With the announcement of The CFC finally going into full deployment mode in their latest GSF CEO update, the stage was set for a fight between N3 and CFC/Stainwagon forces. DY-P7Q tonight lit up as numbers in local climbed up to nearly 1700+ with carriers, dreadnoughts, and titans alike bridging into the system. In all nearly 2700 players took part in the havoc (battle report) that was wrecked not only on each other, but the node itself causing it to crash. As you’d expect after a node crashing, capitals stayed logged out except for a small fleet of dreads which tried to kill a titan and failing.

Titans being dropped

The premiere of The CFC’s “Omegafleet” tonight while at first seemed effective started to slow down as the fight continued. 300 CFC/Stainwagon dreads were on grid in a great show of force, but when it became clear that it wasn’t going to be enough the tactics changed.

I personally had a few streams up and heard CFC members shifting their focus onto crashing the node so they could safely extract themselves from the field later. A smart move in order to save a fleet, but it’s a strategy that will only last for so long. In the end The CFC and Stainwagon left the field leaving N3 and PL to loot the spoils of bloc warfare.

With more CFC forces heading down south to help assist in this war it’s a safe bet that there will be more fights just like this one. Will N3 and PL be able to stand up to the challenge before the CFC ramps up their war machine to full strength and beat them back, or will they buckle and give up in the face complete annihilation?

We shall all see soon enough!


    OK, so i was in this fight. And your account is bull. N3 forces started trying to crash the system, we where simply talking (and laughing) about how much they where failing at it, they had to call in 41 titans to finish the node off cuz their archons where gonna get mushed.

    • :)

      You were there and not paying attention.

    • I was There 2

      lol u funny, try playing eve next time not wow

    • True story

      A part of our Titan Fleet was called to FINISH your dreads, and they start very well to do that, until the node was crashing thanks to your “prayers”

    • Chris

      If N3 wanted to crash the node it would have been better to drop the supercarriers. Or maybe not even that, just drop the dread fleet that was on standby for 7 hours of that fight.

    • Scott L

      It’s ok, as a Goon pet, no one expects you to know what is really going on…
      And if we wanted to crash it, we would have jumped in all the Titans + the 150 Supers + the 150 Dreads, + the full 2nd slowcat fleet.
      And considering how fast your Dreads were dying once we jumped in only half the available Titans, how would we benefit from letting your dread blob survive?
      Keep spinning kids, it’s public knowledge what really happened….

    • AlloK

      You should go read the Mits CEO update. he flat our says the CFC couldn’t break the spider tank on the Archons and started crying about it. You may have been there, but you had no fucking CLUE what was actually happening.

  • erik

    aww we cant win this… lets crash the node…
    just when u think eve has reached rock bottom…

  • Florist going down

    Your dumb omegafleet was not used

  • bigbonedbobby

    and for teh grown babies who keeps crying into their diapers abotu there is no recording of who-said-what-about-crashing-shit

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      dude thats 6 hours of footage. we obviously know drbr was streaming. gimmie the time he says it and then thats great. otherwise u are again, simply being a wanker.

  • Sold

    Isn’t intentionally crashing the node considered an exploit these days? ban CFC

  • reality

    rather then saying that crashing a node is a ban-able offence (show me the proof) it a tactic used long ago (though, the specific tactic was to produce huge amounts of lag to black screen peeps) by various entities before tidi came into the game. the russian’s (or was it northern coalition) used this method to “win” battles. and so has everybody else capable of it.

    separately: if peeps don’t like this node crashing or other versions, then maybe we should start talking about eve online becoming (and technology advance required to enable this) a 4k+ peep battles in real time. good luck doing this by the way because eve can’t really use more then 2 cpu’s at once anyway.

    • Durp

      That tactic your referring to (loading shuttles into SMAs and mass-ejecting them into space upon SMA death) was deemed an exploit and a bannable offense. Purposely crashing nodes is the same, though harder to prove.

