CCP launched the new look of the capital wrecks on the Singularity server. Below you can scroll through the new looks and feel free to tell us your favorite one in the comment section!

Big thanks to CaptainNighthawk for submitting the pictures to us!

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    en24 how to guide:

    read reddit. repost. await fatty neckbeard clusterfuck in comments section.

    • oh dear me

      I seriously love you man – in a totally sexual way too, we could share a brohug sometime. sounds like you need one.

      • Ciaphas Cyne

        u guys are just fun to troll and ive already been banned from TMC and eve-o….ive got no where else to go

        • Jevous Encule

          How about you go back to school or find yourself a job!

        • chzy

          Banned from TMC? Well you can’t really blame them though can you, every time somebody reads one of your posts a little bit of their brain dies with it. It’s practically part of the Geneva convention to ban you.

        • Chris

          You too?

          Welcome, brother.

    • chzy

      EN24 readers guide:

      Wait for overspun bullshit articles and proceed to comment on the obvious trash whilst throwing in things like “CFC is shit” “Goon tears best tears” and my personal favourite “Please ban goblin from writing”

    • Simon pieman

      You shouldn’t put yourself down like that, you seem a cool dude.

    • oh dear me

      I imagine you with a sexy fatty neckbeard

    • The Obvious

      So you are part of said fatty neckbeard clusterfuck then?

      • chzy

        The Architect of said fatty neckbeard clusterfuck.

  • Red Orchestra

    This is what HED-GP fight was missing….

    • A techie

      Whilst I can understand your disappointment that noone is waving the magic wand and making lag a thing of the past. This change will have been firmly in the hands of the art folks who won’t have wasted any precious time away from lag-beating as that’s not what they do. It welcome new, prettier art so long as it’s done alongside making more functional improvements to EVE (as seems to be the case here) 🙂

      • Red Orchestra

        I never thought to be sarcastic or whine about lag. I really think that these kind of models would’ve look very nice in that graveyard. I wonder if these wrecks will be animated and stay in space for some time even after salvaging.

    • HAH!

      You mean besides BL?

  • oh dear me

    wouldn’t it be great if cap wrecks were permanent, they would add to the ambiance of the place – space litter like real life. could be great for tourism, would add to the bumping of docking, undocking and jumping ships.

    how awesome could it be

    • cronos

      nullsec would quickly become eve’s junkyard

      • oh dear me

        seems to me that’s exactly what it is today !

    • epicloots

      They’re should drastically increase the salvage and looting time of capital vessels.

    • Simon pieman

      Maybe just super caps and if you click on them it takes you to a link to the killmail, so each super has a story and people can rejoice in another supercap down.


      I dunno about all cap wrecks being permanent, but maybe just titan wrecks to create very beautiful landmarks (spacemarks?) which would leave visible nerd history for those to see. God, my accounts are all unsubbed atm and yet i’m frothing at the mouth over the look of this ^_^

    • Selina

      New tactic. Flood the gates to an area with cap wrecks. Pile up enough wrecks and no one can warp anywhere once they enter system as they’re surrounded by wrecks.

  • BS

    Oh look another small stone to make EvE even worse and slower in big engagements. Look for the new levels of TiDi and more laggs/server crash in near future.

    • A techie

      Rendering a larger wreck isn’t going to cause lag as, from the server’s perspective, it’s just a point in space and a request to render a given asset ID there. Your client is what puts in the effort rendering it and that’s not usually the bottleneck.

    • Corky

      OR oyu could bring 2000 less players and maybe look at wrecks of your opponents this time?

      • Drama Dalai Lama

        Or… or, just think about it for a second, scrubs like could stop telling people how to play their own fucking game!

        • Robo

          Or you could calm down & sit the fuck down 😉

        • N3_Grunt
          • Drama Dalai Lama

            typical n3 scrub

          • N3_Grunt

            Did you lost one of the dreads in HED perhaps?

          • Drama Dalai Lama

            Nope, I left CFC right after they wrapped Fountain war and am not interested in grinding down scrub poses in a bomber or being stick in a 0.00001% tidi fighting scrubs in a fleet full of scrubs, Faction Warfare suits my scrub pvp habits just enough.

          • God

            Once a goon shit always a goon shit it seems.

