Woohoo! we are getting new repair drones! read on CCP Fozzie’s announcement on the official EVE-O forums:

We’ve got another addition ready to gather some feedback for. This one will release in a future Rubicon point release (I know which internal release it will be in but we’re not sure yet if it will be called 1.2 or 1.3 in public).

We will be releasing a full line of Hull Repair Drones! We expect that these drones will be especially useful for those times when you need to rep a relatively small amount of structure damage, such as an incapped Starbase module.

There will be Hull Repair Drones in Light, Medium and Heavy sizes, both T1 and T2. Their skill requirements will follow the same pattern as Armor Rep Drones, except using the Remote Hull Repair Systems skill instead of the Remote Armor Repair Systems skill. Like other logistic drones, these will require the Repair Drone Operation skill as well as the Drones skill.

The Repair Drone Operation skill and Drone Repair Augmentor rigs will be expanded to apply their rep rate bonus to Hull Maintenance Bots as well as Armor and Shield bots.

All the drones will apply their reps every 5s, and the hull repaired per cycle for each drone will be:

Light Hull Maintenance Bot I – 6
Light Hull Maintenance Bot II – 7
Medium Hull Maintenance Bot I – 12
Medium Hull Maintenance Bot II – 16
Heavy Hull Maintenance Bot I – 30
Heavy Hull Maintenance Bot II – 36

We’ll let you guys know when these hit SISI for your testing pleasure. It will be a few weeks since our testing priority right now is the new Universe Data changes that are on SISI as we speak.

Let us know what you think!

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  • Adam Brown

    About freakin’ time. 🙂

  • orly?

    FREAKING FINALLY! These have been asked after and hinted about for years. Actually very glad to see this and boo-hoo to those who think CCP should spend time on other stuffs. Sure, they’re not a game changer but they’re going to make some things easier. On roams your ships with odd-size drone bays can carry a light hull rep bot or two and top off tackler’s hull, etc… plus the aforementioned 1% structure damage on that jump bridge that just won’t online…

  • Andrew

    I see honor tanking making a comeback!

  • The14th

    This should make POS management make me want to kill myself a little bit less.

  • Dumbledore

    Everyone, stop whatever you’re training and switch to Remote Hull Repair Systems V.

    • Dirk MacGirk

      who can’t use a capital remote hull repper already?
      But yeah, these are a nice addition for many uses. long overdue

    • Chris

      Already have Capital Hull Rep 5

      Get rekt.

  • Red Teufel


  • ummm really?

    hooray, another useless drone to never use along with the webbing, neuting, and all the other worthless interesting drones that are far outclassed by the Hobgob and the EC-3

    • Ogast

      Warrior II > Hobgoblin II. My warriors can chase interceptors.

      • Damnation

        on roams sometimes when your logi is good you have many ships in low structure – so when you have e.g. a scythe with 5 Hull reps and 4 Warriors .. you can bitch into killmails and rep hull …. or have 5 armor and 4 hull drones .. THX fozzie

        • Ogast

          I was just stating that him saying Hobs + EC300’s > All is invalid in a combat drone choice.

        • Nijam

          I never understood the reasoning about 45 m³ dronebay.
          Diversity? Come on.

      • I swear I am not Luwc

        Acolytes. Amarr Victor

    • sadleric

      Mmmmm, it’s pretty cool what a mix of painting and webbing drones can do.

      • Dumbledore

        Do they actually work nowadays?

        • Tiago D’Agostini

          Not much effective due to stack penalties. CCP would need to remove stack penalties from drones to make them worth using. Neut rdrones can still be useful agaisnt frigates, but anythign larger has too much cap for them

        • sadleric

          Tiericide put shield battlecruisers — which were already difficult to use on solo pvp — in a bad place. Shield HACs aren’t fairing much better outside fleets with dedicated bonused tackle.

          In the case where you can only fit a point on your shield BC, the paints and webs stack just fine for government work. Use two webs, two paints, and a Warrior to keep penalties down.

    • lol

      using hobs instead of warriors is a noob move,

  • MestariBation

    Hey thanks Fozzie

  • finally. this is awesome. +1

  • sadleric

    That 5-large-rep Exquerior is looking really good all of a sudden.

    • Duval

      Oh. Oooh. I see what you did there you sly dog. :d

  • Zor’s DNA

    Hull is under armor right?
    so how can it be repaired from outside? O_o

    • Voldemorth

      ITS MAGIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nijam

      Same way shield can be “transferred”, and armor repaired by shooting clouds of nanobots.
      Why try to make sense, when everything else is ridiculous already?

  • Taranis lover

    Hull tanking, drone repping fleets of Taranises of doom incoming!

  • Chris

    About damn time.

  • Nijam

    I have visions of hull repping carriers escorting freighters.
    Then again maybe something was wrong with dinner.