Greetings capsuleers! I am CCP Gargant, the referee for tournaments, and I am here to bring you the specific rules and regulations regarding the upcoming New Eden Open II.

First off, there have been some major changes in the schedule since CCP Bro's blog due to unfavorable conditions. The new schedule looks like this:

  • 7th of January: Signups open.
  • 20th of January: Signups close at downtime and the number of teams are announced. Silent auction starts.
  • 23rd of January: Silent auction ends at 23:59:59 UTC.
  • 24th of January: Winners of the silent auction announced and final list of teams published, including the raffled teams.
  • 1st of March: First weekend starts.
  • 8th of March: Second weekend starts.
  • 15th of March: Third and final weekend starts.

What and w​here

The New Eden Open was held for the first time a year ago and provided a tournament for players to enter as a team rather than as an alliance. That way everyone that was interested in competing in a tournament live on Tranquility could. Over the course of three weekends Asine Hitama's Team was victorious and placed first, winning the first cash prize ever for an EVE Online tournament. All of the matches were streamed live and due to the fact that we utilized a double elimination format from the get-go, all of the matches mattered and were filled with exciting explosions and tactics.

If you are interested in taking part in the second New Eden Open, you only need to gather a team of pilots and sign up! The entry process is explained in the next section, but you do not need to be in an alliance or even in a corporation! You must only be willing to risk some ships in glorious space fighting, follow the rules, and most of all have fun. The prize pool is a total of 25 thousand dollars, so there is a lot to win.

The entire tournament will be streamed live by us on CCP's channel and we encourage participants to utilize the streaming integration that was released with EVE Online: Rubicon 1.0.8 if they want to!

Signup details and silent auction

Signups will start on Tuesday the 7th of January. The cost to sign up will be 5 PLEX, which need to be reverse redeemed by the captain of the team. The captain then logs into account management, creates the team on the New Eden Open page, and can invite pilots into his team. Those invites will go out via EVEmail and the invited pilots need to accept in order to be placed on the team. If your team does not make it into the tournament these 5 PLEX will be refunded to the captain.

On January 20th after downtime we will announce the final number of teams that signed up and begin the silent auction for the 28 spots in the tournament. Your bids should be sent by your team captain to the character CCP Alliance Tournament with the name of your team included in the mail. Remember that your initial 5 signup PLEX will be a part of this amount. You can update your bid for the two days it is open as you see fit but no bids will be made public by us. At the end of the auction on January 23rd the teams that did not secure a spot in the tournament will have a chance to get one of the remaining three spots via a raffle. If Asine Hitama’s Team choose not accept the final spot, it will also be dispensed at this time.

Classification of a 'player' in this tournament

To provide clarity on what constitutes a player in the tournament and to prevent gaming of the system the following rules will apply:

  • You may only participate as a player on one team regardless of how many EVE Online accounts you own.
  • You may have as many of your characters in a single team as your captain allows. For example, if you own 5 EVE Online accounts with three characters on each there are no restrictions on how many of those characters can be in a single team. If you feel you can multibox your way to victory against some very dedicated teams then more power to you.
  • We expect a certain level of sportsmanship for a tournament of this nature and in order to ensure the integrity of the event strict rules must be applied. Please show respect for your fellow pilots by joining one team only. Players who are found to be in violation of the tournament rules may be subject to administrative penalties including disqualification of the player and/or team and loss of access to their accounts.

Match Rules

Teams can field up to eight pilots on the battlefield.

Fights are limited to 10 minutes. If a fight reaches time, it will be stopped and whichever team has the higher total points value will be declared winner. See "Victory Conditions", below.

Intentional pod killing is NOT allowed and may result in the offender being punished. All podkills will be reimbursed.

The match simulation is taken as is. Teams are advised to spend the pre warp-in time to verify that their ships are completely operational.