          • Drama Dalai Lama

            It seems that my point is not clear enough. Let’s say you are playing call of duty and some 12 year old retard yells his balls off at you because you were camping. You like camping, it’s the way you enjoy this game, you don’t care that it’s a dirty tactic, how dare this little shit tell you how to enjoy your game, right?

            Now let’s switch back to our spaceships: you like participating in large fights, it was the reason why you got into this game since it’s one of the main features ccp has been advertising (even though they are not quite capable of providing this feature, but that’s another matter). But there is a certain group of 20 year old virgin neckbeards yelling their balls off at you because you are a part of a “blob”. Fuck those guys, right?

            Besides, what was cfc leadership supposed to do? Tell all those 2000 pilots “Hey guys, if you can’t fly an archon or a super don’t get in fleets and in to HED because we want to give n3 a gud fite. Go play Chivalry or something. Mittani out.” Maybe n3 elitist cunts would do something like that, but that’s exactly what I would expect from them.

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      was THAT the new tactic of DaBigRedBoat and friends in HED-GP??

      “hey guys, let’s all jump in like the morons we are and crash the node with our wrecks!”

      Should have stayed with the racial abuse spam in local, that usually works for goons to crash the node when they are losing a fight.

      • chzy

        Tears…keep on flowing. Still delicious

        • God


  • Pippan

    Now for subcapital wrecks! Those look horribad

    • oh dear me

      i thought they were all just so many triangles of white, yellow or blue
      this graphics malarky must be for zoomy in people

  • lol

    Where is new toilet pictures ?

    In HED-GP we need this

  • Tiago D’Agostini

    Would improove a lot the visuals of the game is subcapitsl had wrecks as well.

  • Quakker

    They all look amazing. They’ll be perfect with [CONDI] attached to them.

  • Woschdbrot

    Cool, at least the battlefield will look awesome next time the server dies.

  • wizard of Oz

    This was the feature for I was looking. I will stay all day long looking at this. It si so nice that during large capital fights everyone will stop shooting looking in wonder at the amazing design.
    Good work CCP,
    Keep it going

  • Justrealistic

    The wrecks look superb but again this is another example of more things we didn’t ask for (at least not high on the list). CCP need to prioritise the most pressing issues and manage their time more effectively. Fix what is broken.

    • fact

      They are… their time is most effectively spent at advancing the game in such ways as to improve the size of the player base. This is not important to you, so your priorities are different then CCP. TBH most of that list you’re talking about are not issues that decide if people will join or leave the game. As a result they are low on the priority list of CCP as a business.

      Don’t lost site of CCP being a business and you’ll better understand their priorities, as well as relations with players.

      • Titsandass

        Don’t loose site of the player base being customers and the customer is always right so fix the broken shit! Fuck CCP’s priorities, it’s all about me.

    • Devaroni

      I don’t think this is that big of a deal that they did it or not… this was the job of an artist, not a programmer. Those jobs in a game company aren’t generally mixed so resources weren’t wasted to fix the issues people are complaining about on this new feature. This is CCP putting their artist/modeler resources to work to enhance the aesthetics of the game. You aren’t going to have an artist write server code…

    • HowAboutCheeseWithThatWhine

      I hate this excuse… well this is cool and all, but we didnt ask for it you should of spend your time doing x instead of y…….

      CCP has separate teams that work on separate areas of the game..

      Its like complaining that your z28 got a new sick looking paint job for free when you had it in the shop for a supercharge installation…..

      Stop bitching.

      • Whyupvoteyourself

        You must live in hi-sec.

  • me

    static wrecks meh

  • Dariush

    Moros just looks like it had a bad day

  • NoTech

    Nice they are, does something to the mood when you see them floating in space. But really ?? Wrecks ?? I know of a few wrecked sections in Eve that could use some love. What’s next ?? Realistic Weather Features on Planets plus local forecast done by Concord ? Simulated traffic jams or short cut pay gates ?? A new Überenemy would be great too, you know one that needs CFC blobs to be fought against and if the CFC dares they loose anyway.

    Bottonline: FIX STUFF THATS BROKEN!!

    • Chris

      The horde of you people never ends.

      There are different departments in a business. Some code, some don’t. This is obviously the art department. Now tell me since you’re so intelligent, how the fuck is someone in ART going to fix core game issues.

      • Playos

        To be fair, devs are on record saying POS redesign was held up by the need for art assets… so there might be some argument here.

