Earlier this week in the battle of DY-P7Q, Dabigredboat could be heard giving orders on the his live stream to crash the node. Logs have recently come to light which show him ordering the fleet to attempt to crash the server by repeatedly logging on and off again.

[ 2013.12.16 03:52:50 ] Dabigredboat > Ok fuckers time to do something silly

[ 2013.12.16 03:53:32 ] Dabigredboat > start logging off dreads, gogogogogo

[ 2013.12.16 03:54:01 ] Jaag Jaff > -1 Nag 🙁

[ 2013.12.16 03:54:31 ] CALUGARU > -1 nag as well

[ 2013.12.16 03:55:51 ] Dabigredboat > guys, keep logging in and out again

[ 2013.12.16 03:56:12 ] Dabigredboat > for all those in domi’s launch drones now

This called many people to call for Dabigredboat to be banned for violating Eve’s terms of service, which appears to have happened earlier today when Dabigredboat himself tweeted this:

[email protected]


It is my sad duty to inform you that your accounts have been banned from our server for attempting to cause a server node to become unstable by use of exploit mechanics.

This is a breach of our EULA.

See section 6. A. of our EULA, Specifically Restricted Conduct:

“Your continued access to the System and license to play the Game is subject to proper conduct. Without limiting CCP’s rights to control the Game environment, and the conduct of the players within that environment, CCP prohibits the following practices that CCP has determined detract from the overall user experience of the users playing the Game.”

(1) “You may not take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the System.”

See also our Suspension and Ban policy, section 1: Exploits

“An immediate permanent ban of an account may result if:

D. A player has engaged in activity that intentionally causes others to lose connection, suffer latency issues (lag) or to crash to desktop (CTD).

Best regards,

Senior GM Nova
EVE Online Customer Support


Despite the overwhelming evidence that Dabigredboat did try to crash the server, some are still sceptical of the tweet. They argue that the message from GMs would have been more substantial if he really was banned. Time will reveal the truth of this mystery.

The discussion has already started and feel free to continue in chat box below!

  • Titshit

    What a fucking Nazi GM Nova would be 😀
    But why blame the players for CCP Failure i.e. getting a proper node/ server / TIDI ?!

    • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

      so lets put this logic into a different perspective. since u seem to have this thought that the GM is being a nazi and CCP is at fault… Manufacturers of knives are at fault for making them sharp because someone used it to murder someone else or the police are nazis for taking action and arresting him/her for using the knife the wrong way. Just cuz you can, doesnt mean u should.

      • Titshit

        Why produce knifes if they hurt people.

        Our teeth can cut the food that we are supposed to eat. Thx Darwin.

        And cops are Nazis because they are the blind force of the goverment. Just like the SA or SS

        • N3Fanbud

          You should feel bad about what you posted here.

      • Sold

        Not bad. 7/10. But nazi references and obvious logical fallacies are fairly easy to see.

  • TheExquerorPilot

    He can not crash the node allone so why is he the only one who´s been banned??? So normaly all players who logged in and logged off must be banned. Otherwise only the leader of a bank robbery spend time in prison -> the others can walk ;D

    I think its a hoax -> because CCP must punish all or no one.

    • FRUS

      sadly its because he gave the order. the dumb dumbs who did it are just lackeys

  • john

    Unfortunately, this is how ccp works. When you get banned, you simply get permabanned.

  • guest

    fuck CCP! crash Jita!

  • Digby

    This Goon dude appears to have orchestrated the note crash, but then again.. it has been Goons stable tactics for a long time.

    CCP +1 ..Goons -1

    Finally CCP has seen the light and is no longer willing to stand by while Goons play there dirty tricks.

  • chzy

    It could be seen as an exploit, or perhaps just an easy quick fix to the obvious magnitude of a problem related to the lack of stability in the servers. I’d imagine there was some kind of meeting that went like “well, we could fix it so the servers can’t just be broken due to the massive load that we actually use to advertise this game… NAH lets just ban him and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.”

