Earlier today a Nyx that belonging to lt Deano from Swiss Guard. (a Anarchy. [FCKU] alt) was destroyed by TISHU and BNI in Y9G-KS. It all started with a Ineluctable [NOWAY] Battleship group with Guardians attacking a Anarchy carrier group, but they weren’t the only ones there. Psychotic Tendencies [TISHU] with eyes on grid and a cyno was ready to go. Word went out and a fleet was scrambled together when Anarchy [FCKU] brought a Nyx on grid to help rep up their fleet.

Things get more interesting when Brave Collective [BRAVE] who also got wind of the fight redirected a fleet already out roaming to shoot the Nyx with Ineluctable, but the Nyx warped off. Here is what happened next from a TISHU pilot:

[04:06:29] are34 > nyx was going to die but
[04:06:31] are34 > warped to belt
[04:06:36] are34 > our eyes followed
[04:06:39] are34 > decloaked him
[04:06:45] are34 > light cyno we jump but he warps in time
[04:06:49] are34 > he warped to anotehr belt
[04:06:54] are34 > we caught him there and he died

[BRAVE] was able to follow and get in on the kill with [TISHU] which can be viewed here.


  • BlueDoughnutComing

    If you jump your supercarrier into places without having an exit cyno ready or even someone at a safe spot you can warp to if things get ugly, you’re going to have a bad day. Or a good day if you’re tired of sitting in your 25 billion isk quadruple-nerfed coffin.

    • Kama Kairade

      Heck, it wasn’t just the lack of an exit cyno. If he managed to warp out once, all he had to do was open P&P, and make a bunch of “1,2,3,4,5” bookmarks in-warp. Instead, he chose to forego that and warp to a second celestial. He must have failed his GTFO-101 class.

  • Black n Blue

    I’ve flown with are34. He is one of the hidden talents in eve. If he wanted to he could start a successful null corp but it’s just not his thing. He’s a pirate and just can’t change his ways I guess.

    • Face is Are’s a dick

      His ego is bigger than mittens, he wouldn’t really be able to run a null sec corp because he has more enemy’s than friends

      • Gibby

        you wot m8? you wish you had as many navy apocs are are does

        • uwot


      • Black n Blue

        Ego is the minimum requirement for a null ceo, show me one that doesn’t have an ego. As far as enemies goes, what good is null without enemies.

  • Deano666

    Well i can tell you i had fun flying it but to be honest could not really care about a ship loss

    • Simon pieman

      And yet here you are, commenting on a loss you “could not really care about”

      Pull the other one son.

  • BS


  • Jaime Gomes

    If you super gets killed by BNI you know you are having a shit day.

    • Homophobic John


      • buck herrick

        yeah you aboriginal faggot fuck – leave his comments alone

  • JD No7

    BNI just came in and whored. Ineluctable caused the Nyx to show up, and TISHU got it pointed on another grid when it warped off from our engagement while we stayed on grid to kill the Capitals we had bubbled.

  • LexArson

    the guy was dualboxing the triage for the anarchy fleet

    when the nyx jumped in he sat at 0m/s for a bit apparently lol

    xxx > ummm well he’s gone offline now….but he said he brought it in to help rep

  • Say My Name!

    if it wasn’t for brave the nyx would have escaped. it was brave dictors that trapped it

  • asd

    better get back to gate camping Anarchy. flying isn’t your thing ^^


    dat final blow name xD