Many of you young bloods wouldn’t remember Triumvirate alliance, which ravaged nullsec a few years ago. TRI was defeated by an ancient curse. This curse created internal disagreements and arguments. the only way to stop it from spreading was by putting Triumvirate to sleep. Corporations went their own way, creating their own alliances that later would become famous within New Eden.

VOLTA, The main corp within old TRI created a Alliance Tournament winning alliance and started causing havoc in the dark places of EVE also known as Wormhole space. with the loot of the sleepers being so valuable it wasn’t needed for them to stay in wormhole space. Roams were led out of the wormholes, roaming ratter space of 0.0 alliance. This crafted a general feeling to get back into 0.0 as an alliance. They knew well enough that their current alliance (Verge of collapse) would not be suitable for their plans so they started thinking…

Triumvirate was getting restless and somebody had to claim the old fame and this was the perfect timing. Triumvirate is reborn. Triumvirate is no longer a large empire its now a small alliance that attracts veterans. You cannot bully, Threaten or defeat Tri… You can only run!

  • Alison King

    Nice vid , is it Triumvirate alliance mk 8 or 9 ? – i wonder who will be revived next hope Its “fix” or axe

    • riverini

      isn’t NCDAWT Tri Mk VI??

      *incoming shitstorm!

      • Rcmst

        At this point NCDot is more BOB/IT/RDN/401K than old Tri corps.

  • Andrew

    Ahh, some of us are not so young have remembered the days of Tri in Deklin and their corps short joining in Requiem with Mercenary Coalition and Insurgency corps!
    And I remember the Great War I and the invasion of the north and the fall of D2 and the exodus of IRON!

  • Seraph IX Basarab

    Nice video. I’m not sure why people give Triumvirate crap because this is another reformation of the group. And so what? Good for them. They have an interesting narrative and I for one look forward to see what they’ll do next regardless if it is successful or a failure.

  • AciD

    rofl, small gang warfare and we see mostly caps and super caps …

    • StarDagger

      That *IS* small gang, lol

      0.0 is EVE, WH is EVE.

  • Angry customer

    Do I see a new possible ally for N3?

    • Varesk

      I doubt it.

    • Robo

      Not for the fore coming future at least but who knows.
      We shall see what Tri develop into, wheather they stay small gang Pvp as they state was intended or if they develop to be more once again.

  • PhReaKin Stoner

    dude at the end was runnin 640×480 resolution? only 3 targerts locked and already touchin chat windows…

  • GSection

    Sharp video!

  • GFY

    They were coming back, the last time I seen them mentioned here. Think they have some things backwards though. Instead of videos to tell everyone how badass they are, they should atleast be badasses first. Seems like a lot of hot air, grasping at the past, and hoping to achieve some relevance, by a name.

  • droljica

    Cool video… but 5-6 y.late.

  • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

    Freakin awesome video!

    But will the new Tri live up to the legacy of the name?

    • Glenn

      Tri have always failed at politics, have they learnt from their mistakes ?

      • Anhenka

        If we learned, we wouldn’t be Tri would we?

  • Hian

    OK, first of. Its really cool to make a video about reforming an alliance. And there is no denying that at least some well respected corps are involved. Tho you might have put some serious pressure on yourselves since this cool video will no doubt make some people hate you! Tho i am not one of them, cool initiative bro’s. see you in the void. o

  • n!gger faggot

    gay…. cum to curse with your 5 supers

    • Hian

      Judging by your name, i’d say 75% chance of you beeing N3 and 20% PL. And 100% chance of being a dick.

      • n!gger faggot

        nope bl

        • Hian

          Aww damn, owell at least i was right about the second part then! 🙂

        • n!gger faggot


        • Hian

          How did you come to the conclusion that i some how is offended by your?

          Your nickname however says quite alot about you. Which you Continuesly reinforce with your “great” comebacks and witty demeanor *cough*.
          And you calling me a “Black nigger” is funny.

      • n!gger faggot

        nope bl

  • LENT

    I for one endorse this service and or product … {popcorn}

  • LENT

    Now lets see some others reform as well… IAC anyone?

    • grammar_notseen

      More like reformation, however it’s not like a video is anything like nailing 95 theses to the door.

  • suikerbeestje

    great video, now lets see them do some ravaging and pillaging and engage in wanton destruction. /grabs beer and popcorn.

  • tara read

    Ah to be young again… I remember the Great War. Eve was much different back then. It will be interesting to see if Triumvirate can truly be reborn.

  • florist going down

    tri, bob they all reform under a new banner but one thing is for sure they all die to the CFC

    • grammar_notseen

      Agreed that CFC is the place where alliances go to die.

  • Jupper

    Seriously, how cares? Maybe there was some group of players, called “Triumvirate”, may be they were good. Like so many other. They played, they lost so what? Legend ? No way. I never heard about them till now, for example. I know Goons, so if some group will be able to make them competition, I will welcome this very much. Just do not expect majority of Eve population say “Wow!” when they hear “Triumvirate”. Cause we do not care untill you proove you are worthy…

    • person

      haha nothing says “i’m a noob” like saying you’ve never heard of tri. clearly you’ve not been playing the game long…

  • Mr Blue

    Im not hating on tri, having been in tri mk1 and mk2 myself(on some other chars). but I simply think there is too much unstable emo dramaqueens among some of the duders to ever becoming anything more than a half a year FOTM alliance. The more “stable” guys is mostly in PL/Nc. anyways nowdays, and your stuck with basicly supertwinkey/wargod/VOLTA people with a “new” old name. Sure there is a few top notch pvpers there, but in the current EvE there is no singel fleet consept any longer where 20 pilots can pretty much fool around and own 200 any longer. Which what Tri was about.(in the nano era)

    Tho by all means, good luck:)

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    wake me up when FRICK comes back

  • Argus Sorn

    Didn’t they announce this a couple months ago? This isn’t news… the only news is: no one cared, and so they made a video.

    Nice video.

    We still don’t care.

  • grammar_notseen

    Every enemy fear this name -> Every enemy fears this name

    • Argus Sorn

      Every enemy fear our grammar.

  • carlos matrices

    they didn’t show the commandship gang that they welped to init…….

  • elnator

    What does this make it? Tri mk IV? Old news… and really not that earth shattering.