  • CCP

    Doing God’s work, banning one goon at a time…

    • Florist going down

      Only way to beat the goons grrrrr

  • N3 WarHQ

    IT’S A FUCKING TROLL U FUCKING ******* stop being retarded.

  • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac
  • The Vet

    It must be a troll, because they wouldn’t ban all his accounts, just the one with Dabigredboat toon is on

    • nemo

      wrong the major eula violations are all account with that IP address.

  • asd

    Good job CPP !
    Please make sure he doesn’t sneak back in with an alt and let him always be remembered as the fail Bob from Asakai who was so bad at Eve that he needed to crash the server. Also you might wanna destroy those dreads he saved. And I would further like to suggest to sue him for damage.

    • so mad

      We should also burn him at the stake for his crimes!

      • asd

        I doubt there is a legal way to make that happen. But maybe the NSA can be convinced that he is some sort of an internet terrorist. With them making use of XBox kinect now we might get to see DBRB dancing on the next big leak.

        • Fartolio

          A Big Red Boat did touch you somewhere, sir? You sound very angry to me.

    • nemo

      CCP has never in the history of time banned a person from playing eve. They perma bad charters and accounts. Even some of their worst offenders they welcome back you just have to start new accounts. (Personal Experience and Ive checked with them) he can come back just on new accounts. However I still think it’s a troll. It’s funny people think he is a great FC. I was under the understanding he isn’t even allowed to take out expensive comps any more. ie.. anything bs and up.


    Well if its a troll, I have personally petitioned CCP to ask for a clarification on what GM Rose said. Is it accurate to now assume that this behavior is allowed or not. I want a ruling. I also want a ruling if it is now acceptable to impersonate CCP Members and finally if not, if it is ok if I do the same since the banning rules no longer applies. I could come up with some great fake CCP Correspondences. If they let it slide for him, they have no right to enforce it for anyone else.

    • GFY

      Hopefully youre not going to breed. He isnt isnt impersonating anyone, but youre too butthurt to realize it.

  • Some Dude

    Apparently this is DBRB’s login screen or so he said on twitter, I am sure hes got other characters though if it is true

    • Northern Vet

      Lol troll look at the date 10.15?

      Clearly a troll don’t believe this shit

  • Tizian

    That dude is FC since how many years?

    but all big alliance FCs get one time banned (Imperian) or implode (Satan, or whatever his name was) or lose their life in a real war while playing Eve, which is the most hilerious, I heard so far.

    • asweetvet

      “… or lose their life in a real war while playing Eve, … ”

      If you find someone’s death in real life hilarious, you have serious issues.

      • Chris

        Pretty much this.

    • GFY

      Its a good thing you posted anon.

  • Florist going down

    If DBRB gets baned im going to petition every histile that comes in to my ststem when im ratting and logs on and off and say they are trying to crash the node

    • Lionel Joeseph


      • florist going down

        Its good to troll dumb noobs

    • Shutit

      Well this is a troll bud. But I am going to petition it as it’s bull shit that first he is heard ordering to crash the server and then he impersonates a ccp employee. Clear disrespect for the rules and other paying customers. I’m fucking sick of this bullshit in this game. Paying customers are being harassed and abused by other paying customers and there seems to be a double standard.

      • you get dumber when you post

        So due to your butthurt over being trolled you are going to petition a person based purely on hearsay and being tired of people cheating… Cool… If you bothered reading any of the actual logs that weren’t messed with to troll you, you’d have figured out by now that you can’t tell all the dreads in the dread fleet to log out and back in by typing in the stealth bomber fleet channel.

    • kadeshi grunt

      that’s a IDIOTIC statement . The ban if legit refers to him ordering his people to crash the node with physical proof that it was his intent . As such the ban if legit along with the evidence then the ban should stand

    • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

      Go right ahead my little retarded friend. You know what happens to bad little bears that submit too many false and frivolous petitions? That is correct young moron, they get the big, bad, banhammer.

  • Horny thorny

    Assuming this is not a troll:

    That sure does look like a permaban letter but it might be reversed. CCP does review all permanent bans and will consider your objections if you try to appeal. Lower level GM’s tend to err on the side of “ban first” but someone higher up the food chain might look at a case more favorably.

