TEST announced their deployment to Vale of the Silent. They will side (again) with EMP to harass the CFCā€™s renting space. Their objective will be to make CFC chose between a war in the south or save their isk-making space. Below you can listen to the meeting yourself!

Feel free to discuss this in the comment section below!

  • lol

    Hey cfc nice space you have their…would be a shame if something happened to it

    • sadleric

      Hey, CFC, nice renters you’re picking up from the East.

      It would be such a shame if someone were to flip that sov —

    • GrammarNaziAllUpInThisBiatch


  • Guest

    Well about time.

  • n3grunt

    ^^ About time. Fuck goonswarm. Every 0.0 alliance needs to get together a wipe the CFC from existence once and for all.

    • Nick

      You’d just have another BOB/Goonswarm take over though. Be careful what you wish for.

      Strategic Goon Hater

      • asdf

        There will always be some big, most-hated entity in null sec. We just need a new one, the prepubescent yoga lawyer got tiresome a long time ago.

        • Barkaway

          yes there have always been someone big who was hated, but never have there been anyone that big and “evil”

      • Robo

        True and that will always be the way, however the rest of null are only in coalitions due to cfc bloating and glueing every one. If cfc were dealt with then I’m pretty sure for some time at least null would break up into smaller entities, wich would serve as gfs.
        You think NCdot or PL want to join blob war fare, not they been forced to, to stay relivant/competitive.
        The best thing that could happen if cfc went down would be to not allow anyone to get that big or comfortable again.

        • GFY

          An X Testie myself, and I have mixed feelings on this. “Not allow anyone to get that big again” So if N3 holds out, they still grow to be more powerful too. It was a lot more fun to deal with Goons anyhow, compared to, wannabe elitist NC.

          Also, it was pretty clear that Goons were coming after TEST’s space, and NC. still was hitting 1-SMEB before the big mess. I dunno wtf those guys were thinking, but it was pretty clear they were just helping to enable the Goons. Then to claim to be allies in Fountain, psh.

          I’d be pretty content to watch them all burn.

          • Anhenka

            Thing about N3 is that we are nearly certainly going to implode due to a personality clash somewhere in leadership eventually. Growing to the size and stability of CFC would imply a definite lack of “Because of falcon ” episodes.

          • i am sad i can only upvote this post once lol

          • Random scrub.

            Nobody in n3 “grow the size of CFC.” Why place a game when your blue to 70k toons. F that!

          • lol

            Nice try but that was because of the attention whore pair of elo and wicked princess hence why bl is so fucking bad these days

          • Anhenka

            A: That was still a meltdown in NC leadership, Vince was right in the middle of that shitflinging episode.
            B: That was nowhere near the only leadershipsplosion in NC/last few Tri history. I’d like to say it was, but…..nope.

          • n3grunt

            The n3 is a collection of alliances, as you know. The CFC is basically Goons running everything, not to mention they’re a 12,000 member alliance. I doubt anyone notices just how much Goons manipulate 0.0 sov warfare/politics, even in regions that have nothing to do with them. The n3 are on the defensive against overwhelming odds. Goonswarm have been sitting high and mighty in Deklein for too long now and I think 0.0 would become a lot more interesting with them removed, and for them to be reminded that they aren’t invincible. It would also prove that CCP arent in their pocket.

          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            Hating the CFC is the glue that holds N3 together. Without the CFC, N3 most likely would sooner or later, each go their own way until the next big threat arises.

          • Robo

            You make excuses for the past nothing more. N3 stood by test at the end of the day, they led Test fleets as well as there own, they ended up holding cfc off with little Test support at the end amidst the biggest regionals retake of sov from cfc meta.
            So quite an achievement, but did give the cfc the week or two they needed to make an impact on test space.

            You forget majority of N3 are alliances banded together to fight back against CFCs domination. Majority would rather shoot every one and have gfs instead of having to be in coalition.
            If cfc was gone I can actually gaurantee you NCdot/ PL would branch off to do there own things, probably stay friendly with N3, but have an agreement between them to not allow turds such as cfc to rise again.

