Let’s start with the siphon variations. There are two of them, both also small like the one released in Rubicon.

The Small Mobile ‘Rote’ Siphon Unit steals the same type of material as the base version from Rubicon. But instead of favoring raw materials over processed materials, the Rote will favor processed materials. This means it steals more of processed materials and if it can steal either raw material or simple processed materials, it will choose to steal the processed materials. As for the base version, Alchemy output is not stolen. Here are the most pertinent stats:

Processed materials siphon amount: 110 units
Raw material siphon amount: 20 units
Waste factor: 10%
Capacity: 1000
The build cost of this unit is slightly higher than for the base version.

The Small Mobile ‘Hybrid’ Siphon Unit steals polymers (from Polymer Reactor Arrays). It does not steal Fullerenes directly. The batch sizes of the polymers vary a lot (currently ranging from 2 to 1000). This huge range makes it difficult to work with. As there is really no reason for this great of a range, as part of introducing the Hybrid Siphon Unit, we’re adjusting the batch sizes for polymers a bit. More on that below, lets first look at the most pertinent stats:

Polymer siphon amount: 50% of batch size (we’re using percentages here because of the size variation differences)
Waste factor: 10%
Capacity: 1200
The build cost is the same as the base version.

A bit more on the batch sizes. We’re increasing the batch size for the smallest ones, so they all have a batch size of at least 100. We’re adjusting volume and blueprint material requirements accordingly so that the end result remains the same (i.e. each batch takes the same size as before and building requirements require the same amount of polymers proportionally). Furthermore, we will run update scripts to update all current stockpiles of polymers when the changes go live. This includes all inventories, as well as buy and sell orders and contracts. This means that players will retain the correct ratio of polymers.

Money for Pirates, ISK for Free

Now for the new deployable. The collective term is Encounter Surveillance System, or ESS. Let's start with a quick tl;dr version, refer to the rest of the text for further details. After 1.1, players receive 95% of a bounty income in Null Sec. An active ESS in a system changes the direct payout value to 80%, but further 20% is stored in a system-wide pool that can be accessed through the ESS. This additional bounty payment can rise to 25% over time. So post-1.1, players have the choice to either skip using an ESS and get 95% bounty value, or use ESS and generate 100% up to 105% of bounty value, but have a portion of it be at risk.

Each race has their own ESS, so there are four in total, Amarr/Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar Encounter Surveillance System. An ESS allows an empire to monitor bounty-generating activities in the solar system it is deployed in. Why this is a thing is due to an on-going and ever-growing feud between the empires and Concord. Concord has decided that monitoring these bounty-generating activities (i.e. killing pirates) outside of their jurisdiction is becoming too expensive, especially with the lost income from high-sec Custom Offices. As a result, they will no longer pay the full bounty amount. There is no statistical difference between the racial variants

After Rubicon 1.1 the payout for killing pirates in Null Sec is 95% of the actual bounty. So a pirate with a bounty of 100.000 ISK will give whomever killed it 95.000 ISK after the point release.

Deploying an ESS in a system affects the payout. With an active ESS, the base payout (what you get directly into your wallet) is reduced further, down to 80% of actual bounty value. This is because Concord doesn’t like it when somebody starts interfering with their bounty activity monitoring.

But what happens also is that the ESS starts computing bounty payouts. This is set to 20% of the actual bounty value. This means that with an active ESS in a system, the total bounty payouts are 100%, or equal to the value players receive today. The main difference is that part of it is only accessible through the ESS and does not go directly to the player. The ESS represents empire monitoring efforts that allow them to compensate players to offset the reduced value that Concord is paying out.

The longer an ESS is active in a system, its payout value increases over time and can rise from 20% to 25%. This addition comes on top of the other payments, i.e. the base 80% payment remains the same.  This means that with a fully increased ESS, the total payment is 105% of the actual bounty value. Note that this increase only applies to bounties generated after the increase has occured. Also, the increase in payout level is based on bounty-generating activity, so the payout level will not rise for an active ESS if there is no bounties being generated in the system.

