Currently CCP is raising Plex for the Philippines. in return of the plex donated CCP devs & GM’s decided to sometimes offer their own bodies to collect more Plex for charity.


For every $2,000 CCP Dolan will be shot with 1 paintball
If we reach $50,000 CCP Lebowski will get the Minmatar logo tattooed on his calf
GM Spider will get the Amarr logo tattooed on his body
CCP Dolan will have the number 50 waxed on his chest
If we reach $55,000, CCP Gargant will shave his head
If we reach S60,000, CCP Guard will spar against an Icelandic Tae Kwon Do medalist
If we reach $75,000, GM CiD will get the Wreckage sleeve tattoo from EVE Online tattooed on his arm
If we reach $125,000 CCP Mimic will shave her head

Live stream:
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  • -_-

    ccp’s soo awsome thanks for that! ^_^

  • Shonion

    So no naked Mindchip? Not interested then… 😛

  • Jakes

    How much did they end up raising?

    • op success

      180k and yes all of those things above happened over the course of 9 hours

  • anonymous

    How about $100 and they fire Fozzie?