Good Morning, Goats!

After our “Retreat-to-Tenal” weekend, it’s time for a war update.

READING LIST: I would like to pull out a few gems written by other people which I believe you should read…

1. This was written up by a Goon Diplo and posted in the recent CFC Diplomatic Update – Winter 2013 thread. This is how Razor is viewed by the rest of the CFC as a whole:

At the conclusion of the fountain war, Razor did not stay put for long and decided to deploy to Curse at the end of September. Undaunted by a bit of a rough start, they persisted and became involved in virtually every major fight in the area and in doing so, became the first CFC alliance to side with the fledgling Russian bloc in their conquest of the N3 hordes. Especially commendable is their continued capital efforts with Black Legion to try to stomp out the pest that are slowcats and further cementing their status as one of the most capital heavy CFC alliances.

2. My partner-in-fail, Imperian, posted this gem of a post in a recent thread in general discussion. This post was a culmination of his (and our) frustration with the grumbling, complaining and general whiny nature of some of our more special Razor members:

Do you guys realize that you are crying on a pretty damn high level?

Do you know why BlackLegion is the FOTM alliance? Not because they don’t have doctrine ships on alliance contracts. Not because they don’t have any SRP at all. Not because you get kicked from TS if you shit up their coms. Not because they don’t give a shit if you are two minutes late and leaves you home.

It’s because of their pilots which WANT TO help the FC being successful. The last time they fought in 9-8 they were in Maelstroms. They knew that they are going to get butt-fucked so they bridged back to Sendaya. Switched ships and were back in within 4 minutes after they bridged out.

The power to adapt is what is winning this game. Not the power to make sure that every member of this alliance has a golden pillow to sleep on. We have way better basic conditions than 95% of the other alliances. We got a 0.0 entrance as staging. Easy to get there. We got the space for making money at home. We got all ships on alliance contracts. We got JF service. Basically a RZR member doesn’t have to do anything but joining fleets and making ISK. But instead of being happy there is so much whine about having to be better than the average IRC member. I am not making this shit up. Join another alliance like PL or BL or Cartel or any other alliance that is good at PVP. They don’t give a shit about what you think. They will laugh at you and kick you if you cry like that on their coms / forum. But that’s not possible here in Razor because we are something like an all-handing-hand-community where your opinion counts and everyone should be happy.

So yeah, be happy while it lasts

Razor Alliance members have it good like you guys wouldn’t believe. We are working hard to make that even better day by day.

War Update

What is happening in this War?
The CFC has officially entered the war and is positioning themselves in G-0Q86. Razor will provide support for timers and assist in RF’ing from time to time. When required, we will use our growing capital fleet to drop on the ebil N3 Boot carrier blobs. If you have been quite lost as to what has happened the last few weeks, I suggest reading up on several stories:

– Nullsec Update: 12/5-12/8
– Nullsec Update: Week Of December 9th
– Solar Supercarrier Group Destroyed in 78R-PI
– GSF Outpost Egg Destroyed in Catch Ambush

Why is Razor still here?
Because we are in the best place in this game for Nullsec, fleet PvP.
We are here to kill N3. We are here to decisively and completely remove N3 from the South. If we can kill them in the process, all the better.

What are our future plans?
Right now, our plans include staying in Curse until it no longer makes sense for us to remain here. Our location could not be more ideal for logistics, access to empire and Titan/dread range. We leave when we (1) are not longer needed and (2) the PvP in the area dries up. Until then, we will continue the good fight.

Why aren’t we winning faster?
Because Drone Assist, boot Archons and extensive use of Supercapital power by the N3. N3 was only able to accomplish this because the CFC has yet to move down their supers/titan. It’s only a matter of time before N3 will think twice about dropping capitals on every timer. They can’t win the subcap fight, so they have chosen to go almost exclusively capital fleets. It has taken several weeks for us to counter this change, but it’s happening.