The value the ESS tracks creates a system-wide pool. This is a common pool for all bounties generated in the system, there is not a separate pool for each player.

This pool can only be accessed through the ESS. Accessing the ESS is a timed action that takes 20 seconds to complete. Only one player can access the ESS at a time and the access range is 2500 meters. Once a player has accessed the ESS, a window opens up where the player has two choices, Share and Take all. Anyone can access the ESS. The ESS cannot be accessed while cloaked.

The Share option will share the contents of the pool amongst those that have contributed to the pool. Each player then gets his own contribution back. Choosing this option is effectively confirming the monitoring efforts of the ESS as correct, allowing the empires to transfer ISK directly to the contributing players. This ISK is transferred even if the contributing player has left the system or is offline.

The Take all option will give the total contents of the pool to the player accessing the ESS. Choosing this option is effectively telling the ESS its computations are incorrect and the player will take on the responsibility of dividing the ISK correctly. At least, that’s what the empires, in their infinite wisdom, are assuming that the law-abiding pilots of New Eden will do. The ESS hands out the value of the pool in the form of ISK tags. See more below in ISK tags. It takes time for the ESS to print the tags and hand them out, this time is 40 seconds.

Here is an early version of the window:

The choice thus for players is either to skip deploying an ESS, receiving 95% of the bounty value, but getting it all directly to wallet. Or they can deploy an ESS, generating at least full bounty value and even more over time, but with a portion of the bounty value being at risk of being stolen.

Facts and Figures

Let’s try to cover some of the further aspects of the ESS in a bullet-point list (plus some repeats):

  • Encounter Surveillance Systems are sold directly from the navies of the empires. For instance, the Gallente ESS is sold in Federation Navy stations. The retail price is around 30 million. Stat wise, all the ESS structures are identical. The only difference is what kind of ISK tags they drop (see more below on ISK tags).
  • Only one ESS can be active in a system at any given time.
  • An ESS cannot be deployed close to stations, stargates or starbases. The minimum range from these structures is several 100 kilometers.
  • An ESS can only be deployed in Null Sec.
  • It takes 60 seconds for a deployed ESS to become active. As with the other mobile structures, the anchoring and onlining is a single action.
  • The ESS has a global beacon, meaning it will be visible by all players, allowing them to warp directly to it. Note that the new scan-block deployable does not interfer with this.
  • The ESS has around 150.000 Hit Points (ca. 90000 structure, and 30000 each in armor and shield).
  • The ESS can be scooped up by the owner of the ESS (the player that deployed it).
  • Destroying or scooping the ESS will not affect the system-wide pool. That is only affected by successfully accessing the ESS and choosing to Share or Take all. The system wide-pool stays intact and becomes available again when another ESS is deployed.
  • The payout level of an ESS is reset if it is destroyed, scooped or when it is accessed and the system-wide pool is distributed.
  • The current payout level of the ESS is visible in the name of it, and can thus be seen anywhere in the system.
  • The ESS has a warp bubble with a radius of 15km. Warping to the ESS brings you to the edge of the bubble. This warp bubble has exactly the same functionality as a normal one.
  • Whenever a ship warps to the ESS, a broadcast is made in local informing everyone in the system that player X is in the vicinity of the ESS. This triggeres even if the approaching ship is cloaked.
  • Anyone can access an ESS, not just the owner.
  • When a player accessing an ESS has chosen whether to Share or Take all, everyone that contributed to the pool receive a notification of the choice made. This notification includes the name of the player that accessed it.

The Bounty Reimbursement Tags

When a player chooses the Take all option when accessing an ESS, that player receives the ISK in the pool in the form of tags. These tags are called Bounty Reimbursement Tags. Each empire have their own tags and the tags dropped depend on the ESS type (so the Amarr ESS will drop Amarr tags). The Bounty Reimbursement Tags have a volume of 0.01. The actual functionality is that the ESS stores blank tags and then prints tags and drops them when needed.

