PBLRD IHUB came out of RF and BL formed ~100 Maels and some Triage (only like 10 Logi). CFC had Domis, and CO2 had a smaller Phoon fleet. We bridged in 2-3 jumps out and burned to 7-P. EMP cyno’d in Slowcats on the IHUB and their Domis bridged into UAN next door (can’t reach 7-P from their staging). Maels landed on IHUB grid first and started by almost alpha’ing a Thanatos (it had cap mods in like 3 lows) and then we started shooting Slows with CFC while they burned in and neuted. During this time 3 triage from us came in and began repping but DPS from 50 slowcats wasn’t that bad apparently and only recons or w/e were dying. MOA started doing bombing runs but they use every type of bomber and usually at least 3 dudes bombed in the wrong direction. We could tank the bombers and slows and started killing some that probably couldn’t broadcast on time or w/e, ended up being ~5 or 6.

Now EMP/TEST Domis came in and warped in around 50 from our Maels. We began alpha’ing Command Ships and Domi’s. This continued for a while w/o us losing any Maels (CFC probably lost quite a few Domis but I didn’t have all brackets on). Eventually NC. jumped in ~70 Archons and started triggering on us but Triage could mostly tank unless it coincided with a bomb run (they were almost continuous by now). We stayed for a while on grid with the NC. carriers and volleyed 2 EMP triage Archons that tried to sneak in. Eventually though we got too low on shields despite having no MJD in order to fit another invul and we started warping out during a TEST run. A few people bumped off the triage we were approaching and died but most of us got out. Triage all died (maybe one got out, unsure) but vOv. IHUB was pushed into next RF or died I have no clue, but it was a pretty good fight gfgf.

Kill overview

Video of the fight:

Feel free to discuss this in the comment section below!

  • Daniel Grist

    Pro use of o/h noiceee

  • Eat Shit Overman!

    please never write anything again.

  • Robo

    Wish there were more facts and figures. The br seems lacking in substance, a lot of rounding off etc.

    Who wrote the BR?

    • anon

      What are you going to do about it if you find out who wrote it? Send him a mail? Go to his house to express your feelings?
      Having an opinion about an article is one thing, but who gives a flying fuck in a rolling doughnut who wrote it?

      • Robo

        You sir are a very special snow flake, let me hire you to clean my windows, that will get you off the streets sure enough.

    • Jeff

      He copied and pasted it off Kugu

  • Jaime Gomes

    Br is a fucking mess.

  • deeply deeper derpington

    Fuck off overman!!!!!

  • capt bri

    awesme video Thanks

  • Alidean

    The guy who wrote the BR is on the losing side. So he had to make it look like they won even though “HUB was pushed into next RF or died I have no clue”. Hence why this is utter garbage to read

  • lol whot

    next time just post video on my eve forum … –_–

  • anon

    basically emp had to batphone ncdot because they were getting their shit pushed in

    • joe joe

      you can turn that around .. basically gents and razor had to batphone the entire coalition to not get their shit pushed in to fast. including mercs(BL)

    • anonymous

      They were outnumbered by more than 100 people and called 100 people to come help them even it up and hold the field. Why are you so mad about that turning it into an even fight?

      • Simon pieman

        Because CFC’s whole advantage all this time has been to outnumber the enemy, now they have pissed off the whole of eve the numbers are more even and they aren’t winning, its a new thing to be in CFC and not just roll over the enemy.

    • Bob V.

      This is why NC. needs to DIAF!

    • Robo

      Pot meets kettle, double standards etc etc is all that can be said for your post.

      To further mock – oh noes EMP/TEST/Mordus had to call for support against cfc (biggest coalition in eve) & BL.
      The bat phone butt hurt in you is at a substantial amount. Suppose TEMP/Mordus and friends were supposed to just let you blob them eh…fucking cretin.

    • Simon pieman

      This is funny, EMP couldn’t hold off the combined forces of BL and CFC and this is viewed by you as weakness? come on princess lets not sit in the CFC and complain about blobbing.

    • Subhuman

      Whats more funny is the most you can do about it is post your tears on evenews24. LoL fucking scrub! we can bat phone all day! and feel free to keep on crying because that’s going to win you the war right?

  • Bob V.

