nGR RDNx from Eve Down Under threw together this a timelapse of New Edens sov for the last year. This timelapse contains all 365 days of 2013’s Eve online experience. Hope you enjoy!

Do you have any still unknown stories that happened this year? Please share them with us in the comment section below!

Happy New Year!!

  • Dudumarus

    Happy New Year!!

  • qwero

    CFC plague spreads everywhere

    • Bla

      Soon coming to a system near you to drink tears.

    • Robo

      Cancer spreads…

    • lecorrecto

      “RENTAL plague spreads everywhere”
      small correction.

      • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

        I, for one, like the enemies’ renters. They are good prey and so stupid that they will stay in their anoms/belts, even while others are being ganked in system, patiently waiting their turn.

    • Unknown

      Goonswarm- “you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

  • DD-Grunt

    Nice movie, gj bro <3

  • eve players are —

    500,000 characters!!! 40,000 real big douches

    • Shutit

      Hahaha so true, CCP boasts half a million subscribers but with every player having 5 alts and every second 20+ you do the math. Lol.

    • EA-vil

      I know, we’ll hire someone from EA!!!111!!!

      That will help the game grow… right?… right?…

      Hey, where did everyone go…?

  • Shutit

    Nah dude the CFC are the ones so hard done by, they can’t easily blob N3 out of their space. Nerf carriers and drone assist already.

    • N3 duder

      yeah lets do all fighting in 10% TiDi with 3k in local instead of 600 cap brawl with no TiDi. Btw where is CFC ArchonSwarm fleet ? 😛

      • Sigh

        Yea lets turn Eve null sec into super caps online, because thats good for eve onlines future.

        • Shutit

          Yeah, spending 6 hours fighting in tidi because numbers win is such an exhilarating experience. I can’t fucking wait for more of my entire fucking day wasted. Some of us that play this game are real life professionals with real life commitments not sperg lords with nothing else to do but sit around in mom’s basement. Also these are the people that for the most part actually pay for the game and plex since they don’t have the time to grind isk. But anyway I digress.

          • Ex-Eve vet

            So true. I could not have said this better!

          • No one cares about you

            So then, how does it feel to be stomped by sperg lords? Could you fill this tub with tears please? I want to take a bath in them before I head back to the basrment for some more sperging.

          • Booyeah

            Getting stomped by basement dwellers really has zero effect on someone who gets laid.

          • No one cares about you in RL

            Why do you like internet tears so much? Is it the only enjoyment you can get out from your miserable RL?

          • unbiased peanut gallery.

            To be fair watching you be butt hurt all over he forums is pretty funny.

          • Shutit

            I’m sure it’s all that one guy. And what’s with the eve player obsession with dudes butts?

          • Simon pieman

            Anyone who says butt hurt just strikes me as either 13 or a bit of a gimp, your opinion is then null and void.

          • Shutit

            It’s a video game. So yah…just sayin.

          • erratic1212

            Low sec / NPC Null is where the pvp is.

      • Shutit

        Naw dude it they can’t win by cramming 1500 dudes into a system then clearly the game is broken.

      • Please

        600 Caps without TIDI? You sir have not be in a serious null fight if you can say that with a straight face.

      • Britanicus99

        In the same place as the 500naglferswarm. Mittens vast imagination.

      • erratic1212

        Seems all CFC can do is spew propaganda.

        He spouted off about a war dec on N3/PL, what a month ago?

        No attack yet.

        All talk.

    • Ex-Eve3 vet

      Nerf coalitions, nerf blue listings and empire size already.

  • red

    I like the part were you see red alliance just disappear off the map because they pissed off the guys who put them there.

    • homeless peasant

      If you watch closely most of RA space became INK space 🙂 INK/DSP put in the work to boot RA. N3 just needed to be near by to scare RA lol

  • Leicester

    Funny how with all the fighting through November/December the sov map barely budged.
    Seems alliances have to fold order for large swathes of space to change hands quickly, such is the yawn-fest state of sov grinding. CCP please make a priority of fixing this in 2014!

  • it is funny watching the game a chess being played. n3 takes the drone lands. The CFC feels threatened and takes the south west. N3 has a massive renter empire. CFC gets a renter empire. It seem more like the CFC is playing catch up to N3’s accumulation of territory, well at the start of 2013.

  • eric loto

    I got a story!
    “The story of En24’s demise in 2013”
    Featuring interviews with GG and DBRB.
    With insider tips on professional edditting techniques, as well as a sneak peak at en24s new site: GG24!

    • the obvious troll

      demise? dont see that happeneing if you keep visiting this website to post ” what a crappy site! edit your shit! you call this news?!” 🙂

    • erratic1212

      Simple solutions elude the simple minded.


  • Simon pieman

    I love these things

  • grenus

    I was waiting for an updated one!

  • Aram

    Pretty awesome, thank you 🙂

  • Dyvim Slorm

    Great job on this, what’s the soundtrack btw?

  • Freyr

    The soundtrack is Archangel from two steps from hell

    • Dyvim Slorm

      Cheers, many thanks 🙂

  • yo momma

    In the year 2013 of Our Lord TEST VANGUISHED THE (_.)(_.) so CHRISTMAS WAS SAVED