GSF just lost a Nyx in lowsec to the hands of Axiomatic Dominion[220mm] and Black ops Armada[CYNOV].

Axiomatic Domination and Black ops armada were sitting in their home system of Gemodi, keeping an eye out for intruders, when they noticed a new person. This char was a member of GSF and did not appear to be in a ship. Keeping a close eye on him they noticed that he docked up and bought a cyno of the market. Thinking that the GSF member would undock and light his cyno to jump in a regular capital they prepared a fleet to bump it off station.

He however did not do this -in stead, he undocked and warped of to the Chamume gate. Prezer, a member of [CYNOV], decided to follow him. Prezer noticed that the person that he was following lit his cyno in the middle of nowhere and figured something was up. Realising what potentially could happen Hics were quickly jumped in to Chamume and warped onto the cyno. Sure enough: while the hics were still in warp a Nyx entered local through the cyno. Just when the Hics landed the Nyx was able to warp off to a belt.

Prezer and the Hic pilots saw which belt the Nyx warped off to and followed him. When they landed however the Nyx was gone. They saw that the Nyxpilot was still in local and so Prezor told his friends to get in fleet. Knowing that travelling Nyxes often fit cloaks, VisualNarcotics decided to go for it and started burning around system and decloaked the nyx. Hics quickly got on top of him and the kill was secured.

A nice quote:

Evanga > Shogun Ruah > decloaked by 50 fucking meters

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  • heh

    Well it wasn’t like he was going to use it anyways if he is CFC.

    • Wow

      One fcking super kill and just so happens to be a goon super. Not a lot happening in eve is this is the best story of the day! @Yawn

      • WhatWouldJesusDu

        Here on Mexican News 24 we hate goons. Duh bro.

        • Bill Cat

          Go back and follow dude, it’s what you deserve.

          • WhatWouldJesusDu

            I deserve that fine, gorgeous brown eyed girl I call my wife; and her amazing hundred and ten pound pussy I fuck nightly.

            But I got that the instant I got off Eve… Thoughts for food.

          • Quakker

            Wait wait wait, all I have to do is quit eve and I can bang your missus?

          • dudah

            Well everyone else is, so why not you too?

          • Quakker

            I’m there! I’ll be about 20 mins, I just need to pick up a garden hose, 20 square metres of rubber matting and a cricket bat.

          • WhatWouldJesusDu

            Normally we use the neighbor girl for the mat and the hose. After we tie her up and force feed her the bullshit on this website as torture she normally starts to ooze fecal matter from every orifice. This is when we make her read from mittens website to be set free.

          • WhatWouldJesusDu


          • Monnty

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          • Anoncow

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          • anoncow


          • Justin May

            That is a large vagina! Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway?

  • Ignatius Hood

    Congrats for Prezer and Visual for the Super Kill!

  • John Doe

    899 left or what and im sure it was replaced before it died anyway

    • truth

      you mean 898

      • Pilious

        actually I think CFC lost like 50-60 dreads we will go on the low side they have about 848 caps and super caps left.

        • Jaime Gomes

          correction 9848 to go.

  • Whaaa!!!!????? GSF no fail?!

    82 Spartan GSF fight against the hordes of 95 NC. and Nulli, blobbed 1.16:1 and totally pillug N3’s butthole. 6 billion ISK lost vs. 2 billion ISK lost.

    • truth

      mean while you lose a cap fleet every time we do anything other than a roam

      • just a thought

        maybe you should ask EMP about their last 2 dread ops??

        • Kadeshi Grunt

          but but but EMP ARE NOT IN N3

    • Simon pieman

      Cheers for the update, not as juicy as a super but useful to know non the less.

    • Homophobic John

      That shit was more like a small gang fight. even though blob is a relative term, if you outnumber someone by like 15 dudes, and people got like 80-90 per fleet, and you call it a blob; youre a faggot. That ratio needs to be at least 1.8:1 or 2:1 to be a blob.

      • dichzor

        incorrect, faggot. 2:1 is perfectly fine odds. Hell, 3:1 is manageable, in certain conditions.

        Problems start when the ratio is over 3:1. However, if were in ceptors and enemy in cruisers, then yea…

        BASICALLY ONLY if youre outclassed by the hull size, 1.5:1 can be lethal.

      • notinashittyblob

        82vs90 has nothing to do with small gang.

      • Alexandra Gianturco

        reason for even numbers was the fact that 90% of the CFC doesn’t dare to join pvp ops anymore, afraid for another HED-GP to happen.

        It will take a while for the carebears of CFC to grow balls again and reform “ze blob”.

    • Jaime Gomes

      Yea even numbers. Dam its hard isn’t it?

  • hed-gg

    1000 goon caps came jumping down, 1000 goon caps. 1 system down, they came around, 700 goons caps left jumpin down.

  • Homophobic John

    Well, it was fit better than whatever that train wreck from the other lowsec nyx kill was.

  • Billbo

    Gud fight, Gud Dunk! o7

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    “warped to belt”


  • Ummm

    Soo.. where is the km? lies

  • nice

    It’s interesting how this article has an comment section and the one about the INIT. nyx has none. Maybe because the story is bullshit ? he wasn’t ratting in the system LOL it was a trap from someone who “wanted to buy” the nyx ^^

    • gg

      If you reread it you would see that it says that ‘it was used to rat in the area’ and not that it was ratting when it got caught. To be more precise, the dude used it to do lvl5 missions in lowsec. As to how he was caught, it was definitely a ‘want to buy nyx’ trap. I’ve heard that the dude got impatient and didn’t want to wait for a 3rd party so he agreed to get 50% upfront and do the transfer without the third party. When he logged in he was caught. This would seem consistent with what the article mentions as ‘randsom’, maybe the guys that killed him tried to get back the down payment before the blew him up.

  • Bobs your Aunty

    Any bets Mittens articles = advertising web site keeps it quite and doesn’t report it?

  • lol

    so with all the people in goons none of them managed to save him? hmmm

  • Candycrush online


  • Mr obv

    Mittani probably going to blame the internet connection.

    • Candycrush online

      lol its just a nyx. Why would he bother

      • YAWN

        Indeed! Why is every super kill reported? Who cares…

        • WoW Perhaps?

          Because suppers dieing are the most important event in EvE? Maybe this is the wrong game for you?