Continuing with the recent spate of capital losses recently a Legion of xXDEATHXx Nyx piloted by Ollisrak was killed today in Cache by a POS bashing SOLAR FLEET gang.

The killmail can be found here on eve-kill and here on zkb.

The following comes from the SOLAR FLEET FC Lorianna Lee:

[20:58:30] Lorianna Lee > we were posbashing in cache for some time
[20:58:40] Lorianna Lee > my cyno entered into 8-v local and warped to xix pos
[20:58:56] Lorianna Lee > when he landed he saw nyx warping off to spot near pos
[20:59:04] Lorianna Lee > and cloakin 200km+ away
[20:59:31] Lorianna Lee > after this we entered with fleet and started warping to his estimate direction and tried to de-cloak him
[21:00:11] Lorianna Lee > in the end nyx pilot got d/c near us
[21:00:23] Lorianna Lee > otherwise we would decloak him in a 5-10 minutes more
[21:00:28] Amymuffmuff > ah
[21:00:33] Amymuffmuff > so the d/c dropped his cloak
[21:00:42] Lorianna Lee > yup
[21:00:44] Amymuffmuff > you got him aggro’d and tackled before emergency warp
[21:00:49] Amymuffmuff > and the rest we can see on the mail
[21:01:00] Lorianna Lee > yeah this is how it happened

To note; according to Lorianna Lee Legion of xXDEATHXx reportably had “around 5 carriers under pos field” though none tried to save him.

Apparently today was the first attempt at reinforcing this POS but unfortunately for SOLAR they were shooting POCOs in system prior to them entering system, as shown below. Giving them the chance to make this kill.

Lorianna Lee wished to add a special mention for Nikshpil16 as he was the one who spotted the Nyx originally.

Even though this was mainly due to the fact that the pilot DC’d which ultimately cost him his ship, it likely would have happened either way. The question is who will be next to see their big shiny toy explode in a different or similar fashion.


NB: An attempt was made to contact Legion of xXDEATHXx but as of writing no response has been received. Prior to the kill the pilot was in a NPC corporation although now he has since rejoined Zion foundation.

  • Nikishdno

    Nikish Dno!

  • the boy

    Never go fully yolo

  • Bob V.

    Just another retarded Russian fool. Typical for lower class of humans, or more like, sub-humans. Everyone of you greasy dirty Russians can go DIAF, in game and out. The sooner this world is ridden of them, the better off we will all be.

    Yea, hate, its the motivator of all good things.

    • lolz


    • Agent0419

      arent N3 pilots lovely~

      • Anhenka

        Speaking as an N3 member, please don’t accredit him to us. Bob there is a dyed in the wool CFC line member.

        We already have Pillious, don’t need him too.

        • Agent0419

          Hmm shall I post the screenshot of an entire fleet spamming “Ruck Fussia” in local at the command of your campaign commander Manfred Sideous and his cronies in Pandemic Legion? Fuck Russia. Such bigotry leveled at the slavic peoples at the behest of your PL overlords.

          • Anhenka

            Can’t say I’m aware of that particular incident, but even that is many steps above wishing someone to go diaf in RL.

            We are certainly no saint, but for the most part I don’t see people telling other to go die IRL (Well outside of corp chat, but hey, corp abuse is ok 😛 )

        • Really

          He may be a CFC member today, but tomorrow he’ll be -A-, and the day after TEMP, whatever gets the Troll to work the best on everyone.

      • Bob V.

        Fuck you, I’m not N3 or PL. I am a proud member of one of the best PVP and industry alliances in the game. I’ve been with FA for over 3 years running, with alt’s in other CFC alliances. I’m not a SC pilot yet, but in 3 months I will be part of the SC team that will bear down on N3/PL super’s and titan’s and watch them all burn to hell.

        As far as my hatred towards Russians, trust me, its very common amongst other CFC members as well. Sure, Goons play like they are Russian friendly, but in the end they will drop them to the curb like a bag of dirty old diapers. After N3/PL are gone, the Russian’s will be next, mark my words!

        Also AAA, don’t think for a second that you will be clear from our aggression. -A- is shit, and because you are shit, we will be the one’s to flush you and send you all off to the sewer’s where you belong. We don’t forget either, and we never forgive! Just ask TEST.

        • N3 Dude

          Haven’t expected any other intention from CFC. Rumor has it that you only blued russian allys to fight against us&PL

        • asweetvet

          ” I am a proud member of one of the best PVP and industry alliances in the game. I’ve been with FA for over 3 years running…” sorry couldn’t keep reading after that, due to uncontrollable laughter and subsequent tears running down my eyes.

        • GotU

          how can a big foot like you, can think about all this…. this is amazing you must be smoking hard…

  • might be a dumb question, but if he is an legion of death nyx, why was he not in that alliance? I am sure it does belong to him but i don’t understand why the character would not be in that alliance

    • Anhenka

      Now if you were a completely shallow CEO of a corp/alliance that didn’t want a super lossmail on your KB and had a dying Nyx….?

      • Negative Nancy

        You can’t remove a player from corp unless they are docked.

        • Anhenka

          Whelp. Hm… If you were quick enough at kicking them right after the death but before the next API pull, I wonder if the kill would register as not in the corp.

          • fadfwaf

            only need the person to be docked if they’re online if the person is offline they can be kicked anywhere

          • Anhenka

            And the circle is completed, back to speculations about asshole CEO’s.