Every time the large coalitions of EVE try and have the “dream fight” and pack local with as many people as possible the servers can’t handle it. Granted, TiDi kicks in, and things slow way down, which helps greatly–but the servers can still crash. While the HED fight did not result in a sever crash (which was amazing by itself), I was there and would categorize in the “unplayable” section. Actually, I didn’t “play” it.  I just left the screen up (stuck on the warp tunnel) and chilled out on comms, fixed supper, cleaned my apartment, walked the dog, played a competitive match in Counterstrike, finally loaded into HED, got on 1 dread kill, and crashed again. Repeat.

The infamous message appears many times throughout such fights: “Soul Crushing Lag”. The ironic thing is that it is true. Lag in any game (or even in general) is annoying and frustrating to people, but to game companies it can be a game killer—crushing the very soul of the game. Is it the same with EVE? I mean not everyone in EVE is in null sec…but everyone is effected by it, especially the economy.

First, from a technological perspective EVE is truly amazing. I am not going to pretend to know about all the work that goes into making the game able to support what it does. To me it is awesome we are able to have even hundreds of players fighting with not even a sign of TiDi.

Second, despite the amazing hardware and servers of EVE, the game itself is reaching a critical point. There is not enough new content to attract new players, and the old players want more fixed then is being fixed. Game design is very time consuming with many factors effecting what can be done and the order it can be done in. This process can take a lot of time, and in the case of a new game, years.

I think EVE itself is aging. The core of EVE (the code) is getting way out of date compared to what it could be. This is probably a big reason why they have not gone forward with anymore major game changes (such as redoing POSes or SOV). The code is all interdependent and messing with one area can have a long list of errors and problems in other areas. To be used in a completely optimal state the game would have to be upgraded all together.

The very fact EVE is the game it has become is a testament to what can be done in a game. However, in order to grow and survive another 10 years I think the entire game needs to redone from the ground up. A new EVE, using all the modern tech. It would need to have similar graphical requirements as it does now in order to allow the easy of using multiple accounts, but overall I think it would be a huge benefit to completely redo it.

It is impressive that it is a 10 year old game, and I applaud that, but I can’t help feeling like it is possible to have 4,000 man battles without any TiDi if the game itself were current. There have been times over the years when 200 players crashed the game, and CCP has done a great job of bringing that number up considerably. However, I think it has reached a point where they simply can’t just increase server performance alone.

I just imagine all the things they could change/fix with a new write of the game. I’m not just talking physical stuff we can see in the game, but actual backend processes they can make completely optimized using the years of experience they have gained so far. They also have the entire, brutally honest, EVE community to give them feedback every step of the way.

I think some type of character SP transfer would be needed because the thought of having to start years of work over is just crazy–so I can imagine what CCP feels like with the thought of making a new EVE. Personally, I would “start over” in a new EVE even though I would prefer transferring SP, but back to the topic.

My mind goes crazy with the possibility of an updated, modern EVE running on the military level hardware they use. I think 5,000 player battles or more is completely in the realm of possibility, and a new, clean code would certainly help server processes.

Granted, this is my opinion, and this is where the community comes in. Aside from being able to port charters instead of restarting, do you think in order to survive another 10 years EVE needs to be redone from the ground up?  Can it survive in its current software state? I know some of you out there are server and software experts—what do you think about the current state of EVE?

Since someone is going to bring it up, I am not trying to diminish at all the fact we got close to 4,000 people in a system and the server did not crash. That means something was working…very hard…I just think taking that fact and updating the code/software would mean those battles can happen in real time—which would be absolutely amazing. There is no other game like EVE, and I want it to continue for years to come—I thoroughly love the game and truly want it survive.



  • Provi Miner

    What I have heard is the skill system is something ccp hates with a passion. If they were to close out eve and restart on eve 2.0 we would most likely lose the skill tree. I don’t know if they can up grade the hardware and software and keep eve going, as is. I don’t know how many would resub to a new and improved eve 2.0 and lose everthing. I do think some problem can fixed without altering the toons. The brain in a box idea is cool, I have heard of a remapping of eve which is interesting: empire buffered by a thin low sect with a another shell of null so that at most you are ten jumps from low sec and from low sec you are at most 5 jumps from empire. But yeah I haven’t joined a major sov group simply cause I can not sit for 8 hours and do nothing excpet pray that the server stands up. BTW is said this before you all remember that high sec slaughter roam ccp put together? well the target systems held up even with enough people to cause 10% tidi it only got to 40% tidi (according to reports) which tells me ccp did something and it appears to have partially worked.

    • Winmatar

      TiDi has actually turned into huge problem in eve, as a significant amount of people take part in TiDi fights, and by and large it’s not because they like it, it’s because it is an alliance goal.

      • Ashesofempires

        The problem CCP has is that any work done to allow more people on grid will inevitably cause the grid to fill to a yet higher maximum capacity, and people will still complain that CCP is incapable of fixing the problem.

        • pickadellycircus

          your the one who doesnt get it,it doesnt matter how manny you pack in if solve the lag and tidi….if you pack in 1 million fucking nerds 80% of them will be dead withinn 5-10 minutes…..the only reason you get 8 hour fucking battles is BECAUSE OF TIDI,remove the slow down and the system clears out in no time…..

          just get in into the skull tidi is a selfdefeating mechanics that makes its own problem worse that its trying to solve!…

          If you want less cars on a specific street you dont lower the speed you increase it so they move trough and dont stand stil and idle for hours and hours and hours…

          • Ur Stupid

            No you don’t increase the speed limit. You increase the amount of lanes. Increasing the speed limit will be more cause for accidents, therefore more traffic jams. As for the rest of this post, it is retarded. You’re wrong, Ashesofempires is correct.

