A wyvern died to the hands of Triumvirate members today. Mobius T’au and Casper24 spotted a lone Wyvern earlier this weekend and started to monitor his behavior. Keeping a close eye on the pilot they noticed that the Wyvern pilot had left his Wyvern and sold his character. So they went back to the system to check out what happened to the wyvern itself. surely enough they found the Wyvern with a new person sitting in the ship.

The Wyvern had no POS to get himself save and logged off at a save spot. Mobius quickly got a prober in system and started waiting…

out of the blue the Wyvern logged back in and Mobius quickly propped him out, warped to it and aggressed it. Mobius jumped his main in a Phobes and got on the field as well, quickly tackling the Wyvern. in total panic the wyvern pilot decided that their was no other option than death and 2 minutes later the super died duo the pilot pressing the self destruct button.


Apparently the pilot was a sitter alt of the original sold super pilot. These characters are made for 1 purpose and that is to sit in the super while the real pilot is out doing other stuff. these alts often have no other skills so it would clarify why this Wyvern died in the way that he did.

Yet another example why patience can be rewarding within EVE!

  • God this site is bad

    Do you guys EVER proof read your posts? i mean seriously.

    • Deltaguy

      its bobmon hes like 12 give him a break.

      • Editors Please

        Quality control is not the author’s job; it’s the publisher’s job.

    • Allied Mastercomputer

      Benefit of the doubt.

      “the wyvern itself. surely enough ”

      aaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s gone.

    • Chuck Snorris

      you know. Even if something is spelled incorrectly, I can still read it. Maybe its more like God this site is bad wrote :hey guys, I am a dyslexia sufferer and I can’t read these word pictures you wrote here. Can someone please put pictures here or even better, can you get that South African sign language interpreter guy. BITCH MOAN! SHUT THE HELL UP. You bitch about every post you little twat πŸ™‚

      • God this site is bad


      • Bring the Pain

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        Point taken

      • Editors Please

        A couple errors occasionally is fine, but at some point a line is crossed where you’re not really reading so much as digging through a disgusting, wet pile of pig shit. It’s annoying and therefore highly inconsiderate. It makes the author look like a retard and kills any chance that the publisher will ever be considered to be of high quality or professional grade.
        There is of course no need to pursue such qualities, and if the site’s goal is to come across as written by third-grade crack addicts then I’d recommend it not change a thing.

    • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

      how bout you not bother reading the site. because apparently your brain doesnt function properly. you see the title of the article, you see a killmail post and it doesnt register that it died in the way it was titled? you want a back story? its the same as all other supers. they get tackled, they died. if you want a better story, go read a novel. stop bitching if you are not posting the article yourself or turning in a battle report.

    • Billbo

      i take it your new to “EVE”?

      • Obllib

        you are = you’re, not your

    • Kama Kairade

      The point of the hook is to get the fish. Once you have the fish, you can forget the hook.
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      The point of the word is to get the meaning. Once you have the meaning, you can forget the word.

      • Ciaphas Cyne

        “a witty saying proves nothing”

        “this shit is barely readable”

        sounds like someone isnt getting the meaning…

      • rofl

        Go ahead and catch a fish, and forget the hook… See how that works out for you

      • Britanicus99

        Nicely said, all those pretentious, Yale wanna be’s, scouring these and other boards, looking to whambulance about grammar. lololol

  • Chris

    Bads will be bad.

  • Maciej Simm

    This is a very special gift for the buzzard pilot, probably the first in history 100% AND top damage on a super?? unless they crap pants and SD all the time. I wouldnt know.

  • aralieus

    EL OH EL

  • Chessguy99

    Death to all supers.

  • banned them plz

    so you used the ewarp exploit? inb4 they are banned

    • the one

      ur a fking idiot he was just sat chillbroingt in space and they raped him for it

      • Britanicus99

        the op said that he logged in and they probed him out. I assumed he got probed when he landed back in his safe but you know what they say about assume. So it could well be he got probed out during ewarp. That’s between him and ccp to figure out.

        that would be funny tho.

        • Cold as ice

          He got probed , when he landed @ his safe. Next time he logged in guess what, you know where hes landing. Also he didnt have pos in system he kept his super in.

  • Shitmypants

    awesome…. I hope he insured that supers before he died.

    • Bring the Pain

      And how would he do that……

  • Elazar Keon

    Someone still hasn’t trained Large Hybrids lvl 5 at the time of screen shotting this killmail πŸ˜›

  • HookedOnPhonicsDidntWorkForYou

    People.. PLEASE learn the difference between SAFE and SAVE.. Its SAFE SPOT and “to get SAFE” not SAVE!!!!!

    • cake

      its also a SAVE SPOT

      • still bored but killing

        No its not unless your a retard noob who misheard what someone said on comms and tghen try and claim its an actual word – if not fuck off back to do your pilot training

  • erik

    i think it’s a another example of how extremly limited the use of MOTHERships is and how utterly useless

    • Chris

      Yep. Lets just throw balance to the wind.

      Fuck it, lets also add AoE doomsdays that can kill even supercarriers.

      • chzy

        just aoe? bring back remote doomsdays and tracking for titans…nothing was wrong with that

        • erik

          sad newbs who obviously havent spend 30 bill of ther own isk to buy this fairly useless class of ship

          • Titshit

            dont blame others for your failed investments

          • erik

            u know what… iΓ‘m done wasting my time and effort here… u guys have fun watching eve die…. it wont be long till u be doing what u do best… play with urself….