Apart from the empire distinction, tags also come in four value variations, 10.000, 100.000, 1 million and 10 million. So the tags for Amarr, for example, are named Amarr 10K Bounty Reimbursement Tag, Amarr 100K Bounty Reimbursement Tag, Amarr 1M Bounty Reimbursement Tag and Amarr 10M Bounty Reimbursement Tag.

When the Take all option is selected, the pool is divided into tags, using as few tags as possible. Remnants (i.e. whatever is left under 10K) are removed.

This is the End

You can test the new siphon units and the ESS feature on SISI right now, we’d love for as many as possible to try them out and give us feedback.

That’s it for Team Super Friends. Our main goal for Rubicon and its point release has been to introduce different ways for players to affect each other’s gameplay, introducing risk where there was none before, give players some interesting choices and general mayhem. We hope we’ve hit at least some of our goals, improving EVE in the process. Until next time.


  • Draugo Rana

    What a bizarre feature this ESS is. I am struggling to come up with ideas in what way this makes EVE better. It just seems like a complicated game mechanics for the sake of it.

    • dfumufm

      nerf null!

      • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

        you worry about the carebearing? Be more afraid of us hunting you. (ok ok, we do it to grief you, not for that ess isk)

        hail N3.

        • ..

          N3 survives on the blood that it siphons from its renters… i wonder what would happen if they stopped renting.

        • dfumufm

          hahahahhahahaha ahahahha N3 hahaha

    • A Merc

      Hehe, looks like a good mechanic to grief null sec carebears.

      Touch that ESS and expect plenty of BLOPS action.

      • lulz

        Won’t really effect null bears that much at all. First of all people don’t kill nullbears because they have bounty. Secondly as far as seeing more BLOPS….. what? Not sure whats dumber….. hunterkillers deploying the ESS before they go for the tackle? Or waiting the 60 sec’s for the ESS to deploy well your BLOPS gang is in system before making the kill.

        The ESS will be mostly used a gate camps in systems that are well controlled by the gate campers. So…. buff to gate camps….. just what we needed. lol….

        • Ville

          You should probably read what the ESS actually does before making assumptions. It stores bounty from npc kills and anyone can access it.

          • dafuq

            Emphasis on the “NPC”. In whichever way NPC bounties are relevant to gatecamps… mind telling us lulz?

        • A Merc

          Just set one up on sisi, seems to pull 20% bounties into the ESS. I’ll assume this will increase over time.

  • Skilfer

    I believe the 0.0 RP community is going to love the ESS from a lore standpoint. Now groups such as I-RED and CVA can claim that the NPC force they represent is subsidizing or even as far as writing their daily checks!

  • Utari Onzo

    I’m so glad I left nullsec for wormhole space. While I love the siphon units this ESS system just seems badly thought out and the increase ‘gain’ doesn’t make up for the increased risk

    • Corky

      CCP FoxFour was going all mental on IRC about this “SPECTACULAR CHANGE!” but ‘we had to wait for it to see what that module was all about’…
      Did they mention that they spent 8 months developing it?

      Ah well, 1 useless BS extra and ‘hey, we’re 6 months further and we’re looking at the next expansion with useless stuff’.

  • Dave From Razor

    CFC the only Super Friends you ever need – FACT
    N3 and PL the jack boot of truth will soon be stomping all over your space. It is not too late to repent and move back to Jita

    • Random scrub

      Dave you are perhaps the biggest idiot in eve.

  • pippo

    The tags are cash, and there are four currencies. This could be the start of something big. Or not.

  • lulz

    ESS = Buff to gate camp.

    • Coriolanus

      Can’t deploy near gates, but a great way to bait people.

  • Chessguy99

    So, instead of fixing the stuff players have been complaining about for the past couple years, we get ESS. No wonder un-subs are outpacing new subs.

  • Andrew Metzger

    ISK tags, sooo much potential…..

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    oh good, another nerf for drone space. fuck you ccp.