        • Chris

          It’s till a stretch. They would need the models and such to do the pos redesign, but its still a significantly different area. I don’t believe the Art people are the ones actually needed to do the redesign, but the people doing the redesign need something visual to work with.

          • Playos

            Very true, but I think there is some valid complaint about the current 3 expansion arc of development taking priority over fundamental overhauls… this is just becoming the “Soon(tm)” of the userbase… it’s almost a meme in it’s own right at this point.

            Is it entirely possible that server reworking is happening and CCP is just managing expectations with a massive project that can’t possibly hit a specific deadline? Sure, and I like to believe that things like crimewatch, fleet hangars, deployables, warp speed, and all the other smaller areas are CCP trying to break down the problem into something manageable. At this point… everything except the overview has had a significant amount of developer time, and from the devs talks a lot of modularization and reworking has come with that even if all we really saw was a changed name or some UI spit polish.

          • FlingFlon

            It is a pretty weak argument from the devs if indeed all the POS revamps were held up because of art assets.

            If that is the case then there is a larger problem here.

      • NoTech

        Do you know what resources are and what project management is for ? Theories behind it ?? Like Scrum ??
        EVERYTHING in a 3D environment is code, everything, maybe except the textures on ships. So if you don’t have a clue about resource distribution, reviewing and how these things interlock, please go sell fudges at Star Bucks.
        CCP had it right after this Incarna Conga incident, but then lost a bit of touch. Now I have the feeling they are out of low hanging fruits (easy to implement in code) and now they must desperately need news gizmos

        • Chris

          Actually I do understand things like that. Its not like I’m currently studying such things.

          Maybe you simply didn’t understand my usage of the word code. Yes, the new wrecks likely do involve code, but not code that it really significant or relevant to things like sov and poses, expect maybe collision mechanics with a new model, but that isn’t relevant for wrecks or textures. It does not change the fact that the Art department will only ever do things related to improving how pretty the game looks. They won’t be mucking around with poses, or lag, or anything like that. I highly doubt they have the kind of experience and background required for such a task, and I damn well wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t have the knowledge floundering around in 10 year old code.

          • NoTech

            Ohh good so we can spare ourselves condescending comments on who knows more. See this thing was a project, someone had the idea, someone drew some sketches, someone modelled it, someone implemented it in code.
            Of course noone in the art deparment ever typed a line of code and I never said that. BUT there was someone used as a resource to get all that stuff into code and I personally think that resource could have been used differently.

            TBH I don’t think anyone at CCP has profound knowledge about the POS code, they hinted it a various occasions. That’s why I think they are afraid of touching it.

          • Brandoe

            Shut up about the fucking POS’s already. The ART DEPARTMENT isn’t responsible for them.

            Go make a thread on the forums for so we don’t have to read your shit anymore.

          • NoTech

            You are clearly a moron….nuff said

          • who’s a moron?

            this coming from the moron sperging up the forums….

          • Chris

            You acted condescending to me. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

            I don’t actually believe the resources required to add these new wrecks to the game was very much. Wreck code was already there, they just needed to put in a new model. Maybe a few modifications, but nothing major.

            Just because you feel that a specific, or multiple specific things need to be fixed, does not mean they only work on that and nothing else with all available resources. People want different things. I for one love the beautiful graphics eve has.

            Its a bit arrogant to say that CCP should devote all attention to fixing your toys and nobody else’s.

          • NoTech

            “The horde of you people never ends.” and “Now tell me since you’re so
            intelligent..:” are your reply’s not mine, so please be aware of who started what and don’t worry I’ve been offended by professionals.

            So now that I showed you how this is connected with coding you complain about how arrogant I am for wanting my stuff fixed ?? Really ?? That’s weak, first of all it not my stuff, it’s our stuff, secondly fixes have been promised since 3-4 (??) releases back, so I find it hardly surprising that people start to complain. Don’t get me wrong they’ve done very good stuff in the past, but wrecks ?? Most of the players wouldn’t even notice due to their graphics settings.

        • communication… u suck at it

          they can’t re-task the art dept to code, and if they fire the art dept, which I wouldn’t personally mind and hire more devs which would be cool they would have to re-hire the art team every time they need a new shiny to distract new players from game flaws.

    • chzy

      This here post really takes into account the brain-span of the average EN24 reader. Starts with babbling jargon and as he begins to make his point he adds in anti-CFC remarks, and then when you think it can’t get any worse he tries to tell industry professionals to fix things that are broken without providing any evidence of what he believes to be broken.

