken much either. It was good fights all around. But I get the feeling, russians being russians, will begin their inter coalition squabbles anew in a vodka filled haze

        “And the CFC will be leaving all of their thousands of Dominix in 1V as
        we will not be flying that doctrine post nerf, so forming for any 0-W
        timer would be no problemo CFC side.”

        I love the contradiction here so very much. You’re gonna form the doctrine you’re not forming anymore?

        • Edmark1

          Uh yeah dude, what else you gonna do with thousands of dirtass cheap dominix? cart them back north?

          • Chris

            Reprocess obviously.

            I guess you completely missed what I was saying.

          • Valencia Mariana

            Google the term contradiction. While he probably understands exactly what you are saying, he is teasing you for your poor use of English. He further mocks you by highlighting your lack of comprehension. I really wouldn’t stand for it to be honest.

      • anonymous

        Hed/Half of Feythbolis (I probably spelled that wrong) and that was with the CFC down here. So to say we took nothing from you is just as much of a stretch as saying we will take everything back in a week.

        • Javafanatic

          In HED you actually had the ability to create a capital commitment, you can try to Batphone PL but I think you might get voice mail. You shouldn’t have left PL on the battlefield in B-R, actions like that have consequences and CFC looks forward to you trying to reclaim the station, you have to grind 4 timers against RUSRUS where CFC will only need to show up for the final timer. Looking forward to some really fun field trips. Of course you could always contract BL, I heard you can order up a Nullified Tengu Fleets for L33T bubble popping support, prices negotiable.

          • anonymous

            Excuse me but my alliance lost over 20 titans in that fight. We did not leave PL alone we went all in because they are our longstanding allies and they needed our help. We shall have our escalation capability back again eventually. As I said if (which is a big if) the CFC truly leaves then we will see if this becomes anything more than a stalemate.

      • Cool Aid Again?

        Point being is prior to southern war N3/PL had taken sov in drone lands, and south from Solar and then had ping pinged sov back and forth from Rus/cfc in the recent war, kadeshi and other N3 alliances were able to make headway in taking Rus sov, and EMP were able to take a couple of regions back from shitty cfc alliances up north. So martini on his cool aid once again.

  • martin trencavel

    Is it me or some ragin n3 guy are D-dosing mtc?

    • Trolla

      Mittani just forgot to pay his sov.. err.. serverbill

      • robus_muvila

        It was a pretty pathetic DDOS tbh. We’re back up now.

    • sadleric

      Grrr, attacking real-life assets because of in-game conflicts.

      I thought EvE subscribers were mostly adults. Both sides do it in any conflict :/

  • This strategy never really made sense to me. Ok once we took the station then what? I dont expect us to hold. I dont want to jumpclone down every week to keep N3 from getting their assets back. Unless after this we go back to destorying N3. That is the only logical next step.

  • Calfis

    Dat station name.

  • DrkyDrky

    N3’s morale should at a rock bottom at this point, so expect fleet participation from only those that are really dedicated.

    Even before their morale hit rock bottom, they were only capable of taking stations from sov drops or with PL’s help. Now that their morale is rock bottom in addition to losing capital supremacy, the N3 leadership is facing an uphill challenge. The outcome of their war with RUSRUS should be obvious.

    The more interesting Q would be: what would be CFC’s next step?

    • Dirk MacGirk

      Hopefully their morale is still OK. Don’t want to see them give up and unsub. But once in a while you gotta keep a bitch in line. Beat them with a chain a few times and then all you have to do is rattle it to get their attention.

    • Chris

      I don’t think Morale has been low. There just has been nothing to do.

      We had a chance for a good fight with the russians last night, but what does the CFC do?

      Drop 300 extra domis on grid. 🙁

      • Dirk MacGirk

        then that left 0-W unguarded. You should have hopped over there and cleared the undock

        • Chris

          Kinda hard to do stuck in the station in the system we were in.

          Also I’m pretty sure they can form up 300 dudes and keep the camp going.

    • Subhuman

      Return to the west and RMT like fucking rabbits to pay for Mittens victory trip to the Ukraine hopefully.