    • Coriolanus

      How? Drones have bounties, explain how its a nerf?

      • Anhenka

        Drones only have bounties. All other types have a significant amount of their value in drops and salvage, while drones have no drops and absolutely shit salvage profiles. So a nerf to bounties along is a greater nerf to drone regions than to others.

    • i want to know

      care to explain how this is a nerf to the drone regions. I am curious.

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        all you get from drone ratting is bounty. no loot to reprocess and no salvage worth mentioning, no faction items, no x-type nothing. just bounties. so where in say, angel space, that 5% is a minor amount vs the overall potential income. in drone space it is a far more serious hit to the wallet. even the data and relic sites in drone space are far less valuable than anywhere else, the only faction BPCs you can get are for faction drones. no POS module BPCs and no POS BPCs. the drone regions involve way more grinding to get the same income as anywhere else. i am sure someone much smarter than I could break it down on a spread sheet, in fact; anyone care to volunteer?

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        this also doe not factor in the stress it will put on the group dynamic of alliances either. i.e. someone who does not rat putting an ess up in an alliance ratting sys and then siphoning off the isk generated by their allies and/or corp mates. arguing and infighting causing folks to turn on each other, not just in drone space, but everywhere.

  • lol

    All this discussion from CCP about wanting nullsec income to be more bottom up so alliances don’t get direct control and how that will be a factor when they rework nullsec sov, “soon” and then they nerf personal income in nullsec

    • dafuq

      I dont see any contradiction between “create bottom up income” and “nerf personal income”. Bottom up ALLIANCE income is what the community wants. This might work as such (but probably will not). Did you expect the bottom up income to be printed out of nowhere? Well, in part, thats what will happen… lol

      • lol

        Alliance> corp > pilot. Bottom up means the isk starts with the pilot and is passed along to the corp/alliance. Doing anything to make the first part harder defeats the entire purpose of the system. Also ratting doesn’t print anything, its the most active PVE along with incursions and they just took 5-20% off the top of that income level and made it even easier to grief pve players, another nerf to active isk gain next to making sites easier to scan and ceptors being able to ignore bubbles, and the true sec nerfs/buffs depending on your point of view.

  • badidea

    ESS = Worst idea from CCP since ages. Instead making null sec more attractive they make more and more useless.

    I have now 2 opions WH space or unsub.

    • Coriolanus

      Just unsubscribe, you wont make it in null

      • Coriolanus


    • Andrew Metzger

      Seriously? because you might lose 5% of ratting bounty?

      I hope you do unsub. you are EVE cancer.

    • Billbo

      You must be that guy in low sec who just pops haulers all day and docks up when you see “REAL” pvpers “Bringing winter”

    • meeeeeee

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      ESS will allow for more small gang stuff, exactly what eve needs

      • :(

        you mean more afk cloaking?

        No this won’t generate small gang content that’s a utopian view.

      • no.

        Try clocked ceptor with 4 stabs in the lows waiting 10 k off this thing so he can loot and go when the total gets high enough to be worth the snatch and grab. There will be no fights just massive over-reacting defense fleets from renters trying to hunt one claoky dick and more afk cloakers waiting to steal your isk ratting systems. In fact you can look at this as something that removes frights from teh game. Example. Greifer goes to null finds ratter kills ratter talks shit in local. Now griefer goes to null finds one of theses sits clocked off it for a little while then steals your isk for free and leaves in his cloaked stabbed ceptor that can’t be grabbed by bubbles out runs everything and with enough stabs nothing short of a full fleet can tackle it. LOL small gang fights my ass,

    • sleeper

      If this new mechanic is such a big deal you want to unsub, WH space with no local, no gates and no isk till you haul it out and sell it will chew you up and spit you out in a gooey mess made out of your snot and tears.

  • Irya

    Instead of fixing drones ,remove sentries in low sec,increase range of mobile cyno jammer and opening that damn door…

    • Still can’t beat it

      There is nothing to fix, goon just trying to push an agent.

