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This is a mass-reply sent on behalf of CCP Games’ senior customer support staff. If the content of this message does not apply to the issue at hand, then please update this ticket once again and we will assist you as soon as possible.

CCP Games’ stance on large-scale player engagements is well documented within the EVE Online Reimbursement policy. Section 5 under GENERAL GUIDELINES is as follows:

“Any losses of any kind resulting from a large-scale player engagement are not covered by this reimbursement policy.”

Eve reimbursement policy

CCP Games will continue to maintain its policy of non-intervention in the results of such battles. Mistakes in regard to the enforcement of this policy will be corrected in order to maintain full impartiality and fairness to affected players.

We are sorry that your experience of the battle was not to your expectations and our expert development team will continue work on making such engagements more enjoyable in the future. This will be our final decision in regards to this specific battle, but should you have any further questions or concerns in regard to it then we kindly ask you to direct them to your alliances’ leadership rather than contacting CCP Customer Support. We are already in contact with leaders from each coalition, and they will relay to us any feedback or questions due to this event and policy.

  • Candycrush online

    Well considering that a limited number of players can be supported in a system without soul crushing lag.

    Leaving your opponent no other option than escelating should be considered an exploit i.e. crashing the node/causing lag on purpose. If you put 2000 dudes into a system with a huge super/capital fleet prior to the timers. leaving your enemy no other option than jumping in 2500 dudes + supers/capitals for example. Should be an exploit .

    • serious

      Retarded idea. Also in this instance if this would have been a exploit4 it would have been the entire cfc/rus getting banned. 2k subcaps +1k cap fleet vs under 1k total n3.

      • Candycrush online

        I guess you are just another butthurt N3 dweller so let me explain slowly for you again…

        “This goes for both the CFC and N3” it would. Indeed. But since most eve players are ignorant idiots like you . This will never be fixed. But Null Sec PVP needs way to be balanced/nerfed.

        I am in the CFC myself and I think that its our own fault. We leave our hostiles no other option than fielding massive capital numbers to counter our “soviet style” tactics of just bringing in 2k grunts. And that is the point. If you escelate so far that it leaves your opponent no other chance than escelating even more. Its supposed to be an exploit for causing a Node Crash/ lag. What we need is some sort of “max players allowed in one system per faction” thing πŸ™‚

    • Get Your Facts Right First

      There were 1200 PL/N3. 1200. Not 2000.

      That’s one thousand two hundred for those of you that are numerically challenged.

      • Candycrush online

        I was assuming about a future event.

        Learn to read please. Same goes for GG who also seems to be toor retarded to understand a few words. i.e. sentences

    • GG

      It was CFC that was trying to crash the node, not N3. They thought if they cyno’d on the loaded grid the the node would crash. Had the cyno’d in on an empty grid they would have been fine, they knew this, but they gamble and lost.

    • Reti

      A simpler solution would be to cap out the number people you can put into a solar system…. That would force a conflict to spread out across constellations, and not just in single solar systems.

      Another solution would be to make the Sov holding a constellation wide thing, instead of a system wide thing. And make so that you have to hit multiple sov structures across the constellation at one time to disable sov benefits from a single system.

      Basically the problem right now is that there is no reason for people to spread out their forces. All the incentives are there for single massive fights, when what you really want are multiple mid to large sized fights, not a single massive fights.

      • lecorrecto

        .. or just remove standings.

        • Sieveboy

          The lamest option of them all.

      • Candycrush online

        “Another solution would be to make the Sov holding a constellation wide
        thing, instead of a system wide thing. And make so that you have to hit
        multiple sov structures across the constellation at one time to disable
        sov benefits from a single system.”

