In the early hours of Friday morning Goonswarm attempted to drop a station in 1P-WGB. N3PL and SniggWaffe pilots spent hours tracking a Goonswarm freighter moving through a number of titans in the Catch region. From the movements of the freighter they concluded a station was going to be dropped by Goonswarm somewhere in the region before downtime.

The freighter pilot in question tequilasunrise was bridged into a cyno in 1P- where a N3PL cyno alt was watching resulting in the quick termination of the freighter and the egg it was carrying. This is another blow for the combined CFCRUS coalition having just lost fourteen super carriers only hours earlier.

Mitanni was quick to shift the blame away from himself and onto a junior Goonswarm manager.


At 1:17am my time, I give the abort order:

(1:16:49 AM) Gossamer DT: then push the plan and guard the egg I guess
(1:16:56 AM) the_mittani: nah
(1:16:58 AM) the_mittani: i have bad feels
(1:17:00 AM) Gossamer DT: deploy modil jammers
(1:17:01 AM) the_mittani: we all have bad feels
(1:17:04 AM) Innominate: with a cyno jammer, there is no real risk of the egg being killed
(1:17:05 AM) the_mittani: let’s listen to our intuition here
(1:17:11 AM) Innominate: Without a cyno jammer, they can kill the egg.
(1:17:19 AM) Gossamer DT: I am on the delay side completely
(1:17:22 AM) the_mittani: we can wait until we get the tcu and the jammer up
(1:17:27 AM) kcolor: get it into system, then make the decision
(1:17:46 AM) Innominate: if we dont have sov when we drop the egg, aa sov fuckup can mean losing the whole system
(1:17:51 AM) the_mittani: i’ve made the decision. we wait until we have the jammer. today feels wrong
(1:18:13 AM) the_mittani: let’s not throw an egg after 13 rus supers

The Mittani has also provided numerous updates on twitter as well as making a fairly in depth forum post on kugutsumen.

Yesterday was an expensive blip in what otherwise has been a relatively quiet week with RUSCFC block being largely inactive and making very little progress.

  • Homophobic John

    Good job copy pasting an article from The Mittani himself. That makes you a good writer I hear. Why not try covering things that his site doesnt? (aside from all the dev blogs and terrible goblin posts)

    • Simon pieman

      Well its a new site and this is news, maybe the concept is a little deep for you, maybe you should stick to reading readers wives columns in whatever shit porno you steal from under daddy’s bed.

      • BuckShaut

        Copyright infringement.

        • anonymous

          It came off Kugu first

    • Tarzan without Jane

      umad? Don’t blame us for killing that egg you ppl farmed so many anomalies for.

    • siriusclown

      How dare them copy something that mittani copied first…

    • hell_freeze

      Actually, to set the record straight, all of the info here, including the convo copy-pasta, comes from kugu. Both the and the EN24 article are based on what was said on kugu, including all the convo copy-pasta and so on.

      I can’t believe I’m defending EN24, hell will freeze over…

    • vil

      Fuck mittani, innominate is right to call goss and mittens pussies for this shit. exactly why we need change up in the hive. goss should be running shit anyway. time for mittens to go. pussy.

      • goonz

        Couldn’t agree more. Goons rolled in like thunder from our inception. Mittens has gone soft and always points the finger instead of taking responsibility like a true leader. Time for a regime change!!!

      • KC

        Lost me at Goss vil. Srsly? Innominate was in no position to call anyone pussy for this. Not sure why Innominute and these other scrubs were smacking mittens, Goss and vil bout this. His claim that GIA provided shot intel and lack of support for mittens walking off is pointing fingers. Mittens made the right call and orders weren’t followed. Vil and mittens said it repeatedly, bad plan. So if goons are siding with Inno and his version of events and calling people pussy and lack of leadership, then they need to be gone. Mittens probably needs to go for lack of enforcing rule, rank and file and the ego, but Goss though? We are talking about Gossamer DT correct? Over vily? Whatever you say bro.

    • Seraph IX Basarab

      Because news channels never ever report the same thing, ever.

      • I know right? I just laugh at the comments sometimes. It is totally entertaining when people show how idiotic they can be.

    • Jarhead

      if both channels report it, it is news. if only mittanigrad report it, it is either propaganda or paid advertising. if only e24 reports it, it is news that mittani doesn’t want his little bees to know.

