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The war in the South between RUS/CFC and PL/N3 has been burning hot with very little headway made by either side. Any advances made by the PL/N3 group were done so on the heels of a careless –A- mistake. After the new year –A- let their home system of F4R fall into final reinforced because they simply couldn’t install a jammer upgrade. –A-‘s bacon was saved by their allies who proceeded to put a combined 2500 man cap/subcap fleet into F4R to guard the system from downtime – about eight hours. PL/N3 were simply astonished by this showing and simply couldn’t fight; catastrophe averted for the ever downtrodden –A-. After this showing, a plan was formed. Essentially the plan revolved around eliciting the same reaction, but this time actually being able to fight. Manny, the PL Campaign Commander for the Southern defense, went straight old-school and pulled the pages from The Old Days of warfare. HED-GP, an important but non-essential entry system into Catch, is plagued by a lack of moons: a mere six. Up until now the narrative of the war has been: if there is a jammer, PL/N3 simply cannot match the numbers of RUS/CFC and the system is defended. Control of the jammer leads to control of the sytem on both sides. To subvert this fact, slowly but surely PL/N3 took control of all six of the moons in HED and proceeded to reinforce the system. –A- were caught off guard when they went to anchor the jammer and found no POSes to anchor it on. Pulling another page from the Book of Old Days, PL/N3 secured the system hours before any hostile formups and deployed their Wrecking Ball doctrine – a doctrine that combines Titans, Dreads, Supers, and Slowcats in such a way as to minimize the super-killing bumps with Titans and Supers shrouded by Carriers. The gauntlet was thrown; HED-GP could only be saved with a similar capital and supercapital showing from RUS/CFC.

As happens ever so rarely in Eve online, the stars aligned and a truly awesome capfight was on the horizon. Surprisingly, RUS/CFC were chomping at the bit for this fight. The combined PL/N3 Wrecking Ball fleet consisted of some 500 Archons, 100 Dreads, 170 Supers, and 70 pivotal Titans – a force of nature in its own right and the largest such fleet assembled by this group. RUS/CFC responded in a huge fashion, though, ready to punish PL/N3 for this gutsy move. RUS/CFC sounded the horns and rallied a whopping 1800 subcaps, 500 Dreads with 200+ ~surprise~ BL+Misc Dreads sitting one jump out. All 700 Dreads were DD tanked with a close range fit – the most downright punishing Dread fleet assembled in recent memory. This was augmented further with ~30 Titans and ~150 Supers . Capable, for sure, of putting the PL/N3 Wrecking Ball fleet to the fire. PL/N3 were stuck in their own bubbles; backing down was not an option. Strategies were formulated while PL/N3 sat waiting for the oncoming storm.

PL/N3 did have two huge advantages – being loaded in the system, and having their synergistic Supers who were accustomed to working with one another in these types of fights. While CFC and RUS did have equal number of Supers, the RUS bloc prefers shield Supers while CFC – like the rest of Eve – have armor. Since HED-GP is only a two-gate system, strategically RUS/CFC could have brought their Dread fleet in at an SBU and raced the PL/N3 fleet at the IHUB. Given the ludicrous amounts of DPS that 1800 subcaps and 500 Dreads could pump out, the race would be a close one – not even needing the split-tank Supers. Kill the SBU, and PL/N3s efforts would be for naught; the hours of waiting and preparation would amount to one huge goose-egg. And, of course, being bubbled would mean that the RUS/CFC fleet would be immune from any harassment whatsoever. As I mentioned before, these types of Capital slugfests are the unicorns of Eve PvP combat – an FCs dream. Killing an N3/PL Wrecking Ball fleet would show once and for all that the Kings of Supercapital Combat were in fact mortal. On top of that, a punishing loss would simply cripple PL/N3 for a non-insignificant amount of time before the ships could be replaced. On the day of the B0TLRD Accords being announced –an agreement between the CFC and PL to make a cartel around space ownership – these types of fights would be even /more/ rare. A figurative unicorn that dined of four-leaf clovers.

The RUS/CFC fleet had the numbers. Their plan was simple – come into system with subcaps and cyno their close-range Dreads into the PL/N3 Wrecking Ball and then unleash havoc in what would be the largest and bloodiest Capital fight Eve had ever seen. A crude plan, perhaps, but no doubt effective. All that was left to do was execute. While RUS/CFC vehemently argue against all things drones assign, they opted to bring drone-assigning Dominixes to the fight. Over a thousand of them. As they entered local PL/N3 were surprised by the turnout and, after doing some quick math, feared that they would lose the structure race to the Dreads and Domis alone. The combined RUS/CFC fleet were not here for a strategic advantage – the tower coverage meant that even if they did save the system PL/N3 could just put the system into reinforced and flaunt their Wrecking Ball again – instead they were out for blood . Smug messages of condolence between friends went out, notably to Sala Cameron who showed up in a Ragnarok. While the Rag was bait fit, there was no way it was going to survive 150 supers, 30 titans, 500 dreads, and 1800 subcaps. “RIP to your 4th Titan, sorry in advance~”

