In this episode I will show the posibility to customize the Eve Online overview and how you can change how you see players and their ship information in space.

To customize your Overview and In-Space player/ship information you can modify your Overview XML file. On the Eve Online forums there are pre-made XML files available but it is also possible to modify your own file to your liking. Editing the XML file will require some knowledge about XML.

I hope you like this video, thanks for watching and stay tuned for more…

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    You know what I havent seen in awhile? A goblin article. I just wanted to say thank you.

    • Dralo

      shh dont say that name or he will hear you

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      Why oh why did you say his name? i swear if there is another article now i will hunt you down 🙂

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      If you say his name 3 times you’ll summon him. >_>

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      you done did it! hope you’re happy…

  • Messiah Complex

    It would be helpful if the OP provided the XML file he’s using.

  • Leicester

    Alright, good idea man but just one thing to critique – the presentation sucks.

    For the next one, write out the points you want to cover and expand on them, hell – even write a script that you can read from while doing your presentation, with your current ad lib style you’re ummming and ahhhing way to much and repeating yourself several times for each point you make.

    I look forward to the next episode, just work on your presentation, make it crisper, shorter, to the point, and people will really love this.

  • where is the link

    great idea now only if there was a link to forums

  • StarDagger

    Interesting to see this finally come out. You can change “distance” to “range”, less wordy and better for format.

  • Harkuul

    CCP should implement these changes of the Overview into the game

  • Fidens Risalo

    1: You can change the colour of tabs just by using colour codes in the overview settings, NO XML editing is needed. Just go download Sarah’s Overview Pack, it’s preset with everything you talked about with the overview stuff, takes 5 seconds to implement and is far more robust than what you have attempted.
    2: The changing of the ship’s bracket information is pretty cool, but that’s going to be a mess when in large engagements. Any real pvper is in situations where many ships are in one place at any given moment, when you hover over them in space you see a stacking of everyone in that space, my concern would be your multilined information blob will just overlap with each other or even worse, fill the entire viewable area with a crapton of text. I’m definitely going to try this though the next time I go out on a bomb run and see how it looks.
    3: This is a demo not “how to change your overview”. Maybe you just forgot that part, disapointing considering you did 2 minutes of content in 16 minutes (I’m pretty sure you reiterated the fact that it’s cool and applies to player owned or non-npc things about 12 times).
    4: Can you not link the resources?

  • Tyrant Scorn

    Hello & Thank you for the feedback,

    I apologize that I couldn’t respond sooner but it took me a while to set up the account.

    I will link the forum and website links for all of you. If you need any help or you would just like a direct copy of my Overview & custom XML, send me an In-game mail with your e-mail address and I will e-mail you the file with a basis run down on what to do.

    Eve Online Forums:


    Hex Color Codes:

  • riverini

    Nice! we need more of this!

  • Tyrant Scorn

    Fidens Risalo, thank you for your feedback, this was the first actual video I made where I had to talk and record at the same time, so there was a bit of tension, it being my first video and all.

    As more episodes will be released I hope to get into more and have a more smooth progession, but I really do appriciate your feedback.

  • Tyrant Scorn

    There are some small issues with stacking, when ships are very close together and when you hover over a structure that is reinforced for example, it shows the Rinforced text as normal and the rest is colored.

    CCP is hopefully already working on UI improvements and I guess the XML modification is a nice feature when you’re not into the bigger fights where everyone is stacked againt each other.

  • Muul Udonii

    I got halfway through.

    I get it, you made a few tweaks to your XML file and you won’t tell anyone how you did it.

    And as other people say, it’s probably only useful when you are not in a big fight. Can you set some tabs to use this and not others? Cos that would be cool. If so please tell us how, if not, please don’t tel us anything, I’m sure it will take far longer for you to tell us than is necessary.

    • Tyrant Scorn

      I think at the end of the video I specifically said you could contact me ingame and if you read any of my comments here, you would have seen the links I posted.

  • Tyrant Scorn

    Small update, a fellow Eve pilot was kind enough to upload my Overview File to his server and make it available for download.

    You can download the file directly from the following address:

    The file contains the Inspace color information just like in my video. To apply the XML mod and to get the colored overview tabs, follow these steps.

    Step 1:
    Put the file into the following directory: C:Users**YOUR WINDOWS USER**DocumentsEVEOverview

    Step 2:
    Then go into the game and undock and Import the new file from your Overview menu, RESTART Eve Online and then you should have the Ships Inspace information.

    Step 3:
    To get the Overview tabs, you will have to go into your Overview Settings and then to the Overview Tabs section and use the following tab names:

    Tab1 :

    Tab2 :

    Tab3 :

    Tab4 :

    Tab5 :

  • PhReaKin Stoner

    I modded mine in a way that everything is on one line. This way when there 30 people ongrid and you hover over the blob everything isnt overlapped and unreadable. If the lines seem to long you can remove the allice or corp ticker. Great vids though.

    • Tyrant Scorn


      Yeah, it has some issues with a lot of people close together.

      If anyone wants a 1-line version, let me know, I can make one.

  • Malice Cadelanne

    I made a detailed list of instructions on how to implement this UI. Hope it helps!