CCP has started to polish up their current game quite a bit in the last years. All ship hulls are already in V3 mode and it made quite a difference to the overall game experience. Below you can find the link to the new looks of the stations / outposts.


With the looks of the stations and outposts being changed I personally hope that they fix some of the stations as well. The Caldari Outpost and the Gallente outposts both have their issues. The Caldari outpost has no docking range, making it very dangerous to be around it when a enemy is in your local, the only option for you to be safe is to use the middle of the station to stay in range.

The Gallente Outpost has a problem too, this outpost has spikes at the undock making it hard for most large sized ships to quickly undock and warp off. CCP has already sad that this will be changed but when is still the question.


  • Muul Udonii

    Awesome, an article consisting of images that my corporate network blocks.

    I will have to do some work instead of oogling station porn.

    • Newtronamonics

      You don’t have a smartphone?

    • Kweetniet

      ask your overlord Mittani, he has RMTed so much by now he should be able to buy you a cheap smartphone.

  • Kel-zub don la seetrue-ey

    The Amarr station has it’s own full set of bugs as well. Station not visible except for the lights, station sitting at a 45 degree angle, station spinning while your outside. That thing is buggy as anything.

    Hope they give it some love.

    • M

      I don’t know what your smoking but I watched one “cyno jump” out and back in almost instantly

    • mace

      I’ve seen all the bugs he is talking about.

  • Dave From Razor

    All our soon to be stations in the South East are going to look fantastic!

    • Kickass

      U mean the stations u have to rent from N3 after they kicked your ass?

    • a.b.


    • erratic1212

      That’s why you and Solar were in Minmatar FW space last night scouting out your new home.

  • Cloora

    I’m not seeing much difference….

    • mace

      ditto, even less significant than the ships.

    • Kweetniet

      stations look a lot like 10y ago. It’s just my machine specs that made them better as I can run everything maxed now. Pretty sure it is not the addition of those new graphics lol.

  • Saint

    Good, I like the undocking quirks of each station type. It keeps people on their feet and allows you to shoot people that don’t have proper BMs setup and end up slowboating the last few hundred metres to the actual docking radius as they run in terror from the fleet entering system. Prettier models? Great, I’m all for that.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    yeah, this is much better than adding content.

    • Your friend

      That is another departments job not the art department. We need to have a talk you and I, since we’re on the same side now and all.

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        thing is, it dont need to be a department at all.

        • fermaguel

          its a department because the art guys cant code, for the same reason the code guys cant do art, its not what their training is in

          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            then they need to put those pay cheques to better use.

          • Brandoe

            I for one wish they would hurry up and finish the new models for all the ships. That is the only thing that I want. Subcaps are balanced now so I’m all good.

            See how self serving that sounds.

  • bob

    They are just trying to distract us from the truth. The new RLML made all the ships that used rapid lights useless, like 100’s of people in the dev thread said it would. THEY DIDN’T LISTEN XD

    Also, warping to a station and landing outside of docking radius is bad, should be fixed, instead of making stuff shiny. Consistency is a good thing.

    • Selina

      Because there’s only a small handful of people left at CCP, they couldn’t possibly work on more than one thing right?

      • Kweetniet

        well, if CCP does have enough devs, why do they put ut such crappy expansions with so few fixes and the stuff they DO add is utterly useless? Rubicon should warrant 5 devs, no more, if they do have more working on EVE, the majority is doing NOTHING at the office.

        • Whitehalo117

          Your literally a fucking dumbass and should go kill yourself.

        • Selina

          I can’t actually disagree with you entirely. I wouldn’t say the stuff is useless, quite the opposite in fact. However Rubicon was a yawn in terms of an expansion. Two new ships? They’ve handed out completely new ships before on non-expansion days. (think Primus, Echelon, and Zephyr) Ghost sites are simply reorganized exploration sites with a few code changes. Ship balancing is an ongoing process that will probably never end and thus should be a patch thing rather than an “expansion”. The mobile modules are again, reworked POS modules basically. Small changes to the coding again to make high sec customs offices to be player owned. Granted, there’s a few more, but it’s all a “quality of life” stuff, which again, I feel should be in patches. Not an expansion. When I think of expansion material, I think of wormholes, incursions, factional warfare (original addition to game, not the changes since), and yes, even WiS (even if it was a fail).

    • Art dept = Art

      That is another departments job not the art department. I’m just going to cut and paste this down the page I guess.

  • Jaime Gomes

    Good to see they have their priorities straight.

    • erratic1212

      They do what they are capable of, not what needs to be done.

    • Dreamer

      Are you serious Telling a graphical designer to do programming work and do you serious expecting good results from it? Its like Asking me to pilot a 747 airliner (in not a pilot) but Hey i have read about airplanes.

      • think for a second.

        To all the raging idiots who completely missed the point of jaimes post hes not saying the graphic designers should go code, he’s saying all of the layoffs recently that were aimed at programers from a different game should have been aimed at the art dept and the programers for WoD that were let go in the USA studios should be used to actually program eve for a change.

    • facepalm

      So you want the art department do what exactly. Their job has been to get the V3 textures up and running. Pretty sure that’s what this is.