    • anonymous

      We were taking a lot of space actually. You should not always believe what your dear leader tells you. Kadeshi was making a lot of station gains against the Russians while we continuously applied pressure on Catch. If not for the B-R sovereignty mess that would likely still be the case.

      • DrkyDrky

        Kadeshi along with N3 relied heavily on capital supremacy.

        Can N3 still use caps freely without the possibility of CFCRUS dropping the strongest superfleet in EVE?

        • anonymous

          That depends on whether or not the CFC truly leaves.

          • DrkyDrky

            PL once famously said some in the line of: “It doesn’t matter if you’re on the opposite end of the galaxy, the 10% Tidi will allow us to reach there when only 10mins of actual battle (100min TiDi) has passed.” Finished with “Congrats on wasting your time & effort on a supercap ship that you will never use”.

          • anonymous

            PL could. CFC? I doubt it but either way the only reason we had to rely so heavily on capitals was because of how massively outnumbered we were subcap wise. Also a fight like that is unlikely to happen again unless someone messes up. From all accounts Laz said he would have never committed if the fight had not started well within the Russian timezone where you could outnumber us heavily on just about everything that mattered (dreads, supers, titans).

        • Isnt that simple

          Come off it, Goons have a single instance of using supers in
          which was basically a massive gank with half of Eve holding their cocks to do

          There is a distinct difference in blobbing someone like NC.
          / PL when you have spent a month planning it out to make sure you have the
          numbers and a sporadic fight against an enemy who will at a wim drop their
          supers on you – let’s see how big them CFC bolls are when they don’t have
          everyone else’s support and the numbers are about eve.

          But then we know full well that would be a blue
          ball situation and they will just whelp subcaps against them aimlessly

  • i love

    N3 start crying 😀

    • Chris

      Oh no. I have a singular guardian stuck in OW. What will I do ;(

      • Buckaroo

        You’ll continue to bite the pillow while muttering “Progod said they’ll go away soon. Progod said they’ll go away soon.”

        • Chris

          Not even in nulli bro.

    • Subhuman

      No tears or fucks given.

      • Methylated Spirit

        Yea you mentioned in several posts on several related topics how much you arent crying. Attempt at reverse psychology?

        • Chief Gumbo Speaker

          I think the saying is; “the lady doth protest too much”

  • Dirk MacGirk

    Uh, CFC has announced its next plans. Going home soon ™. Parade in VFK tba

    • Subhuman

      Return to the west and RMT like fucking rabbits to pay for Mittens victory trip to the Ukraine hopefully.

  • yes


    • Subhuman

      Laughing a the “superior” intellect.

  • Subhuman

    Go on goons, chest beat about deadzoning an empty station and giving N3 a full week to rally. Congratulations on spending 6 days to grind a station … retards LOL

    • Dirk MacGirk

      uh, it would have gone faster if the game allowed it. You do know CCP sets timers, right? you’re obviously bad at Eve.

      Even if there is nothing of value in that station, it still stands as testament to something that won’t be retaken any time soon. A lone dead station drifting in space with nothing but the bogeyman standing watch.

      • Subhuman

        Yes I understand CCP sets the timers, but it takes 800 retards to camp a system while sperging about how much isk is locked inside … when if fact there isnt. Oh and been there, done it, got the R3PO T Shirt … unoriginal goons are unoriginal … and STILL wasting 6 days GG

        • Talon

          That’s why N3 had to beg BL and TEST for help at attempting to clear the station before it flipped, because there’s nothing inside. Tell us more about the tears and fucks you don’t give, crybaby.

          • Michael

            Lol real life called and you just sent it to voice mail. Must be rather shitty to know life passes you by as you spend hours in your parents basement growing more pale by the minute. Turn off the computer and get some sun, maybe the butthurt will leave you.

          • Chris

            You took time out of your busy real life which I assume you must have, to post here, on a website devoted to news about a singular game about internet spaceships, in the comments section, to try to make somebody feel bad.

            People who spend their time gaming and don’t care what others think, are imo, above those who feel they are some how better because they spend their time a certain way.

          • Chief Gumbo Speaker

            For the record, it’s my own basement.