A player found breaking any rules can be penalized to various degrees, depending on the severity of the offence. All penalties are incurred at the tournament referee's discretion. Decisions are final. Penalties may be levied against a player or team and may include but are not limited to:

  • Points deduction
  • Reducing the offending ship(s) shield / armor / hull / capacitor to 50%
  • Involuntary moving of the offending ship(s)
  • Removal from the fight
  • Ban from competing for one or more matches
  • Ban from competing for the remainder of the tournament, and/or any future tournaments

The referees can call a match null and void or declare a result if they believe that one of the teams is not competing. This tournament is designed to showcase the talents of pilots and should be entertaining.


The format of the tournament will be a modified double-elimination setup which will culminate in a best-of-5 match final. The third place will go to the loser of the final Elimination bracket match.

Place & Tactics

Captains must be online and available 45 minutes prior to the match to make their ban choices. Further details on bans can be found in the subsection Ships and bans.

Participants should be prepared, in their chosen ships and in a fleet, 20 minutes before their scheduled fight time. Teams will be brought by a GM to a solar system in uncharted space and designated as team 1 and team 2. If you are not ready within this time allocation you will be disqualified from this match and the opposing team will be given an automatic win.

There are eight beacons in the system which serve as start off points. Four beacons are marked for Team 1 and four marked for Team 2. Teams will be moved to the beacon of their captain's choosing. Once the teams are in system, all instructions will be given by the referee in local chat. You must keep an eye on that channel at all times once in system.

Once the word is given, teams warp in to the arena beacon specified, at a range of their choosing, up to a maximum of 50 km. Team members are allowed to warp in at different ranges.

The arena will measure 125 km radius around the central beacon.

The host will begin a countdown. When the countdown ends, the host will break target locks of all ships in the arena.

If a player warps out/leaves the arena, his/her ship will be destroyed. This includes disconnection emergency warps. This rule is in effect before and during the match.

Warping within the arena is NOT allowed.

Boarding a ship during the match is NOT allowed.

Dropping cargo containers or other anchorable items is NOT allowed. Dropping regular jettison containers is allowed.

The following restrictions are in place after teams warp to the arena beacon, until the match begins:

  • Locking players before the match starts is NOT allowed.
  • Activating aggressive or targeted modules before the match starts is NOT allowed.
  • Launching drones before the match starts is NOT allowed.
  • Moving before the match starts is NOT allowed.
  • Beginning the activation cycle of a Micro Jump Drive before the match starts is NOT allowed.

Ships & Points

Each team has 70 points with which to select their ships.

Each team may have up to 8 ships on the battlefield.

Teams may field no more than 3 of a given ship. This applies to specifically named ships only and not ship hulls. For example, 3 Merlins, 3 Hawks, and 2 Harpies would be legal.

Teams may field no more than 1 logistics ship, or 1 tech one support cruiser, or up to 2 support frigates.

Teams may field no more than 1 marauder.

Ship point values are as follows. Ship types not listed in the table are not allowed.

Marauder – 25

Battleship, Pirate Faction – 20

Battleship, Navy Faction – 18

Battleship – 17

Black Ops Battleship – 17

Command Ship – 16

Strategic Cruiser – 16

Recon Ship – 14

Battlecruiser, Navy Faction – 14

Battlecruiser (Including Gnosis) – 13

Logistics Cruiser – 13

Heavy Assault Cruiser – 13

Cruiser, Faction – 12

Heavy Interdictor – 11

Tech 1 Support Cruiser – 10

Cruiser – 6

Electronic Attack Frigate – 6

Frigate, Faction – 4

Assault Frigate – 4

Tech 1 Disruption Frigate – 4

Interdictor – 4

Bomber – 3

Interceptor – 3

Destroyer – 3

Tech 1 Industrial Ships – 3

Frigate – 2

Fitting Restrictions

All T1 and T2 modules are allowed, with the following exceptions:

All Remote Armor Repair modules and Remote Shield Transfer modules are NOT allowed, EXCEPT on ONE of: a Logistics Ship, a Strategic Cruiser, a Tech 1 Support Cruiser; or on up to TWO Tech 1 Support Frigates.

Remote Energy Transfer modules are NOT allowed.

Faction, COSMOS, deadspace and officer modules are NOT allowed.

T1 Rigs are allowed. T2 Rigs are NOT allowed.

