last night Triumvirate were roaming in and around VFK (also known as the main staging sysem of Goonswarm Federadtion). To create content they decided to warp to the station and see what GSF would undock. After killing some small ships, GSF thought it was enough and undocked a Battleship fleet (after looking at the KM both armor and shield ships were undocked). As support GSF undocked a nidhoggur that had Neuts and 2 capital reps fitted. With the fight starting,

Tri’s Titan pilot noticed that the nidhoggur was aggressing and quickly burned a cyno alt to VFK. The alt got into system and was warped far off the station undock. The titan pilot prepared, Cyno went up and he jumped. quickly locking the aggressed nidhoggur and the Doomsday Device was lit.

sure enough the nidhoggur exploded and GSF started pinging for dictors. GSF did manage to tackle the leviathan with 2 bubbles but the subcap fleet of TRI quickly made sure that those were removed. after the DD timer ran out the levi jumped back home safe and the Tri fleet continued roaming.

Video of the DD


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  • Cloora

    Hubris… it is a bitch

  • frankster


  • Kadeshi Grunt

    damn respect for the move it was a good one

  • Jaime Gomes

    Nerf the oversized drake!

  • CFCnsfwdude

    DD’s need to be nerfed. Not sure what CCP was thinking with that, but clearly after reading this story everyone can see why Titans DD needs a nerf.

    • omg

      wtf are you talking about dude ? are you fucking serious????

    • LMAO

      Sure, it’s not in your favor, so nerv it.
      This fucking “nerv this, nerv that” whining makes me puke.
      Drone assist anyone? 🙂

      • Chris

        Its so funny see other people completely miss sarcasm.

        At least I hope it was. DDs are working fine.

    • Titus Veridius

      I’m in favor of giving each one 40 Large Guns and 20 XL Guns, and factory slots for making fighter bombers. ^.^ lols.

      • GSection

        Don’t leave out an option for refining on the fly as well!

  • TriDumb

    Love how the dumb fuck recording the video was tackling the sabers but shooting the proteus. With a fucking Titan on field all he cared about was killing the T3

    • DumbComment

      hes in a lachesis. his job is to tackle at range and thats what he did.

  • ninja grunt

    so , most of the goons are deployed south and yet the author says “last night Triumvirte was roaming around in and around VFK (also known as the main staging sysem of Goonswarm Federadtion).”


    • Chris

      Don’t think you realize how many goons still sit in their space and rat and do shit not war related. And form up at times too.

  • Nidwhat

    nidhogger????? You write for “news” and you cant name the ship right?

  • Titus Veridius

    Grammar, and hyping aside, everyone knows VFK is Goon’s home, and it’s a ballzy move to Titan driveby Goon homesystem, especially a week after 75 titans just died.

    Mad Props. Who is Tri? Didn’t they do something, somewhere, a long time ago? ^.^

    • sadleric

      Not many people are at home. Pizza was doing this in NOL all the time while the HBC was deployed to HED-GP and Esoteria.

    • Firefox4312

      That was Tri with D00M. Now it’s Tri with V0LTA. So far, I like the new Tri.

    • lol

      confirming pulling a drive by in the home system of a coalition deployed to the other side of the map is ballsy.

      • confirmingStuff

        confirming jump clone don’t exist
        confirming no CFC alt’s are present in VFK
        confirming all CFC assets (including dictors/hictors) have been removed from VFK
        confirming titan warp so fast now they cant be probed easily
        confirming the titan pilot can cloak and/or jump out of system seconds after DD
        confirming the titan pilot had a friendly POS in VFK to park and wait out his DD timer

  • Altaen

    Needs. More. Editor.

  • Andrew

    Ok, I’m confused why there is no jammer in VFK.

    • Random scrub.

      Cause then cap they can’t jump their ratting carriers in there. I think they even have a beacon in that system.

    • Soulxlight

      VFK is a major market hub in CFC space. You can’t have a market hub in 0.0 without having the ability to move Jump Freighters in and out whenever you need to.

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    tri has made some cool videos lately. sup dudes!

  • 2.4

    Jump freighter’s go in and out of VFK like clockwork.

    There’s always a cyno lit at VFK undock.

  • Shame

    We’ve gotten pretty desperate for news of Goon’s defeats here havn’t we?

  • Selina

    As interesting a story as this may be… I seriously could barely read it due to the ungodly amount of grammar and spelling blunders. Maybe English isn’t primary language here but seriously, my 8 year old niece writes better than this.

    • kiloalpha

      would you please be so kind as to point on the doll where the bad man touched you!!

    • Soulxlight

      Yep, there is a reason I read from TheMittani more often than EveNews24 now. They get news late, have lost a ton of their better on the spot battle reporters, and the general overall quality of the editing sucks. I understand that some of the battle reports might have been written by someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language, but editing still can clean it up.

      • Michael

        Why would you support the shittani? Must be another dumbshit cfc douche.

        • Soulxlight

          I support them because they have a superior product, and would switch back to EN24 more often if they had legible stories more often than not. I’m not going to give my complete loyalty to a product simply because I don’t like the namesake of a site and the fact that you do tells me you’re willing to do anything simply because you hate a guys in game persona.