Other Notes
– The Russians have completed preparation for LR Dread fleets. Our combined numbers are growing.
– CFC & Razor have begun the push for Naglfars. Begin training Minmatar Dreadnaught 4 and Capital Projectiles 4. When you lose your next dread, order a Naglfar.
– Get a Dread (not a Phoenix). Insure it before major fights if you choose (the PLatinum Insurance + Alliance SRP pays for new Ship, fittings and a bit extra).
– Razor’s swap to Ishtars has been met with approval by the rest of our allies as it allows us to provide significant DPS to cover both capitals and friendly fleets.

Ship Fitting Updates: Ishtars
Yup, we added them. I’d like to turn your attention to the Ishtar thread ( where you will notice a distinct lack of reference to Vigils or any other shit ships. AB Hyena or AB Keres are the only acceptable ships outside of Interdictors/Interceptors for tackle. If you can’t fly any of the listed ships in this thread, whatever you do, don’t fly a Vigil. Thanks.

Skills Training Suggestions
Gallente Cruiser 5 (for Ishtar)
Heavy Assault Cruiser 4 -> 5
Sentry Drone Interfacing 5
Drone Interfacing 5
Electronic Attack Frigate 4 -> 5 (for Hyena/Keres)

Christmas Holidays
It might be quiet over the Christmas holidays as people will be out of town and hanging with family. There will still be plenty of fleets, but how active the war will be around Christmas remains to be seen.

Your Military Advisers Leaders,

Tib & Imperian

Feel free to discuss this update in the comment section below!

  • derp

    Razor so revenant. Looking forward to cfc fielding those enormous amounts of tits and moms oO

    • N3_Grunt

      Yes, N3 can’t wait for the CFC capitals to come down. Please bring some!

      • Bla

        You got the Titans ready to crash the node?

        • N3 Dude

          Means no one is ever again allowed to drop a titan on the battlefield. Pls do us a favour and go trolling on your goon propaganda mittani site.
          I don’t get it why the new mega coalition consisting of CFC,AAA,Solar,DD,BL is claiming N3 and PL for dropping supers against your numbers. If the spartans fight against the hordes and win in lower numbers it is always something wrong with the game, but if you win with your blob, everything is fine?
          I mean seriously we have the balls to use our supers and bring them in fight. Maybe we lose them, but in my opinion it is better than don’t even log them in.
          I don’t see that we are risk averse, I rather see that you are bringing sniper dread fleets which are splitted and engaging on safe distances.
          So who of us is the risk averse coalition ?

          • Selina

            All of ’em

          • N3Fanbud

            This Men for President! It’s just so true!

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            Couple more node crashes and they’ll nerf drones assist. Calling it now.

          • N3 Dude

            You are just terrible. Because drones are the only reason for the server problems? If you fucking mega blobbers wouldn’t always crash with 1000+ people in a single fight, we wouldn’t need to take caps for defence and could fight with subcaps. But this is just not possible as we learnt from the past fights.

          • Muul Udonii

            Not the only problem, but they are a problem that CCP can solve pretty easily.

          • Chris

            The solution to a backend problem should not be nerfing the problem so it never gets used. That’s just bad game design.

          • Too subtle. You should just petition for CCP to remove all N3PL capital ships from the game.

          • Chris

            Don’t forget our drones too.

          • Wishful thinking is wishful.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            It is Christmas.

          • Simon pieman

            Pointless post is……

          • This made me lul – nice.

        • Kweetniet

          more then enough, you got DBRB to whelp yours?

          • bla

            So you believed the troll? LOL

        • Those fifty titan pilots were all banned along with DBRB.

          • Simon pieman

            Please tell me the reasoning behind this post?

            If there is 1000+ people in system, 200 carriers all with 10 drones each, 200 dreads all shooting caps, then the rest are all subcaps shooting each other and all prolly with drones out, there is prolly 50+ dictors on field dropping bubbles to keep said carriers and dreads on field and you honestly think 50 titans make a difference?

            Please stop now, you’re making yourself look simple.