      • Homophobic John

        While I would agree with you, You should look and see that EN24, while trying to maintain a “non-biased view”, often favors N3/PL/whoever seems to be fighting Goons. While I don’t blame the site for this, I do blame the writers.
        On TMC you often do have propaganda pieces and various other “pro-CFC” articles. But they tend to mainly be alliance updates and smug battle-reports. EN24 in the past have written things along this path with BRs and alliance updates. In fact EN24 used to have very diverse articles. Although, I shouldn’t have to explain to you why they don’t or list just how many writers have stopped writing for EN24 in favor of TMC.
        Better news/entertainment site is better. Plus theres no goblin horseshit over there and articles tend to be better written and have more content.

  • Unknown

    Its internet space news. Get over it TMC cry babies.

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    seems mittens is trying awful hard to control the narrative on this one. idk if i buy the whole “i said not to do that”: thing.

  • bob

    Goon Butt Hurt – Best Butt Hurt

  • best_burek

    What a waste of a good egg. Guess mittens will have to get his goonturds to lay more.

  • -_-

    I look forward to seeing N3/PL in goons space, and goonies running lvl 4’s. OO that pipe dream is seeming more and more realistic.

    • hell_freeze

      Curb your enthusiasm. Your pipe dream will stay a pipe dream. If PL and N3 do hold the line and manage to win, they will not be expanding any more, and for sure will not be taking goon space. They’ve got more then enough of it. I’m not ruling out that some other players might not try to take advantage of the situation, but I don’t see PL/N3 expanding more if they win the war. Besides, tbh the odds are stacked against them anyway. The combined RUS/CFC blob outnumbers the by a ridiculous amount. At the moment I give them a 35-40% chance of defending their space, which is higher then usually when goons get involved. They usually move only on isolated targets that they can overwhelm without any outside interference. Goons are essentially in a great position. If the war goes bad they anyway don’t lose space and they can always blame the RUS)) for the loss. If the war goes their way they get to weaken N3, which they’ve had a hardon for some time now, because of N3’s renter income. In any case it’s a win-win situation for them and they don’t risk a lot atm.

      • Leicester

        I see you came back for seconds for the kool-aid, guess it had to be a particularly strong mix today to cover up the bitter taste of that station egg loss.

      • -_-

        The way I see it if NC/PL hold the line they can piss on goons when they get bored (as N3 would love to do and they will get bored eventually)..
        If NC/PL loose space, they become nomads (even scarier) and again they would love to piss on goons, even if they don’t intend to hold the space they could do like old bob and max damage. Either way being outnumbered as they are and doing as well as they are is way beyond my expectations, goons may be seeing a storm on the horizon, and if you hate them you got to root for n3/pl, no one else has the balls or capability to deal with goons empire.

        • Tarzan without Jane

          Only leadership benefits from renter alliances, my ISK does not come from our nullsec sov, I don’t rat, plex, mine, whatever; so if N3 loses their space, so what? I’ll just be coming closer to CIRCUS Coalition’s home and ring the dinnerbell there and collect carebear tears as I dunk on their pimped PVE boats and have cyno alts cloaked in their systems 23/7 🙂

    • Danny Payne

      If you’re huffing paint thinner in the garage i guess it does seem possible.

      • -_-

        Ahh yes, looking upon possible chances of future occurrences and dismissing them on account of “impossibility” or dismissing them due to minimal chance of said event happening. You should be commended sir, I recommend goonies make you their prime military leader, now lets replay pearl harbor. If anything N3/PL have proven themselves not only very capable, but determined. You grossly underestimate the possibilities of the largest super fleet in eves history under the command of its best FC’s who are over the largest vet concentration per capita in the game.

  • Andrew Metzger

    Everyone knows bees should NOT lay eggs.

    • GrouchyOldGamer

      Everyone without a basic understanding of biology.

  • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

    I first saw this article on the TMC feed, read it, went to KUGU to check and sure enough I couldn’t believe my eyes! Mittens didn’t try to spin this as a victory or “We just let them have it” in any way. I guess sometimes the stupid is so bad, there is really nothing else to say.
    HAHAHAHA, absolutely fucking hilarious!

    Two wars… Two eggs… OMFG! I FUCKING LOVE IT!

    EDIT: The one night I’m too sick to log on and we not only curbstomp the Russians, but we totally kick the Goons in the balls.
    Fuck my life….

  • Stu Pendisdick

    Awww. Poor widdle goonsie woonsies.

  • Scott L

    Really Goon’s? Rumor is you are looking for something to spin in their favor, so they are fishing for a corp theft story? Great idea, if it were true…

  • vee boy

    I heard mandozer came back to fuck us on this one .. awox basiclly

  • Titshit

    VFK by somewhen in the future I guess

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