          • GFY

            I make excuses? No, I just dont forget. By the time N3 decided to stand by TEST, it was over. Hence the little support.

            The “gf’s” is just propaganda, and an excuse when things dont go as one expected.

          • Random scrub.

            Funny think nc. We’re actually down there just for fun. Goons wanted your space. Doubt your even in test. No I bet you join a second tier CFC shithole, or hell maybe even a renter.

          • GFY

            Are you stupid? Or should I even bother to ask that, after reading what you wrote. I said X TEST. And Im enjoying my 10% TIDI free NPC space, thank you.

          • cfc is shit

            fail cfc propaganda detected

          • GFY

            You crybabies are too butthurt and worried, that you cant read I guess? I hope you all burn, as I said before. CFC and N3.

          • emp renter

            i agree

    • Simon pieman

      I’m intrigued to what will happen now, with a defensive war something goons haven’t had to deal with before (or certainly for a long time) potentially losing systems could be quite the moral knocker, its certainly a very interesting twist.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        Given it’s next to impossible to lose a station these days it’ll just be one very long grind.

        • Nyan Lafisques

          Hm what ?

        • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

          unless they gey blapped in the carrying fritter šŸ˜‰

        • mr passie

          Its only a very long grinf in siege fleets 0.o

      • TEST is the BEST

        Haha they will see how its to suffer. RUS RUS will burn them form one side and other force form drone space.

        CFC we are comming for you!!!!!!

  • laedy 3jane

    The barbarians are knocking at the gates, how many more random entities will decide goon space is looking rather empty right now?

  • Simon pieman

    Makes things a little more interesting, good to see TEST back out in nullsec.

    • Robo

      Test know who there enemies are, down with Goons, good on ya chaps, tally ho an all that what not.

  • navo

    Test are a good bunch and have rearmed and rebounded nicely after Fountain. I wish them luck.

  • indy

    i know the voice of one of those dudes and he is either an ex Tribe fc or AAA, its the one withe the coolest voice

  • Hooray for Test!

  • Spectral Beef Warrior

    Goons living back in hi sec im sure you would all enjoy that

    • sigh

      A win for N3/PL is worse then goon/cfc win by far.
      At least the CFC is the biggest intro to null sec for newer players.
      N3/PL will just turn eve blue and fill it with slaves/renters. and that how n3/pl treat new players like serfs.
      N3 is trying hard to turn EVE/null into caps only online.
      their tactic is if you cannot use a cap then you dont belong in null and thats bad for everybody.

      • truth

        n3 has several alliances that are a part of it that are new player friendly but keep trying with your shit cfc lies

  • moth1

    Test Bros Best Bros o7


    Test Alliance Best Alliance!! Welcome back BroSefs

  • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

    See there Mittens, when you go around fucking everybody over, the enemies just seem to pile up…..

  • Bill Cat

    Kudos to Test for showing some character

  • SovFairySaysYes

    Give them hell, TEST. This is one sure way for you guys to regain some space cred after your Fountain campaign. I know you won’t be alone on this offensive by the beginning of 2014.

    • Solomani

      Give them hell?? They can’t even make it in lowsec in FW siding with caldari. What space cred could they possibly obtain except for trying to top alliance losses for the month

      • Frog Eater

        Lol we got 90% of systems

      • I don’t quite know what reality you live in, obviously it’s not one that is close to the truth. We took 90% of your systems, we filled our members pockets and made some friends. If you actually knew how to read then you would know from our sota going into FW that these were our goals. Op success.

  • Noob

    BNI is going to miss their favorite frenemy. GL and come back soon.

  • EMP Grunt

    looking forward to flying with TEST again. Let’s burn the CFC space.

  • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

    Hey Testies!
    Your prophecy may come true.

  • Bob V.

    We will crush any attempt that EMP or TEST has on our renting space. They are shit, we know it, everyone else knows it, even they know it. Just because a lot of us are deployed in Curse right now doesn’t mean we can’t form excellent fleets up in the north. Bring it bitches!

    On a side note, GENT’s are shit, but with the backing of FA and Razor, we can easily stomp these ass-clowns into the ground. Also remember there are still a lot of Goon’s up north, so I doubt EMP and TEST will be able to take even one system. They are also not large enough to fuck over the renters. They will just keep moving their operations to space where EMP and TEST are not.

    • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

      FAZOR?!? Gimme some of those mushrooms you are eating.I know you have em, you are hallucinating real hard.
      Everywhere FAZOR has teamed and went, it has been completely dickstomped.

    • EMP Grunt

      lol you are sadly deluded. We already destroyed FCON, GENTS, and CO2 in a straight fight. And Razor is too busy getting fucked down south, while FA is getting wtf stomped in Fountain. Not that we’d care anyway. EMP already fucked over Razor in taking Cobalt Edge. Prepare your anus.

      • sigh

        Your a retard.
        Fcon gents and co2 job was to harras in the north.
        At no time were Fcon/Gents told to take and keep sov.
        You did not defeat any one. Fcon /Gents left after they hurt your renters more then you would like.
        you lost over 1000 renters from over 20 corps from the harrassment by Fcon/Gents.
        Their job was complete and thats the only reason Fcon/Gents left.

        • Emp f4ever

          Or because the got the shot stomped out of them.

        • muh

          btw thanks for that FCON, GENTS and CO2 :D, you just made all the pussy renters leave so we had space to rent alot more systems. always nice donating isk to a good cause like distroying CFC

        • decepticon victory

          Lol and by doing so completely demoralized their alliances, gave a huge morale boost to EMP taking their fleet numbers from 70 to 500. Nice win retard. Also notice how you have renters in vale? Say bye bye

        • EMP Grunt

          And most of those renters went right to PL, not to the CFC LOL. The CFC has taken 4 corps. A 4 man corp, a 60 man corp, an 18 man corp, and a just recently added 117 man corp. Overall, 199 people. Brothers of Tangra took just as many, and that is PL’s corp. The rest either went to other renter alliances in n3 or they just aren’t in ANY alliance. And looks like the CFC lost a hundred man renter alliance already just from EMP’s deployment. Time to burn Vale.

          Of course, gents and fcon left because they were winning. As clearly indicated by our Dear Leader Phreeze.

    • Random scrub

      That’s right mate…it’s a Christmas miracle, if you stay a lie 5 times fast.. Then it much be true.!! We believe!! PS GENTs your shit and if your hoping fazor will say you. Ask the Russians how it worked for them the first time.

    • Ex-Eve vet

      Vale of the Silent is where the shit started to hit the fan when the DRF started to invade what was back then old Northern Coalition space. I remember a brave guy named Tom Cat who went on the forums to tell the Russians the same kind of stuff you just wrote about EMP and Test. Should I remind you how all that ended?

      • TESTicle

        Damn right! we will crush them. Fck goons fck em.

        They were fat for too long. Call us pets, call us scrubs but we will destroy CFC

        • GoTESTGo

          DO IT!!

    • Robo

      Cfc could not fight its way out of a paper bag unless all of their retards are in 1 place, think history and even this war has shown that!

      • Kirk Otsito

        Ummm test can fight its way out of a paper bag either so stalemate?

    • asdf

      Yes, there are indeed still a lot of Goons up north, embroiled in their war vs. Guristas.

      • Barkaway

        Yeah but i heard that it is not going to well, the guristas are to strong..

    • Barkaway

      The only way CFC is any good is if all of the alliances in the CFC are working together, if they are not they are shit, How did it go for FAZOR when they went down south to help SOLAR? I wasnt there but i still know that it went shit so adding GENTS whom you just called shit, wouldnt that just make more shit?

    • orly?

      still a lot? pretty sure cfc is “full on deployed” now

    • idiot

      You’re an idiot gents lost a station system in gem. With only a token defense. 1.DOWN START THE FAIKCASCADE.

  • oldgrandma

    New to all this but I am fairly impressed by Phreeze and EMP. They seem to be effectively bring a lot of other alliances to their side. TEST with its history probably wasn’t hard but the carnival of other groups is impressive.

    • Robo

      Phreeze and EMP have been impressive, hat off to them, credit due where credit earned.