All T1 and T2 ammunition, missiles and charges are allowed. Faction ammunition, missiles and capacitor boosters are allowed.

All drones are allowed, including Logistics drones and Augmented drones.

Attribute Enhancers that give bonuses to anything other than perception, intelligence, willpower, memory, and charisma are NOT allowed.

Genolution "CA-" implants are NOT allowed.

With the exception of leadership Mindlinks, ONLY Hardwirings that have a name ending in "1", "2" or "3" are allowed.

All Leadership Mindlinks (including navy mindlinks) are allowed.

Boosters (drugs) are NOT allowed.

Cloaking is NOT allowed.

Cap Boosters are allowed.

Micro-jump drives are allowed.

The Ancillary Shield Boost module will be restricted to one module per ship for those pilots who wish to fit them.


Once a team has lost a Marauder class ship during the tournament, they may not field another Marauder class ship for the duration of the tournament.

Victory Conditions

During a match, a team scores points for each enemy ship it kills, equal to the tournament points value of that ship. The team that has scored the most points at the conclusion of the match, or that destroys the entire opposing team, is the winner.

If a team chooses to field less than 70 points, non-fielded points count towards the opponent's score.

If a fight is tied after 10 minutes, time dilation will be used to progressively speed up the tournament solar system and encourage a prompt end to the match.

In the very unlikely case that a fight is tied after 15 minutes, the victory will be awarded to the team that had more collective potential team DPS at the beginning of the match, as measured by the tournament automated “attack bar”.

Ships and Bans

Banning of ships will occur during all matches.

Team captains must be online and available to conduct ship bans 45 minutes before the start of each match. At 44 minutes before each match if the captain is unavailable their team’s bans are forfeit.

Each team gets two bans.

The way the banning phase works is as follows:

The team which starts the banning phase is decided randomly.

All ships that are eligible for competition are eligible for banning.

Bans are done in 1 – 2 – 1 order rather than the 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 that we saw in the first New Eden Open. For example Team A will take the first ban, Team B will take the second and third ban, and Team A will finish the banning phase with the fourth ban.

Each ban has a time limit of one minute; if no ship is selected within that timeframe the ban is forfeit.

Once the bans start, a drop down menu will appear where you select the ship to ban. You can type the name of the ship to speed up the process.

Please be aware that banning a ship will not remove it from the list. Selecting the same ship type twice is a wasted ban.

Each ban targets a specific ship type and not a ship class or other hull. For example, banning the Harpy would not exclude the Hawk or frigates in general.

Teams should endeavor to have multiple ship setups available as bans may impact your primary team setup. No additional time will be given if teams do not have eligible ships available.

During the final day of competition, some matches will require teams to be ready within 15 minutes after the completion of banning. We expect that many teams will find this time limit challenging. The best teams in New Eden will be the ones that can adapt quickly.


This time CCP will be handling the payments from start to finish, so we will have time to prepare everything that our victors will need to roll around in sweet sweet currency (or PLEX). On the downtime following the end of the tournament, every member of the winning teams will receive an email to the account’s registered email address directing them to a digital form. Winners will have the option of accepting their prize by bank transfer or by PLEX equivalent in game (we are working on potentially getting a paypal option). Everyone will get two shots to enter bank details (try to limit transfers that involve 3 banks) that will work, and if we can’t get a transfer that will work we will pay out prizes in the PLEX equivalent. We intend to have every prize paid out within 2 months of the end of the NEO.

Please note, unlike last year we are paying out to individual characters on the team (if you have 2 characters on the team, you get two shares of the prize). That means that the day after the conclusion of the NEO, whatever email address is assigned to the character will receive the email for payment. Please ensure that your account details are up to date, and that your account is 100% secure.

Please also note that the recipient of any prize money is liable for any income taxes or VAT payable in their home country and, that the responsibility for declaring this income is that of the recipient of said prize and CCP will not be liable in any way.


Further details will be announced as we come closer to the signups starting, but feel free to join us in the tournament forum and ask questions there. 

Let the theorycrafting begin!

– CCP Gargant, on behalf of the tournament team.


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