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Leaks: AAA’s CEO Forum Post

December 20, 2013

The following post was placed by Against All Authorities CEO Lahari on the CEO / Director section of AAA’s forums:

Against……… Ourselves!
Hello -A-,

The most difficult part of being the current -A- leader for me has been having to reconcile the differences between the type of leader I want to be with the kind of leader I have to be. What does this mean? Simple, I didn’t want to have to yell, scream, threaten people. I wanted to encourage people, improve communication, treat people like adults that give a shit about their corps, alliance, hobby. And what did I learn form this? Well, it seems that a majority of pilots playing Eve are lazy, self serving, and rather quite useless.

The weight of an entire alliance that is nearly 2400 members bloated is carried by a very small few. A couple of dozen in command and FCs, and a very few hundred in fighting pilots. The rest who the fuck knows what they are doing. I am not even talking about the 1000 or so that don’t bother to log in for one reason or another. I am talking about the 143 guys in alliance yesterday during the fight for RIT (One of OUR SYSTEMS) and only about 40 were present. It seems on -A-s best days we can maybe muster a 50 man fleet.

It seems like there are a lot of people either getting fat on isk while others do all the work, or simply log in to do nothing at all. There is no place for this in -A-. While we take a pounding from stupid mistakes, ignorant renters who drop sov in catch, our own inability TO DEFEND OUR OWN FUCKING SPACE. Is mind blowing. Sure, we got in a war that we really didn’t need. We have to blue CFC which some of us can’t stand and others could care less. However, this is about defending our own space. RIT, OUR SPACE, systems falling in Fey, OUR SPACE. Sov dropping in catch due to stupid renters, OUR SPACE.

Fleets are called, pings are sent, not one fuck was given. FCs continue talking about their latest fleet concept in chat. Alliance has the same trolls talking that never fleet. And the rest? Silence. Not a peep. Not a word not a fuck given. In spite of all of the effort made to improve communication. New command structure, TS made stable. Forum posts, Jabber pings, Our participation hasn’t gotten better, it is worse.

Excuses seem to be the Fleet Doctrine of today’s -A-. It’s the holidays, I have to work in the morning, I have a sick kid, I have to rat to plex, Sure, that is probably true for a few people. I doubt it applies to the rest.

I for one have had enough of it. Moving Forward I will be holding holding each corp accountable for it’s participation. Participation is a broad term, it’s more than just fleet participation. While having more people in fleet should be our #1 priority there are other ways pilots can help. Logistics, Pos’s, DO SOMETHING USEFUL.

I am going to be coming down hard on CEOs and Directors. If participation does not start to improve then I guess it will be time to remove the dead weight. This isn’t a path that I wanted to have to take, but it seems there is little choice. I will take into account the holidays, but by February, I expect to see results.

CTAs are mandatory. It’s not like they happen all day every day. Corps can still do fun roams and other activities. But when a CTA is called, for any reason you will get in fleet and participate. If we have to start forming our own fleets to stop DD or others from kicking less experienced pilots out, so be it.

A team will be named to search our hunting grounds for those that feel ratting and bearing is more important that participating in CTAs. If you are found ratting, we will come for you, we will kill you. This is not YOUR space to make isk in, this is the alliances space. And you do not get the privilege of isking up while others work to protect you. Once killed your corporate command will get an ear full of me.

This issue of 140 in alliance and 12-50 people in fleet needs to be solved. Either people start fleeting up, or people start finding another alliance to leech off of. There are a few very hard working pilots busting their asses to be in fleets, to help with logistics, to FC, setting up poses etc. WTF are you doing? It’s not just the holidays, this has been an ongoing issue for some time now.

Pilots will use jabber. Pilots will use alliance comms, Pilots will read forums, Pilots will read alliance mails and calendar. This is not peace time. We are at war. And every mistake made our enemy capitalizes on. We can not afford to be complacent. We can not afford to be lazy. If you don’t give a crap about this alliance, then you need to find another place to be. It’s that simple.

-Catch is to be monitored for enemy SBUs and enemy SBUs will be reported. We can start a forum thread listing them. It is a simple task that needs to be done daily.
-Pilots need to have carriers and dreads staged in F4R2 and have jabber ready in case you are needed.
-Pilots need to have ready siege ships, this means Phoons and Bombers, ready to ship up and hit enemy SBUs, TCUs and structures at a moments notice.
-Pilots looking to have action during non cta times should fleet up and roam our enemy space.
-If you want to sit afk in eve all day, do it in an enemy system cloaked. They do it to us, return the favor, make your logged in time useful.
-Kick your corp mates and get them active and into fleets. If you don’t care why should they.

The only systems we have lost have been systems that have either not had iHubs or a renter dropped sov on. To this point, no system has been forcefully taken from us in our space. This means something. We fight for what we keep.

No more excuses!

Every person that reads this post needs to hit thanks on it so I can see just how many of you actually took the time to do so.

Pretty sad that it has to come to this.

Hari Out

P.S. For those that say “It’s my time and you don’t pay for my subscription or plex”. You are correct. Feel free to remove yourself from this alliance and it’s space as we have no use for you here. This alliance and it’s space is maintained and defended by other people’s time using other people’s subscription time and plex. Which YOU are clearly not paying for.

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