    • It’s generally not a good idea to comment on something that you do not have the full picture of m8

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    Oooo killing more TEST, although I’m not sure I’m that worried seeing as they are too scared of DNS to go to G-0….. holy shit.

    • Young gamer.

      DNS, is that code for sucking 70k ppls cocks at the same time?

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        You having a flashback to your time in prison?

        • Random scrub.

          No I’m watching goons blue 3/4 of null and lose.

          • numbers don’t like you

            You can’t blue 3/4 of eve when fighting PL, EMP and NC./N3 dumbass. Next time try not using numbers when you spin, you can’t count for shit.

          • Robo

            Ok well 2 3rds of null encompasses Rus/BL/cfc gg

          • Random scrub

            CFC 38k+stainwagon 10k + Halloween coalition 5k = 53k
            N3+pl= 28k
            So 2/3 of active blocs.


            My numbers were a bit off. But hey 2/3 of eve vrs ,1/3= You still fucking suck mate.

          • Daniel Grist

            That’s a tad out of dat, add test to the N3 side remove legion of death from Cfc and add to N3 it’s more like 3/5ths vs 2/5ths.
            Have never been an n3 fan but am really hoping thy manage to flip rus over (solar will never happen unless a crazy offer is given). To shake things up.

            Trying to decide which is the lesser of 2 evils, an unstoppable capital blob or the Cfc, maybe just destroy each other, wish eve was more fragmented.

          • Nerfallthethings

            That’s why CCP must nerf all carriers and supers.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            It’s not our fault you can’t make friends, maybe you smell?

          • Random scrub

            Old gamer how long you been in the cfc? I guess is from the being before y’all started to suck donkey balls….no wonder your grouchy

    • sadleric

      One does not simply ignore that great fat man and his Arazu.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        Hey, DNS is a cool dude and all; I’m not sure he would stop me getting my stuff if I were running one the largest alliances in the game.

    • First off, I can’t believe I am even commenting here. You people are some of the dumbest motherfuckers I have ever seen on the internet, and believe me, I have seen some retarded shit in my time.

      Second, DNS asked us to stay out of curse and we are obliging him out of respect. We did not actively poach star frontiers, they came to us. I can understand if DNS is a bit upset that a good portion is now gone from something he worked hard to build, and if he want some time and space away from us so be it, we still want to work with him again in the future.

  • Grunt4Life

    Yeah remove Goons from Deklein please, last time PL tried, it was great.

    • Solomani

      Really? TEST going to harass Vale of the Silent?? Getting tired of getting their butts kicked in lowsec (blackrise) it seems . How’s the FW going there TEST, where’s the caldari shutout?? Off to harass the miners and ratters now?? Sounds like the renters are going to get some nice kill mails.

      • Test alliance please we suck

        Haha. Yea sure mate bet your in gents. Already damage control. Didn’t want this war anyways.

        • Solomani

          Gents?? Nah, just one of the local pirate groups engorging themselves on TEST kills. Since TEST arrived into the area, they’ve been nothing but flaccid and downright disappointing.

      • Your renters pose no threat, it’s like shooting geese. Your members are disloyal and your towers are siphoned.

  • lol

    LOL Test gets wrecked in fountain and chased out of delve so what do they do? They help the people that hung them out to dry defend their space. Test really is the dumbest alliance in the game.

    • Robo

      No your pretty dumb for saying something dumb…

      • GrammarNaziAllUpInThisBiatch


    • Alex J

      You are literally the dumbest mother fucker on the internet. Test was a useless pile of shit that couldn’t get the simplest thing done w/o us holding their hand. We did more to defend their space than they did jackass. Exception being 6vdt where they magically were able to pull like 3k ppl. If they would of done 1/8th of that the rest of the war they would of won

      • GrammarNaziAllUpInThisBiatch

        *would have

  • Robo

    If EMP/test make mittens cry like a baby again in the next alliance update I shall be very happy.