          • Michael

            You seriously think that shittens only acts like that in EVE?!? Are you dumb or just ignorant? I’m sorry to have to be the one to explain this to you but people that act like that on the internet are like that in real life more often than not. It’s not like you see a total shithead in real life act like a nice guy in a game. People are who they are all the time their personalities don’t change just because they are playing a game.

          • he mad

            you mad?

          • Michael

            You retarded?

          • Selina

            While I agree their product is “better” in terms of editing, I can’t exactly say their product is just all around better than EN24. I find myself jumping back and forth between the two sites because, being a completely neutral, but interested, party in the N3/PL vs CFC/RUS war, I’m able to see the heavy bias within each site. It’s sort of like watching ABC with their democratic affiliations and then flipping over to Fox News with their republican backing. Sure they have regulars on from the opposing party but it’s still evident which side the station as a whole falls in line with. The commentators on each site are no different as well. So sometimes, in order to get the full picture, you just have to go to both places to see it clearly.

            All that aside, while EN24 severely lacks editing skills, TMC certainly, perhaps conveniently, overlooks a lot of content that EN24 covers. TMC also covers a lot of non-eve game news that I often don’t give two shits about. And really, contrary to your comment, I’ve seen a number of times where EN24 posted news about something long before TMC got around to it. (however when TMC finally does, it’s usually much better written)

  • Fazor

    Lol and Goons think their pilots are equal to ours.

    • orly?

      It’d be foolish to lump every member of a coalition in with a handful of pilots. Assumptions like that lead to B-R situations.

      But please… play on.

      • Razor is your Daddy

        We are the core of the CFC who though our input mostly, controls all of EvE. Please tell me how we are going to have a BR situation?

    • Spectral Beef Warrior

      It’s no secret we are terrible at this game.

  • Not a Goon Spy

    Not one jabber ping went out chastising the pilot
    Not one email was penned in anger
    No over thought out wordy E-thug Uber Lord Eve Mails got posted to the alliance letting us know we’re “the little people”.
    No external, over engineered 3rd party services were employed

    Was a balsy move and everyone on our side reportedly had a good time.

    • Razor Wire

      Lol but My alliance was cracking up on coms. You guys think you are our equal? Some of us do the administration and some of us do the fighting. Gues which group you are in?

      • asdf

        Everyone knows all CFC alliances are equally terrible, so yes, they are your equal.

  • Dumbledore

    Now with Pizza gone, Triumvirate is my new favorite for their extreme balls deep action.

    • Firefox4312

      That is, until Pizza reforms just to spite you since that would be the ultimate balls deep action right there.

    • Theronth

      It wil be a tough quest to get more baller with titans, than Lacco was.

    • i dont get it

      why did everyone love xpizza so much? All they flew were cheap ass crap fleets like talwars or do blops (the most skill-less form of pvp possible, aside from the guy baiting) and troll.

      At best they seem like a spec ops version of test and i dont get the hype the receive

      • bah, login broken

        they were like test, minus all the hate and inaptitude. they were fairly competent at what they did, and they did it proudly? thats my impression of pizza anyway

      • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

        I’m used to dumb commenters on this site. But, you sir, must have IQ points in the negative.
        Your comment is the most idiotic I have seen in months.

  • Genii

    Jesus CHRIST. Are you fuckin’ with me with this writing?

  • Aesis


    • CFC Grunt

      A carrier loss …. not news. A small alliance going balls deep in the spiritual home of the biggest alliance in the game …. newsworthy. Well done TRI you cheeky beggars !

      • PL titan

        balls deep? They had 30 subcaps and a titan. They didn’t even attack sov. Spiritual home maybe, but most or all pvp pilots are on the other side of eve.

        • Dirk MacGirk

          well it was a pretty ballsy move based on the location and number of alts still in the home area capable of responding in some manner. Balls deep for Tri? No. Balls deep for that titan? Yeah, kinda

        • qwer

          Well, they were other side of eve. VFK local rise from ~70 -> 270 in ten minutes

  • Dirk MacGirk
    • Razor is your Daddy

      Was a goon spy that got burned.

  • smas

    Tri are fags

  • haha
  • i was there

    If only the author took 2 minutes to do his research, instead of looking at 1 killmail, he would have known that this was a joint fleet between NMG and TRI (40% NMG, 60% TRI), and that it was a hero-dictor from NMG that kept the TRI-titan alive by keeping the VFK-undock bubbled. TRI did however really go balls deep tho, they cynoed in @0km instead of range (cause yolo), the titan bridged in part of the fleet himself before he jumped (they didnt even start out with that many on field), and it wasnt until the tit was almost ready to get out that they cared about getting a exit cyno or _any_ other caps to be on standby in case shit hit the fan. Cause who cares, right? They rightfully trust their own pilots to pull this shit off instead of “we are bad, mistakes was made” and so on..

  • Sigh

    Errrm the main war is ———->.
    Tri Tri fc says” commin folks lets go pvp roam” then proceeds to go in the other direction to where the pvp action is lol.