    Black Legion have become quite the nice addition to our family. Not that we need them, but it’s always nice knowing they will come when we call them.

    • Someotherdude

      I would hope they would come when called – BL is bought and paid for.

      • Bob V.

        Its good to be King!

    • Daniel Grist

      “Doesnt need them”, haha

    • Nyan Lafisques

      Yeah, they show up for every timers, with way more people than any other of your alliances… “Don’t need them” my ass.

  • hahaBL

    Sounds like BL is bragging about all the kills they farmed before they 07 out of there not even knowing or giving a fuck about any objectives or the outcome of the battle. BL = KEY ALLY.

    • Derp

      We moved there in hope to get some smaller scale subcap fights without tidi (Yeah that worked out great…). Anyway I dont think the average BL grunt lose any sleep over gents lost space lol, i mean we still kill them outside of the major fights..

    • Daniel Grist

      Confirming running from 130 slowcats in a fleet that comprises 110 ish maelstroms is cowardly

  • Simon pieman

    This is one of the worst BR’s I have ever had the misfortune of reading, please don’t post again.

    • hahaBL

      No No on the contrary, i think it gives excellent insight on how awesome of an ally for hire BL is. WORTH EVERY ISK!

      • Robo

        Lol well BL being worthless is old news tbh.

    • Guest

      Please post only when is a N3 victory, if the other side wins is no need to be posted.

  • luce

    dont italicize an entire article if you want anyone to read it

  • got to hand it to Temp, they did a good job. They had a pretty large slowcat fleet which i did not expect out of them. (mainly Emp, Test needs to get it together and start pulling numbers) Keep up the good fights.

    • ohgawd

      50 + bombers, and 1/3rd of the subcaps. Which is 5x the numbers we pulled in fw. So SHUT IT.

    • Nyan Lafisques

      TEST as shown good numbers since they joined us, maybe not Capital-wise (who would expect TEST to be full of cap pilots anyway ?) but in subcaps and bombers.

      • ultimate irony overload.

        “maybe not Capital-wise” Well that tends to happen when you steal their dreads.

        • Nyan Lafisques

          That was not my point tho.

          • lol

            But its such a good point tho.

          • Nyan Lafisques

            I posted that before I saw Te’s post so…

    • almost

      All the slowcats would have died had daddy ncdot not shown up to bail them out.

  • N3Sikcunt



    • Chris Daley

      Hello CFC SPY Worse attempt at subterfuge i have ever read

      • Alan Artemisa

        But the name says “N3”, so it hás to be a N3-member, right?

        • Goon sick fan

          It’s me just making the following point. Names can be changed. E.g I’m a goon sick fan

          • Barkaway

            sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon^^

          • Chris Daley

            lol im better

          • Ha

            Don’t let Dave from FCON/FA/RAZOR hear you say that.

  • grip

    I only saw MOA on 2 kill mails that were blue to them…they other 60 kill mails were enemy….. so as bombing runs go thye did pretty good fighting in heavy TIDI in a soup of ships..IMO

    hmmm what happens IF these smaller EMP allies like MOA start to bring their capital fleets to the field as well? that could start to add up..could be interesting fielding an additional 30-50 extra caps all of a sudden in a battle

    • R2d3

      So after watching the video ..basically BL just ran away from the fight

      • lack region

        welcome to all of BL’s fights, snipe, run, snipe, run.. that’s what happens when you’re broke.

        • Daniel Grist

          At the end of the day bl are a 1000 man alliance, they usually operate with every subcap possible fielded, no backups or reships coming. And they pull great numbers for there size, the way they fight is shaped by this fact.

          Look at the size of every alliance on grid and they numbers fielded,then moan more about bl.

          Also props to emp, loved watching them grow, and those cap numbers are pretty impressive for an early days alliance.

          • Nyan Lafisques

            BL had more people than Eurogoons for 7-P, not too bad.

          • Daniel Grist

            Co2 pulled good numbers aswell.

            Whats up with gents? 3000 man alliance pulling 70ish people to a fight nextdoor, pathetic tbh

          • Nyan Lafisques

            Oh yeah CO2 are doing great ever since their Perrigan Falls deployment and they haven’t stop.

        • Marcus

          Least they didn’t bring coward fit tengu’s.