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      the sentries fix is planned when goons stop blobbing, CCP said….

  • orly?

    OK – so all you really need is for people to follow the honor system… oh that an your alt pinging SHARE on the ESS like it’s going out of style. As long as the system’s blue / purple / w/e who cares. It’s an extra PITA step.

    READ: this won’t have any impact on the deep 0.0 alliances at all other than maybe giving them an opportunity to bait people and causing one guy in system to have to alt-tab or click his other PC from time to time…

  • Billbo

    in other news, see possible CCP killboard for EVE and reddit posts from CCP Foxfour

    • Simon pieman

      Now that’s interesting.

  • asdf

    Time to create a neutral alt that only has enough skills to fly interceptors with skill level 1 with a couple warp stabs and nanos. It’ll be like the summer of FW farming all over again, except it only takes 20 seconds for each “site”!

    • asdf

      Maybe I’ll even fit a couple civilian shield boosters on the inty just as a homage to the Summer of Farming.

  • so i just throw one of these things 150 from pos and have an alt sit on it and just collect the bounties. I am confused why this every became a thing. It is interesting don’t get me wrong..but why?

  • bye eve

    WOW. and here i thought cpp couldnt fuck up nullsec this early into 2014. boy was i wrong.


    I would of perhaps been a bit more adventurous with the % that the ess offers, the 5-10% bonus doesn’t really seem worth the risk

    • top lel

      “would of”

      What are you? An illiterate inbreed?

      It’s WOULD HAVE ffs…

      • dan

        oh shut up you dick

        • top lel

          I might be a dick, but at least I know how to spell properly.

          Tomorrow I may decide to not be a dick anymore while you will be illiterate forever.

          • Simon pieman

            No might.

  • wat

    This was a really convoluted solution to a problem that didn’t exist.


    what the fuck ccp ? ? ?
    lol that will be the end of EvE for me if they bring in this bullshit.

    • Kweetniet


  • heart broken

    WHAT IN THE FUCK CCP…have you never been in a wormhole? “introducing risk where there was none before, give players some interesting choices and general mayhem.” this has got to be a joke… good bye nullsec. time to go grief highsec bitchs

    • Chris

      What does this article have to do with wormholes?

      • duh

        Wormholes are safer and more profitable (less random risk as well) than nullsec… anybody who doesnt live under a rock knows that.

        • Chris

          I know that much…

          Just another person assuming the worst, as usual.

          • wrong direction

            im not assuming anything. ive spent years living in nullsec, i know what its like. and for several years ccp has done nothing but BUFF the sec status of null systems.. which in turn NERFED 70% of nullsec into a pile of garbage that is worse than running lvl 4’s.

            So what does nullsec look like now?? 40 people in one system then 25 empty systems around them…

            wormholes have very specific risks. and they can easliy be removed. the same cannot be said for nullsec.

            we need changes that breath life into the dead areas. not BS bells and whistles that do nothing but breed distrust… there are already plenty of reasons to not trust people in this game.

          • Duval

            Nullsec too full of 50 bubbles with 200+ deimos gatecamps. Ain’t yoloing that…

          • Alexandra Gianturco

            unsub….NOW….. go make a night elve somewhere and go kill boars all day long. This game is too difficult for you.

    • Ciaphas Cyne


      “im too much of a little baby to actually risk anything, therefore i will seek out a population of the game that is, surprisingly, even more useless then me…and try to kill them instead”


  • lulz

    HAHAHA A what ?? your kidding right

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    I can see null sec groups banning ESS being dropping in their ratting systems, it’s bound to be a drama. Not sure if it has any PVP impact because like all these deployables it doesn’t alarm when you shoot it, so they’ll just wait until the hostiles are out of the system and kill it.

  • jeez

    ffs more shit, bounty payments are absolutley pathetic theres is no point

  • CCPInternationalGoonAssistance

    ESS? WTF! Worst Idea ever CCP! Make ore anoms able to be warped to from the Probe scanner. Give interceptors warp speed increase. Give them bubble immunity. And now nerf nullsec ratting ratting income too?