      Inb4 “goon tears are delicious” “goons are gay” etc etc

      • NoTech

        This here post really takes into account the brain-span of the average EN24 CFC fanboy writer: “…he tries to tell industry professionals to fix things that are broken without providing any evidence of what he believes to be broken.”
        Rly ?? I haven’t stated time and time again to fix POS code ? Which btw. CCP has stated time and time again that they’ll fix it.

        • chzy

          CFC fanboy writer? I just like defending the CFC because it pisses retards such as yourself off (Op success?!). So the only thing you think is broken is POS code, and what is wrong with it? Did somebody steal your jew loot or something?

          Your nerdrage gives me a nerd-chubby

          • NoTech

            reading != understanding

          • no read

            actually no, reading = reading and reading comprehension = understanding.

          • no code

            Ermm, isn’t “!=” a comparison operator in C/C++ ? I think it means “not equal to”

          • Chris

            Its in more than just C/C++

        • you’re an idiot.

          Actually they have stated time an time again they WANT to fix the POS code but don’t know how to with out completely breaking an making it not work.

    • Brandoe

      Ok go send a mail to the ART TEAM detailing what you think they should be working.

      • NoTech

        First the name change, then you still parrot around…your still a moron

  • yolofrigs

    The first decent stuff we saw from the art department within 2 years. Not bad at all.

    • Lipitol

      The re-design of the Apoc was nice.

      • yolofrigs

        True, i forgot about that.

    • Guest

      SoE Ships were pretty nice too

      • yolofrigs

        Naa, pretty uninspired tbh.They don´t look bad but they are not exactly what you would call unique designs.

  • bawdabilder

    The amarr wrecks. Fucking jizz dem pants.

  • Kadeshi Grunt

    i am getting tired of these minor game improvements and fixes . It is time fix the major issues. The sovereignty mechanics , the coaltion mechanics need implementing, And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD POS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM needs a OVERHAUL

    • Nulli dude

      Kadeshi grunt you are some sort of idiot. The people who work on coding lag and balance are not the same people who work on art and modelling which this is. Are you the kind of person who goes into a car repair shop and shouts at the receptionist “WHY ARE YOU IMPROVING YOUR BOOKING SYSTEM WHEN THE TIRE INFLATION RIG TAKES LONGER THAN AVERAGE TO INFLATE TYRES”

      • Kadeshi Grunt

        dude read before you type . I did not say art division fix it . I said ccp needs to fix it and i was getting tired of minor game improvements . Think before you type . CCP could re task the art division to another game and get coders and programmers working on a overhaul of some outdated pos mechanics and broken sov mechanics with regards to space usage efficiency.

        • Ex-Kadeshi Grunt

          Or, you know, task the art division to Eve and get programmers working on an overhaul of POS mechanics and sov mechanics. Sorry but this just isn’t the right place to bitch about that. The proper place would have been in the post about the ESS module they spent 8 months developing for the benefit of awoxers rather than spending 8 months sorting out sov mechanics for the benefit of everyone in null.

          • Kadeshi Grunt

            it had the desired impact of getting attention to the issue at least . but granted could have bitched in a different place

        • nulli dude

          Then why complain about that in a thread about art assets?

          • NoTech

            I think because the art deparment didn’t implement that or anything else in code, that was someone else, and they could have done something else with that time.

    • CBJL

      The developers operate in teams, these teams are tasked with fixing existing issues or adding new content to each of their teams roles. The team here was the modeling and artwork team, not a coding team to fix UI or game mechanics.

      As for POS towers, they’re fine. I maintain 100+ POS towers personally. Once you go through the anchoring and onlining phase, everything works fine. You can move stuff from and to any module within its forcefield, you can position the modules manually to better suit your own desires, The reason for the anchoring and onlining phase is to allow others to contest your ownership of the moon. The reason weapons take 5 minutes to online as well is to prevent players from anchoring ridiculous amounts of guns and being able to online them immediately during a siege as this would become unfair to the siege group.

      Coalition mechanics do not need an overhaul. Eve is a sandbox, meaning its players create the content and story. Coalitions are groups of alliances, much like a coalition of countries in the real world, and are held together with diplomacy and a common goal. Coalitions, being run by players, have the chance of collapsing from within. An example of this is the DRF, a coalition held together with a common purpose. Towards the end of its existence, the members of this coalition turned on eachother. As this is a sandbox, the desires, ego, attitudes and needs of the players is what causes them to either band together or kill eachother. Why does it need to be changed?