    But yeah, intentionally crashing the node no bueno.

  • aralieus

    And the implosion continues…First Mittani, now DBRB, wonder who is next. Stay Tuned!

  • LOL.

    wouldn’t be the first time he (or other goon fc) employed “tactics” like that. In fact back in the day goons where doing stuff like that (lagbombs, node crashing..) on an almost daily basis – and when someone asked, they usually tried to blame it on bob.

    well there aint no bob anymore to blame it on. Maybe people start seeing goons for who they are now.

  • best_burek

    I see a big TROLLLLLLL coming in LOL

  • CCP Fake

    Officially declared a troll on his Twitter feed. I still petitioned it due to the fact that he impersonated a CCP employee basically made up a “letter” that was from them.

    • Good my young apprentice. Let the butthurt flow through you.

    • Lex

      I’m petitioning you for impersonating a CCP employee on an eve news site.

    • Endie

      I’m petitioning you for being ditchwater-level stupid.

    • lolzor

      All this no lube stuff from either coalitions is getting more dirty by the day. Good pornography for who’s getting a kink out all if this. I could mention a few who are spewing their load on forums about it right now. *boom-headshot-see-what-i-did-there?*

      Good to see the war is a well oiled machine. We may have yet to see some awesome clashes. Tears will be had, porn will be linked and ships will be grinded. Spies will be burned, threatnaughts will continue to emerge and sperg is to be had all over eve …

      Also … Thank you guys to finally get these devs to think about how they can fix the problem in regards to node crashing. This and content? Way too much dudes, but at least you got everyone’s attention.

      • smuuuuuug

        War On Eve: The Desolation Of Smug …

        Kugu thread anyone? Hmm?

    • best_burek

      The butt hurt is strong in this one.

  • florist going down

    get over it and stop reading and posting on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris

      And instead only read the CFC propoganda site?

    • really

      Are you kidding, this was the perfect way to get the entire CFc to log on to this site to see the article and read the posts, thumbs up for increasing Eve24 expose!!!!

  • lolol

    Y’all motherfuckers got trolled.

  • Shutit

    So if anyone ever gets banned for exploiting game mechanics and/or impersonating a ccp employee please refer to this in your defence. A president has been set here. Apparently it is now ok to do both.

    • Lex

      A troll! Quick! Set the Presidents!

    • Endie

      Tell me more of the “president” that has been set, here?

    • best_burek

      They set a George W. here.

    • trollolololol

      Claiming to speak more than one language while spelling like an idiot and sperging all over the forums its the best combo if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Lex

    This just in, EN24 provides legitimate EVE News, 24 hours a day.

    • Lex

      Time will reveal the truth of this mystery…

      It’s a MYSTERY!

      • Lex

        …is it revealed yet?

        • Lex

          *pssst* ….your ignorance is showing

  • facepalm

    this is almost as good as the scam that never was, that was posted on Evenews! Why…..If I had a bhaalgorn for everytime DBRB was actually banned… I’d have 1 bhaalgorn!……well 2….if you count the 1 bhaalgorn I’d get from the 1 trillion isk bhaalgorn scam

    • Trollolololololol

      As soon as I saw the title of this “news article” I started thinking about the last time EN24 bought a troll hook line and sinker. What do you know… they did it again. *Slow clap*

  • disqus_admin

    good riddance knobface

  • Spectral Beef Warrior

    Publicity stunt gone horribly right. Solid.

  • Jack

    Fire Glevon. He should be banned for shitposting.

  • eric loto

    This is illegal isn’t it? I mean if he did the same thing to they would press charges. I hope CCP is currently trying to get him extradited to Iceland to face criminal charges.

    • Endie

      To see DBRB troll en24 is funny. But to see some autist demanding extradition proceedings is gold-plated icing on the cake.

    • Chillaxian

      In case you didn’t know, but reporting false claims in real life because you have a single source is a very good way to get yourself sued.

      • Only if it’s defamatory or fraudulent.