      It’s like walking into McDonald’s and ordering a sofa and when they say they don’t sell those here you get mad at them.

  • Muul Udonii

    Oooh purdy!

  • Garandras

    Dont change the kick out stations… they are always good for a lol

  • demonix

    the gallente station has already been changed fuckwad, you dont bump anymore

    • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

      um just no…

  • Jeicam Mmis

    the thing to do for something like this poast is use rollover changing images so you can see before/after. Just sayin.

  • Vandar

    clearly nothing happening in eve if this is all you have to post about ….

  • NOArchonnerf!!!

    Something IS happening in eve! Right now as I am typing this message the CFC and their Goon leaders are busy crying to CCP to nerf capital ships, specially the archon and drone assist. If you do not want this to happen MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. Let CCP know to leave these things alone. If we do nothing CCP will nerf carries and drone assist. The CFC are busy making sure that their side is heard loud and clear. You have a voice too, please use it.

    • d

      You’re almost as butthurt as the CFC about Drone Assist

    • reality

      actually, the goons want capitals to be relevent again. just againt’s capitals or battleships, not EVERYTHING. so technically, while some stuff would get nerfed, this means dreads should get additional upgrades. because right now, 250 dreads (even nags alpha’ing the enemy) vs. 250 archons= archons win the fight hands down, EVERY TIME.

      • Suckonmyarchon

        Lol archons are relevant. And the only line of defence against the blob. This is why goons want them nerfed. The mittani wants to conquer all of null sec so he can be the doche that won eve. Things like that are important to his twisted mind. He will and is emploing any tactic available to him. Goons will tell you that they are looking out for your best interest. And are trying to make the game more fun. Unfortunately they have a very public track record of stating and doing the exact opposite. Goons will tell you that you will not be able to sway CCP. If this is correct and CCP doesn’t listen to their player base then please tell me, why are the goons so busy whining to CCP to get archons and drones nerfed ? I have already emaild CCP and voiced my concern. If you sit back and do nothing and archons and drone s get nerf then your inaction has allowed this to happen. In face this is exactly what goons are counting on, that you sit back and do nothing.

      • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

        bring carriers too? or supercapitals? or titans?

        We’re not stopping you.

        • hello

          You have to consider that about 100+ dreads/carriers on CFC side will die within first few minutes due to the amount of DD’s and SC’s fighter bombers…

          But tbh, this is all CFC’s fault anyway, they have the resources and manpower, so they really should HTFU.

    • RA dude

      The general ideology of combat ships in EVE is that large ships are ineffective against ships two and more size classes below unless specifically fit: they take a long time to lock, and the chance to hit is small. At the same time, a single small ship usually can’t kill a tanked large ship (inty vs BS), but several small ships already can.

      Sentry drones, however, are able to track and hit even interceptors and dictors, and with drone assist all the damage can be delegated to a fast-locking ship, avoiding the locking time issue and giving a perfect alpha almost without a warning. Also, carriers can refit on the run to fit tracking mods, tank or damage mods. And you can’t even hope to destroy sentries because of their enormous number stored in the drone bay instead of fighters, which were supposed to be the carriers’ main weapon. What’s more, spider tank makes it nearly impossible for subcap fleets to break the tank of a sufficiently large number of carriers, especially in TiDi.

      Therefore, sentry carrier fleets are effective against ANY subcap size and don’t follow the general class line. All this together is obviously an imbalanced mechanic.

      • Avi

        Meaning, following your reasoning, it should also be forbidden to use sentries on BS since they can shoot down frigs which are two size categories smaller ….
        Right….now start telling me if the roles were reversed you would still complain about the “imbalance”. I am a true believer. 😉

      • Kweetniet

        well, if you don’t want TiDi, dont bring a 10:1 number advantage, just go 1:1.
        But then you might lose….and we don’t want that do we?

  • forfuckersonssake


  • waltari

    Yea, yea, now just add the promised “walking in stations” to satisfy all the useless shit loving morons. Not like normal eve players have time to watch whether the outpost has a few new windows or not, isnt it? The art group of ccp already made some good progress this way when they changed the command ships, so they look like ass, but hey, carebears have now the T2 drake they were waiting for /o keep up good work, lolz

    • Kweetniet

      it should be a space game, ok stars in the background everything else: meeeh. Game needs bigger stations, bigger/better wormhole entrances, the asteroid belts are just a line of small rocks…but hey, let’s spend 6 months recoloring existing ships with a camouflage skin.

      • waltari

        Oh yea and the camouflage makes sense rite? Especialy in space.

  • qwero

    So the textures are darker now … whats the point? The textures are still low res and look bad at close range.

    • Kweetniet

      looking at the trailer with that wormhole. (origins trailer?) MASSIVE beautiful convincing wormhole entrance….wowsers…looking ingame…the entrance is just a spiral of like 1km diameter.

  • things

    So everyone is bleeting (yes bleeting because your all fucking sheeple – sheep people) about this not being ‘game content’.

    Friday news flash for tards – V3 skins = closer to tessellation. No V3 skins, no tessellation. You want the next level in graphical content? STFU and wait whilst the art department do their thing (they should do it faster though…)

    • hello