TEST Alliance Please ignore held a meeting last night. The main outcome of the meeting was that TEST will be moving to Sakht.

Below you can lisen to the meeting!
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  • oldgrandma

    This busted me up. Looking forward to seeing their propaganda and how this plays out.

    • Firefox4312

      Their propaganda will probably include Baki suiciding a titan in a CSAA since it’s:
      1) Baki
      2) Completely unrelated to anything
      3) Still Baki

  • I’d rather post as guest

    Space jobs…

  • anotherdeadalliance

    wonder if that ring kissing from INIT he is afraid of will kill test 😀

    • Init has traditionally been incredibly poor at most pvp and sov holding ventures, back when we were with them in the HBC there was a level of hand holding that we had to do with them because of their blatant incompetence with very basic game mechanics. And this is coming from someone in Test.

      • Soulxlight

        Init has and probably always will shit. They get shit on by everyone and functions on the level of a Pet like FCON, though comparing them with FCON might be a little over the top. If FCON is full retard, they’d be the guy who could add and subtract, but can’t quite get division and multiplication.

  • Sigh

    I hope you keep going folks ive always liked test since you folks were fighting raiden in the CFC

  • Altrue



  • Sigh

    The cfc wont take anyone fucking with their income all this will do is to have test hell campted in ststions for weeks

    • Firefox4312

      English, how does it work?

      And, probably not, no one will take the time to do it, as TEST isn’t the most relevant of alliances anymore. Maybe they’ll be the next big thing in lowsec, but I doubt it. Then again, they can still form a good sized fleet of f1 monkeys, and that would be pretty scary in lowsec.

    • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

      That’ll work real good… Camping someone in an NPC station.. GL.
      They will just simply JC to another system and undock from there.

    • “Hey guys we are deploying to protect our renters!”

      Can you imagine the goon anger at a line like this?

      • Dick Hauser

        Yeah… when have anyone ever deployed to protect their finances… and let me quote SkierX in this SOTA from… hmm i forget the alliance…. regarding Vale of Silent: “We were not succesful…” Do it again guys… this time will be different.

      • Hum

        You are thinking the Goons would deply? Wouldn’t they just send one of the groups like EuroGoons, or Freedom (whatever) group down to use the CFc spys in Test to counter drop hotdrops?

    • Billbo

      Yeah EMP tried the same shit two weeks ago, Nothing of value was lost (Except Baki Yuki content)

  • dafaq


  • Sjeeez

    Income depending on members activity. Ganking renters in the hope to get some profit. Your members not getting “Real PVP (gudfights)” and/or income themselves. All that to make alliance a little richer only.

  • grimm

    Test still relevant?

    • Ming Tso

      TEST: Still doing things.

  • flufenamico

    jejeje, more rats to kill!!!

  • dichzor

    hilarious. but i must admit, they do take their disorganisation to the next level and beyond. And thats some achievement.

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    Still not as cool as BNI

  • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

    We,uhh.. uhh.. are gonna be uhhh… street thugs and uhhhh…. break uhh… kneecaps and uhh… uhhh..
    He be funny.

  • I swear I am not Luwc

    whats akhtst

  • Jaime Gomes

    That banner is so retarded. Suits them well.

  • lots of lulz

    TEST the AFK cloaking alliance. “Pay us or we’ll keep sitting here doing nothing”. You kids try not to have too much fun.

  • The Raging Turtle

    Renting is a good thing now, damn took TEST some time to realize this.

    • I don’t know if you are retarded or just dumb but we had a renter empire first.

      • frankster

        I suspect neither

      • The Raging Turtle

        Are you moronic or just lonely, or can’t you see I was taking the piss.

        Only nubs take comments seriously

        Are you Mad Bro?

  • CyberSarge

    Does this strategy work? I can’t imagine anyone paying the ransom and they would just move the renters to another system.

    • Beowulf Shayfer

      We Aren’t really sure yet but will have more information on if it works or not in 2 weeks to a month.

  • nana

    Excellent, eve is a sandbox, so I applaud TEST in their thuggery.
    Also if TEST can coordinate with other NPC alliances for a timer you never know what can happen.
    Like most peeps I have ships every where and a jc in SAKHT. Razzor look forward to your response.

  • Banner is retarded.

    Beyond that, if we make money or not we can still shut down most if not all of Delve so that no one can rent from it. Despite the self-masturbatory circlejerk of “hurr durr test is bad” we have a very competent blackops and cloaky group that shut down all ratting in Vale.

    This will be a turkey shoot, renters are mostly ratters and ratters are retarded. Most of us know delve like the back of our hand, we know where the good systems are and 80-90% have covops trained up.

    • Argus Sorn

      The only thing I like in that banner is the little hand drawn dino in the upper right hand corner. He makes me smile.

    • Dick Hauser

      SkierX in SOTA Feb 7th 2014 11:09AM regarding Vale of Silent “We were not succesful”.

      That being said i was in TEST and i love you people… I just dont understand why you always give yourself tasks beyond your capacity.

    • Blodor

      “Renters are mostly ratters and ratters are retarded” more like Test are mostly Test and Test are retarded. “80-90% have covops trained” Oh boy, 50% of your retards will still want to bring their Drake. Good luck with this.

    • Soulxlight

      Meh, been the banner EN24 has used for Test for years. It is retarded, but so is Test sooooo….

    • riverini

      Dude, what the hell? the banner is one of the best I have made, approved by Montolio himself back when TEST was really cool (think of a brave newbies on steroids) – it was designed to encompass TEST’s spirit same as the goon tron guy one or IT alliance Joker ones… That banner is one of my favorites.

  • Dick Hauser

    “..nonstop talwar roams”…. damn… how to counter?

  • Billbo

    Yes, please Test, hit out POS’s and IHUBs, Because it worked out so well for EMP…

  • old timer

    i really like the idea. content creation at it’s best !

  • Jevous Encule

    This is probaly not the place but, what is going on with -CUP- ?

    • ohhai

      Thanks for noticing! I feel important!

  • Pick a name

    In reality it takes about 50 active dudes to shut down ratting in a region. They could also ruin renters days by just targetting poco’s. Doing PI is is huge for carebears, and it would be pretty easy to clear them out.

  • testisfail

    “for those that don’t know what extortion means” – LOLOLOLOLOL so fail, much engrish

  • Cloak hunter

    I hope they show up in vale, because i specialize in hunting down cloaky campers. Hope they’re ready to lose a lot of ships.

    Watching you, watching us, TEST.

    • GFY

      Sure you do.

      • vaga pilot

        Having two monocles now makes cloaky ships visible.