The RUS/CFC fleets left the SBU and came onto grid with the PL/N3 Wrecking Ball fleet at the IHU. Suspecting that the RUS/CFC strategy would be to use their close-range Dreads to bump Titans and Supers out of the Wrecking Ball formation, PL/N3 dropped a Cyno Inhibitor on themselves forcing the RUS/CFC fleet to take it out. After about 30 minutes of 10% tidi fighting RUS/CFC traded ~50 Domis of their 1000+ for the Cyno Inhibitor – a fantastic trade for the subcaps. Now came the tricky part – getting the 500 Dreads, 200 Supers,30 Titans, and 200 reinforcement Dreads into local with some 2700 already in it. Jumping onto the same grid with 2700 people is always a dangerous proposition. In The Old Days this resulted in many welps, and this was on a scale simply never-before seen. The RUS/CFC fleets either forgot the lessons of old or were simply overcome by greed and took the daring approach to cyno all of their Dreads on grid. Not only on grid, but actually inside the PL/N3 bubbles. Brazen. The call was made, the cynos deployed, and the Dreads began to jump. On the brink of Supercapital Armageddon, all hell broke loose.

PL/N3 command channel lit up; “what the fuck did they just do?! They’re cynoing into our bubbles with their subcap fleet on grid?!” The shock and awe would have to take a backseat, though, and PL/N3 quickly went to work breaking the fleet down into 5 distinct cores each shooting their own target. If they were to win they absolutely had to clear Dreads at a frenetic pace. This would be the only play PL/N3 had: clearing DPS before losing all of their repping power. The PL/N3 pings went wild: “Fight is on, when you die pod yourself to Amamake and come back in a new Dread – cyno chains up”. Fast reshipping was the best hope to clear damage, and the cache of Dreads and Carriers was ready to be depleted. Organized chaos from PL/N3 saw reports that the 5 groups were cutting through the RUS/CFC Dreads with ease – the DD tanks weren’t effective and Titans, which were split into pairs, were able to single-shot Dreads. Hearkening back to the old days, strange things began to happen. The RUS/CFC Dreads would simply vanish after taking damage. Others would remain invulnerable. The Dreads, visually stuck in a warp-tunnel by the RUS perspective, were materializing in HED and then being magically transported back to where they came in F4R. The node creaked to a halt, 25 minute module lag from the PL/N3 perspective. Drone assign simply broke. Credit to CCP on a day where most will blame them, the node did stay functional in the face of 4000 people on grid.

The RUS/CFC Dreads were showing up in clumps of 100, vanishing again before dying. After about an hour of this confusion (six minutes of elapsed real time), all of the RUS/CFC Dreads began to materialize in earnest. The 25 minute module lag, however, meant that the relatively uncoordinated dread fire was relegated to easily tankable splitfire. The only thing doing significant damage was the Titan Doomsdays – after all 25 minute module lag is irrelevant with hour-long cooldowns. Jumping onto a grid with 2700 people, of which 1800 are yours, is a rookie move by all accounts. It is what saw PL lose the then-largest capital fight in Y-2ANO some five years ago – a fight that CFC were involved in. The same type of fight that RUS experienced fighting NC in Uemon and O20 some three years ago. So a completely abysmal execution changed what was a decent chance at killing a Wrecking Ball fleet into an utter turkey shoot. RUS, dejected by this catastrophic failure, completely gave up on calling primaries. The CFC, equally frustrated at the failed execution, at least tried to make the best of the situation and killed bubbles allowing them to extract the bulk of their dreads. Meanwhile the BL component, the ~surprise~ 200 Dreads, simply opted to go home instead of showing up to the fight after RUS decided to cyno on grid.

Some three-hundred and fifty RUS/CFC Dreads died between HED-GP and various other systems they panic-jumped too. In return for this hefty price, a mere ~10 N3/PL caps. The same RUS/CFC who had apologized in advance to Sala were greeted with a smug response: “sorry I killed 350 of your Dreads PS I did the most damage”. The old school strategy devised by Manny, Vince, and the rest of the N3/PL FCs paid dividends albeit in a very anti-climactic and drawn-out way. At the end of the day the largest Wrecking Ball fleet ever assembled was able to execute perfectly and completely and utterly devastate the RUS Dread fleet, proving once again that N3 and PL use capitals better than anyone else. In the current Eve climate a 350 Dread loss is not coalition-breaking by any means – the fighting will continue and the South will be ablaze with action. RUS/CFC will have victories and, thanks to –A-, PL/N3 will have their share as well. The fighting is far from over, though it will be months before we see a capital fight of this scale again.