          • Subhuman

            Fucks given .. none. Laughing at Goon RMt pets, fucking priceless

          • Lawl

            What like cfc the biggest coalition in the game had to beg/pay BL to stop hitting the north and reinforcing their CSAAs and Sov?
            Spineless contradictory cunt curtains.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            wtf is a “contradictory cunt curtain”? Sounds like you used a random word generator there

          • Chris

            I don’t know, but I kinda like the ring it has.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            Well, let’s be honest. Brave Newbies were the stars of that “breakout attempt”. Showed up with 200+ and died like heroes for the fun of it.

          • GFY

            When you havent anything to lose, its always easy.

          • na

            BL I assure didn’t require a “come to our rescue us” speech from PGL/N3. Also RZR started to deploy to 6NJ Venal. Nice and close for hugs and kisses :).

          • Bla

            You forgot the Brave Newbies in Ventures. They had the most balls. They stayed on the field till the last man.

          • CFC BITCH

            As soon as shit started realy dieing test ran away like little girls. the brave stayed and realy fought like leet players they could prob take most of test in a few years of training best fighters on the field that day….

          • Newt

            Brave Newbies are pretty much undefeatable in the balls-war. It’s pretty easy to be cheery when your opponent has to use a goddamn Bhalgorn to kill your Incursus. 🙂

          • The Right Testie

            Any chance to suicide some Talwars into a blob red. Come on man, a serious break out attempt? They called us in for fucks sake:P

        • Methylated Spirit

          So when you guys do it, its emergent gameplay, when goons do it they are retarded. These n3 butthurt attempts at winning the war on the forums are just getting funnier and funnier.

          • Chief Gumbo Speaker

            To be fair, they have had quite a bit of spare time lately….

      • Sneaky SOB

        Lets be honest here N3 are not going to die over losing a few ships. PGL is cool for being honest and not spinning. Goons have great logistics organization and Mittens is good at rallying people.

        This isn’t a war about fights its a war about numbers. Goons will always win the numbers game they deserve the credit for that. However when it comes to having balls and tactics to counter 2-3:1 odds you got to give N3 respect. Goons only seem to fight when they heavily outnumber their opponents and will buy off any threats (BL). That is a great strategy for winning a real war however EOL is not real its just a game.

        Goon players feel good about waving the “We Win” banner for nothing more than getting into fleet. N3 feel good about winning when they are out numbered like the Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae. Just like Thermopylae they die in the end but the deaths are just computer space pixels no real harm done.

        Everyone had fun hopefully CCP can change sov mechanics so the big battles can be fun without TIDI.

        • Dirk MacGirk

          I’ve never taken anything away from N3. Different tactics for different groups. No point shitting on either because both are valid. Both in Eve and outside of it.

          N3, or at least the primary members, focused on high-value ships with higher-than-average skilled pilots and tactics to field the wrecking ball. An unbeatable fleet concept when it came to achieving strategic goals. CFC on the other hand tended towards mass numbers of subcaps. Not because it was poor but because that was its long-time focus in terms of its membership. However, as we came to see, it wasn’t very effective against wrecking ball in terms of stopping it from achieving strategic objectives or killing it. The result: good times were had by those seeing the impotence of the blob against the Spartans and many lols were written by the Spartans and their anti-Goon supporters. But, when you look at the game, one group reaches a bullet-proof glass ceiling and the other still has room to improve.

          Elite pvp groups always seeking to use the quality over quantity doctrine will at some point be countered by groups that can bring the numbers. Why? Because this isn’t the real world where the U.S. has a lock on technology so advanced that it can offset the raw numbers of its enemies. In Eve, as long as there is sufficient isk, which there is, the blob can acquire the same hardware as the enemy. That is the point when quantity will simply overcome quality. Every fight? No. Tactics matter. But over a long term grind like a war, raw numbers of the same or similar doctrine will eventually win out over better tactics/higher skills. I think that is what you saw in B-R, right? Everybody knew what the counter to wrecking ball was: a bigger wrecking ball. CFC was told to stop whining about drone assist and the dominance of the wrecking ball and to bring the logical counter if they wanted to win. They did. And now it has opened Pandora’s box to CFC no longer focusing exclusively on its subcaps.

