I made a small announcement last night on the 1.1 live stream but I’m sure many of you missed that so I wanted to make a post to let as many of you know as possible.

We’ve been thinking for awhile about the issue of cost to power ratio for the Sisters of EVE ships, and especially the Nestor. A lot of your feedback has been on this issue, with a large focus on how difficult it is to justify paying the price of the Nestor, and we tend to agree. There are a few reasons we ended up in this position to begin with. The first is that we wanted to set the high sec LP offers for these ships above normal pirate faction LP prices. This still stands and the reason is very simple; you should get a better deal for pirate faction ships when you take the risk of leaving high sec. The second piece, which ties with the first, is that Sisters of EVE LP is very valuable because of demand for Sisters Probe Launchers and implant sets. That means the ISK conversion on ships like the Nestor would never be worthwhile as long as demand for probe launchers was higher, which will likely always be the case. Last, we could have tried to make the Nestor powerful enough to justify the huge price-tag. We really didn’t want to go with this option and create a ship basically in a class of its own which would cause a lot of balance headaches.

So, here’s what we’re going to do:

starting in the next major Rubicon patch (which I don’t have a date for, but is not very far off), Rogue Drones will start occasionally dropping nexus chips which you will be able to trade in at any Sisters of EVE agent for a one-run BPC of either a Nestor, Stratios or Astero. The chips will be called Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip, Rogue Drone 43-X Nexus Chip and Rogue Drone 42-X Nexus Chip respectively, and they will drop at a very similar rate to other pirate faction BPC drops in null sec.

This should provide a nice pressure valve for the prices on Sisters of EVE ships and also give a little boost to the drone regions, two things we are happy about.

Have fun out there and take care of all those new people this weekend

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  • Chris

    As far as pirate faction battleships are concerned, its not worth buying them with LP. You’re always better off getting the frigs/cruisers/just about everything else faction specific.

  • Snorkel

    Wonder if this will include rogue drone DED sites. If so this might actually make these sites worth running.

  • grind

    so pl going to the drone lands and the next day they get this little gem… fook ccp

    • Tiago D’Agostini

      that is nearly worthless.. at least on the scale they need. What they need is Erebus BPCs being dropped 😛

    • Playos

      Or… N3/PL Alliance dissolving + Drone Regions finally worth taking… last nail in the coffin for CFC resistance.

    • Ming Tso

      “CCP did this precisely because PL is withdrawing to the Drone Regions and not because Rogue Drones didn’t have anything akin to a BPC that they dropped.”

    • Dude

      Drone regions did lack oomph since nerfing mineral drops. I don’t live there, I don’t belong to PL or a PL pet ; I see this as CCP partially righting a wrong / 2 birds with one stone type thing.

    • erratic1212

      Drones drop absolutely nothing. So yea, they need to do more than this.

    • Alison King

      no fuck you grind

    • abc123

      Some of the most sot after BPC’s in the game and the most expensive ever, the Nestor Battle Ship.
      CSM has PL members and Pets on it
      PL puts all there Eggs in one basket – REALLY? A fight force that can move almost any were in EVE within 30 min to an hour to screw a fight over by being a third party spoiler.
      Use the lose of station to cry FOUL and they have the excuse to Fuck over another Alliance so they can leave the war.
      PL Moves to Drone Lands that has been Nerfed so bad that even the Russians don’t want it .
      Again all of the sudden PL just happens to be redeploying to Drone Lands Shit Space. PL knew through there META GAMING tactics on the CSM – It called INSIDER INFORMATION through the use of the CSM.
      They acquired the information through cheating. Classic PL – Plain and Simple.

      • John Doe

        Didn’t mittani use to be CSM until he got wasted and performed his hate speech on stage instigating to drive some newbie into suicide?
        You must be really upset since this was a weak troll. If you want to take advantage move to the drone lands and farm them ships, it is that easy.

    • kenzore

      Best trolls ever, this drop adds hardly anything drop rates are crazy low, and to stand a chance at getting this drop you have to farm drones like crazy, drone horde is a joke the neut tower rapes belt rats are tanked fuck hard and with their omni damage it forces you to build tank slowing down the grind, anyone that has actually lived in drone region will know what im talking about, I think drone regions still need a massive buff, the best solution is lower the tank on rouge drone rats, id bet my isk that the people complaining are either high sec carebears or people with juicy space that are used to decent rats.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    would it really be so very hard to give rogue drones their own faction drops? I.E. renamed versions of stuff that other factions sell in their LP stores?

    • Joshua

      Ancient astronaut theorists believe the answer is ‘YES’.

  • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

    well it gives Drone regions a better deal on their space since they drop fuck all, this may be a good thing for them. and then we can see a drone regions fill up with nestor fleets…..

  • Alison King

    So finally something drops in the drone regions , no wanted to live there since the neurfe , except for 3rd world alliances for example EMP

    • homeless peasant

      show us your boobs

  • Provi Miner

    all rogue drones or just in drone region where PL has gone to like its wounds. Why not just hand PL a bunch of titans and save them the trouble of conversion.

  • Fartolio

    Happy grinding, PL. Nice troll, CCP.

  • Chris

    People are so retarded if they really think they’re trying to give PL some kind of one-up on everyone else.

    Tinfoil hat much?

    • BS

      Get trolled much ?

    • erratic1212

      Eve is the place where the most infantile gather. To even further group them they all join CFC. All of the crying, whining come from CFC. They act like they are 2 and one of the parents gave another child a toy that didn’t have one. So this is a 2 year old fit.

      It is truly pathetic.

  • regioncmdr

    as a cfc grunt: let’s invade the drone region!

  • Brett

    Im gonna be RICH!

  • heh

    I keep hearing how the drone spawns changed… did they bring back the normal hauler spawns there?

  • Banden Lokemir

    pfft, drone regions need a large boost to make them on par with the other regions.

  • Dementia

    Anyone else notice the tag numbers skip 44 and 45…. More SOE ships to come?

  • orly?

    For those looking, even outside drone regions you’ll find plenty of drone sites to do esp. in 0.0.

    Anoms Herds, Hordes etc are pretty simple-no real EWAR to speak of just explo/kin/em/therm (in that order IIRC) combo dmg vs. two types everywhere else.

    In signatures look for Radiance or Independence – used to be not even worth your time (prob still not) but if there’s even an OK chance for a Nestor BP drop…

    • orly?

      To clarify – not a bpc drop but stuffs drop to get that nice Nestor BP…

  • Newt

    Aw c’mon. SoE faction is like THE ONLY corp you get your time’s worth on your LP for. Why screw that up? …It’s bad enough the L4 systems are absolutely infested with dessie gank squads, to the point where you have to use insured 2003 Dominixes instead of a proper marauder.

    I don’t know why I bother doing anything BUT incursions and blobbing with an alt in this game.