        • Muul Udonii

          Sorry, I forgot we were supposed to let you shoot at us, and not utilise our greater player and FC skill. We’ll stop doing that immediately, thanks for pointing it out.

  • Credit Where Its Due

    What some people don’t seem to understand is that TEMP cannot possibly be expected to hold off the whole of the CFC + BL by themselves. The most powerful alliances/coalitions in EVE have thus far failed to do so–and TEMP is not one of those. And yet people see TEMP’s lack of offensive progress as a defeat?!
    On the contrary, I look at TEMP occupying the attention of the entire CFC as a major victory for both them and N3. Much congratulations are owed to EMP especially for their outstanding growth over the past few months.

    • spin cycle

      LOL 5 days ago TEMP was going to run rampant over the north and their was nothing mittens can do. 1 fight later and everyone is all, come on we can’t actually beat them we’re just fighting back cause there’s to many of them. I love how the spin is just as heavy from the South as the north.

      • Exe-Eve vet

        The fact that CFC cries about TEMP because of their presence in the north while most of the fighting is taking place in the south gives TEMP a lot of credit atm. Even if they are getting help, it is irrelevant since this is a major war! A year ago the average CFC grunt never talked about EMP on the forums. Test has been continuously rediculized since the Fountain campaign. Now you are currently providing tears to TEST and EMP who I am sure find them very tasty.

        • thats the wrong kind of credit

          More like EMP is providing tears to CFC by blaming Test, the guys they stole dreads from for letting their dread fleet die.

      • emp grunt

        If you had listened to the SOTA, EMP’s purpose was to distract the CFC and keep them occupied. If CFC did not deploy, we would stomp Vale and take it all. If they did deploy, that takes pressure off n3 and PL, allowing them to win. We knew that we would get a response, and surely enough we did. It was either the craziest thing we’ve done or the most awesome thing to happen.

        • VinceDrakenisaShitLord

          Not all of the CFC have gone north they dont need to every subcap fleet EMP/Test have put out gets killed.

        • spin cycle

          But they didn’t deploy to vale and you still got stomped. And when it comes to pressuring the south who was it that just had to spend an entire day in supers saving an entire region? If that’s not pressure what exactly is?. So per your own benchmark for success you have failed so far.

    • Bill Cat

      Of course that is how CFC will spin it when they lose. Just get ready for the standard lines of propoganda. If the best they can do is say “you brought friends” say yep good on us to have friends. By the way “don’t you have any friends” is of course what they will say if you don’t bring friends and lose. It’s propoganda, everyone does it. Just congratulate yourselves instead, and accept the fact any victory on your part will be spun by your enemy.

      • muh

        the whole idea of this war is when it ends CFC can’t use any propaganda anymore, since they are extinct by then. Or do you think after PL and N3 win enough fights they call a NAP with CFC? or if CFC looses their space they will keep all the members like Solar did?

        I think by the end of this year CFC will be finaly defeated and a new chapter will start in eve. its gonne be some good times

        • you can always use propaganda.

        • Candycrush online

          rather delusional.

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      all these guys slugging through tidi and risking billions deserve credit. insults and good humor aside, there are some very dedicated people in this game.

    • VinceDrakenisaShitLord

      Its not the whole of the CFC just EG

    • i think saying the entire CFC is a stretch, but they had our internet, not they have out attention.

  • not a part of this war

    How bout the cfc puts the renter alliance in the back behind the gents that I couldn’t find in local. I already know several of my neighbors that got conned into joining the cfc renting alliance along with me are looking elsewhere and several people are telling me to declair support to a different corporation. Plus30 is saying the gents are collapsing and they might create an alliance here as well.
    Just seems like a good idea to put the renters behind the fighters????

    • the whole strategy behind it, is that renters are the buffer. They are the ones that take the hits because they can easily be replaced. If you put an alliance there and it is taking the hits, it might fold and you lose a major fighting force, if a renter corp folds, you find a new one. Pretty much the CFC is the ship and the renters are the shield that can be recharged if it goes down.

      Not saying it is right, it is just how it is.

  • bigbonedbobby

    darkspanwed just got dsibanded and sov dropped

  • Britanicus99

    I dont care what anyone says, I have flown beside BL in Trib and against them everywhere else since, if not for Falcon CFC would already be dead.