    • muh

      The fun part is, if XTC dropped in there super fleet at the start of the war, alongside with BL and Solar, they might had a chance to win. Now so many supers already have died, they won’t stand a chance. So if they drop their Supers, they will lose the bulk of them. And if that happens they got a chance to be distroyed. The more they lose after losing the super fleet, the more chance smaller alliances have a chance to attack the CFC and win. I love this war

      • muh

        XTC? sry i mean CFC… Damn autocorrect

      • Adamski

        “so many supers” not really that many

        • muh

          I’m an Indi guy. Just so you know be4 hand. But do you know hou many minerals is needed to rebuild those “few” supers? And hou mutch time it takes to rebuild those? If CFC keeps blowing up supers at this speed they need all the minerals on the jita market within 2 months and still come short. Gonne be good times for miners

          • lol

            i have a feeling that you sir have no idea what you are talking about. N3 have renters that build 10 or more supers at a time and titans as well. Infact they build more than we have pilots for so they sell them on the open market or store them for us for a later time, GL out pacing use losing 100 dreads for every 1 super.

          • muh

            eerm dude, i’m in one of those renter corps of N3. hence why i say good luck on the CFC rebuilding those supers. and yes i know how mutch efford and time it takes to build those things since i’m the one building them while my corp is getting the minerals in.

      • lol

        Yeah, if 120k people allied dropped all their supers they would have outnumbered 3 alliances of 6000 people.

  • npc resident

    eve is tired of your blob warfare….prolly cfc members also.get in fleet wait 2 h to be titan bridget,wait another 1 h for mods to start cycling on 10%tdi…wel lyour eve playtime long gone,time to go sleep

    • N3 Dude

      Cfc guys will tell you that this is fun as same as hours of structure grinding

    • Assy McGee

      You sir are right!. Blob warfare is horrible. BUT, and there is a big but, I will grind until my eyes bleed, my ass is in a pool of runny feces, to destroy N3 and it’s PL pets.

      • Despite what DBRB may have told you, Titans are 12km+ in length and don’t have reinforcement timers….

  • Rzr suck @ anything in eve…

    CFC ? Supers/Titans – That’s what we have been waiting for scubs for you to show some balls and field you’re supers..

    • Barkaway

      I doubt they will, just look at Fountain, they only used them when N3 went back to save their arse and grind their renter empire back..

      • Zdrack

        Thats not true, boat used some before we went back for the renters..

        I believe he lost 2 to test

        • inty fucktard

          yeah and now he´s only trusted to fc bombers

  • -_-

    This wars really gonna heat up with the losses when cfc bring in 5 titans and PL/N3 bring in 75 titans and DD the crap outa them

    • N3_Grunt

      Only 75?

      • It would only be 75 if the titan staging system gets counter-dropped half-way through the jump XD

    • N3Fanbud


  • EasyKill

    L O Fucking L

  • random dude

    that was a funny read

  • Dumbledore

    Awww…. isn’t it so cute when kids talk grown-up language!

    Every time Razor leaves their backwater home, they get their asses handed over to them, yet still they talk like they’re some pvp powerhouse.

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      back in the Northern Carebear Lands, the renters apparently look up t Razor like “ooooh” and “aaaaaw wow you guys are great!”.
      A few brown tongues too many and you get this; a armless and legless entity thinking it can outrun Usain Bolt on the Olympics.

      • Dave From Razor

        You sir are an idiot and know nothing of your EVE history. Razor has seen off both, Bob, TRI mark 1, 2 and 3, We have seen the fall of great empires and the creation of new. We are now on the cusp of our greatest achievement the obliteration of N3. This new offensive will get maximum participation from the CFC and has the potential to change the EVE landscape for the forseeable future.

        • Chris

          “I was there”

          does not translate to

          “I was important”

          • I’m going to use this 😛

        • N3 Dude

          The result will end in a blue donut and not a future I want to look at.
          Who one would be left to fight your hordes?

          • Actually it will result in one side going bankrupt and then collapsing because they cannot field any more capital ships.
            Guess which side that will be?

            Hint – it’s not the side that’s lead by RMT’ing burger flippers and the terminally unemployed.