    What ever happened to risk vs reward? This will IMO just push more people back towards highsec, to gank, grief and piss off the high sec dwellers – and then where will materiel for the Asakai’s and 6VDT battles come from?

    • Doheth

      Apparently the material will all come from High Sec… some assembly required elsewhere.

      • Corky

        building a shitload of catalysts as we speak

    • have you seen my baseball

      right now you can make more isk running high sec incursions with a 1/4 the risk and almost double the profit change this and what is the point of nullsec at all. I am guessing CCP wants us all to go grind incursions.

  • Fugazzi

    Hurra! For team superfail! Break MORE essential gameplay elements by introducing redundant, and frankly putrid game mechanics! Seriously have these guys even PLAYED eve online before? They are dangerously out of touch for a group being given power to implement “additions” such as this monstrosity…….

    • Corky

      Well, it is CCP’s way to get rid of the blobs in nullsec; give us PVP ppl more tools to harass you besides killing your expensive toys or AFK cloaky camp you so you will leave for Hello Kitty Online and leave the game for the people that know how to play it.

      in short: EVE Online/CCP/PVP don’t want you fails ingame, we want you to GTFO.

      • ur a bad troll 1/10

        This wont drive away people this will force alliances to fund the players who are now making less money resulting in more big coalitions resulting in more blobs, your point is invalid and you, good sir, are a moron.

  • lolrofl

    Major OP : ESS Grind bring Dreads!!!!11111


    ESS has got to be the worst idea for a deployable I’ve ever heard.

  • Concerned Eve Citizen #102254

    I don’t even know where to begin here… So, CCP is nerfing nullsec ratting across the board for starters. That is a MAJOR change that requires a comprehensive economic and behavioral impact study. Worse, this major change is for the sake of a deployable structure that will be used by only a select few people. The benefit of this deployable only puts players above the current level after it has survived for an amount of time and activity (making it beneficial to only a small portion of the already small portion of people who will use it). It also then requires significant extra work to convert the additional 20-25% of bounties into actual isk.

    The only purpose of this that I can even fathom is that, like the siphons, it is intended to be used by pirates who want to steal income from ratters in null sec or to lure them into a fight. This might work if it could go undetected for longer than the first 80% bounty payment. Most likely it is going to end up like the siphons; the only real result of deploying it is an imminent red mark on your killboard.

    This tells me that these dev teams are granted authority to make sweeping changes to the game without much forethought on the impact, all for the benefit of their pet projects. Anyone on here could come up with a better way, using deployables, to get the small gang warfare and harassment that CCP is seeking without nerfing one of the only individual sources of income in nullsec, an activity that already paid one of the lowest isk/hour ratios in the game.

    Maybe I am missing something here? As a person said above, CCP, you seem entirely out of touch with what we as players are seeking.

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      i love how serious you are about shooting npc red crosses. tell me moar of your exciting life

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      We all know now what you are oding in EVE 23/7 lol.

      Ok, if I am getitng tired of griefing carebears one day and I want to shoot scripted opponents with 0% risk, I will come to you for advice.

      • Concerned Eve CItizen #102254

        You did a great job of completely dismissing the content of the post without contributing anything meaningful yourself.

        For the record, I have done ratting maybe a handful of times. However,
        ratting in null sec is an important source of isk income in the game.
        It is also one of the main sources of income for null sec pvpers. The
        idea that everyone is only either a carebear or a pvper is a total myth.
        Pvpers need to get isk from somewhere and primarily that is from null
        sec ratting.
        My point is that now the main source of income for
        some of the poorest inhabitants and biggest content drivers is being
        nerfed all for the sake of some stupid deployable that will see little
        And if you do prey on null sec ratting carebears, guess what,
        this new feature will ensure that there will be less of them to shoot.

        If CCP really wanted to stir things up, they would make these
        deployable in high sec mission running areas and nerf mission running
        for the sake of more conflict.