    Topics of crying will be of course…

    Waaaaa slowcats need nerfing since we cannot change tactics to counter due to being retarded.
    Waaaa sentries need nerfing since again we cannot change tactics to counter due to being retarded.
    Waaaa N3/PL are only winning because they develops sphere tactics with super/capital/subcapital deployment. We would be winning if they let us blob them 4+:1 in subcaps.
    Waaaa the whole point of manipulating Rus to fight with us was to steal their renters & N3s renters, and now Test/EMP are stealing ours.
    Waaaa (likely omega fleet anhiliation at some point) dirty N3/PL are cheating, they not letting us win.

    Look forward to mittens next update very much indeed.

    • Robo

      And Spaceship Samari s
      Keeping the mighty FA LI3 behind to defend their bear space.
      Mittens will also cry about this…

      Who knows maybe Rus will start to play smart and turn to the west to reap the rewards of cfc space for rental income, maybe mittens will cry about that also…

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        Spaceship Samari …. lol

        • Chris

          Are way more competent than anyone gives them credit for.

          • Dumbledore

            I don’t give half of them half as much credit as I should like, and I give less than half of them half as much credit as they deserve.

    • sigh

      You wont be laughing when the CFC drops 1000 nag dreads per fight, because thats what every one is training for right now.
      So yes the CFC will find a way to break the carrier blob no skill tactic used by the circle jerkers in n3.

      • Random scrub

        Sure they will I believed in The tooth fairy at one time….so keep believing

        • Billbo

          “Molle” said the same thing once…..

          • Random scrub

            Il believe when I see it, still waiting on Santa though….

      • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

        and then titans get drtopped and blap said dreads

      • Dumbledore

        Just out of curiosity, what happened to the plan to get an archon to every player?

        • GrouchyOldGamer

          The number of ratting carriers dying rocketed.

        • Confused

          Think it was a case that when everyone got into a carrier they turned carebear.

      • PL cyno alt

        Just going to point out that unless you have high skills for minmatar battleships it’s going to take a fair bit of time for those 1000 nags to be ready and who knows how far goons shit will be pushed in before that time comes. When push comes to shove the goons were never very good at fighting and relied on spies to win their battles for them.

        • User joined your channel

          Hmm unless someone had high skills for flying Minmatar battleships, you say? Like, for instance, Maelstroms?

      • Marcus


        Anyone remember “a boot in every hanger” speech?

        Talk is cheap, and CFC has shown time after time that they are not willing to use expensive assets when their enemy has those same expensive assets in the same area. They rather get 100’s of dudes 60mil siege bombers, and avoid fighting all together and just shoot structures.

        Can’t blaim them, it gets the job done, and it’s dirt cheap when it welps.

      • N3 WarHQ

        YES.. 100000000000 NAGS WILL DROP ON US.. first it was 350 nags.. now its 1000 nags? Where is all those archons you where going to have in your hangars months ago? Haven’t seen much of them yet..and i suspect we will never seen that many nags either.

        • GrouchyOldGamer

          To be fair our plan has been waylaid because no one has worked out how to rat in them yet. Once we work that we’ll all get two each.

        • Stopit

          Good God!! Look, as someone who’s been around awhile but not on either side, how many times do we have to hear this braying about how one side is shit the other awesome? If you are so freaking good, win the frigging war already! Blah, blah, blah, and then you’re dead.

      • woops

        The flight of a thousand dumbasses …

      • Sold

        Alpha Nags are glass cannons and nothing we haven’t seen before. Shit will get raped. It didn’t work for the old NC. Can’t believe CFC is even considering it.

  • MASS

    CFC and goonies Crushed by MOA and Friends…. by NPC roleplayers as Mittens would like to call us ….. pwnage

    the hurt is coming CFC and Goon scum…..the hurt is coming this is what happens when they fight on equal numbers…..

    • Ncdot

      shutup scrub

      • asdf

        Judging from the battle report, it’s clearly your boyfriend’s coalition that are scrubs.

        • Your wrong scrub

          Are your sure….

      • MASS

        Scrub a dub dub…goonies dieing in the tub..

        I dont really think you can call us scrubs with these kind of stats …annoying yes….giving a daily beatdown on the CFC and goons..heck yes…but scrubs…not so much….
        when you blob…we will dissapear..when you are alone and weak..we will strike…we will cripple every wretched CFC ratter in the north..and bring Mittens house or cards to the ground…

      • santa from S2N

        Fuck off undercover goon! you’re afraid now poasting as nc. :)))

      • Simon pieman

        Hahahaha the guy who’s been posting shit on every N3/PL carrier ls really one of those that got welped how funny.