        • itwillneverend

          And you sir are also an idiot if you think the CFC can beat N3 or vice versa, this war is going to be stalemate neither side can win, with the size of coalitions at present the server will not handle the escalations needed for either side to win and will always end in a node crash, Until CCP can find a solution to this problem (if it’s even possible)

        • Simon pieman

          Are you for real? RZR are the laughing stock of eve, proving once again without the rest of CFC to back them up they can’t do shit.

          I would be absolutely ashamed to be in them if i was you.

          • CFC sux

            I would be ashamed to be in any CFC Alliance

        • lol

          bahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah *breath* hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah

        • wtf

          best roleplaying… are you sure you arent writing LARPs for mittens?

      • Steve Austin, astronaut.

        With the proper High altitude training, a regiment of good diet, and steroids and human growth hormone. Yes the average razor pilot could outrun Usain Bolt.

        “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.”

      • i can confirm no one in the CFC thinks razor is awesome.

  • hmm

    ” Why aren’t we winning faster? Because Drone Assist ” yea right !!!get this, YOU AIN’T WINNING AT ALL.

    in every war this guys whining about something.

    you are so pathetic.

    • Adamski

      I mean they’re not wrong. They arent winning because of drone assist. Its what makes N3s current doctrines so so strong.
      Does that mean it should be changed? no. But it doesnt mean theyre wrong.

      • CFC just sucks

        Just means they’ll have to get introduced to the very next doctrine that’ll kick their ass so they can moan some more …

        • They’ve already come up with Sphere 3.0 as an arty nag counter.

    • Chuck Snorris

      And in Every war —- VICTORY….
      What do you got to say about that?
      More please.

      • Chris

        There’s a first for everything. You may end up losing.

        Of course I don’t mind if you go into the war overconfident. Just means it will be easier.

  • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

    Razor, the mighty cap powerhouse? I LOL’ed so hard I peed in my pants.
    Can’t wait to collect Razor tears and cap KM’s!

  • wow

    I’ve seem a bunch of cfc and rus rus war updates, also that cascade of mittani’s tears. This makes me wonder, what would happen to them if they ever found themselves beeing attacked by a coalition twice as big as them… Not that this is possible, since this war today is N3/PL vs the rest of eve.

    • Captain Amazing

      They would immediately send in all their PR power on getting everything the enemy uses nerfed. If that fails, probably flee to lowsec for a year while a spy works his way up to drop sov. Because that’s how CFC “fights.”

  • Nyan Lafisques

    “Hey guys, look at what our masters think of us ! We are great !”

    • killthecynic

      Pretty rich coming from EMP.

      • Nyan Lafisques

        They haven’t made a diplo update to remind their members who we are.
        They already know we are the subhumans.

        • GrouchyOldGamer

          Kudos for taking that gimmick and running with it, I love a good gimmick.

      • EMP Grunt

        We also don’t require updates to know we are killing the crap out of your shit alliances. EMP on it’s own raped the fucking shit out of CO2, FCON, and Gents at the same time. We only had assistance from PL once or twice, and most of the numbers in the fleets are EMP, not PL. That includes super and capital support, though we are glad to see our PL subhumans.

        • killthecynic

          Your reply contains a lot more chest-beating than the update, You also say that the alliances that you apparently “killed” are “shit”. So, congrats, I guess.

          • EMP Grunt

            They were shit, if they couldn’t win with 570 people vs our 250 man fleet. The fact we murdered the crap out of them says alot about the quality. And EMP isn’t elite, but we aren’t shit either.

  • Dave From Razor

    LOL look at all the hate already. To be honest I admire your ability to poke fun at us. I think its great that N3 masks its fear and terror by hiding behind insults and mockery.
    You know the tide will soon be turning, our war machine is coming fully online and you will be ground to dust. Razor has and always will be an EVE PVP powerhouse with deeper roots and stronger culture than many of those N3 want to be.
    Razor has time and time again shown and proven its effectiveness.
    We came back stronger from the ashes of the original NC and took our rightful place at the head of the CFC.
    Soon we will have you space and I for one look forward to it
    It will be nice to drink an endless flow of NC. tears until that happens
    Tick Tock Tick Tock it is just a matter of time
    The CFC are going in for a maximum offensive and your collective days are numbered

    • derp

      thank god for these adult diapers, I can barely control my bowels with all this fear in my belly.

