Hello my fellow pilots,

With the latest content patch, released last Tuesday, CCP brought us Twitch Broadcasting integration into the Eve Online client. As a YouTube video maker I was really looking forward to this feature, however, after trying it out I have some real game breaking issues with it and decided to make a video about it. This video is not part of my Episode series and has a more raw style unscripted feel to it and as CCP releases more content I hope to release more feature / Content review video’s.

I hope that after watching the video you will try out the Twitch Broadcast feature for yourself and post your feedback on the Eve Online forums and let CCP know what you think needs to be changed or added.

Thank you for watching and hope to see you soon with more episodes and content reviews.


Tyrant Scorn

  • Righto


  • Clueless Gamer

    Is this magic?

  • Scram

    So wtf was the point of this video ? it showed fuck all

    • Tyrant Scorn

      Yeah, it shows shit… I had a whole presentation planned where I go through the entire twitch thing but as soon as I touch the Twitch options my recording software quits recording because you change your resolution and you do something to your screen.

      So it was either no video, or this…

      • qwerty

        no video, would have been better… funny how you bash ccp for a half-arsed feature, in a half-arsed video.

  • me

    I liked it, few good points pointed out. I would add masking to that list!

  • Glyndi

    Resolution was the biggest issue I had. I’ll continue using 3rd party broadcasting software untill that’s fixed.