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(Note killboards still updating, about ~50 dreads are still logged off on the HED-GP grid and dying by the hour)

A video of the engagement by Mindranger of Burning Napalm, NCdot.

  • lol

    Yeah… The node stayed up… But was lagged to fuck.

    Not exactly a great showing for CCP. Livestreams were pretty terrible to watch as well as a result.

  • Reti

    The article was awesome, its too bad 90% of comments on this page are whining posts.

    • guest

      To be completely objective, so are yours. Irony’s a bitch.

  • wut?

    ” the node did stay functional in the face of 4000 people on grid.”

    “The 25 minute module lag,”

    “The RUS/CFC Dreads were showing up in clumps of 100, vanishing again before dying”

    sounds like the node didn’t do that well at all. And to all you people who would rush to say isn’t this better than just a black screen? No, its not at least the black screen fucked both parties equally. TiDi always fucks the same person, whoever cynos into the fight.

    • siriusclown

      Blackscreen fucked the person jumping in. If you were already loaded the rape of the enemy was a foregone conclusion. Are you new?

      • lmao

        lmao more tears please, goons never cry when this happens to their enemies.

    • Michael

      More tactics less crying. The cfc had the chance to stand down. They KNEW this is exactly what would happen and they got greedy and hubris filled. Get rekt goons.

  • Go Hawks

    CCP needs to make this better. Why would you want to have a large fight again after this mess ? I mean guys loosing ships with out even loading ? Fuck that. EVE a spaceship game that does not work lol. The way it is right now it’s just unplayable.

    • blobs the issue

      No it works but doesnt with half of eve vs the other half – Goons mentality of bluing half the map to RMT is the problem, remove it being possible or viable to blue everyone (ie limit profits to make people fight for them) and you stop the need for stupid sized fights.
      Then the game gets what it needs and fights the size it can handle…..

  • Go Hawks

    EVE the DDOS game

  • best_burek

    I guess the current sandbox is too small ey CCP better get a bigger sandbox or people will start going somewhere else.

    • truth

      goons leaving the game is good for anygaem

      • better for you

        No, PL leaving this game

        • Aww you poor thing. Show me on the doll where PL touched you.

  • ThatGuy

    What a pitty.. what could of been a epic battle.. was reduced to a turkey shoot as mega lag meant the guys on feild held the field.
    So glad I stepped away from the joke Sov warfare has become

    • Boliano

      Listen i jumped in after goons did. Terrible lag. Took days for mods to activate. But i still got kills. Bottom line they screwed up jumping directly into the grid. No reimbursement from ccp. Suck it up. Its ok when u do it to us. In my opinion congrats to ccp for keeping the node up.

  • lrntoread

    People just sperge our comments without reading. The node didn’t kill cfc nor did N3/PL getting there first doom CFC, CFC made a tactical greedy error by jumping everything in at once inside the bubble and making a huge noob mistake.

  • Nerf the blob

    All these tears from butt hurt Goons because the game
    mechanics couldn’t handle them throwing everything they have into one system. The
    problem is they have nobody to blame but themselves, they forum warriored every
    nerf to small scale pvp, to stop small roaming gangs being able to get into
    null or have a chance against a larger gang and created the game we play now.

    They want to play the game with half of it blued so they can
    create isk, not for good fights or to do anything for themselves but purely to
    buff the ego of a leader who doesn’t log in.

    Their entire way of fighting is to blob the shit out of
    their opponent and if that doesn’t work, cry the way their opponent is fighting
    is unfair and attempt to get it broken so again they can play. Heaven forbid
    actually trying to use the same tactic i.e.. use supers, “No” they
    get them nerfed because they can’t use them – Cant fight fast ships with drakes,
    Nerf speed so you can’t kite and make the game a blob wins game…..

    So basically they broke Eve until they could win, in the
    process forcing everyone to play to their blob rules, yet not everyone is
    unable to adapt like them.. Even after they nerfed the arse out of supers and
    made titans basically taxis NC./PL find a way which again Goons can’t beat.
    Along came the moans to nerf Archons for being Archons, which for one fell on
    deaf ears.

    Then Goons being Goons think of the cheapest (where is all
    that isk they generate?) way to try and counter what they can’t beat and decide
    that on top of their already stupid 1500 subs they will then drop another 700
    dreads? Not just that but at the same time and the same grid lol.

