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Pandemic Legion withdrawing to the Drone Regions

January 30, 2014

Pandemic Legion are withdrawing from the South following their loss in EVE Online’s most expensive battle to date. They were seen docking and undocking ships in their former staging system of B-R5RB following its loss to CFC/RUS forces. The following was released by a Darkness of Despair alliance member:

[quote] [10:59:16] Ghost Storm: Hi
[10:59:28] Ghost Storm: WTF why PL have dock right in b-r??
[10:59:39] numismancer: talk to sort, elo, union and zumzat
[10:59:50] numismancer: pl wanted a deal to abandon n3[/quote]

The above, coupled with reports of PL members evacuating a system thought to be locked to them spawned discussions on forums such as Failheap Challenge. Grath Telkin, CEO of Sniggerdly, confirmed the rumors in the following reply:

[quote]I don’t throw allies under a bus, Vince is something I consider and Efriend, and despite how things go with him and other people we have dealings with, Vince has always been there and always had our back.

That said, my corp, my fucking corp, took a hit of around 1.5 trillion isk. My alliance as a whole took a shot to the nuts somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5trillion isk. Those numbers are beyond staggering in nature and dwarf the amount of money more than half the alliances in EVE will ever see, much less recover from.

And right now thats what needs to happen.

I need my people to get a chance to recover.

I’ve been in PL for a really long time, and all the welps we’ve had have been chump change to the actual members in comparison to the losses we’re facing here, and coupled with BL knocking on the door in Drones near constantly I made a judgement call to get my people whole.

I eat a shit sandwich, I pull back, I get my people right, I get my house right, and I get my cap fleet back in order, and then we see where life is and how things are going.

I don’t expect people to like my call, and personally your opinions on my call mean less than fuck all, what matters to me is how my people are doing and dealing with things and how the future of the alliance looks, and the best way for me to do that is to back our shit up to our house and have some Legion on Legion combat up north.

Anything outside of how the alliance recovers is irrelevant to me[/quote]

Furthermore, he stressed [on kugu] that the reason for the withdrawal was not the loss of titans.

[quote]If you think this is about the titans and not about the fact that some PL members had every fucking thing they’d ever owned in game trapped in that station then you are legitimately the retard that I’ve been calling you.[/quote]

This, coupled with the SW/CFC offensive that has begun in earnest, is likely to have very serious ramifications to the N3 war effort.