          • Hey

            No, you get people to start using mass transit, and perhaps even give tax breaks to those that don’t own cars. Also you could add a peddle bike lane to the streets.

    • Ashesofempires

      The “Brain in a Box” work is going to help. The remapping you are referring to doesn’t have anything to do with rearranging the starmap, it was CCP’s way of redistributing star systems throughout the server nodes to ensure that the sol nodes (the server threads that handle system loads) are evenly loaded, and that players in random systems don’t experience Soul Crushing Lag that’s originating in a system on the other side of the cluster.

  • Constantine

    Funny no one brought up the fact that ccp did have the money and time to fix all these problems, but they decided to dig a dry well and call it dust 514. Millions and millions of dollars pissed away for nothing. No one even bothers to joke about it anymore, thats how irrelevant it is. They now have no credit, no cash and an aging dinosaur of a game. I happily quit years ago after the greed is good article and like most people have long since found better ways to spend my free time.

    The only 2 interesting things eve related are and a distant 2nd the rantings of evenews24 bizarro community.

    • way to go CCP

      Don’t forget World of Darkness a project they have abandoned at this point by laying off most of the staff, that project never made it the same broken almost beta point that DUST is just getting too now.

    • Meh

      what a bs , dust is a succses and have a huge impact on FW , i only know dozens of dusties who pay pretty much aurom , wouldnt be surprise if the game pay itself

      • no its not

        LOL compare DUST to ANY shooter on the market, its not succeeding its being kept alive through CCP refusing to let it die because of how much they put into it, thats not success that a failure to cut your losses.

  • iskbot#1337

    would the DD get back the old AOE, there would be lesser blobs but more smaller fleets

    • dumb

      Think about what would actually happen, you think NC. and PL. lean on supers to hard now? give them AOE’s back and PL./N3/NC. would straight up own nullsec as result of having over 100 titans plus their super fleet and their slow cat fleet this is just a bad idea through and through

  • qwer

    I am bitter-player-vet. I am fucking bored to hear this same thing every fucking year. Fuck you.

    Basically it comes down to this: “EVE IS DYING!!!11”

    No it’s not. You damn fucktard even manage to complain about not doing big updates and old code at the same article? Haven’t you read anything they have said last years? As far as I know, they have been modernizing their code up to a point that they can make easier changes if needed and also made it as efficient as they can with python (and parts that they could, they have changed to C++).

    Also the problems around big fights are more easily circumvented by developing some game mechanics that make players to divide in more systems to fight the fight. Because even if the change to C++ or some else language would enable 10k fights in one system, coalitions would gather that fucking 10k players. This has happened always when CCP has got their limits bigger. We need change in sov mechanics, nothing else. Or to players actually realize that 0.0 sov is probably most retarded and boring thing you can do in EVE besides high sec mission running and mining.

    Only thing you achieve with this kinda articles is small amount of numb idiots to confirm their retarded opinions and actually leave EVE, because they think that enough isn’t happening as no one is holding their hand and continuously telling what to do next to keep game interesting and having fun.

  • Pit

    Its not only the Code… CCP was able to fuck good things out of game. Years ago it was very funny and awesome to roam solo or small scale with BS. Then there came the area when everyone started to fly this fucking Nanoshit… not that CCP is going to do something to bring the BS back to Game instead to be a Fleet or Carebearship, they nerfed it completley to the ground with this Warp Speed shit. To fly a BS is coming near a Freighter run now. A plated T3 is going very slow too. That takes a fun factor out of game because roaming takes more time like it did before and before at did enough time aswell. The result is, tons of Ceptors swarming around… dunno for what i need tons of SP to fly this shitty Ceptors. Why is everyone flying them??? Cause u can roam faster!!! Fine that im able to do a quick roam now but i really liked that content of the game what is completly death now. EvE smells!!!

  • Cobalis

    CCP has obviously made an assessment on the remaining lifespan on EVE. Its extremely hard to get new players interested due to the games complexity, the existing player base it coming to the point where the game isn’t fun anymore.
    They’ve got two options, invest a massive amount financially to create an Eve Online 2 code, or be happy with the income they’re currently recieving from the current player base and ride it out. Let the players sort out the tidi issues themselves.
    EVE is never going to completely die, eventually it’ll turn into a f2p when they get desperate for players. Frankly I’m amazed the loyalty this game has, I mean its not really that good of a game, pretty shitty ’90’s era gameplay.

  • Lysette Lillian

    CCP needs to stop advertising that they can host battles with “thousands of players”. They cannot. Once, they could – but somewhere along the line they broke it. Watching a warp tunnel for 30 minutes, or being inexplicably dead because things simply stopped working somehow, is not playing. It is a mockery of what this great game once was.

    Demand that they cease and desist on the false advertising, or fix the server performance. Either or, their choice. But currently they really are advertising a game that does not exist. More than 600 players, and things get bad; more than 2,000 and it is a slideshow, more than 4,000 … HED-GP.

    And yes, better coding, and they could have the battle playable. They would still need time dilation, but it would *work*. You know, like being able to activate hardeners, target, and fire, even if at a slower than real time pace.