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Dev Post: Drone Shield Regen Speeds

January 16, 2014

Quick announcement to start what will be a busy day.
At the moment, all drones have the same shieldRechargeRate stat. All the way from Acolytes to Mantis’.

This was not an intended pattern and since the balance effects of fighter bombers sporting battlecruiser level passive tanks (mainly resistance to smartbombs and non-coordinated bombs) are negative we’re going ahead and giving each size of drone a different shield recharge time just as we do with ships.
Like with ships, the larger drones get better hp/s but the difference will now be much smaller. Light and medium drones are getting buffed, heavies staying the same, sentries through to fighter bombers nerfed.

This stat affects the time it takes the shields to regenerate passively from 0 to full. Lower is better.

At the moment every drone has a recharge time of 250s, post patch it will be:

Light – 125s
Medium – 200s
Heavy – 250s
Sentry – 400s
Fighter – 500s
Fighter Bomber – 750s

This change will be on SISI for your testing shortly.

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