This week’s video comes from Thernoth Valarax.

Video Description:

I wasn’t as active this summer as I used to be, so that’s pretty much all non-blob, not-execution footage I’ve got. All except three of the 1 v Hawk engagements and the first Vexor Navy clip are post Odyssey 1.1. Hope you’ll enjoy this one though.

Ships flown:
-Vexor Navy Issue

Track list:
+ Weekend Warrior – Iron Maiden
+ Run Rabbit Junk – Yoko Kanno; Tim Jensen (Ghost in the Shell: SAC O.S.T. 1)
+ Breadline – Megadeth
+ Ephemeral – Insomnium
+ Torukia – Gabriela Robin (Ghost in the Shell: SAC O.S.T. 1)


Due to submissions that are a lot more small gang stuff (Yes, there are probably links, i didn’t look for them exclusively) I would like some opinions if I should continue this series, only on saturday as more of a solo with some duo stuff, and have a 2nd date, like Tuesday/Wednesday for small gang stuff (10-15 people total)? Discuss it below,  and if anyone one has ideas on a name for that series, post below.


Mail all submissions for One Man Army and the new possible small gang series to “TheButcherJohn” in-game. Again, these series are just for fun and showcasing some of the talented PvPers in EVE more so than news itself.

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