      Sovereignty mechanics are also fine the way they are. The systems are given a timer to allow the defending party to not lose everything while they are offline. The sheer EHP of the structures is to stop large groups from simply alphaing the structure during a fight to win. It gives the chance to repair during an engagement, and pushes both parties to kill eachother before any progress is made either way, encouraging fights.

      So before you go claiming certain things need to be implemented ‘asap’, or changed, I think you should explain why you believe they should be implemented or changed.


      • Kadeshi Grunt

        the sovereignty mechanics with regards to occupied space it should be that if you dont use it you loose it by means of reduced timers and so forth. The pos management system no setup needs simplified and made a little easier to interface with. less hunting for settings

      • NoTech

        What are you talking about POSes are fine?? All the stuff you are referring to is high level.100+ POPses ??? You’re a POS fueler ?? If you research, manufacture,
        invent you’ll stumble upon some serious bugs. Fitting T3 still not working. And what most annoying, some of these bugs exist for years.

    • N3Fanbud

      Stop whining bro. These where made by the Art Division. They don’t care about this shit, they just design.

      • LeSigh

        I love how people just don’t understand this simple fact. Without them the game would literally be spreadsheets in space.

        • ummm?

          It already is

    • Brandoe

      All of these things won’t be fixed by the ART TEAM!!!!! FUCK!

  • Fido

    I wonder if the wreck of the first titan destroyed will be replaced with the new model.

  • Jaime Gomes

    This is just too cool. Please lets us add tags/decals to our ships!

    • Candycrush online

      inb4 “dickbutt” on all minmatar solar panels.

  • Expert Opinion

    This is a real game changer. Thank you ccp for all your hard effort.

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      too little too late..

      the CFC wrecks have already been salvaged. 🙁

  • eric loto

    While this is the art departments work you are all failing to awknowledge that CCP could allocate more resources to other departments! Why even have an art department? Recode the game then add art? I’d fly around in a white block if it meant this game I love was being made future proof!


    Also they should hire the discuss team, goons are flooding their nodes with tears and no TiDi!

    • ekfjsndf

      Maybe you would fly around in a white block but I spend quite a bit of time just looking over how beautiful this game is. White blocks are so Atari 2600.

  • Seraph IX Basarab

    CCP did something other than what I wanted! Grrr! Me me me me me me me!

    • Chris

      Pretty much this. So many people in this game feel way too entitled.

      • heh

        big hint for you buddy.. Customers are entitled… because if they don’t reasonably get what they reasonably wanted… you lose business. It does piss people off that when theres serious issues with the game… they fix capital wrecks. Personally I don’t give a crap about what best burke wanted… but facts are facts. You either please customers… or you lose customers. Then your fun game where you get to feel like a bad ass is done.

        • reasonable… LOL… to who?

          “because if they don’t reasonably get what they reasonably wanted”

          The problems with customers deciding what’s reasonable to want is they have no idea what reasonable means. I once listened to a person demand 10 different free games, a free year long DLC subscription, 3 T-shirts, a backpack, a water bottle and an official apology posted online because his account was reset for blatant repeated cheating.

          • best_burek

            You are either the same person who posted under “thanks for the laugh :)” or another one that hates his job and hates when customers get what they want even though they might be wrong. CAUSE GUESS WHAT!!! THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

          • Herp McDerpenstein
          • best_burek

            The post applies to you especially…..

        • best_burek

          I wasn’t looking for anything, merely pointing out a fact about what customers want. Like prioritizing resources where they are needed. I mean who relay cares what a wreck of a super cap looks like….

    • best_burek

      I guess you don’t run a business because if you did you would know the first and most important rule. The customer is always right, what the customer whats the customer gets. If they want to stay in business for a long time they better concentrate on fixing issues with lag and other game mechanics instead of just putting a facelift on the game or the customers will go somewhere else.

      • Michael

        A couple years ago a 500 on 500 man battle would not have been possible. Now you’re crying because your dread got exploded. Please show me where they haven’t worked on this issue. Seems like more goon tears to me.

      • thanks for the laugh :)

        “The customer is always right…”

        I’ve worked in tech/customer support for the last 10 years, and there has been a running joke at every single place I worked concerning the phrase, “The customer is always right” The punch line being only a customer would be dumb, and self important enough to assume they are right because they paid for something.

