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AAA Loses Station to Their Renters Incompetence

December 20, 2013

It has not been a good week for RUSCFC allies Against All Authorities. AAAC the renter alliance of AAA has been losing members fairly rapidly having lost around half their members in the last two weeks. Unfortunately for them it appears around 20:00 on 19-12 Peach Pit Corp left AAAC resulting in the loss of sovereignty in two fairly unimportant systems and QETZ-W a station system.

The reaction from N3 was quick and as the Territorial Claim Unit spam started around 10 N3PL TCU’s were anchored in a short period of time in the system of QETZ. The on lining AAA TCU’s were killed by a fleet of 33 Supercarriers and support around 00:30 and from that time CFCRUS only made a token effort to keep the system.

At around 04:00 AAA brought in a 20man Tier 3 gang into system in a vain attempt to fix their mistakes however it ended in a rather predictable fashion as a slowcat and interceptor fleet from N3PL ventilated them in a matter of minutes. N3 TCU’s onlined a few hours later and as a result N3 now have a station system in the centre of Catch that is within jump range of large swathes of RUS block space. Lahari touched on this recent disaster in his AAA CEO update.