Well, the cat is out of the bag, here is a couple of intel hints and transcript we got on the prelude to today’s announcement:

War Update 2/11/14
From: The Mittani
Sent: 2014.02.11 13:01

As most of you are aware our time in the East is quickly finishing up. What this means is the CFC is mobilizing again.

Our final destination can not yet be said but have your supers ready your leadership is already tracking what to do and what to be expecting. This weekend is the deployment. Don’t fuck around because I keep hearing about the same excuses.

Ensure you are starting to pack up because once we leave Immensea it is game over for this side of the universe. Also make sure your carrier pilots are prepped and ready and full of doctrine ships. Don’t be a dick either because if you have any space whatsoever in your carriers help our alliance buddies out.

This is a 100% withdraw from Immensea so catching every possible train and cyno op possible is your key to success and not being left behind to rot.

I’ve had a few folks come to me with concerns lately about whether or not the CFC is ruining the game for ourselves by taking over the galaxy. I would like to put that to rest with some explaining. 🙂

First off, the CFC leadership talks often about how NOT to ruin the game for ourselves. A lot of people have the misperception that the CFC owns half of the galaxy atm. That is completely false. PL/N3 currently own MORE systems than the CFC and our Russian temporary allies in the south COMBINED. Obviously that disparity in income is bad for us (most of the sov is renter space, unlike CFC sov). By destroying a majority of what N3 owns and then letting the southern russian coalition move in, we hope to set up a 3rd powerbloc in the game to balance out the remains of N3/PL as well as the CFC. This will make the game more interesting, and thus funner to play. At that point the CFC will go home and deal with problems like the Fountain Core residents which are poking hard at the CFC’s side.

So don’t let your folks get discouraged that we’re ruining Eve. We’re aiming to make it better without getting the CFC killed off in the process.

OH! No CEO meetings this weekend due to the movement ops. Mittani is basically announcing everything i’ve said here plus a few other things (that he doesnt want revealed yet so i’m not ruining his grandstanding too much) saturday at 1800 and then we’re all moving to better staging grounds.

My people, you may have expected this to be a victory speech. A round of congratulations about B-R5 and sweeping up Immensea, Tenerifis and Omist, followed by praise to our Russian allies and announcing that relations between the CFC and Solar Fleet have never been closer, our new bonds forged together in war. That’s all true – but this is not that speech.
Perhaps you expected me to ask you to continue to train for Archons and Naglfars – which is true, you should do that – but this is not that speech.
Perhaps you expected me to to say that after B-R5, everyone in the CFC should also aim to own a Titan or a Supercarrier. That’s true too – you should absolutely get supercapitals, such that we can maintain our newfound superiority over our enemies. But this is not that speech.

My people, we have been at war since November. This war has seen its ups and its downs; while we achieved a crushing victory in B-R5, we suffered a crushing loss in HED-GP. I know that we are tired – tired of the grind, tired of taking systems from N3 without a fight, tired of endless bloc warfare.
What I am about to ask you to do is not easy, and I know that. I’m going to ask you to give me a week – a week of absolute commitment – in this silly little internet spaceship game that we all play.

One week.

Your favorite FCs and all of our allies have already committed to this. We are about to enact a strike that Mister Vee designed himself. You’re going to love it, and it’s going to catch the entire galaxy by surprise. The reward for your week of hard driving?

~IF~ we succeed – and this is a very big if – you will see the tears flow and hear a chorus of screams of the like we have not seen since the disbanding and conquest of Band of Brothers.
When I tell you what we are going to do, there is going to be a mad rush. You need to be ready to jump, with your carriers packed, as soon as this speech ends. We know our enemies will scramble literally everything they have to stop us, and this first hour of the operation will be the most critical.

So right now, I’m going to ask you to join the fleets to move. Mister Vee has a fleet guarding the N3 staging system to make sure that they do not interfere with our plans, but we have other enemies lurking. Some of these fleets may begin to move during this speech itself; listen to your fleet commanders and don’t distract them with idle chatter during this critical moment.
Euro Goonion is already deployed to secure the movement, they have the boring duty of locking down N3 while we get the fuck out of the East.

As you know, we’re moving out of AF0. We will not be returning anytime soon. There will be follow-up convoys for those of you who have missed this speech, never fear.
The galaxy thinks we are heading to Fountain, to Venal or to Providence. These are amusing diversions, but fundamentally a waste of a full CFC deployment. Yet we cannot stay in the East forever; this war between the RUS and N3 is not ours, and we must look towards our home. The situation is extraordinarily complex.
So, my friends, what do we do?

We end the war between the RUS and N3 by stabbing N3 in their heart over and over and over again until they stop moving. We go to their staging system in 0-W778 in Detorid – that system where they have evacuated three regions worth of assets, all the filth and all of the dross from Immensea, Tenerifis and Omist – All the Kadeshis, all the Whysos, all the Unthinkables, and of course Nulli Secunda, who proved themselves in B-R5 by leaving Pandemic Legion and NCdot to die, putting less Titans on the field than Triple-A, retreating before anyone else and abandoning their allies.
This is why we allowed N3 to evacuate I-N in Immensea. Not ~mercy~, not some Sun Tzu bullshit about golden bridges of retreat. We let them consolidate all their assets from all their lost regions in one place, and if you give us this next week, if you commit absolutely to this operation, they will lose not only a tremendous amount of assets, but their entire active capital fleet.
For the next week, we will live in 0-W778 23/7. We will trap them in their staging system and crush the life out of them. We will repel any attempts to spring them from their coward’s prison, because they deserve this fate. Nothing will live, nothing will escape.

The fleet Mister Vee formed to guard our supposed move to the West is actually the first wave in this assault. You will be moving your assets from AF0 to One-Victor and immediately rushing to support the Scourging of 0-W778. Every N3 tower will be burned and caged. We will live in 0-W778 in staging towers; we will log out in 0-W778 in staging towers. For the next week our complete focus is on the capture of 0-W778.

When Goonswarm was founded, we based our diplomacy on one principle: to be the best possible friend and the worst possible enemy. N3 declared that they exist to destroy us: if we merely slap them on the wrist and take three regions from them, we are hardly the worst possible enemy. It is time to live up to our founding ethos.
I know you can do this. In the Great War, we held the camp of PR-dash for THIRTY DAYS. I ask you now to give us just one week.
Our allies are already on the move, Mister Vee is already there, and the jaws of our trap are closing.
I’ll see you in 0-W778.

We’ll be livestreaming the camp of Detorid later on today, but for the time being, discuss.


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