        Love it. Honestly

  • Sigh

    Just remember that the lag was on N3 side this fight, but if N3 thinks it has a chance to invade the CFC will backfire, because now the CFC knows how to kill a n3 invasion.
    Be in system 1st and you win, and an invasion of the CFC it will be Goons in system first evey fight with 1000 dreads+ suport bs fleets, and it will be N3 getting lag raped,
    The CFC numbers win again.
    And BTW the Rus hate n3 with a passion, for its n3 that backstabbed the Rus on more the a few times.
    Why would the Rus turn on those that in the past who have helped them to help those that backstabbed them?
    They would not.

    • Kadeshi Grunt

      maybe because the CFC just made a deal which effectively screws the russians over with PL . The incentive for russians to fight was diminished with the Botlord accords . They stand no chance of getting drone land regions now

      • Sieveboy

        Not all the drone regions are PL or PL renters, much of it lies with N3PL vassals like EMP or with N3 coalition members or renters. PL space will be safer under the botlord accord, but it won’t be safe from angry russians.

        • Kadeshi Grunt

          You really think the Russians alone can take PL I dont. Add n3 whp could theoreticaly give unlimited support compared ti the limitations placed on goons. Faxe it these accords screw over Russians big style

          • Sieveboy

            No, and no. The only group not screwed by this accord are PL, PL renters, CFC, and CFC renters. N3 got hung out to dry, economically. That is the end game. This deal ensured PL survived and N3 got bled dry. Rus rus won’t conquer PL space without the CFC.

          • lol

            PL =Goons

            Not sure why this is so hard to understand, they have always been butt buddies, Goons always taking it. See everything in last 7 years for examples./

          • Sieveboy

            Sure, we will just forget the VFK headshot.

    • True story

      We are preparing Wrecking Balls 3.0 for the invasion of Tribute and Deklein…
      you will see πŸ˜‰

      • lecorrecto

        this the Ron Jeremy version?

        • Palander

          They will be well equipped then…


          No this is the “Rick james, bitch!” version.

    • Guess

      because rus members like solar are very good at doing exactly what they claim ncl. have done in the past, nevermind solar during the SoCo vs Gypsy war left their own blues out to dry, especialy imperial legion, nevermind png or ed.

  • The guy you block on TMC


    • Kadeshi Grunt

      You 2. Just got the ban hammer myself. Goons can’t handle negative press

      • Demosthenez

        It’s fun trolling the goons, they cry such sweet tears πŸ™‚

  • Bill Cat

    I too have been banned by Mittens. No orange cats allowed.

  • exPL

    When i was in PL eveni had my pve ships reimbursed, thats how they roll

  • highflydude
  • Swamp donkey

    Mittens said “No fun allowed”, so it’s hilarious to see CFC/RUS crying about not having any fun.
    Never let it be said that Mittens doesn’t deliver on his promises.

  • Lolzcat

    It is fair to say, once you understand how to use server mechanics to your advantage.

    you should exploit them utterly until CCP hates itsself for allowing it.

  • Kweetniet

    CFCRUS do deliver, I must give them that.

    Here i was, joining a N#/PL fleet at 4pm EVE, sitting in bubbles, hoping CFC would come and as usual, make a dumb move and make me laugh.

    Well, they came, local chat littered with referrals to the Holocaust, makes you want to smash em more, bulk of their fleet dies, in the meantime I cleaned the house, walked the dogs, ate food, watched the telly and showered.

    After that I was +200 kills and some 700m ISK richer by looting dread+domi wrecks.
    And no: I did not assign drones to 1 guy, 1 remote ECM burst did the trick. ROFL.

    And here we are, almost 1 week further, 2 guys from work that are in GSF quit the game (trololol), Mittani banning ayone that even smirks at him on his site (unbiased TMC ftw), Goons trying to get CCP nerf everything N3 uses as a doctrine, CFC+RUS crying like little kids.

    If you want drama, go fight CFCRUS is what I would advise every neutral player in the game. πŸ™‚

    One hilarious start of 2014 it is.

  • mad

    Goon tears best tears..

  • Demosthenez

    When you get banned from, it’s a good thing πŸ™‚



    Cry more Mittani, it gives me a nerd boner πŸ™‚