      • There’s milk coming out your nose….. that’s not fear dude… it’s laughter.

    • N3_Grunt

      Whatever you are taking, I suggest you stop with taking it and get back to full mental health while you still can.

      • your words sense they make not

        Whatever you are typing I suggest that you stop, and learn how to speak English first, before attempting to troll someone with a witty statement you illiterate fuck.

        • Hurt butt is hurt.

        • inty fucktard

          weeeoooo weeeoooo speatch police have arrived

        • N3_Grunt

          Actually my English is quite good. Tell me where the bad man touched you. Talking about it might make you feel better.

    • N3 Dude

      I hope that you are back. I really love your spin of writing and dumb conclusions.

    • Lionel Joeseph

      2/10 must try harder.

      • -_-

        I think Dave got kicked from FA to join RZR

    • lolzor

      Are you one of those basement inhabitants that tend to get stuck in their own world? You seem to have lost all sense of reality my friend. Might wanna go out there and catch some fresh air. I can tell it’ll do you good.

      No worries though. It’s understood you have a few oddballs here and there that are loosing it. it’s only natural you live in denial and think whatever you’re doing wrong is still right … There there, point on the dummy where exactly N3 inserted it without lube. We’ll find a way to ease the pain …

    • FA grunt

      Tonigh FA is ordered home to Fountain by Mittens so N3 is saved…

      “Mittani: i want you guys to crush these idiots, so taking numbers out of curse for a day is nbd”
      Too bad it wouldn’t end tonight, SBU’s allready onlined all over Fountain. Another wasted nights/days with structure grinding and repping stuff…
      Li3 can’t do anything to stop the Fountain core residents… they plan to hit CSAA’s again
      We probably loose some baby supers again, until some fags in HC finally realize we simply can’t leave Fountain behind even for a single day….. it’s a joke that 300 guys terrorize 3000+ and we can’t do anything to stop them.

      • blayzdI G

        i know for a fact, that this scrub isnt in FA.

        but i enjoy seeing the n3 likes on your post. Make it a little more obvious next time lol.

        • Dudeman

          Holy shit dude, you must be some sort of genius….my god, can I like touch you?

          • inty fucktard


    • Dudeman

      I’m so scared run razor run is coming for me.

    • Washi_Meisei

      FEAR??? FEAR of RAZOR?????? Fear of CFC??????

      Sorry to burst your bubble. Having fought RAZOR on 2 different occasions now.
      1st during the FA/RZR deployment to GW to help Solar Fleet. Ever wonder how an 80 man fleet could keep the 300 man FAZOR fleet occupied for over 5 hours, keeping them away from helping Solar on a timer? Or how about FAZOR whining to a GM. GM came into the system…. watched the battle and left laughing…… INK’s long range Naga’s vs FAZOR’s short range oracles. All those oracle wrecks, such a pretty sight.

      2nd time here in Curse. many little battles, from chasing RAZOR and catching them on gate and destroying them. To harassing RAZOR at their station, only to have the RAZOR fleet sitting on their titan bridge into our system (next door ROFL), and pounding the RAZOR fleet there and having half their fleet run away through the gate and dock up.
      I could go on and on. But I won’t.

      Sorry RAZOR and all the other CFC alliances are no where in league with what N3/PL has, nor are they in league with Black Legion, Solar Fleet, and Darkness of Despair.

      • mangone

        Confirmed.. i was there ; D

    • wtf

      are you some kind of CFC roleplayer/ propaganda vaccuum??

  • EMP Grunt

    Razor a PVP powerhouse? I nearly died laughing.

    “FC, why won’t my Damage Control II overheat? It won’t turn on either, says something about one being already active?”

