In the beginning of the month NCDOT lost a Nyx in Impass thanks to a bug. A short summary of the bug is that if you had your smart bombs active then you were unable to jump out of system. NCDOT Fc’s were able to reproduce this bug on the Singularity server and the Nyx owner submitted a Petition with all the evidence. If you want to read more about this Nyx loss then I recommand reading the following article that was posted.

The bug that caused the nyx death is the following: if a Super Capital activates smart bombs then it might be able to get stuck in the Jump tunnel, meanwhile his ship stays on field and is able to be killed. This means that while you think you jumped out to a safe place you’re still able to die.

CCP investigated the bug and even they were able to reproduce the bug. Today they decided to give TheArchJudge his nyx back. If a Super Cap or a titan gets replaced by CCP then it will always be put into a station so that the owner can pick it up at any time. Screenshot of the nyx docked in the N3 Staging system:

Video of the Super undocking:

Im happy to see that CCP responded so fast to this issue and hopefully this bug can be eliminated quickly!

  • Duval

    Well, shit. No tears…

    • erratic1212

      Oh sorry, you thought it was skills?

  • Dumbledore

    Goddamnit if you had had your character in Jita for the reimbursement, I would have bought that thing from you for 100b.

    • Butch Cassidy

      You have to be in 0.0 or low sec to recieve a capital ship now.

      • Dumbledore

        Another nerf from CCP.

    • -_-

      125b! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Dumbledore

    Did you get the modules back too, or just the hull?

    • Kullen

      Hull rigs and everything on the ship that was destroyed, droped mods and cargo is forfite.

      • Doctor

        I would have refit the ship before I undocked it lol

        • Kullen

          He did, when he logged in he was allready in the Nyx when he logged in. When you get a ship reinbursed its just in station, and your toon is as it was when you logged out.

  • Herlec C.

    en24, still making useless “so called” news

    • erratic1212

      Goon tears best tears.

    • Calm The Duck Down

      I consider this relevant. A lot of people were curious about it. What do YOU consider news then?

      • sadleric

        “I consider this revenant.”

        Fixed it for you ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Altrue

        Agreed, not the most important news, but a very interesting one. I was curious to see how it would end, and I’m sure some cap pilots are happy to know how to avoid getting in the same situation until a fix is released.

    • sadleric

      Mate, this was a huge issue both in here, on the forums, and on TMC.

      It’s news.

    • Weak Sauce

      Herlec, still trying to figure out when to troll and when not to troll.

    • Better then the mittani dwat dudes as they have been kinda silent recently. But hey they only report on CFC victories so I understand why they have been silent recently.

    • That was stupid

      As oppose to the book reports, and product ads ” ” on TMC?

  • jk

    Another sad day for CFC/Rus Rus

    • Tiago D’Agostini

      well i had never seen a nyx undock.. had you?

      • Gorakhal

        plenty times on test server

      • Marlona_Sky


        • blubbblubb

          iยดve seen you undock in a nyx ๐Ÿ˜€

  • HJ

    please stop writing.

    • sadleric

      This is a to-the-point, factual piece with relatively decent spelling and mechanics. Stop writing?

      • sadleric

        Okay, ‘gets’ in the title is a stylistic faux pas, and the title is written in passive voice. Should be, “CCP Replaces NC. Nyx”

        • Ciaphas Cyne

          dont forget this 6th grade sentence:

          “CCP investigated the bug and even they were able to reproduce the bug.”

    • Sushi Plate

      Thank you for that most informed comment.

  • Sold

    Should have requested it in Jita. The looks on the hisec pubbies faces when he undocks that beast and deploys 25 drones… lol

    • No.

      You mean 20 nobody fits drone things to pvp supers

    • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

      already been done

  • Derpington derpy derp

    Shut up overman!

  • Random CFC Grunt

    Did you insure it? I would…

    • Marlona_Sky

      I insured my FOATR Nyx. Was like 3 billion and change for platinum and it paid out something along the line of 7.5 billion.

  • Homophobic John

    Reporter is in NC. I too have undocked a Nyx on the test server. What else you got?

    • Im black sometimes

      You are a worthless shit how about you read before you type.

      • Homophobic John

        Quiet down nigger.

        • No


    • Overman MV

      That’s a lot of people in local for the test server…

      • Homophobic John


        • Corky

          not to mention the sov… ;P

    • Corky

      didnt know you could dock a super or buy them from the market on Sisi?? ^^

    • O

      This site will not tolerate blatant spin. Take it to TMC where it belongs.

      • Homophobic John

        Post of the day. +1 for making me laugh.


    Hope he made an insta undock…

    • Why have an insta.

      Of n3 staging system….Gil isn’t f4r and isn’t perms reinforced and camped. Now getting off that shitty station will be a bit more annoying.

  • DS

    Welcome back to the land of the living.

  • Daniel Grist

    i cant help but wonder at a certain 2 cfc supers killed in the fountain war, shouldnt they be reimbursed?

    • Muul Udonii

      The 28 BL ones were smartbombing, right? petition!!!!!!

      The game should just fucking work.

      • Kris

        They we’re bubbled. Also, a game can’t simply be flawless, you fix some and you cause some. Computers aren’t perfect nor are humans.

        • chzy


          • Kris

            Yeah thanks, I wanted to edit it but…

  • WHAT!?!?

    Would be funny if you could insure it and see what you get…