          A couple of years ago, someone (I forget who) wrote a story about CFC getting into flying the old HM Tengu fleets that had become so prevalent among the elite pvp alliances. They questioned what that would mean now that something as big as the CFC was graduating up from Drake fleets. There was concern at that time about the isk from Tech being able to fund all those F1 pushing mongoloids in Tengus . Well here we are with the CFC graduating to the Supercapital fleet and proving what it is capable of fielding it to great effect. That can’t sit very well with those groups who always relied on staying ahead of the curve in terms of their ability to fly bigger and better doctrines to offset the enemy’s numbers.

          Where do we all, the CFC included, go from here? Its a pretty big question. I’ll guess we’ll find out just how hungry the CFC is and whether opposition can begin to muster the numbers necessary to counter it. That is going to require more than just 300 Spartans. It’s going to require someone who can unify the anti-CFC masses. Or the implosion of the CFC. Or the Gods of Eve (CCP) to change something. I’m not sure which will come first. Probably just the CFC not doing what everyone else thinks it will do and try and take over the universe.

          • Sneaky SOB

            Well said Dirk, I can’t see a unified force gathering to challenge the CFC. You can compare the two to the USA and European Union. When the EU was being formed people said it would be the next world superpower many laughed at that idea and were proven correct.

            The EU has the numbers and technology to be a superpower but they lack the unity. They can never agree on anything except when to have the next meeting. By then whatever crisis was has passed or it is too late to stop it.

            The USA like the CFC is unified under a single leader thats why they are the superpower.

            There is no hope in hell that a EU style coalition could temporarily form to fight goons. There would be too much bickering and too many members dropping out of the fight same as the EU.

            So long as the CFC maintains it’s numbers dominance we will not see anymore great wars for a long time. Nullsec will be for small skirmishes and occasional ratting carrier drop. Boring Boring Boring

          • Arrendis

            To be fair to the EU, they’re still a very new entity trying to overcome very entrenched national identities. The US didn’t do so hot with the Articles of Confederation, either, but we lucked out in that Washington had aspirations of being a shipping magnate.* The EU may still get their act together, but the most likely way for that to happen will be some external actor making them get all defensive about not being more unified.

            * – No joke: Washington wanted a canal through the mountains of Western Virginia (now West Virginia) to connect the Ohio and Potomac rivers, allowing Great Lakes shipping to come down through the Chesapeake Bay, short-cutting the need to go through French Louisiana. [It would have also obviated the need for the Eerie Canal a hundred-odd years later.]

            The Articles of Confederation left interstate commerce up to the individual States, and it was frustrating to him. So he wrote letters and encouraged a Maryland/Delaware/Virginia conference that then brought in Pennsylvania and other states, and soon spiraled into being a full-on Constitutional Convention. Father of the Country, in more ways than one, eh?

      • Justin May

        The bogeyman? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Think pretty highly of yourself don’t you? I guess you would need to because no one else does. Silly .

        • Dirk MacGirk

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say the CFC is the new bogeyman. They are whatever you choose to think they are. But we’ll see how long it takes to recapture that station. If it is next week, then obviously the CFC is no bogeyman at all and the pilots wasted a good bit of time. If three months from now that lone outpost so far away from the CFC is still bearing the name it does today, well, I’d say someone is worried about something. At that point maybe it will be renamed 0-Who is Afraid of Keyser Soze?

    • Javier Wilcox

      Enjoy your loss, LOOOOSER! and no fire sale for you!

      • Subhuman

        As someone who knows that the Goon playbook has only 2 sets, Blob and hellcamp, my assets were relocated out of the region. No loss involved thank you

        • Buckaroo

          It’s always good to see someone from N3 that plans ahead for their failure.