    So they welp half the dread fleet and then want to moan
    about mechanics, them and only them made this game a blob fest, they killed
    small scale pvp and the only reason NC./PL are even teamed up against them is
    because Goons want to own all of eve to generate isk (for what exactly) –
    without someone standing up to them there would be nothing but Goons renting

    CCP needs to fix mechanics yes but not to let half of eve fight
    the other half on one grid, they should fix the broken moon mining (botting
    made legal), fix the broken Sov mechanics to make it impossible to rent space
    and hold the sheer amount Goons do without using it and force players back
    fighting alliance vs alliance.

    Baring 10x faster hardware it will never be possible for the
    fights of this scale but dont let that spoil Goons tears of its not fair, it
    was fair when you blobbed VFK that badly it crashed the system in order to save
    it though, right?

    Nerf the blob

    • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

      this is the post of the year right here

  • Mangyno

    Someone is smuggo.


    First big fight in new year and FAiL AGAIN :/

    CCP will be reimbursing caps to RUS/CFC

    • Scott L

      Good luck.

    • Jason

      You are dreaming friend, if they do reimburse, they will open the floodgates of every TiDi fight hundreds people claiming they died due to lag. There is a good reason CCP has never, and will never reimburse losses in large fights like this.

    • FC break

      They won’t you retard. Such wishful thinking. Stop being terrible.

  • Guest

    pl fanbois and wannabe 1337 playors, your written masturbation is sooo boring, do yourself a favour and quit game, there will be a better ingame world without pathetic roosters like you

    • Hahahahahaha… Your tears = priceless.

    • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

      u mean the game would be better without mittenz and his happy bad of fuckwitz in the blue donut of the north..


      • Katakluakta

        ah do not speak to bad ot mittens as you bastart pl and n3 is the same SHIAT

        • asdf

          What the fuck is a bastart, is that a new breed of poptart?

  • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

    if goons didnt bring everyone and there moms to help then it wouldnt be like this tidi isnt killing eve coalitions are

    • Adamski

      and if they brought in their cap fleet with no support they would have been laughed at. Pretty strong bias here

      • Garmon Integra

        You must be new to fleet fights hu…?

      • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

        bias i think u have bias wrong with fact did they need over 2k people to deal with what n3 had on field no. they could have matched n3 archon for archon super for super but they didnt they wanted to drop the hammer and the hammer ended up dropped on them….. why didnt they drops so much wait for the dust to settle as they lost shit drop replacements in instead of going all out and calling in everyone they know or could pay

  • Sigh

    So from now on the only way to win a big fight is to be in system first?
    That dont bode well for either side.
    If n3 try to invade the cfc then n3 will lose because the cfc will make sure they are on grid first.
    If the cfc try to invade n3 they will lose because n3 are in system first.
    CCP has to fix this madness because every one losers in the long run.
    PL said had the game worked as intended the the CFC/RUS dread drop would have worked fine instead of the retard fight that happened.
    Nither side is to blame.
    CCP is as fault period

    • Yes and no. I see what you’re saying here, but you’re still wrong. CCP is not at “fault.” They did nothing wrong. They reinforced the node, but the sheer volume of activity is too much for the current software. They need to reinvent SOV mechanics, but that doesnt happen overnight and I havnt seen you post a suggest that ends all the SOV grind problems, so maybe you should shut the fuck up and stop crying about CCP.

      CFC could have cyno’d dreads in 30mins before the IHUB timer and setup, and or warped one mass blob of dreads (with hardeners online) to the N3/PL bubble and engaged. Instead, they foolishly chose to cyno in and risk lag, which spiked, and caused their death.

      CFC is to blame for their loss.

    • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

      if the server could handle 4000 comfortably @ 50% tidi cfc would drop more doods and break it again its there blob/cat herding mentality..

      Lets not forget how many times have used being in system first to there advantage but when the roles are reversed then shits broken AMIRIGHT?

      • bigbonedbobby

        people would die in a faster pace if it was only 50% tidi at the max tidi dead people sit around forver and teh system just satys at the maxed out…its like watching a underwater ping pong match its completely pointelss…nobody will win..

        • Britanicus99

          397 dead dreads says otherwise.

    • erratic1212

      More goon tears, keep them coming.

      oh, i’m sorry your server crash attempt failed.

  • true

    Everybody they known if server works fine win CFC/RUS side.

    I like this comments

    “Methylated Spirit

    I absolutely love how N3/PL posters are blaming CFC/RUS for the tidi etc, saying they shouldnt jump ships into a busy system. After months of flaming them for not committing to fights. If your grand plan is to fill a system to breaking point so that the opposition cannot engage you, this is an exploit and surely a sign of desperation.You complain about fighting under cyno jammers, and when your own side removes that mechanic, you complain that the enemy has too many ships. Grow the fuck up, I hope you get stuffed back to faction warfare for your whiny assed bitching.”

  • damnwhitebastards

    take care Boizzz to much pl n3 jizzz on teh floor

  • Ciaphas Cyne