    • Billbo

      And you’re one to talk??? Isn’t EMP riddled with HBC cancers of Tribe ,Squee, Unclaimed

      • Random scrub

        Billbo they sure kicked the shit out of FA, CO2 and Gents. Which shitty CFC alliance are you in?

        • xxxxx

          carried by PL

          • EMP Grunt

            Yes because 6 supercarriers are all of PL. You do realize EMP does have it’s own rather nice super fleet. We aren’t poor CFC scrubs, we can afford capitals.

          • orly?

            and still be carried by PL

          • EMP Grunt

            I wonder how 6 supers in a single fight is PL holding our hand? They showed up for ONE engagement. We put most of the capitals and supers on field for that one fight as well, as well as subcap numbers. PL is all down south still.

          • orly?shutthefuckup

            yes, because holding the CFC’s hand is so much better. Right?

      • Nyan Lafisques

        Not because an alliance as a whole is “shit” that it means that corps in it are shit too. We did a good job salvaging good corps from dead alliances (TEST, Tribe, etc)

        • xxxxx


  • orly?

    People have spoken at length about doctrines, FCs, tears, regions, sov timers, positions, past battles… so many are leaving the most important element: LEADERSHIP.

    The first goal of leadership must be to create among followers a desire to succeed as a unit. There is much more to this than logistics, location, access to resources etc.

    The recipe is and has always been a simple one – a leader’s peer group must consist of respected, capable individuals who show respect both to the leader and (less so) to the masses. The leader / leadership must use these tools to push for positive attitude. The positive attitude attracts more members to activities (fleets in the case of EVE). Therefore, a good leadership yields effective fleets which only grow in number over time.

    Some leaders are good enough on the field that they needn’t bother with a recipe at all. Initial respect is given based on reputation alone, and furthered by success in fleets. The leader’s right-to-rule goes unquestioned much like Alexander the Great or Napoleon (when they were winning). Others have talents less-visible on the grid but possibly even more important in an administrative and / or executive role. Eisenhower or Queen Elizabeth, for example?

    So – are we to be “Professional EVE Players”? Perhaps not so much professional as candid with each other and sincere in a desire to succeed in common goals.

  • Zdrack

    Capital heavy?

    I didnt realize stealth bombers were capitals now, sweet i have a cap fleet!

  • Digby


    RAZOR almost imploded last time they moved down south.. I look forward to the forth coming entertainment. I so look forward to have them down south and hopefully doing and participating in PVP rather than running from it

    • N3 should move the second sphere to Delve along with hundreds of SBU’s and TCU’s. That’s what Sun Tzu would do.

  • bigbonedbobby

    bark! bark bark!
    translation:her derp guys i want max numbers to sit in tidi for the next 6 months,and you paid for this game you idiots.

  • Chris

    In one way RZR is better than Goons.

    Their tears were only half the length of the Mittani’s

  • deeply deeper derpington

    Razor…. PVP powerhouse….. That’s more LOL than EVENEWS24’S accuracy on the news

  • Red Teufel

    so basicly what i read was razor members are on the verge of leaving, have not made any progress in this war, living in shit curse for the foreseeable future until they cascade.

    • NulliGoBOOM

      So what I read from your response is —— You can’t read.

      • Red Teufel

        -a- is on it’s last leg everyone knows this

        • Aedald gate camp best camp :)

          That leg has been chopped off and stitched back on some many times that it doesn’t even count as a leg any more, more like a removable stump.

    • Washi_Meisei

      Red I think RAZOR is a weeeee bit butt hurt to. Getting smashed in the face all the time from INK.
      Red you remember that battle with FAZOR eh (during their deployment to GW to help solar) …. the 5.5 hours against their SR oracles. ROFL

      • Red Teufel

        Washi I did enjoy their l3test tears very much.

  • Scott L

    “N3 was only able to accomplish this because the CFC has yet to move down their supers/titan. It’s only a matter of time before N3 will think twice about dropping capitals on every timer.”

    The spin is strong in this one…..

    • Yes, Pandemic Legion hates killing supercaps.