        • Pwned Nlgger


    • God

      Can someone get this kid a tissue? He has been crying all over evenews24. Least he named himself correctly and knows his fucking place I guess…

      • Subhuman

        No tears, just laughs at the level of retard currently on display by the Goon tardbears. Seriously, you actually think you achieved something and that is fucking priceless

        • Random CFC Grunt

          Didn’t want that station anyway, assets within already replaced… sounds like falling tears to me…

          • Michael

            I love how cfc grunts can’t form a coherent argument so they spew the same, your butthurt, or delicious tears bullshit line. Every last one on you cfc tards says the same thing while I see at least half of the N3 posters able to make valid and coherent arguments. Seems like you tards need shittens to hold your hands not only in game but on the forums as well. You should continue to post your mindless drivel as it is often far more amusing than the article on which you comment.

        • Fartolio

          Now start barking again, Need some entertainment. 😉

  • Carlos

    lol this is so pointless. Congratulations at archieving nothing. Everybody else has their alt in some other system.
    they cant keep the system locked forever.
    i can imigine how bored the goons must be to camp a station. its even more boring than camping a gate. rofl wathing paint dry for 6 days.

    • Justin May

      Meh, they have brainwashed basement dwellers that will do anything for daddy mittens. Including sitting for a week at a station to kill bob 2.0 or (insert goon propaganda here). They do not realise they are being used by mittens like slaves.

      • Bobwins law.

        Bobwins law, Mittens just cant help himself with invoking it.

  • Alison King

    I was born in Finland so I can totally understand your comments – I just love salty black licorice and all sorts of potatoes

    • too easy

      enjoy your salty black dicks faglord

    • Britanicus99

      and you prolly enjoy Bronze since that’s all you got LOL 🙂

  • QQ??

    So lets say there is a 1 billion isk per person locked in the station (avgs, not everyone has a cap in there)… that is little to nothing to walk away from. Anyone, as in a 1 month old alt/main, could grind that out in a day of incursions or a few days of ratting. I think where the CFC puppets are going wrong is that they assume that N3/PL is a bunch of bad care bears like them….. “w/o srp i wont pvp” attitude when really everyone I speak to in N3 is fine with losing assets. They knew what they signed up for and are still having fun either in other games or in JC elswhere in the universe. I have spoke to many different pilots while watching the politics change and I see cfc with a lot of care bears who cry and bitch about losing assets, while the N3 guys laugh and replace it themselves rather quickly. It is easy to think you have won a morale victory when all you can attribute the other sides feeling of defeat is to how you would feel… “How am I going to replace my domi and frigates :(“. N3 doesn’t really have that attitude, more like a “come at me bro” attitude.

    tl:dr I guess it is a difference in cultures between these alliances, one is a cry when things get hard culture and the other is a no one will break us culture. I am rooting for the latter.

    • Spareships ftw

      Just to mention that your prolly right about it.. I used to be in N3 some months ago and i still got few spare carriers, few spare lokis, 3 spare domis with around 3 bil worth of other spare doctrine ships sitting in my old lowsec base.. And the key thing is having those spare ships in lowsec.. But i do understand that everyone cant be as rich and wise i am ;D

      • nulli

        Im in n3 with hundreds of billions in isk of ships in low sec. Probably 95 percent of n3 assets were evaced to low sec before moving to o-w. Cfc would love to hope otherwise but they were too late. No doubt some less clever people have a small amount of insignificant assets trapped in station. Insignificant is the key word.

    • Chief Gumbo Speaker

      Maybe you should go back and listen to the N3 coalition meeting about this very subeject? I didn’t hear a lot of laughing it off. I remember hearing the words “this is gonna hurt”…

      • PEWPEW

        You seemed to have missed the point, its ok though. none the less its going to “hurt” is not the same as “we are all going to die” as the cfc seems to keep making it out to be. At least PGL is man enough to speak to his members truthfully w/o all the spin and hype. People respect PGL and N3 and what they have done, I don’t see many older players that respect mittens. btw a paper cut hurts, dosent mean its going to kill you.

        This is the same stuff that mittens and cfc leadership have been spewing forever. Lie to all your members and actively recruit ignorant f1 monkeys that will echo anything you say, pretty sure any 5 year old would fit right in there.

        “PGL said that n3 is made to kill cfc” – was never said. But I guess if ppl want to fly for a person that has no respect for them and lies to them because he takes them for a pawn in his game of egos, go right ahead. I would rather see a coalition with leadership that respects their membership enough to be honest and not treat them like idiots that can’t see what is happening.

