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Leaks: Nano Mage speaks to AAA members

February 17, 2014

Originally Posted by Nano Mage

My Eve experience is limited to two years. So not quiet a rookie “noob” but no where near the bitter vet. I play on two toons (One a Gallantte Subcap toon and my Carrier/BLOPS/Dread toon) I come from a “real world” military background that has taught me to seek out the leaders and vets and practice what I considered a great way to learn:

1. Shut the fuck up, open your ears and eyes, and listen to what they have to say and teach you. What ever skills you learned in other games really does not mean shit here.

2. Some of us do have ‘real world’ back grounds that once we learn the mechanics of the game and play at a semi-competent level then could allow for entry in to the hallowed halls of leadership and meta. But until you understand the game, the mechanics, and the current state of politics refer to rule #1.

3. In eve victory is won through teamwork, tenacity, unified goals, centralized command and control of the military forces, luck, and the willingness to sometimes go all in.

I truly never imagined myself here now. I was a Tribe Bro through and through. After the collapse of the fountain war and the imminent loss of PB we saw catch as our last place to try and survive. At this time I had moved into Alliance Leadership and put every last ounce of energy into saving “YHN” At this point triget was on the edge of burn out and Tribe had fought =A= and others non stop for almost a year. YHN was either a win or a failscade. As such I fought -A- with every ounce and every ship we had. We brought in every friend we had and TEST came through for us and fought to the last ship. We also received surprise help from Pizza and Bombers Bar (Oh and PL showed up in Talwars……….) That being said the resulting 6 hour battle was one of the best eve battles I ever fought. During the fight the tide seemed to turn at least 6 to 7 times. -A- fought Tribe with honor and Alhanna then did what we considered to be the most honorable thing I had ever witnessed in my EVE career. He congratulated us on surprising them on fighting like Lions to the end. He then with no strings attached offered to give us a truce to remove our assets from Catch. In my mind that immediately put Alhanna Starbreeze in my book as one of the true great and honorable leaders of EVE. Tribe collapsed and shortly there after my home corporation closed down. As such I contacted my old fiends in S0C0 and asked for a new home. This alliance has all the family, tenacity, honor, and ability to continue to prove EVE wrong and I am grateful to find myself here fighting along side of you. N3 and PL have played a game of deceit, dishonor, greed, and have shown their word to mean nothing They betrayed TEST,HBC, and Tribe. And wen it was happening during the fountain war I publicly stated several times that when N3PL abandoned TEST & Tribe they would later come to regret it and that Justice would find its way. And in a odd form of karmic Justice -A- picked up that sword and has buried it deep into the chest of N3PL. Our enemies have been rocked to their core. They are deeply hurt and are resorting to turning on their renters and seizing their lands to try and recover.

Now is not the time to sit back and be smug. The giant has stumbled. Our CFC Allies have given us the opening we need and its time to relentlessly wage war deep into the N3PL homeland. There is no other corp or alliance I would rather be in. Sound the horns and lets get our butts back into fleet and continue to burn and pillage.

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