A SCUM. Avatar belonging to Salford Smid (Whose main is Smidster in SCUM.) died to a PL supercarrier fleet in SCUM’s home system of Kinakka. According to a PL hictor, it was seen drifting out of the pos, so they called for PL to get formed to drop on it, and had hics ready with a warp-in.


Killmail can be found by clicking the image above.


SCUM. had bridged a battleship fleet to a system where they were sieging a POCO for the last few days, at which time the titan started to drift out of the POS. According to the same Hictor pilot, Smidster had apparently safelogged his titan before it drifted out of the pos and died. But as of right now, no one knows if that’s true or not. I assume if it’s true, a petition has been made to CCP already, and we’ll see what their response on this matter is. But past that, it was a no risk drop since the Titan was AFK at the time of death.


Post will be updated when more information is available.


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