RZR Military Smugdate

We have been heckled and trolled for years by the likes of Pandemic Legion and NCdot. On Monday, 27 January 2014, we answered the call and proved them all wrong. We have the courage to put it all on the line and it was a work of art of the highest quality. For years, Razor has gone through highs and lows as FCs come-n-go and leadership changes. Through all of this, we have stood strong and pushed forward through adversity. RAZOR is my home and I cannot be more proud to be a member of this great alliance.

You guys and gals answered the call on Monday and we showed our true colors. If you are a Super or Titan pilot, you now know how important you are in major fight like this. If you are a capital pilots, you also now realize how devastating coordinated dreadnaughts and support carriers can be when employed properly.

I would like to give out special thanks to Roudin and Anharat for taking over the capital stuff on teamspeak after I had to leave on Monday evening. They rallied our pilots and kept it all going and did an awesome job in both relaying orders and bringing in reinforcements. Another shout out goes to Altiar Savien for saving 10 Dollar’s titan in 10% structure in Doril, sacrificing his triage carrier and ass-raping the douche-nozzle Dread group who dropped our friendly titan. Our scout team was exemplary and provided streaming intel about hostile movements. I cannot thank you guys enough for what you do!

To all of the Subcaps in Imperian’s fleet and the guys who joined the fleets to camp hostile staging systems… you guys are fucking space heroes! Some of you guys might not have had the opportunity to enjoy the lag-fest in B-R, but you enabled the destruction of PL/N3’s active titan fleet. The coordination of our other FCs who joined the fray to form reinforcements and help with cynos/intel/relays helped make this day possible.

Razor was in a bad spot 5 months ago. We were directionless and hanging on by a thread. Our FCs, Scout Commanders, capital pilots, subcap heroes, SRP & logi professionals came together and forged a new direction for the military future of this alliance. You guys made this happen. You worked together and supported each other to make this happen. I couldn’t be more proud.

:smug: B-R, PL’s Staging System is Razor Sovereignty :smug:

Going forward over the next few weeks, there will be a huge amount of stuff happening in this war.

Feel free to discuss in the comment section below!

  • Fartolio

    Someone link the PL statement please! 😀 GJ RZR!

  • pick a name
  • Fartolio
  • GrouchyOldGamer

    Laz, King of the South.

  • WeakdogsPL

    PL cut a deal to runaway from the war. Reminds me of Fountain. Glass chin as always when shit suddenly get hard 🙂

    • lolomat

      didn’t they fought the fight in br? so what should they do? leave the assets behind?^^

      • WeakdogsPL

        They thought they were going to win in BR, that’s why they fought. They lost the station and now cut a deal to save their gear while through NC under the bus.
        There are alliance that have lost entire regions or their whole space and stayed on to fight. In Fountain it was exactly the same.

        If you ever look at the history of PL, you will notice that they always ride on the back of a coalition. Back of DRF, back of CFC, back of HBC. Now, finally, after BR, they faced a difficult fight and as expected, their glass chin prevailed and for the 2nd time, they leave NC. to die (first time was their switch from White Noise and NC. to CFC). Shameful.

        • hmm

          true +1

  • mr blue

    Another shout out goes to Altiar Savien for saving 10 Dollar’s titan in 10% structure in Doril,

    more like 40% structure and thanks for the compliments.

  • I swear I am not Luwc
    • The Obvious

      Is it that bad over at tmpn that you have to come here and try to scavenge readers over to The Mittani Propoganda Network?

      • Bla

        This is a news site that misses big news. Don’t whine that someone gives links to news. Or is it the butt hurt talking?

  • 2.4

    I wouldn’t call this a “leak”, more like a circle jerk.

    But, this is EVEnews24!

    • Lol

      We write these and eve mail them to him because we find his “leaks” funny.