    • best_burek

      So what you are saying is? Killing CFC in shuttles and ratting ships will win the war. Cause looking at the stats that’s all UI see.

  • Mr Majesty

    oh no da fuk dey dinint!

  • K5K AnimalMother

    i paid 3 billion for the ship. i want to use it.

    • thanks for your money

      lol rmt’d account

      • That was stupid


        What are you even talking about?

  • Svk

    TEST, back like the turd that won’t flush down.

    • Bill Cat

      and instead flings itself out of the toilet into Mittens face

  • Jaime Gomes

    I am not expecting much honestly. I dunno. Let’s see.

  • MrSeb

    This war will either make or break the CFC. Finally there is an opposition to hurt them. Already you can see how smaller entities are pinching away on the oversized body of the CFC.

    The Samurais are doing a great job in the Fountain.

    EMP did a great job in the North, add TEST to the fold and i am sure great things will happen in the Vale as well.

    N3PL are putting up a great fight against the demoralized RUS forces in the south.

    For the RUS i say; join forces with the N3 before it is too late. I know there are a lot of Rus who do not like working with the Goons. The fact that you all speak russian doesn’t mean you have the same goals.

    • hans32423

      u are the checker

    • DDvet

      Before its too late? You mean we might lose all of our space? OMG! Sue for peace now!

      I for one welcome the coming war. Having Nulli (backstabbing traitors that attacked us when we were still fighting their war), PL (elitist enemies from way back) and now TEST (cannon fodder and long time PL puppets) on the one side is great.

      • WAR IS RAW

        Of course … Even now you guys will fail to do what is right. Rather hold grudges and die in a fire while at it. Is that how you welcome this war? You’re full of shit and you know it.

      • MrSeb

        Same can be said about SOLAR backstabbing NC. in Tribute war. But with that logic everyone should be at war with everyone, if you base your reasons on old grudges.
        Old grudges are getting old.
        The Rus block is in turmoil, half of it doesn’t like the other half, same goes for fghting with the goons or against them.
        How long do you think this can continue before it all falls apart?

      • truth

        you didnt fight any war for n3, you were allowed to take space they did not want with the condition that you did not allow solar to be near n3 space when you left them deploy to catch you broke the agreement.

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      NO, just NO.

      a smuch as I dislike Goons, at least they openly declare their affiliation and plans.
      With Russians blue it’s just waiting to backstab you or run in the middle of a fight.
      They are cowards and do not hesitate to change sides.

      Russians saying to CFC: “thanks for the help we have not been getting”, but the moment they get set blue, my overview will start glitching again.

      • truth

        no they make deals then stab the people in the backing making up bullshit stories about how the “enemy” broke the deals and the cfc members fall for it hook line and sinker.

    • Mittens is a FAGGOT

      N3 Would never side with Solar maybe some of the other russian blocks (maybe) but as far as Solar are concerned they are as good as dead to N3 (old scores to settle and all that shit)..

      • n3

        N3 got no real issues with solar, we took their space, we won their war, we have no further need to be hostile, unfortunately solar does not see it like that.

        • Eternal

          You are right, and N3 is the same way, the CFC kicked them out of Tribute and they just can’t seem to let it go, “Our purpose is to destroy the CFC”. N3 has never beaten the CFC in any conflict losing time after time, we can only hope this is the turning point and for once they win, it is their home turf after all.

          • MrSeb

            I don’t think N3 is fighting with CFC because of Tribute. There might have been a quarrel there in the past but now it’s more about not letting the CFC gain more territory and players. They are just too big and it is in the benefit of all of EVE if they were defeated..
            Most of the CFC is deadweight who can not hold anything on their own.

      • MrSeb

        The quarrel with SOLAR is in the past. They paid for their choice in Tribute wars with their territory. That is finished.
        SOLAR might have different ideas but then again it is just them. The Rus block is big with many different opinions.

