CCP Rise recently wrote on the EVE-O forum the following presentation for the new Sisters of EVE Battleship.

I am very relieved to finally show you the Sisters of EVE Battleship, the Nestor. We weren’t able to get it finalized before Rubicon went out, but that’s alright because now it makes a nice Christmas present (just kidding it’s not until (late)January).

We all agreed that keeping the covert cloak theme was not going to work for the battleship. Instead, we’ve kept the rest of the exploration feel from the Stratios and Astero by giving the Nestor hacking and probing bonuses, but instead of cloaking it will receive a bonus to remote armor repair amount, drawing on the Sisters of EVE themes of aid and relief. On top of that, the Nestor (as designed currently) has incredibly low mass – around half the mass of a normal Battleship. This should make it very popular in wormholes. The rest of the attribute layout follows the principles from the other Sisters of EVE ships pretty closely, as do the bonuses.

Here’s the details:


Amarr Battleship Bonuses:
4% Armor resistances per level

Gallente Battleship Bonuses:
10% drone damage and hitpoints per level

Role bonuses:
50% bonus to remote repair amount
50% bonus to large energy turret optimal range
50% increased strength for scan probes
+10 virus strength for relic and data analyzers

Slot layout: 7H, 6M, 6L; 5 turrets, 0 launchers
Fittings: 11250 PWG, 680 CPU
Defense (shields / armor / hull): 8900 / 9950 / 9900
Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap/s) : 6200 / 1044 / 5.9
Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 92 / .18 / 56000000 / 13.97
Drones (bandwidth / bay): 125 / 500
Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 75km / 85 / 7
Sensor strength: 24 Magnetometric
Signature radius: 465
Cargo Capacity: 700

It will be acquired in the same way that the Stratios and Astero are, via Sisters of EVE LP stores. Here are the LP offer specifics:

1,000,000 LP
100,000,000 ISK

Discount Nestor (From the Sanctuary)
800,000 LP
80,000,000 ISK

Nestor Blueprint
600,000 LP
150,000,000 ISK

Discount Nestor Blueprint (From the Sanctuary)
400,000 LP
100,000,000 ISK

I wanted to show you guys some art, but wasn’t able to get ahold of the newest version today so I’ll edit later with it.

Hope this is exciting! Let me know

– CCP Rise

[ Original Dev Post ]

  • Cloora

    Just make it Covops capable. Shake things up a bit. Thing is going to be expensive. Would be fun.

    • Dynamik

      if not covops then maybe give it blackops bonuses to cloak? so that it cant warp cloaked but having the cloak doesnt nerf the hell out of its scan res and locking capabilities.

  • Jakes

    heh…. logi BS with no rep range bonus….. seems like a pointless bonus for any real PvP.

    • EasyKill

      Fit it with faction reppers, orbit your t3/AHAC fleet at 5km, kill anything that enters your 40km sphere of death.

      This thing could be quite useful in lower class WH pvp, where triage carriers are a no-go.

      • Deltaguy

        there are no faction or deadspace large remote reppers bro.

        • easykill


          I shouldve known this. Herp Derp.

    • Robo

      States that it’s more directed towards Wormhole small gang Pvp/Pve.
      Suitable for small gang roams in lowsec also I’d say, as long as you don’t get blobbed.
      Will be useless in null, are better things to use in null environment.

      • Jakes

        I live in lowsec, I would never use it….. Even in a RRBS role(which is what I think CCP is trying to make it) it’s low mass, and un-bonused rep range make them extremely sustainable to bumps. It’s also clearly going to be very unstable in a RRBS setup…. it has a big cargo, but I can’t see it being able to fight for more then ten mins, and trying to get out at the end of those ten mins will be pretty hard unless you have been sitting on a station the whole time(again, a smart group would have bumped you away) . As far as drone boats both domi, and gaddon are both hands down better. As far as laser boat a navygeddon will be better, and all those options are cheaper. Now as a logi support platform in PvP…. it’s next to useless….. again bumping, and the rep range. But the fact that it’s a BS hull means most weapons will hit for full damage, and even if you get it up to a 140k+, 80% tank, it will be much easier to kill then a 1600 plate guard, and the moment one is broken, the fight is over.

        As far as wormholes…… why would this be useful? Please explain, does it have something to do with the virus bonus?

        Please fill me in on how you would use this in ether lowsec, or wormholes, because I have no idea why I would use it over other ships already available.

        • Justin Cody

          wormholes have mass restrictions. This effectively doubles the number of battleships you could bring through a hole before it goes reduced or critical. Of course the other question is…why bother?

  • Simon pieman

    Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww remote rep BS i likey i likey.