  • cfcsuxs

    long live the BLOB


    Fucking Mittens vagina just let those anal raped whore bags PL go?? So I risked my fucking Titan for NOTHING FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. This will not end well…

    • troll detected

      you risked your titan because at least a small part of you is not a giant risk averse douchebag… nurture it ! let it grow and thrive!

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      you sound more like n3 than goon…. fix that

      • The Raging Turtle

        nah he can’t be n3 or goons, he uses full stops.

    • Swamp Donkey

      Nothing must disrupt the RMT

    • Billbo

      You could try selling your ass in “jita” or deepthroating BBC’s to get you back on top again

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    razor is a class act. cant wait for the posters u guys come up with to commemorate the victory

    • LOL

      Ciaphas Cyne no one cared about your opinion before and no one cares now.

      • Jimbo

        I can almost taste them. :tears:

        • Jevous Encule

          You can taste internet tears…but you will never get laid.

          • just for the kicks

            He taste internet tears like he tastes his porn. He licks his computer screen. Bah dum dum.

      • Ciaphas Cyne

        yet you continue to comment on my posts… ok!

  • The Raging Turtle

    “We have been heckled and trolled for years”
    A little update


    • jimbo

      *Being – Fucking retard.

      • getalife

        grammar nazi ! get a life

        • Jimbo

          Grammar. You mean spelling – Fucking retard.

  • The Obvious

    Unfortunately the mindset of the weak is to remember what happened last, not the scope of things. The weak will rally around the last battle because it is most recent to them. The weak who lost will fray, the strong minded who lost will note this as another battle in a war, nothing more.

    • orly?

      Let’s play pretend. Pretend there was a list of alliances that have a 4+ year history. Lets also pretend that those alliances have had friends that are now enemies, enemies that are now friends and still holds sov space. Now lets also pretend that without at least one or two big friends that said alliances wouldn’t hold any space at all. Now pretend RZR is on that list…

      Now… open your eyes and quit pretending because it’s all TRUE.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    after a good wank i like to have a leak too.

  • Couldn’t resist

    “We showed our true colors when we knew we had the whole CFC, BL and all the gazzilons of russians on our side…”

    • Jimbo

      Your tears are delicious!

      • Couldn’t resist

        Your decade old memes are not. And sorry dude, I’m a wormholer, so I couldn’t give a rats ass who wins or loose in the blob warfare. But I call BULLSHIT whenever I see it.

        • Jimbo


          • Bla is slow

            Lol lol lol! Do you even know what the tears meme means?

          • Jimbo


            Ah shit, I mean….


  • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

    Lol razor given the space by cfc but crow like they actually took it all by themselves ….. still not relevant guys didnt u guys even lose a titan before it even got to the fight to snuff box?

    • Selina

      Seriously, learn to read. This was a message from Razor leadership to Razor pilots. Nowhere in there did he say it was all because of them that B-R is theirs. All he was doing was to give them a virtual high5 for their active participation in what was a decisive victory over N3/PL. And he’s right in doing so. If it wasn’t for the active participation of ALL involved, the battle may very likely have gone completely different.

      And again, seriously? You’re going to smugly point out the loss of one titan when N3/PL lost….how many?

      • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

        just proves there incompetance that they lose a titan in lowsec nowere near the battle

        • orly?

          Because mistakes never get made, except when they do it proves the entire alliance is garbage, as is their family, their friends, any work associates and even their fking PETS are instantly terrible. Sorry lil fluffy! KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

          OH MY GAWD WAIT- **Suddenly 59 TITANS**. Are you KIDDING ME… what DO they pass around the campfire wherever you’re at – I have got to try it!

          • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

            its always razor or fcon that lose them this way so ya pretty much

          • orly?

            So – confirming Nuli did not just failjump / lose a titan. Rgr.

          • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

            didnt they just er derp 2… im not affiliated with them so i dont know why ur pressing on that

          • I touch myself +1

            I am SKEET SKEET SKEET’ing +1’s all over that statement.

        • Selina

          If pointing out the loss of one Titan, by a single pilot’s “derp” mistake, helps you sleep better while N3/PL lost 59 TITANS that same evening, then more power to ya.

