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Stations and Outposts, V3 Style!

January 9, 2014

CCP has started to polish up their current game quite a bit in the last years. All ship hulls are already in V3 mode and it made quite a difference to the overall game experience. Below you can find the link to the new looks of the stations / outposts.


With the looks of the stations and outposts being changed I personally hope that they fix some of the stations as well. The Caldari Outpost and the Gallente outposts both have their issues. The Caldari outpost has no docking range, making it very dangerous to be around it when a enemy is in your local, the only option for you to be safe is to use the middle of the station to stay in range.

The Gallente Outpost has a problem too, this outpost has spikes at the undock making it hard for most large sized ships to quickly undock and warp off. CCP has already sad that this will be changed but when is still the question.