CCP decided that this year’s Christmas would have its very own advent calendar to count down till Christmas.

The past Christmas presents have been amazing . Last year was a great example: all EVE players got a festival launcher and snowballs making the eve community have multiple laughs well players threw snowballs at each other.

For this years Christmas CCP picked a theme to go with. The theme is a old Icelandic tradition called: Yule Lads. You can find the background story by clicking on this link.

(Devs decided to transform into the Yule Lads)

You can open your own Advent calander at the EVE online’s website: Link

Do you have any ideas for a cool Christmass present? Please share them with us in the comment section below!

  • ccp fan

    this is pretty cool, already got a festival launcher and 100x snowballs, let the games begin!

  • lol whot

    i’m still waiting for my coletor edition and ticket to fanfest : (

  • erik

    try and make something original this year… old skool players have enough festival launcher’s & ( melted ) snowballs… how about a speciul x mass frigate… some npc model thats alrdy ingame, with a modified paintjob for x mass event… u can make it like the faction noobie frigs.. really weak but verry cool looking

    • Simon pieman

      I love the way spoilt children turn their nose up at free stuff, it really shows your maturity.

      • dotec

        calm down

      • Jordan Geldart

        Depends. I am sure your kids would love the receive a PS4 this year. However, if you bought them a PS4 every year for the next 5 years and then call them spoilt little children when they don’t get excited for Christmas number 7……well i’m not sure it would really be their fault.

  • Grizzley

    Bonus remaps are my Christmas wish

    • Simon pieman

      Can never have to many remaps +1

  • Bloody P

    Jita be like null, can use bubble and no concord

    • Jordan Geldart

      As long as we can take away Local for the 0.0bears I am sure WH will have some fun with you all :-p

  • Jay

    How about a game that works and all the issues over the past 10 years have been resolved. I guess that would be more of an Xmas miricale than a present but one can dream.

    • meeeee

      go drink some more vinagre, or go play another game πŸ™‚

      • erik

        alrdy playing several other games… mainly using eve as a space themed chat program untill i run out of isk…. maybe if ccp would get of their ass and fixes the game some more ppl that started playing in beta would still be around

        • 151

          I’ve been playing since castor, the game has only improved since then. there are huge issues but compared to the first few years its much better.

    • Guest

      lol πŸ™‚

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    i would like to see a faction version of the galente t1 llogi frigate.

    so we can all have a fleet navitas.

    • yo

      i would like a polaris its just a T1 anyway

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        say it out loud a couple times.

  • Rabit

    Erase Concord from game ]:)

  • sdfsdf

    Free SP & Remaps, everything else is shit

  • Maciej Simm

    i wouldnt mind another gnosis, now that I know they’re awesome. Or a stratios. or both.

  • Peter Futti Lopdam

    free sp or a faction battleship + cfc disbanded πŸ˜›

    • erik

      yeah disband cfc.. then change the fubar game mechanic where 1 person can disband an aliance πŸ˜›

  • erik

    25% bonus to festival launcher rate of fire
    50% bonus to snowball velocity

    cmon… PWEASE!!

  • erik


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