        • 59 – 1 = WIN

          I’d self destruct a titan if I could get 59 hostile Titan KM’s for it :).
          I think also we would have saved it if it were not for “59” other titans burning, that were not ours. THAT WERE YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          HAHAHAHHAHA, seriously, your argument holds no water.
          You sound really petty.
          And yep, Razor kicks ass.

          • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

            they were mine? im affiliated in no way to n3pl so hahahaha and 1? did u not lose nemore that night no? and my argument still stands razor are fecking useless kinda just above fcon and sma

          • Ghst

            Your tears are making me more and more smug please keep posting 🙂 N3 is on the run. When’s the last time used their supers recently oo wait they haven’t since B-R whoops hahahahaha.

      • Cursed Resident

        More like a minor victory. Hardly a decisive victory. Not a turning point in the war. Still laughing at how useless CFC/RUS are.

        • Selina

          Minor? Then explain why Nulli is withdrawing from Immensea and PL is leaving the south, both saying due to B-R. I would say that’s a lot more than a “minor victory”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m wanting this war to go on. It’s been fun trying to follow who’s doing what where. But to say this is just a minor victory and not a turning point is just ignorance at it’s finest.

          • Cursed Resident

            Selina sorry that large strategties and tactics are over your head. Easy being an F1 jockey eh. Or anything more than cloaking up in your silly siege bomber while grinding sov for 8 hours when someone jumps into the system, is too much for you to understand.

            They are only repositioning. Nothing more. Might want to stop listening to the propaganda from mittins

          • Selina

            How is reading the S2N and PL updates on this very site considered “listening to the propaganda from mittins”?

            “…best way for me to do that is to back our shit up to our house and have some Legion on Legion combat up north.” -PL update.

            To me that sounds like a little more than just “repositioning” as you say.

            “B-R hurt our offensive and defensive capability quite a bit.” & “The alliance will be redeploying soon to a deeper staging system in our space, at least a mid from the front line to continue fighting.”-S2N Update.

            Sounds quite a bit like a withdrawal to me due to…what? Oh yeah. B-R. Again, bit more than a “minor victory”.

            Oh, and haven’t been in a nullsec alliance for nearly a year. But your attempt at trash talk was cute.

          • Cursed Resident

            LOL. Poor little CFC F1 jockey. Still doesn’t get it.
            1. The war is far from over.
            2. Solar will never get their precious drone regions back with that deal that mittins made with PL.
            3. Solar, Darkness, Darkness of Despair, Against All Authorities, Black Legion haven’t done much in this war other then lose tons of stuff.
            4. mittins in his blueing the Russians becaue the war wan’t being won fast enough. lols.
            5. IF you think B-R was a major victory and a major turning point in this war. Then yes you have no clue what you are talking about.

            Go read Sun Tzu’s Art of war and other books on strategy.

          • Selina

            Oye vay. What part of “haven’t been in a nullsec alliance for nearly a year” did you not get? I’m not on CFC or N3/PL’s side. I’m on the side of the war. Think of it like I could care less who wins this year’s Super Bowl. I just enjoy watching the game. Aka, the fun of players beating each other up. I also do enjoy watching the political tugs of war that goes on in Null. I also enjoy laughing at oblivious N3 fanboys like you try to convince the world (and yourselves) “we didn’t want that space anyways. It’s all a part of the master plan”. All while leaving out the part (or purely in denial) that they are an F1 jockey themselves and have barely any no clue what their leaders are planning to do. They just mindlessly go where they’re told.

          • Curse Resident

            Yeah you haven’t been in null sec in over a year. But just because 1 side has a minor victory in the 1st time in 4 months, doesn mean its the end of the war is what I am saying. Which is what you keep saying. All I am is saying is, WAIT till the war is actually over.

            Solar wanted the drones regions back. But they fucked up in trying to start the war in Immensea.