  • N3 WarHQ

    At first look this might not seem to mean anything. TEST is half dead already and shouldn’t really pose any kind of threat against CFC. But lets not forget that everyone was laughing at TEST in the past and they ended up being the 2nd most powerful alliance in game.

    EMP + TEST + what ever other allies they have on their side are becoming a decent sized group that could pose a threat to Vale and other regions in the north if left unchecked. They would not stand a chance against the whole CFC blob but would do just fine against GENTS, FCON and CO2 as shown in the drone regions.

    • Mcckiee

      How exactly?

      CFC installed TEST in Delve to become the ‘2nd most powerful alliance’ in the game. PL hand their hand since day one down there. Without PL, AAA would of dunked them after the CFC left. The second PL moved on and TEST tried to do something independently (well, not really…as N3 and co we giving token support), TEST fell apart and quit without a fight.

      The one of the most overrated alliance in the game that has accomplished nothing on its own.

      • Kinis Deren

        “… one of the most overrated alliance[s] in the game that has accomplished nothing on its own.”

        Are you talking about the goons?

      • N3 WarHQ

        Doesn’t really matter, they need some leadership and EMP can give them that for now and they have a score to settle with CFC so they will have motivation. If EMP are successful in Vale you will soon see those numbers grow fast.

      • Simon pieman

        Without a fight? was you even in fountain? as I remember it CFC took well over a month to grind one region, they were losing fleet after fleet to N3 and TEST to start, they resorted to caracal fleets through fear of losing to much and the nice fleets getting absolutely welped.

        Ofc the whole thing eventually ground them down, the whole no fun fleets and alarm clock ops for the good guys killed them off and CFCs non stop siege fleets and seemingly inability to get bored shooting structures in bombers won them the war.

        But at no point was it a steamroller, it was prolly the biggest test CFC has had the last couple of years until this war ofc, TEST have clearly shrunk, they are no where near their old strength but they put bums on seats and CFC know better then most that numbers however terrible win wars, hence the CFC itself.

        • metermaid9876

          You had entire EVE against CFC in Fountain war and you complain about numbers, you lost a region in weeks and you say its not the steamroll. Nice spin, bro. How is FW working out for you?

          • Washi_Meisei

            No the war in Fountain wasn’t some CFC steamroller as you say.
            At the beginning the CFC were losing badly. They had to meta game to get N3 off of them for a bit as they had to quickly regrind sov.
            When N3 returned to Fountain, TEST stopped showing up for fights. Please get your facts straight.

    • Shutit

      I am looking forward to seeing TEST back on the map. Hopefully they can get some space and once more become a null player.

    • test grunt

      You fucking retards from N3, you would love another meatshield from us, isn’t it? How much space you offered us when we were down? you have huge unoccupied space and nobody ghought we need a quite place to rebuild. CFC gave our space (Querious) to their friends, or even enemies. What you offered us? stealing our best corps, players, supers? Fuck you for ever!!!!
      Test forever free!!!!!!!

      • lol

        i highly doubt this is a test member probably more like a scared cfc carebear but what is even more funny is you are piggy backing on an n3 ally at the moment if you are indeed test

        • truth

          not to mention n3 was the only thing that kept test in the fountain war as long as they did because test numbers were shit except 1 fight

  • CFC will die! Lets unite!

    Imagine that! No goons, no CFC in nullsec.

    They laugh at us. They make us feel that we cannot hurt them!

    Let’s make the suffer! Take their homes and burn their ships.

    Revolution needs to begin.

    • orly?

      IDK if you’ve missed the last few years of EVE history but you should be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.

      • nc.

        your an idioit the cfc is shit ya fucking carebear

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      how many mining barges of yours have been blown up by the goons? it sounds like a lot.

  • Dave From Razor

    Test are in a lot of ways like those zombies you see in those horror films. On a superficial level they are rotten, moan and let us be honest stink. On their own they are kind of funny watching them shuffle around banging into things may be dropping a limb or three and hungry for brains which must be in short supply in that alliance. They only become troublesome in numbers because everyone you kill another one shuffles in its place and Test is literally half the alliance it used to be. This will have no lasting impact on anything other than providing low sec pirates something to full to pad their kill boards with. Any gains will be short lived and probably repelled by our local militias if not a short trip up north will soon put this irritant to bed.