        • Chris

          Oh no. Poor ratters and having to actually do things other than dock up whenever somebody not blue enters local.

          Maybe it is the wrong way to go about increases risk, but as it stands, the likelihood of getting ganked, even with a small degree of intelligence, is not very high.

  • NoTech

    Ohh my Word, that’s it from team “Super Friend” ?? After this I seriously doubt that this name is accurate. Instead of fixing game mechanics they implement new ones ?? In form of this nonsense ?? WOW, I stated earlier that Eve needs a bit of a “dust off” to attract new players, but I’m sceptical if this specific ESS feature will pull it off. And these siphon units what where we without them….ohh wait. Does anyone has a sense of direction where Eve is going atm ??

  • have you seen my baseball

    what kind of retard units are these more siphons oh joy who cares not like everyone who owns a pos now isn’t looking at it everyday. The new ESS deploy-able is only going to make shit more complicated for no reason an no real benefit sure pirates will drop it but once again a quick system scan will kill it. Why are they wasting time on this lets fix the newbie experience and fix broken lag induced fleet fights.

    • Jay

      Because all CCP cares about is generating income, it’s clear in every move they make.

      • LOL

        Yep CCP watches what we do NOT what we say and until we say “CCP SORT YOUR game out and it’s horrible coding, oh n btw come into the 21st century and start using multiple core processors for your servers. THEY will continue to milk this game and head towards a new jesus feature called “build your own stargates woooo”.

        • Chris

          From my knowledge (may be completely wrong), very few things in eve can be pushed off to another core, even if they wanted to. The reason tidi was created was to combat the growing number of processes the server had to process. Because every shot fired has to be calculated linearly, you can’t just have another core deal with calculations that are supposed to occur at a different moment in time.

          Its easy to tell ccp to fix their shit when you have no idea what you’re talking about. Something does need to get fixed, but with the size and age of eve, it is no small undertaking.

          • you just pulled this out of ur

            CCP has openly admitted in multipledev started threads they are not improving the game play because the code they chose to write the game with doesn’t support new tech and it would be “very expensive” to change or upgrade their code so it can work with new tech. The only reason they can’t push something to a different code is they chose an outdated piece of crap software to code the game to begin with. How about you actually read the information made available by CCP themselves in the half dozen dev posts on the topic on their owns forums over the past 5 years instead of opening your mouth and hitting your knees to suck some more of their marketing departments dick.

            CCP knows where the lag is (game code)

            CCP admits its expensive to fix

            CCP has announced they will start looking into changing some things with the game code “Soon” (That was 4-5 years ago btw.)

            TL:DR CCP is more interested in a good bottom line than a quality designed game with low latency.

          • Chris

            I said I might be wrong, but this is something I have heard repeatedly from reputable sources who know what they are talking about., chill out. No reason for the ad hom.

            Recoding eve is a monumental effort, and is in general, not worth it, ever. Especially for a game as large as eve. They are first and foremost a business. They aren’t like EA, they don’t have an army of programmers. They don’t have millions of subscribers, nor is their product an easy game to get into. Of course their code is outdated. What do you expect from a 10 year old game coded in a language that is even older. Its not so simple to “just recode” the game.

            Why would you dump an enormous sum of money into recoding a game that has been 10 years in the making, while maintaining the current version, when you cannot reasonably expect to make money out of it. What do you think CCP are, a nonprofit meant to benefit gamers everywhere?

            In every game I play there are always people like you. People who feel entitled to things based on their view of how a game should be. They feel that a company’s entire purpose is to serve them, right when they are asked to do something. Such people forget that as stated previously, they are a business. Making such investments is a good way to go out of business, and by extension, eve will cease to exist. Your precious game you wanted improved.

      • Chris

        CCP is a business, isn’t that the point?

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      fix broken lag induced fights: simple.

      Don’t be a coward by bringing 10:1 odds.