        As far as “what the customer whats the customer gets”…. ROFL do me a favor, pick up your phone and call a large gaming company (EA, Activision, Blizzard, Nintendo, Bungie, Riot, Anet, Trion, etc.) and demand something simply because you want it or think you are entitled to it. Then post back here and let me know how long it took them to hang up on you, or tell you they are looking into the issue and will get back to you.

        • best_burek

          Thats why you work for someone instead of owning a business.

        • Candycrush online

          So you are one of these aweful HP tech support guys ?

    • NotSure

      Yup that’s a good example of what the art department did in terms of making something visually appealing.

      Since the battle there was like 5 days ago I’m not sure what your referencing unless of course your once again saying that the art department should work on lag.

    • Northern Vet

      At least it isn’t boring black screen anymore!

      I would say that’s progress right?

    • Michael

      Moar tears please my ship is running low again.

  • Danny Payne

    more useless shit to lagg the fuck outa the game that no one wants

    • erratic1212

      Something they can do away with altogether. Doesn’t add anything for me.

    • Chris

      Nah, no lag here. Its not graphics lag that is the problem. There is no more code involved server side for wrecks than has existed previously.

    • Candycrush online

      Looks like a douche
      Posts like a douche
      Knowledge like a douche
      is a douche…

  • Squinty McBlindy

    Pretty. Cool. Stuff.

  • N3_Grunt

    Is it me or is there not really that big of a difference in minmatar ships wreck or whole?

  • heh

    I just wanted to let you all know that I got banned from Want to know why?

    Powersv2 was whiny about the MOA guy and then I responded by saying:

    “Wow if goon admins are that pissed off at this guy… maybe I should join them.” (moa being them)

    Instant ban.

    Just wondering… was that really a bad thing and extremely disruptive to say?

    • -_-

      Don’t take it harshly, think of it as a liberation.

    • Michael

      If you haven’t been banned from tmc you’re doing it wrong.

      • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

        This, TMC propaganda is meant for CFC players thinking of leave the ship,
        NOT for the players that are already fighting them…

        Next time when you post a opposing view from Mittani start with: “as a trusty Goon player I think .

        • WhatWouldJesusDu

          Oh, you must be on your Riverini again. Crying about Goons helps me too :'(

    • chzy

      I just wanted to let you all know I made a sandwich and ated it. Just thought I’d inform you guys coz its really important news and I think its pretty cool.

      Thanks for listening guys, you’re the only friends I have

    • TrollMonkey

      ROFL.. Didn’t you know its a sin to have an opposing view from Mittins? I mean come on… They are right you are wrong and the sooner you come to terms with that and become a subservient PUBLORDNOOB the better =-)~

    • Alison King

      why dont you just run through a proxy like,

    • oh dear me

      just to let you all know, I had a poo.

    • lecorrecto

      and this post has to do with wrecks how? wonder why you got banned.

    • Bill Cat

      Mittens bans orange kittehs too. I guess I took,a forbidden dump in his site sandbox or something.

      • WhatWouldJesusDu

        It’s the quality and variety of articles. They just leave no room for Mexican trash like high sec Riverini pets like yourself. If I was you – I’d be a Chribba pet….

        www (dot) themittani (dot) com
        (it’s just better)

    • grow up kid

      i just wanted to let you all know that, i post unrelated tears on random articles. want to know why?

      I’m an attention whore, and today i felt a bit whiny about the fact that….even tho i try my best at attetion whoring some people just ignore me or even ban me from their sites.

      Just wondering… does anyone care that im attention whoring? is that a bad thing? do i get a price? does anyone wants to collect my tears.

      • WhatWouldJesusDu

        Once a month my girl acts like Riverini too!

    • hmmm

      I got banned from screaming “space, the final frontqueer” or “figger naggot” or something, which in retrospect was probably justified.

    • Candycrush online

      lol. What does that have to do with this news article.
      Please be butthurt about your shit posting somewhere else.

  • Candycrush online

    sometimes I tend to think that the Art division is the only division within CCP that still does a great job. The others seem to dissapoint me more and more while the Art Team amazes me over and over again.

  • ioioio

    WOW they looks so good… GJ CCP!

  • ct nero

    Strange can’t tell the difference between minmatar ships and wrecks 🙂