    • Lawful-Insanity

      Lol and ur in razor? We should all take anything you say seriously right? You guys are literally as bad as FA. Also i dont think razor alone could handle EMP alone. Put ur head back under the mittanis skirt and leave the fighting to the adalts.

      • Ciaphas Cyne

        how did test do again?

      • nick

        Yeah Rzr basically do what Goons tell them too — they stopped doing things on their own for a long time now.

  • Shutit

    Fucking rights TEST looking forward to seeing you guys back on the map. Much love from this N3 grunt. Keep up the pressure.

  • boris

    if you were going to try and keep the alliance alive, should have renamed it to something more appropriate. Detroit is fitting.

  • Ex-Eve vet

    LOL… Ev0ke and V.E.G.A. are joining the anti-CFC movement now! Looks like the shit is about to hit the fan pretty soon for CFC. In multiple areas!!
    (Maybe I should re-sub quick before there is nothing left to kill)

    • Billbo

      Lol “Evoke” and who??? I am sure Evoke’s token 5 rifters will turn the tide of war…

    • Candycrush online

      Imagine you fight a grizzly bear while there are cute little kittens scratching your leg.
      First you kill the Grizzly . Then you punch the kittens..

      CFC vs. the rest of EVE.
      Take out N3/PL . then take care of the rest.

      The fountain and cloud ring campaigns are going horrible. FA/Li3/EXE despite their retarded losses sometimes are having no struggle at all defending the timers while still reinforcing syndicate posses etc.

      stop beeing delusional pls.

  • N3 Grunt

    Much <3 to TEST, now lets see RUS crumble in the south, and CFC crumble in the north šŸ˜€

  • Some Dude

    As much as I like Test and EMP I cant but think they will have a very limited impact on CFC by attacking there space. CFC have a lot of supers when there not hiding from N3 supers, and N3 will be a very long way away, if TEST/EMP do deploy capital fleets against the CFC I am pretty sure the CFC will deploy there supers. CFC love shooting smaller alliances with there supers when there’s very little danger present, Its all they have ever used them for

    I hope I am wrong though because it would be pretty awesome if the deployment is a success and Goons start loosing renters

    • Lawful-insanity

      Well if cfc deploy suoers against emp im sure tgere will already be a cyni chain from pl setup.

    • EMP

      Please do PLEASE DO IT! That’s like a wet dream come true. The reality is they won’t no matter how dumb they are they are not that dumb. Its 3 beacons and 1 cyno that is how far PL/NC. supers are away from Vale.

    • jesus

      for crying out loud.


      T H E I R not there you moran.

  • bigbonedbobby

    its actually interesting that you have a core of certain players always ending up against eachother on the battlefield under different flags.

    Some sides have been swapped lately though and it think the differance must be leadership in who wins in the end.
    but its a never ending cycle and these players will just keep being reabsorbed like liquid mercury drops until someone leads them to victory.

  • Poached Test

    Goons are literally Taliban. Everybody hates them, and the only people that tolerate them are making money off them.

    I, for one applaud Test 4.0 (or is that 5.0?) and kinda wish I was still flying with ya’ll. Something about the autistic, “No F’s Given” attitude that makes my thingy tingle.

    Go forth and cause havoc as only Test knows how to do! Fly well bros

    • Candycrush online

      lol true.
      like the US gov made money off them

      • Daniel Plain

        and remember that one time TEST flew airliners into skyscrapers? and then the US military went to Afghanistan to kill boodabooda…

        • Candycrush online

          good times.
          I cant wait until we invade Iran for breaking OTEC

  • mittens retarded baby brother
  • eveplayer

    Road to berlin comes to mind šŸ˜€

  • eveplayer

    can u imagine the mittani as Gandalf saying ” YOU shall not pass “” šŸ˜€

    • lol

      then the balrog punching him in the dick? because that is what is happening

  • nick

    Go Test, death to Goons :p

  • Justama Ticklebunny

    TEST sucks.