This video is about the new Tracking Camera UI Improvements thats will be released with the upcomming rubicon patch.

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  • hate to say

    so much meh

  • Billbo

    Another excellent video, Thank you sir!

  • zoomed out fixed position OP

    2:37 – the reaction players have before turning off tracking camera forever

  • Homophobic John

    So now the seasick camera everybody bitched about for like 3 months and had to figure out hw to make go away via dscan menu (wtf), gets its own thing. At least this quality feature is brought to us instead of one of those 100 things we asked for.

    • You on drugs, son?

      Press C?

  • Expert Opinion

    Yes baby, that’s it. The feature that changes everything.

  • this is really sad

    First they gives us useless/greifer deployables then get get new prettier stations and then new pretty wrecks and now we get a prettier camera view that’s still a pain in the ass to use. Seems we have officially arrived at the, “Quick make it pretty so we can get a lot of new subs before we dump the game” part of the development cycle.

    • hello

      yes, they get new subs based on this, this was their top secret master plan that you just exposed….monkey.

      • ummm?

        Then I guess there top secret master plan to get me to un-sub worked?

        • Simon pieman

          If it was so easy why didn’t they do this ages ago, maybe you would of stopped posting this shit as well as stop playing.

        • really bro?

          your stuffs, can i haz?

  • Danny Payne

    another heap of complete shit by ccp

  • WhiteHalo117

    Why does every single drooling mongoloid that runs his/her fat Dorito stained fingers across a keyboard to post on EN24 seem to think that features like this take any longer then then a 24 hours of work to complete? Quality of life changes are never a bad thing, the only improvement on this would be to keep it on the D-scan window and also implement the radial…..

    • Homophobic John

      Dont fucking hate on my Doritos you shitposting white trash redneck fuck. Just one of those cheesy powdery nacho-y crunchy bastards has more taste and class than you will ever have in your miserable existence.

      • hello

        All bow to the unholy defender of the Dorito.

      • WhiteHalo117

        Google search shit posting then proceed to kill yourself…..

        • see what i did there?

          Google search jumping on the bandwagon then go slit your wrists.

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    i couldn’t be happier with this feature. much needed. much improved. i <3 radials

  • ehhhhhhhhhh

    better fix sov

  • Someotherdude

    Instead of fixing things that ACTUALLY need to be fixed, we get a new radial menu. This doesn’t even rate as meh.