        • Chillaxian

          so reporting someone for intentionally crashing a node, a bannable offense, is not defamatory… we obviously have different definitions for defamatory…

          • ogre Nine

            Stop trying to play lawyer.
            The elements for the complaint that you’ve tried to address here are far too complex for someone like yourself to understand.
            For your information, no one cares what your definition of defamatory is.
            We’ll let you know if that changes.

          • try and keep up.

            However in this case you are reporting someone for typing in fleet chat A to try and crash the node and all of the people he was pretending to talk to were in fleets B and C. In case you aren’t aware, bombers do not share fleets with BS and Dread pilots.

    • heh


      • best_burek

        Yeah, officer. Arrest him for faking a letter to himself about himself. Guilty as charged.

    • this is a joke right?

      This is a troll right? Because if its not you should donate your brain to science when you die so they can figure out how to stop people from ending up with the same kind of brain damage as you.

  • foxnews24

    man you guys are fucking clowns, nice “journalism” lel

  • Varesk

    LOL PL and pets, keep crying while you lose your space.

    • Chris

      Since when were they losing space?

    • Lee Thrace

      I cried for your naglfars when the titans jumped in, and raped them until the node crashed.

    • tazana

      Since when did PL have space?

      • Guess

        The dont persay have their own space but do have space for renters iirc brothers of targ(something or other) is their renter alliance

  • I wonder

    I wonder who are the more foolish, the ones believing the troll, or the ones laughing at those who believed it?

    • heh

      uh, the ones who believed it obviously

      is that a serious question

      • I wonder

        I dont know man! When I see people laugh at a troll that my 12 year old could have pulled, I just wonder about the maturity of the people laughing at those who got caught

        • ogre Nine

          Yes, of course, it is incredibly immature to laugh at fat, stupid nerds who try to deflect the shame they feel at having been taken in by something so silly by posting comments like:

          “I wonder who are the more foolish, the ones believing the troll, or the ones laughing at those who believed it?”

          You should call Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and whoever else gives two shits about the victims of DBRB’s atrocity. Or maybe you should just have two or three more tubes of Pringle’s.

  • Trolled by DBRB

    Even after confirmed this was a troll there’s no update on EN24 and how bad they are at reporting. Keep the comment tears flowing you muppets.


    • trollolololol

      Well what do you expect? As soon as they realized they weren’t making fun of a goon that got banned but instead were being trolled by the same goon it stopped being news.

  • Johboy Walton

    Fuck him and his apparent support from that peice of shit Grath Telkin.

  • Damien

    Good. Keep him banned. Fuckers crashing the nodes on purpose disrupts the whole of eve. CCP’s swift, decisive, and devastating punishment of these actions is the only way to keep others from doing it. You can go on and on arguing that CCP needs to fix the game but every programmer knows there will always be bugs and exploits. Fuck DaBigRedDumbass.

  • lol at all you guys that fell for his troll. hahahahahhahaah

  • Brian C McKinley

    As someone on the other side of the fight I can still say I hope this is a troll. However it is clear that he did try to crash the node. That can not be allowed, but not a ban. I want to see him red on my overview as much as possible.

    • think

      LOL have you not read the part where he was FCing the bomber fleet, with no dreads or domis in fleet? You can’t give orders to people via fleet chat if they are not in fleet chat. Hate him all you want, he definitely earned it, but don’t be ignorant about it.

  • tan

    DBRB has been and will always be a big cheater

    • GrouchyOldGamer

      Did you use to date him?

      • xxxxx


  • Cleansey mc hooha

    i Didnt realize DBRB were so lonely as to seek attention …. or BattoRem

  • Dave From Razor

    Bad Troll is a Bad Troll
    They did not ban whoreass123 why would they ban an EVE demigod?

  • eveuser

    a ban is warranted in this situ, going out of your way to crash the server to aid u is not good game play

    • Evenews24 – Idiots R Us

      How was he supposed to crash the node with a handful of bombers? CFC do not allow him to control anything more than bomber fleets let lone an actual capital ship fleet. Maybe you should read a real news website that checks their facts before making comments.

      • Chris

        Yes. The perfectly correct unbiased site that is TMC.

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