          • Selina

            Hello! McFly! Don’t lose focus here! Nowhere have I said it’s the end of the war. Your original argument against mine was me saying B-R was a “decisive victory”

            Decisive: very clear and obvious
            Victory: success in defeating an opponent or enemy

            Pretty sure the battle for B-R was a very clear defeat for N3/PL. An end to the war? No. But a clear victory for this particular battle? Yes.

            Then you went on to say it wasn’t a turning point in the war. However, both S2N and PL’s Updates very clearly state this battle significantly hurt them. PL is pretty much leaving the war and S2N at least is pulling back from the front line. No, it’s not over but it is a turn from their previous position and direction, aka a “turning point”. Also, originally N3 relied heavily on their Titans and Supers due to CFC’s numerical superiority and CFC’s previous pussy footing to commit their own supers. An understandable strategy. However, due to the loss at B-R, that strategy has lost it’s sway. They may still have backups, but anybody with any sense knows they’re going to have to be more protective of their remaining super fleet. All of which will serve to increase the moral of CFC/RUS.

            Finally, you wanted to throw Sun Tzu at me, something I’m actually quite familiar with. For that I’ll just throw you the first googled link i found.
            I want you to read just the quotes on this first page and tell me which of the 2 sides, CFC/RUS or N3/PL, resemble more closely having used those strategies. I’m not saying its intended, but I’ve certainly witnessed N3 pilots being a lot more smug and shit posting about this war then CFC, RUS and even PL. Pretty sure Sun Tzu wouldn’t be supportive of that.

          • they cant afford to lose

            Nulli are not F1 jockeys, they are right click assign drone jockeys, it takes even less thought and ability but they have convinced themselves it is harder therefore making them “elite” and admitting they lost in any capacity would make them have to face the fact they are not “Elite” and seeing as how their entire alliance culture revolves around feeling superior to their enemies in every way they are faced with a decision, admit they are a complete failure in what they wished to achieve and failcascade OR blame their enemies for cheating making them feel superior and restoring their “elite” status even if they only restore it within their own delusional minds.

          • Chris

            Judgement based on number of clicks for your weapon is stupid.

            Thats like someone with an IQ of 60 making fun of someone with an IQ of 50. You’re both downies, there is little meaningful difference between the two.

          • lol

            And yet all of your scrub posters keep calling the CFC F1 monkeys, so its funny to make fun of them based on mouse/keyboard clicks but not when that logic applies to N3/NC/PL? LOLOLOLOL please continue with your spin then.

          • Jesus..

            Someone always brings up Sun Tzu. It makes you sound like a cock. Just saying.

          • TYYRATHOS

            Your lack of thought in your responses verify you KNOW NOTHING. And you are bitter.
            These truths are the only things that come from your responses.

          • your head… its fucked

            “They are only repositioning. Nothing more. Might want to stop listening to the propaganda from mittins”

            Have you read the post from Grath himself, who explains to his allies that his corp and alliance have been hurt so badly by B-R he feels he has no choice but to leave them to die so he can focus on saving his alliance from cascading?

          • Cursed Resident

            Also in your way of thinking. The Allies should have just given up when Dieppe failed. eh. Or the thrashings in North Africa at the hands of Rommel.
            Warriors learn from mistakes from lost battles and carry on to win the war.

            CFC aren’t warriors, they are whiners. OMG CCP needs to nerf (what ever they are losing to).

          • You guys can’t swollow pill

            Yes Yes, Nerf capital explosions. I was nearly blinded by those cap pretty lights flashing red – then white light.

        • lol

          riiiiiight, cause killing so many of PL’s titan that they cut a deal with CFC and run for the hills while leaving NC. to fend for themselves is totally unimportant.

    • settledown

      Dude yes posting like this is what we are all about here, but let it go this once, anything negative you say at this moment just sounds petty and childish, if not downright silly. Give them their moment then it’ll be back to winning the forum war.