          • Booyeah

            More tears, they’re delicious.

          • erik

            dont worry bitches.. i got enough isk to login to this space themed chat program for another couple of months… and i can always post on here for free… isnt the interweb great ? πŸ™‚

          • xxxxx

            There’s the door bro..

          • Chris


            Its arguable that having a ship that can solo small fleets with near zero risk is bad for the game too.

          • erikismad

            hi, i take it you’re the local retard here?


          • Gimme

            Can I have your stuff? I hear you have a Super!

          • The Obvious

            Don’t leave, I’m enjoying your tears far too much

          • Twofer

            Here, takes this rope and go fuck yourself with it, and when your done you can use it to hang yourself.

          • xxxxx

            Then you don’t know how to use your super. Kind of sad coming from a player from beta.

          • The Obvious

            Or seasoned pilots who know how to fly them properly?

          • Ur Stupid

            Then why cry for a buff? Not like you’re using one.

          • dumbass

            Ignorant vet who thinks he should just get to win every fight he picks because he spent 30 bil for the least used ship in the game.

        • Chris

          That works too but was just making a point.

      • erik

        yerr and make a flying little pony also that can be deployed instead of drones….
        if where throwing totally retarded stufff neways…

        • xxxxx

          now that would be interesting. Remove supers from the game. Or reskin them pink.

      • Bring the Pain

        And the ability to put them on Marauders while you’re at it….(sarcastic tone)

    • lΓΆl

      Loughed so hard I shat my pants

      • erik


        • Titshit

          Supers have a purpose and that is Killing other Capitals and ECM burst motherfuckers
          Why should a super be able to solo . like frigs and dictors for example.
          You fucking butthurt dweller

          • erik

            supers have been nerfed TO SHIT u fcking cocksmoker…. they need to be UN-nerfed…..

          • I’m inclined to agree that this death of a super at the hands of 2 cruiser sized ships and a proby frig is a bit much. The bouncing comment is tru too.

          • Chris

            It was never actually killed. He panicked and self destructed.

            He was also stupid. He deserved to lose the super.

          • Oh!! hhahahaha fair enough! Rules of Eve apply!!!!!

          • The Obvious

            It didn’t die to the gang, it died to self destruct and CCP fixed the issue with killmail generation due to SD. Agreed the bumping is a bit off, the calculation of force v mass needs a bit of balance.

          • Don’t be stupid.

            Did you read the part where the pilot in the SC had no skills and therefore could not fight back by his own choice? He died because he COULD NOT USE THE MODS ON THE SHIP, not because of the super nerfs. Stop being stupid because you’re too lazy to read the whole article.

          • I’m sorry to inform u but u are late to that party πŸ™‚ I already was informed of that oh 3 days ago… have a read of comments πŸ˜‰

          • Booyeah

            You’re a fucking retard. Kill yourself.

          • xxxxx

            What this guy said.

          • erik

            lol verry constructive… awesome idea…. if only ther was more ppl like you two…. oh w8… it’s ppl like you two that are the cancer of eve that is sealing eve’s faith because of raging 12 year old trolls like u nothing cool/big ever get’s done/changed….

          • Chris

            You’ve engaged in ad hom arguments as well. Not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish.

          • Booyeah

            “nothing cool/big ever get’s done/changed”, and yet here you are whining like a 2 year old when his favorite toy gets taken away from him when big things got changed.

          • Ur Stupid

            And for good reason. They need to be buffed in some way, but not bringing back everything they once had.

          • don’t be dense.

            The second you un-nerf supers PL will go from pushing the slowcat instant win button in every fleet fight to the Super instant win button, and that will be the only change in the entire game.

        • xxxxx

          since beta? big deal.

        • The Obvious

          If you’ve truly been playing since beta you would know how this game is designed, supercapitals and for that matter capitals are intended to be vulnerable without support fleets. That has been known fact of intention since day 1. I’m assuming somewhere along the way you got a shiny new toy only to realize it didn’t give you God mode ability.

    • xxxxx

      lol. no.

    • orly?

      Uh. No.

    • Cloora

      Super capitals are NOT solo ships. You either need an army of alts to safely operate one with a lot of knowledge and skill of the game mechanics or you need buddies. That is the COST OF OPERATION to run one of these behemoths.

      I own an Aeon and I fly with PL so they can teach me how to use it effectively, and honestly they are fairly balanced. We have to have sub caps or regular caps (like slowcats) on backup because even fighters have a hard time hitting smaller ships. If we DO NOT have subcaps or slows on backup we are VERY vulnerable to well prepared enemy.

      In the old days Supers were the the absolute jack of all trades and could do anything and kill anything. THIS was unbalanced! Powerful and skilled entities like PL were able to abuse the hell outta them. You cannot balance these ships off of one of them. You have to balance them on what they can do in a FLEET because ultimately that is where they will be used and abused the most in.

      Would I love my Aeon to be uber again? OH yeah! But is it good for the game? NO!

      • erik


      • lol

        Guess that explains why you guys have 500 slowcat archons on standby every time you log them in?

        • Cloora

          Sometimes, it depends on how much “shit gets real” but normally we have about a 5:1 ratio of slows to Supers

  • Editors Please

    Please post the killmails your front page articles receive every day for your site’s unending griefwar against the English language.

    • highonpop

      You would think they would at least proof read the articles before they post them..

  • William

    explains why the delay when I was buying his main, probably got pissed and quit. I had to open a ticket to get the char or the isk.