This morning a Black Legion Nyx died to the hands of N3PL.

Earlier today Black legion managed to capture a station system off The Kadeshi. While BL was onlining TCUยดs PL decided to make a play for it and jumped in a slowcat fleet on the station grid. The Station was quickly called primary and drones where unleashed, flipping the station several minutes later.

Black Legion noticed what was going on and quickly formed a super fleet and a Maelstrom fleet as support. While forming PL managed to flip the station and warped to a BL POS to begin to reinforce it. BL realised this and thought it would be a good moment to capitalise on the opportunity to kill PL slowcats so they jumped in.

PL saw the BL supers and quickly poked EMP members to come in and bubble the supers while NCDOT logged in. EMP managed to tackle all supers but BL started to see the troubles laying ahead of them so they began approaching the POS shields. NCDOT jumped in and quickly found their primary to be Elo Span in a nyx (Elo Knights super) who was facing the opposite direction to the POS shields.

In an attempt to save the super BL jumped in triage which either quickly died to the damage of the N3PL forces here, or managed to safely make it back into the shields even though a collection of titans had been brought in, in an attempt to DD them off field.

After BL lost their nyx and everything was safe inside a POS they decided to call it quits and returned home. Therefore shortly after RFing the POS N3PL destroyed the BL TCUs before returning to their staging systems.


I would like to thank Manny from PL for giving us a complete rundown of what happened.

  • G Dawg

    Supers were already in system.. And LOL PL calls NCdot for everything huh..

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      friends are nice things to have. try it sometime.

      • dichzor

        Friendship is indeed magic. Seems like pl takes no chances now, either all supers in one place, with carriers, or nothing. Hmmm.

        • Chris

          This comment is pretty ignorant.

          Sub caps would not have been able to gank a super or two, supers could. Not with equivalent subcap numbers in any case.

      • Daniel Grist

        Remember everything pl n3 said about Cfc, then reread your comment for maximum irony.

        • Seraph IX Basarab

          The creation of N3PL was a reaction to the CFC. Keep that in mind.

          • sadleric

            Remember: it’s n3pl. No caps ๐Ÿ˜€

          • 38SPL

            Remember: It took a coalition made of the rest of EVE to field more supers than PL/NC. could.

          • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

            And still that wasnt everything that N3+PL+NC. could bring to the field.

          • Ciaphas Cyne

            the rest of eve? funny i saw only 7k…..

          • Daniel Grist

            the agreements BL has with cfc are literally the same if not as binding as PL has with cfc, yet bl are “a part” of cfc, very strange that.

        • sadleric

          So, you’re income-sharing space-neighbor forever bestfriends? Quite literally what Grath describes Vince as — ‘efriend’ — you are with The Mittani?

      • Sair

        EVE: Friendship is magic

    • BigSako

      When it comes to supers, everybody calls everybody. Too bad elo couldn’t call mittens and ask for a birthday present. Sucks if you attack your allies and then ask them for favours, dont it?

  • miner

    Are you attacking CO2 ?

    • Dumbledore

      Of course they aren’t. The slaughter yesterday was just a misunderstanding.

      • BigSako

        Yeah must have been a total misunderstanding. It really wasnt BL that wanted to attack their allies because they are bored of the soon to be blue donought.

      • sadleric

        “Whoops wait CO2 OH RIGHT THOSE GUYS sorry, we didn’t realize your capfleet was being used strategically. Thought it was a roam, our bad.”

        Clearly a misunderstanding, not just a pet dog that still bites.

  • Jack

    Bob, I hope you read these. As the outspoken spokesperson to fire Glevon and stop posting his shit, I think I owe you a thank you because I haven’t seen his garbage in a long time. Thanks!

  • Jack

    I thought it was Obsidian Front Sabres that actually got the tackle, EMP didn’t make it on time.

  • Britanicus99

    I thought that N3PL were dead and no longer capable to fielding anything larger then an ibis?

    Oh wait, it is only when CFC is hand holding that N3PL are irrelevant.

    • BigSako

      N3PL is in no way irrelevant. Granted we lost a lot of titans, but how many supers did we lose? And it’s still quite hard to move titans, while it is very easy to move supers.

      • Britanicus99

        Read my post closer BigSako

  • Fartolio


  • yes

    FCK PL

    • asd


  • Dino

    Please, only one nyx down… it doesn’t deserve two exclamation mark

    • sadleric

      It’s Elo’s second dead Nyx in six months, so two punctuation marks are appropriate.

      • Britanicus99

        oh look it had Smarties in the high slots, according to TMC that makes it a ratting super. LOL ELO WAS RATTING IN HIS SUPER. WHAT A SHITBIRD.

      • lol

        He is literally the Shrike of Super Carrier losses… (well he lost a bus too)

        • Chris

          He lost the Bus to TEST of all alliances. Too bad he doesn’t fly titan anymore ๐Ÿ™

        • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

          kudos to Shrike AND Elo to actually fielding supers, I know all too many supers on both side who never log in.

    • Jaime Gomes

      One for Elo. Another for his B day.





  • fred

    nice article and i understand why they killed elo but no one has reported it yet. the previous night bl killed a csaa with a ncdot titan being built. funny thing, it was a CFC alt that is in BOT.

    cfc selling titans to ncdot.

  • CFC Dipshit

    if i were C02 i would ally N3PL and avenge there slowcat slaughtered, CFC are dipshit they cant protect there ally from there croc pet, C02 if you see this post… Yes N3PL can help you kill your dipshit allies….. its just a convo away bro…

    • Pull my finger CO2

      Ahahaha. A wiff of desperation floats with that comment. I’m sure CO2 would love to buddy up with you guys.

    • Chris

      Please, I don’t want more shitlords allied to us ๐Ÿ™

  • War Anyone

    “At least we can still dunk our clients”
    BL 2014

  • Karma_Will_Get_You

    Hey guys it’s not fair getting blobbed!! Then goes and does their typical cap blobbing with PL.

  • Seriously

    All this for 1 nyx? Someone must be angry about 60 titans or possibly a budget slowcat fleet? Some people self destruct them 2 at a time when they hear BL is coming.