    • Robo

      Goons always used this tactic to in battles, pile retards into system, anyone who jumps in black screens from lagg and died. Mehh not much in regards to tactics has changed for them, but th game is evolving, too slowly for my liking.

  • Robo

    If we are honest, say Rus/cfc/BL dropped a massive long range dead fleet.
    Fine they can get some kills on a slowcat fleet, with there subcaps protecting the Lr dreads.

    Mean while N3/PL can rep up objective or what ever in slow cats while losing some. Killing any subcaps in range.
    Then they can drop short range dreads with another slowcat fleet onto the Lr dreads and subcaps.
    N3/PL dreads go to work at close range on the cfc/Rus/BL dreads while slowcats kill the subcaps.
    N3/PL subcaps pin the dreads down and also work on them.

    Then titans can be dropped into the fight in groups to minimise bumps & cycle DDs on dreads.
    The whole time N3/PL supers are on stand by and not necessarily needed unless titans bump & need saving or thing escalate further.

    Can’t wait for CFCs omega fleet, better be online when we get al those dread KMs.

    • Chris

      There is no worry about bumping with the sphere concept that was used in DY-. You have the slows in a sphere with a radius of 20kms. Cyno the tits in the center. The slows will keep most, if not all of the tits from bouncing all over the place.

  • inty fucktard

    He got banned by CCP for crashing the node

    • Chris

      Pretty sure its a troll.

      • inty fucktard

        time will tell

        • Chris

          Maybe if I saw a screenshot through the in game petition system, but a pastebin is too easily faked.

          • Ciaphas Cyne

            while we disagree, these are wise words. pastebin troll is pastebin

          • inty fucktard

            dunno what to think Elise Randolp states on twitter that all PL titan pilots who jumped in to system also got their accounts banned

  • lawful insanity

    Good serves DBRB right!!!!!

  • Wtb fight

    To be a serious war. Sure are not doing any fighting

  • what the

    It feels sad setting a ship up like this, but i wonder if mixing 150 slowcats with 100 of these (NON SIEGED) in fleet on a station would work out or gimp reps too much. It would be able to apply 30k dps to the enemy dreads while receiving reps (not sieged) from the carriers. It has about 20% more ehp then the carriers. electronic warfare could deff be an issue tho. While the dps per dread is lolz it cost less then 300b to drop rather then over 2.5 trillion with the titans. Since the enemy dreads siege there will be no need to alpha (burns them down in less then 70 seconds). If enemy dreads have trouble getting an alpha every time you end up on top. if they can alpha easily ur fcked. (they kill u every 16s while it takes you 70) 100 would kill armor nags around 65-70 seconds 155km out. Since they are dreadnoughts u can just disengage and dock. While bs’s and such would be cheaper n3 needs something that can tank cfc/rus supcap fleets and 3mill ehp revelations are the only other thing i see outside of titans.

    • what the

      the less then 70 seconds for the nags were from the bl and razor fits the other night

    • never going to happen

      or the moros just as tanky but would kill them around 35-40 seconds.

  • Dave From Razor

    Events like this only galvonise our resolve and make us want to change the fit on our travel carriers
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock
    The CFC Maximum offensive will begin soon; you will be crushed

    • nonotoslows

      Unless they are to rep titans that will be dropping that will only result in dead carriers when the dreads. Are dead. Whoever eliminates the alpha first wins. Cfc having subcap supports allows them to extract easier if stuff goes south. Taking that away for carriers would be bad. If u can do both power to u but slows don’t really counter slows that well.(written on laggy phone all words are as is)

    • guest

      No tick tock with tidi and accelerated rate of node crashes. EVE cannot support the fuil wieght of the 600 pound gorilla sitting on their foe and farrting. BTW RL farts are funnier and don’t take as long.

  • guest

    The node crashes under the part weight of the CFC. Moar CFC leasds to the node crashing early and often. Have fun kiddies.

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