    • hmm

      yep PL and NCdot are now thinking about to NOT use supers anymore. cuz RZR ( the powerhose) is comming with their Supers,


      • NulliGoBOOM

        CFC is coming. That is all you need to read into it. but hey– LAUGH IT UP ChUCKLES :). We will see who is laughing in a few months.

        • Robo

          Ohh noes the retard blob already significantly outnumbering N3/PL need moar mooooar mooooooOOOAr retards to give them better odds.

          Pathetic wastes of space…

        • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

          you ppl in CFC make me feel like a carebear, I HATE you lot for this.

          It’s like farming Guristas, only those drop good loot once in a while, killing thousands of CFC and they only drop t1 crap.

        • Scott L

          Please advise the last time the CFC deployed their Supers in any engagement they did not have 5 to 1 odds in, or the enemy had already failed internally, or were pre-metagamed?
          Excluding welps of course…

        • truth

          they have been here for a while moron. Seems like they are trying to spin so much to keep their line members from being afraid of losing their caps to titans.

  • Jack

    I read all the comments and did not see even a single disparaging remark directed at Glevon. The man that proves this site sucks. Fire Glevon.

  • Jack Black

    who the fuck is “Cartel”?

    • Marcus malic

      Think he/she may have been talking about Shadow cartel, which is a lowsec blob alliance that have abunch of blues, and by and large sit on titans with large fleets(for lowsec) well watching for small lowsec corps repping/shooting POS/POCO’s.

      Kinda make sense that Razor leadership would think they are good, because blob equals good I guess?

      • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

        we cured them from their supiority attitude when they came down to help Solar a while ago, that ended in a titan loss and them not undocking anything bigger then a talwar after a few days…..guess we didnt make the message clear enough back then.

        Razor; without 10k ppl holding your hands: you ppl SUCK.

        Ncdot,PL+ friends are a bit different then shooting Guristas, because we farm YOU.

        Still hope you come down with the thousands of naglfars though, can’t wait.

      • Till Riedell

        Who? Now, i will be the first to admit we are fairly horrible, however we have a rather short blue list. nomad bro.

        • lulz


          Rather short blue list? I guess thats subjective, because I am looking at eveskunk, and “rather short” are not the words I would use to describe it. Just saying.

      • Shadow Cartel is the reason I don’t drop caps in losec anymore (I’m blue to PL).

  • Bobs your Aunty

    Razor = Test.
    Am I right?

    • orly?

      1/3 the #s
      Still has sov
      Yeah – clearly you’re right on the $

    • RBW

      Razor = Razor. So I believe this makes you wrong.

  • Northern Vet

    They really are crying now aren’t they

    “OMG N3 suck bohoo they use capitals for fights because we outnumber them 2 to 1 or more in subcapitals, and they then escalate to super capitals when we jump in hundreds of our own capitals to shoot there hundreds of capitals on top of our hundreds if not thousands of sub capitals and they still don’t die boohoo cry cry.”

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      2-1? last week there was a fun fight when the CIRCUS Coalition outnumbered a N3 fleet by 1200-200….needless to say, there was no outcry to nerf slowcats and supers that day from Mittani.

      • truth

        wrong again.. They screamed to crash the node to save their dreads because “titans op and need nerfed”

  • reality

    er, i don’t see any crying really? just a “get your act together” update to me. good try on making a cry post.

  • Jack

    So it says “CFC & Razor” ? isn’t razor a part of CFC?WTF

    and again the joke comes :”not winning faster” hahahaha LMFAO

  • Lord Mandy

    So the CFC complains about N3 bringing too many caps, so they bring tens of thousands of subcaps which no one else can do. Are CFC / Razor really that blind they cant see its exact same thing but probably worse because they have so many more pilots in their ranks.

    • Washi_Meisei

      They will look for any reason to whine to everyone.

  • delusionalpsych.

    Sounds like Vuk and Imperian are still the kings of RMT and are fully re-instituted in the North lining their own GOLDEN PILLOWS! LOLOLOLOL….. Keep on the sacrificing for the greater good lemmings.

  • sour

    bla blah blah, razor still sucks no matter lol