    • CyberSarge

      Indeed they did not take the space by themselves. Together we took all of the North, all of the West, most of the East, and are about to take a good chunk of the south. can you name a single entity that conquered a region all by themselves? In my recollection that has never happened, BUT the Razor colors fly over B-R, PL is leaving the fight. and the enemy is making a tactical retreat. Excuse the members of the CFC is they have a little smug in their posts and swagger in their step.

      • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

        hmmm together we took dont u mean u just blued everyone or payed them off??? isnt n3pl the first real coherant group u faced?

        • TYYRATHOS

          You can try and diminish this all you want. BLAST IT! We know who won, and who lost. And we know the reasons why.
          Spin it all you want.

          • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

            spin what im neither group just saying what i see

          • Cursed Resisent

            CFC won fucking battle, BIG FUCKING DEAL. Took your 1st important system in the whole war. CFC actually grew some balls for this fight and acutually dropped their titans and supers. Which they have been afraid to.
            PL/N3 was starting to come back in that battle, till 1 of the FC’s had to go. The replacement made a mistake and tried to primary Sort Dragon who was getting reps from all the carriers CFC had on field. Had that FC kept going with what was working, CFC would have been wiped out and crying. And if the CFC lost they would have cried on all the forums, then started another burn jita/hulkageddon all in one.

            So pease tell me that CFC/RUS will actually drop capitals when trying to take space now, instead of coward bombers.
            4 Months and CFC/RUS have done nothing, in this war except for whine that they aren’t winning. The battle of B-R doesn’t mean you are winning. Nothing more than a fuck up on PL/Nulli/NC. CFC/RUS were just lucky in that they were smart enough to try and take advantage of that fuck up.

          • Smokey the clown

            Keep smoking what you got. Its Great shit MAN!

          • Mith

            B-R was the crippling of N3/PL’s wrecking ball concept, which is now a limited use option for them rather than a norm. Also, B-R itself isn’t the significant system won, it is AF0, which was taken Dec 29. AF0 is in Immensea, and nothing was done about it. The folly of N3/PL is not retaking that system, instead letting it sit there and become a sov 3 system. We study history so that the same mistakes are not repeated. And history shows that every time Goons take a system in a region and get it to Sov 3, hell follows with it.

            There’s a reason why AF0, NOT B-R, is now full of smug CFC members ready to raze the region to the ground. Nulli made it a personal war in Fountain, and the favor is being returned. The CFC has one very important weapon in their arsenal that no other entity in the game can compete with: they are the masters of psychological warfare. If you can stop thinking about numbers and ships for just a moment and think WHY they do some of the things they do, like whelping capital fleets, then the bigger picture begins to come together.

            Ask yourself this: if you wanted to eliminate a super fleet, how would you get it on the field and keep it on the field giving the limitations of server hardware and game mechanics?

    • lol

      goons were given the space by razor and the old nc (not nc.) but your a noob so you know nothing of it, or you choose to ignore that FACT

      • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

        they gave it and laid down otherwise goons woulda just taken it neway they didnt want there homes burning.
        Without the cfc do u really think razor would be alive today..?
        All u have to do is look at there deployments and there kerbstompings to realise that.
        Everytime they deploy they lose a titan in the move(Ur kinda like fcon but with less piss taken outa you) and who can forget the FAZOR deployment lol kerbstomped again.. and even one point u were trying to distance urselves from the cfc as ur own entity but now ur straight bk on mittenz`s nipple suckling away

        • youaresobadatthisgameshampoo

          your 1337 leet ally lost dozens of TITANS sir .. better not mention losses of others you freakin wanabe elite bipolar idiot

          • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

            u think im the real shadoo how cute

          • knowwhatplstinks

            i think you are a damn pl fanboy .. hence the bipolar idiot fits to you

          • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

            bro do you even know what bipolar means or is it a word uv heard master mittenz use so ud thought ud use it to sound cool?