    The days of remote rep BS gangs are a returning.

  • aralieus

    ‘50% bonus to large energy turret optimal range’

    This is great and all but with the lack of cov-op cloak it really needs a damage bonus.

  • Red Teufel

    i dunno. looks more like ccp didn’t know what to do with it.

    • Aderoth Anstian

      ^^ agreed. mixed bonus out the whazoo. laser bonus is meh and should be removed/replaced at the least

  • WWW

    As a wormholer.


  • n!gger faggot

    looks fucking stupid

    • erik

      it really does… butt ugly…. now… if this would be a trade off for being able to warp cloaked…. maybe :p

    • NoTech

      You fail on so many levels. What does “I wanted to show you guys some art, but wasn’t able to get ahold of the newest version today so I’ll edit later with it.” mean to you ??

      The ship ur looking at is a Stratios o

      • n!gger faggot

        I mean the bs looks like its going to be fucking stupid …stupid

  • Hojn Edo

    I’d expect slowpuxxy fleets with this one.

  • Garandras

    So you have them as a bad drone assist snipe fleet option.. with the ability to rep eachother.

  • erik

    YAWN!!…. as so many things with eve… the potential is ther…. just kill2’s execution is pispoor… why not be able to warp cloaked ?????… cmon.. now the stratios and astereo can get to places the nestor cant… i liked kill2 a lot more when hey was just streaming solo roams -_-

    • blubbblubb

      well, now kill2 works for ccp and he cant just make some suggestions for new ships or balancing old ships on a stream while blaping stuff with a talos. he has all ccp looking over his shoulder. what i want to say is that i dont think it is his decision alone how to make new spaceshippies.

  • Josef Bauer

    mix a few of these into a domi/ishtar/navy vexor/geddon roamygang or gatecamp and have some awesome reps. just assist with all the sentry drones to some fast tackle/web (a loki or similar). ideal for lowsec where you dont have to worry about bombs so all can hug the logi BS 🙂 anything coming close to attempt a bowling bump gets neuted, tackled, webbed and blapt! anything that stays out of tacklerange is no threat and gets blapt as well.

  • LP

    That’s is going to cost 2.4bil? right? Considering the LP rate was around 4k per lp for the stratios…. these are going to be damn expensive logi ships

  • Julius

    What i see is a very , very limited use in PvE and a future rebalance in few months time(Dev’s shoud have something to do in the future , isn’t it). For PvP is going to be way too expensive to field unless you are a rich kid.

    • Daniel Plain

      it’s not more expensive than a pirate battleship and from all i can see it’s also similarly useful in some situations. the hacking bonus is mostly useless of course, but so is the tractor bonus of marauders, so w/e.

  • Shadowblade1436

    ” but instead of cloaking it will receive a bonus to remote armor repair amount,” this is a joke right? remote rep amount is worthless if you need to be parked next to the guy you are repping, there is a reason logi get range bonus… not to mention just 1 large repper will drain your cap. with out a cap reduction bonus no one will waste the high slot. CCP Fail! Try replacing that with 50% bonus to drone range, or tracking. Or better yet, like most other faction ships, 100% bonus to turret damage. Or even 50% to local reps would be better then this.

  • Tiago D’Agostini

    That is more a reason to rebalance remote repair modules. IF they are useful ONLY on logis, then they need to be revisited.

  • Maciej Simm

    thats nice *buys a dominix*

  • Titshit

    This looks only usefull to WH people and I dont even know what WH people do.

  • Were CCP TRYING to copy the look of that Vulcan ship in star trek? I’m not going to say I love the ugly EVE ships, but CCP at least usually had interesting and unique ides. This seems very MEHH

  • NoTech

    And this is how the SOE BS looks like, well the 80 are back I’d say:

  • Sarge

    Crap, uninspired design, even under the SoE rubric, is still crap, uninspired design.

    You had the chance to do something truly unique, an honest Black Ops BS with bonuses to Exploration and Fleet Support, and you tossed it down the garbage chute in order to create an RR Domi by a different name.

    Utter, and complete fail.

    Go back to your drawing board. Read a few different books. Try a different beer. Anything, just get your brains out of the rut they’re currently stuck in for the design of this ship!

    And let’s not even mention the graphics. It looks like it was inspired, and drawn, in the early 1930’s.

  • Master Ochi

    Wow. Disappointing. A really expensive Eve black ops ship would have been the blue unicorn to gank.
    This, meh. Might as well stoop to blasting miners and industrials. Nothing to brag about killing a poorly bonuses RR boat.
    In a stand-up, one on one fight, this would lose to any other BS in the game. Even a Phoon could stomp this like a duckling. No joy in claiming this killmail.