  • Jay

    Fuck is CCP the stupidest bunch of asshats in the world. You want to reduce income it’s called inflation fuck pull you head out of your ass CCP. Instead give people tasks that have no benefit to the community at large. This clearly shows CCP has no intention of ever fixing this game, they will keep milking the cow until it runs dry and attempt to do it again with WOD. Fucking leeches!

    • Chris

      Which is why they have constantly been reducing the staff on WOD. Because the best way to push out a product is to make it with a skeleton staff.

  • Jevous Encule

    Elite Dangerous still coming out in March? Cant wait!!

    • Alexandra Gianturco

      yep, ELITE Dangerous, singleplayer game with optional co-op, that’s your game. Bet RZR are disbanding and leaving too, since they have been asking CCP for a PVE-only EVE cluster. With Elite they get it; a lobby based co-op game.

      • Jevous Encule

        “singleplayer game with optional co-op”
        Dont worry Alex, I’ll make sure to put the option to full player interaction so you can try to gank me or something. I promise to give you a good run for your money!!

  • red

    This just in. apparently 90% of eve news 24 viewers are fail bears that generate 0 content in game and don’t like having to interact with their world.

    • Corky

      didnt know 90% of EVEnews 24 viewers were CFC? But then again, if they want unbiased news about the war without meth addicts spinning it , they come to EN24.

      • Udaman

        Excellent Post!! I love it when you zing the CFC like that! More please!!!!

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    i like the idea. how do you shake up eve? gradually make the PvE elements of the game more social. nullbears wanna rat in peace? too bad. wanna shoot npcs go play an offline game. i just cant wait for these to hit all of new eden.

  • bobfromsaless

    I own several hundred plex, I wonder if this will increase their value or decrease it due to deflation. I expect to see a dr. eitelgorg (whatever his name is, the econ dude they hired) post before deployment.

  • Duval

    ESS seems like alot of fun. Aw yiis. Curious on that bubble too. I wonder if it it’ll work as a drag bubble?

  • WhoCares

    Who Cares ? Just another Structure to kill… stupid idea.

  • dichzor

    Sounds interesting, if somewhat complicated. Basically a module to make carebears go for each others throats… Kinda hard to see all the side effects and implications. The temptation to press take all button is gonna be too much for lotsa people, i suppose.

  • Boris


  • EmperorCrash

    sounds like an excellent way to bait nuets in null systems

  • System

    I know nobody who will use it. If you use it, every roaming gang will get your bounty and come again. With bubbel proved interceptors you are able to warp direct to the structur and away in seconds. High risk, no defence for 10%: bullshit struktur and a 5% nerf of bounty in 0.0.

  • Youdonthavetolikeit

    All you fuck wits telling people to un-sub just because you don’t like the way they play the game. Yet these people whether care bares, people in rival alliance or coalition, are the people providing your dumb asses with content. If they all quit you’ll have no one to shot, what the fuck will you do? CCP won’t be able to pay the bills, do you think they will keep trying to improve eve when sups are dropping like crazy? This is a SANDBOX MMO, that means people can play the way they want and yes they do have the right to at least ask or give input on changes they want to see as they are paying customers. Not everyone plays they game your way you stupid short sighted faggets, get over it.

    • Chris

      You can ask, but they don’t have to listen to a damn word you say.

    • Jevous Encule

      Wow dude! You make it feel like it would be the end of the world if EVE would die. OMG how bad would this be??!! Wake up dude, there was life before EVE, there will be life after EVE.

      • Skooma1015


    • NoTech

      *cough* spell check *cough*
      Yes it’s Sandbox, yes it’s 10+ years in the business, yet it’s still a niche game.
      All attempts to put in on an broader playerbase have failed (see: Yet they still refuse to repair broken stuff, yet they implement new stuff on that broken stuff. They only listened once and that was after the “Incarna conga” and it seems they’ve only learned a little from that event. So it’s not like that ppl aren’t complaining about broken features (everyone in a POS knows what I mean). It’s about the ignorance coming from Iceland that pisses ppl off “you stupid non-linguistically talented fagget”