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Wyvern dies to a Prober and two HICS

December 17, 2013

A wyvern died to the hands of Triumvirate members today. Mobius T’au and Casper24 spotted a lone Wyvern earlier this weekend and started to monitor his behavior. Keeping a close eye on the pilot they noticed that the Wyvern pilot had left his Wyvern and sold his character. So they went back to the system to check out what happened to the wyvern itself. surely enough they found the Wyvern with a new person sitting in the ship.

The Wyvern had no POS to get himself save and logged off at a save spot. Mobius quickly got a prober in system and started waiting…

out of the blue the Wyvern logged back in and Mobius quickly propped him out, warped to it and aggressed it. Mobius jumped his main in a Phobes and got on the field as well, quickly tackling the Wyvern. in total panic the wyvern pilot decided that their was no other option than death and 2 minutes later the super died duo the pilot pressing the self destruct button.


Apparently the pilot was a sitter alt of the original sold super pilot. These characters are made for 1 purpose and that is to sit in the super while the real pilot is out doing other stuff. these alts often have no other skills so it would clarify why this Wyvern died in the way that he did.

Yet another example why patience can be rewarding within EVE!