    • martin trencavel

      You forgot one point, the asset is not realy locked down. A lot of N3 pilote have some alt/friend in CFC that can permite to them to moove the asset if really needed.

      • Arrendis

        Alt/friends in the CFC, who can’t dock at that station, either?

  • Sneaky SOB

    The question is “What’s Next” I congratulate CFC for winning but by having such a huge numbers advantage over any other opponent the chances of another B-R5 happening are gone. To have a great army you need a great opponent no matter how skilled N3/PL pilots are they can’t overcome such numbers odds.

    The only thing CFC have accomplished is putting another nail in the 0.0 coffin. They defeated the N3/PL boogieman with their overwhelming numbers. Now what? EVE is a game how will they keep the 57k players occupied without the drums of war?

    The Russians will likely turn on eachother so that will keep them occupied once they have their space back.

    If nullsec gets boring massive amounts of isk aren’t being blown up. Where is the demand for RMT isk?

    I think Mittens made a bad move, he has killed nullsec. Many players enjoyed the big battles TMC and EN24 thrived with news about the war.

    What is left is un newsworthy skirmishes that nobody cares about, no more BBC/CNN reporting about great EVE space battles.

    The boogieman that was N3/PL isn’t there what will the little bees do when they have nobody to swarm?

    If there are any great space battles they will be staged (maybe B-R5 was too) I will not commit to staged battles.

    • Chief Gumbo Speaker

      You are retarded. Every point you make is shaded with a lie. Therefore your argument is invalid, none of the things you claim will come to pass. Well except Russians fighting each other, that’s a no brainer.

      • Sneaky SOB

        Please Mr. Hawking point out what is shaded with a lie.

      • dichzor

        im a Stain russian, and i resemble that remark!

    • BS

      Just quit EvE, problem solved 🙂

    • hoak

      You are correct. The battle in 6VDT with over 4000 people made headlines. Then then BR-5 made headlines,
      But TEST, HBC and N3 are essentially dead. Killed by CFC. PL has an agreement with Mittens to not engage in sov warfare. Who is there left to challenge the CFC? Nothing big will happen in EVE for at least 2-3 years.

    • boo

      There was never really a N3/PL coalition, PL was in cahoots with CFC to destroy N3. I mean you can’t really have a coalition member that implicitly states they will not attack the sov of the enemy.

      PL never planned to attack CFC home regions, they made it clear with the Botlord accords where they pretty much screwed over all their allies, and agreed not to attack CFC. For PL and CFC they don’t care about fun etc, this is just business so they can RMT.

      Don’t believe me ask for a price list from BOT to rent out former EMP systems, essentially you’d have to be slaves to pay those rental prices.

  • Non-EVE player

    blah blah blah this , blah blah blah that. CFC won the battle , N3 lost the battle.

    Seems there is a underlying unwillingness within N3 to adapt to the new scale of conflict. Adapt or die

    • GG

      Spoken like someone that has no clue.

    • Britanicus99

      there is not enough people in eve to adapt to the new scale of conflict. Maybe if n3 can get another 50k players they will adapt.

  • sour

    so do we have an estimation of what was locked up in station or every1 is talking out of theirs asses??

    • Dirk MacGirk

      Let’s assume nothing of value is in there. But let’s also assume that I put a big lock on the empty garage in your backyard. Will you let me keep it just because there is nothing in it? Or will you try and take it back knowing I live a long way away? Maybe nothing of value is contained in it, but this is all just a test of their space manhood to see if they will try and take it back. Who knows.

      • sour

        well the way i see it is they will let the station fall to friendly (to cfc) hands. maybe solar will take it.

        • Dirk MacGirk

          it its owned by a tightly controlled corp in GSF that has set standings so NOBODY can dock. Not even GSF. That isn’t going to change unless some enemy manages to take it away. It’s not being transferred to anyone. It has been and will remain Deadzoned.

          • Oddsodz

            Funny you say that, But that is what Mittiens said about BR-5RB But look what happened there. PL was able to get all their stuff out by making a deal of some sort. And I would bet you a lot of N3 got a lot of their out on the sly from PL. DeadZoned until the grunts have forgot about it and then Mittiens will sell standings for a limited time to N3 and make silly ISK that you grunts won’t see 1ISK of. Just saying is all.