  • Danny Payne

    wheres the post on PL throwing n3 under the bus ? wouldn’t wanna lower the moral any more bias24 would you! N3 full retreat mode at 100%

    • Muul Udonii

      EN24 haven’t finished copy pasting it from TMC yet.

      • heh

        Not exactly… What you are seeing are both copying and pasting from reddit… TMC just happens to be faster about it.

    • Billbo

      Check the warriors thread on “kugu”

  • GG

    Pretty sure the reason Razor have been trolled so hard was because they blue all the things…….. Nothing has changed other then their blue list only got larger in the last six months… You sure showed them! Only took the “All of EVE” coalition to prove that you could best them.

  • Robo

    Lmfao a cfc individual alliance update is hilarious.
    Razor are as shit as they have always been.
    There smug is misplaced for the simple reason is they proved nothing about being skilled, only that they on occasions manage to win a major fight while outnumbering their opponent 3+:1
    How on earth Razor think they can take credit for that, and transfer that into them being good is beyond anybody in the real world.
    Having to use a numbers strategy to win a fight every now and then completely defeats the purpose of using skill and snugging about it.

  • johhnywang

    I have to say, in comparison with nulli’s alliance address, this one seems to be full of FIGJAM propaganda. Congratulations are certainly warranted, for defeating a competent foe, but isnt this address a little bit over the top? Makes RAZOR sound like a Biggest Loser contestant, after walking 2km on the treadmill for the first time in his life. What happened to all the former Morsus Mihi dudes? Cant imagine those guys in an alliance led by these wankers…

    • heh

      All I heard was “bla bla bla enemy’s propaganda was dumb, our propaganda is better.”

      • nullibro

        You heard that?

  • John Doe

    lol @ razer…

  • Alison King

    Hmm like razor could do anything on there own , for years Morsus Mihi protected you. Just face razor is the biggest fail in the game.

    • lol

      “for years Morsus Mihi protected you”

      This is the same morsus mihi that started the DTF war and then watched their allies burn and then evacced their space instead of fighting for it, then went south where they proceeded to welp caps for several days during moving ops before disappearing never to be heard from again?

      • loltoyourselfdighead

        you are sooo stupid… look at the Corporations of MM, you will find them in PL,, Razor and goon…
        you sad fuck


      Former Morsus, Now RAZOR. And much happier.
      I was there at LXQ, for the fall of tribute, for the deployment to Delve…..And the death throws in Curse.
      And you sir, know nothing.

  • Amiral DeGrace

    Congratulations and high fives all around to RAZOR!
    And for guys still bitching on Razor: LOL, just LOLLLL loosers…

  • The troll

    Cowards who hide behind Numbers….please stop TROLLING!!!!

  • hey now

    razor is shit

    • plstinks

      you are SHIAT

  • erratic1212

    Yay, you blopped a system so your opponent couldn’t get in with any support and call it a win.

    Seems to me N3/PL only had 900 in system last battle and left you plenty of room for a fair fight.

    You’ll never get any respect from me. Your victory is hollow.

    • lol

      Riiiiiiiight, cause of all razor is going slit their wrists as a result of not getting you’re approval.

    • CVA Pilot

      no what they did was out think pl and friends while in battle, locking down those other systems was a brilliant move. All this honor pvp what the fk is that ? in any war you fight to win, that is all the matters

    • Fartolio

      Ofc, when you did it, it was fair game. Be gay, i know you like it.

  • smugRAZORsmug


  • Eve Soldier

    And the last time anyone in the history of EVE lost 60 Titans, whether CORP, ALLIANCE, Etc?…. you know that answer, So heck yeah if I was anyone involved in that carnage I would be giving out kudos. Hell if I was a lonely scout in the same system watching 1 gate I’d be giving out high 5’s and telling everyone, I WAS THERE lol

  • morelols

    LOL, CFC and pets Razor think they did something special, having a 4or5 to 1 numerical supremacy and finally someone used logic to lock down the system, so their known Super supremacy (at the time) could win the fight for them. LOL.