In the beginning of the month NCDOT lost a Nyx in Impass thanks to a bug. A short summary of the bug is that if you had your smart bombs active then you were unable to jump out of system. NCDOT Fc’s were able to reproduce this bug on the Singularity server and the Nyx owner submitted a Petition with all the evidence. If you want to read more about this Nyx loss then I recommand reading the following article that was posted.

The bug that caused the nyx death is the following: if a Super Capital activates smart bombs then it might be able to get stuck in the Jump tunnel, meanwhile his ship stays on field and is able to be killed. This means that while you think you jumped out to a safe place you’re still able to die.

CCP investigated the bug and even they were able to reproduce the bug. Today they decided to give TheArchJudge his nyx back. If a Super Cap or a titan gets replaced by CCP then it will always be put into a station so that the owner can pick it up at any time. Screenshot of the nyx docked in the N3 Staging system:

Video of the Super undocking:

Im happy to see that CCP responded so fast to this issue and hopefully this bug can be eliminated quickly!


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