      • John Doe

        bit more complicated than that though, if n3 would have double the people it would still be outnumbered

    • John Doe

      I have no clue, I have about 5b there personally. My corp has pretty much nothing. We’re not hit too hard, but can’t comment on other corps. I’m in process of making that isk back, did half during past week…

  • Mike

    Defending a station on the other side of eve should be fun, that won’t get old fast.

    • Dirk MacGirk

      Well, if you go by the chatter from those who say the big blue donut has ended conflict in Eve, I guess the CFC wont have anything better to do than go defend this once in a while.


    The red donut is going to get stale real quick without more internet spaceship violence.

  • nana

    BL are brawling with a few CFC alliances to stop boredom setting in.
    Yes, we expect our assets to be taken and our toys blown up over and over again, even a hell camped.
    So plenty of pwe to go round, if you too are also bored. All head North guys and gals. Plenty of NPC stations to base from.

    • Sneaky SOB

      For some players pure pvp is entertaining they can have just as much fun pirating in lowsec. Others however enjoy the politics and fighting for a goal like defending sov or trying to take sov. Skirmishes also don’t have the drama of wars, the strategy and involve less players. During a war all players are needed from the pew pew to the freight haulers everyone is essential for the war machine (that is what CFC excels at) however skirmishes tend to involve mostly hard core pvpers. There is the risk that many players who were involved in the war effort as casual pvp but focused in other areas will be lost. Nullsec needs as many players active as possible it is too big and gets stagnant fast. CFC domination of nullsec may cause that to happen on both sides nobody will want to go to war again against such huge numbers odds now that they’re only counter (cap supremacy) has been taken away especially with PL selling out to CFC.

  • neon

    The counter offensive is in the works. VFK by Easter!

  • Jevous Encule

    Now what? I’ll tell you! Get ready for a very active Goon propaganda campaign to try to convince everyone (including CCP) that the state of null sec is still alive and well. It already started with a 7 page post on TMC from James315 basically saying: CFC hasn’t won Eve, it’s impossible yada yada yada… But if you read between the lines and wonder what triggered James to write 7 pages on the subject, one can only imagine: “CFC leadership are starting to be concerned of seeing CCP finally bring down the nerf bat on blue lists and mega coalitions.”

    • I swear I am not Luwc

      a) N3s own fault if your leadership fails diplomacy and metagame(which is one of the main aspects of eve according to CCP)

      b) N3s own fault if your leadership relies entirely on capitals and fails

      c) N3 has simply lost a war that was very even. Look how much of a beating RUS/CFC took before B-R.

      d) Stop searching for excuses for your failure N3. You are just a mega coalition like the CFC is.

      • Jevous Encule

        Yes N3 to!! Nerf them all CCP!!

      • Kadeshi Grunt

        Does not address the issue he raised of one, coalition ruling null sec . Although granted valid points somewhat we lost , but from my perspective the main reason for the loss was superior CFC nmubers nothing more

  • Hunicke

    Dear CCP, Goons took all the sand.

    • Max von Laue

      Taking all the sand also means they got all the cat crap in the box too! They can keep those nasty little, chunky bits.

  • CFC Bitch

    I am a CFC member and cant see what u are talking about we have more PVP than we know what to do with. As for the station deadzone the bubbles are down and they are getting there stuff out (week of camping wasted) I am liking the pvp we are having small gang is fun.

    • Arrendis

      This. This right here. Honestly, nobody in the hellcamp expected N3 to not start getting their stuff pretty much as soon as our numbers dropped below 400 on the station grid. In a way, it was more a social event than any real military operation – hanging out for days, leave your ship in space w/the drones assisted while you go to work, come home, see if you got any kills, shoot the shit w/the guys in fleet that you might not normally see between ops…

      It kinda felt more like a Wrap Party on the war, than anything else. Even when the sporadic fighting broke out.

  • I swear I am not Luwc

    came for the butthurt comments. not dissapointed. 11/10 would read again

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